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  1. campaign

    Will take the pilot/co-pilot slot whatevers open
  2. No that's the "oh fuck me with broom handle" panic
  3. The "For the love of god No" panic when you realise that @Mittens @Happyiest Hippo And @Whiskers are in your squad
  4. It's happened multiple times over 2-3 missions with you as Zeus. I'm just saying it's something you probs need to work on. Also it's up to you and the co Zeus to coordinate about who's on long range and whatever.
  5. I meant in general most people had no clue what they were actually doing, I mean raptor didnt have a brief and any brief we had was that we were going to be used for CAS and scouting which we did. I know for a fact I didnt kill any civies. You were infact not responisve, I would have to say "Big Bear to crossroads" Multiple times over maybe 3-4 mins before you responded and then you would give very unhelpful answers half the time. I dont know if this is because of english not being your first language but the radio comms where very bad at best. Also only one of those quotes where said and that was the civs not to be captured. That is the standard RoE btw. You never said anything to us aside from, youre CAS and scouting. Also you gave us a gunship and then told us we had a limit on who can die so we said give us something that cant level a small city and 8 squads. Maybe next time you should specifically state what the role of the heli is at the briefing that you never gave.
  6. The mission started of serious however the moment the squads rolled into the first town with very unclear orders of what they were doing and to be instantly get killed by a suicide bomber, alot of people will go from lets do this to oh this missions a shit show lets at least have some fun. Also when you add suicide vests into the equation its very hard to be nice and kind to civilians because you dont know if they're about to blow you up hence why people where cable tying them so they could check if they were gonna kill them. I agree with this to an extent but imo the mission type and plan was not a fun one, its was pretty generic, hence when I heard there was a heli I hopped into there asap and as I said before the instructions where quite unclear. That is entirely bullshit, I've done alot of serious missions and not just the main missions. All that is required is a good mission and, not trying to be rude, a competent zeus. Also serious missions generally dont happen at very late night, when you ran yours, because people are tired or just looking for a bit of a meme and fun. IIRC you killed most of those with the suicide bomber. That is a seriously unfair thing to say, I know for a fact @Life010 was trying to tell them what to do and keep adjusting to the bullshit parameters of the mission you kept adding but and I'll say this again the orders where very unclear and you where very unresponsive on the long range, if I wanted to talk to you I'd have to try and hail you about 8 times before you responded and even then giving a very basic, if that, answer to my question. Also dont go chatting shit about people in squads because I've been in squads with you where you've been doing retarded and stupid shit. @Mittens did not ask for the Helicopter you offered it to him, also you originally gave us a gunship but when you said there was a limit on how many we could kill we asked for 2 little birds instead cus otherwise we wouldn't be able to do shit. Also I dont know what youre talking about us turning into killing machines, we followed the RoE, fire if fired upon, after we flew over the town multiple times and pinpointed where the hostiles were shooting at us and seeing as you killed the sqaud and we didnt want to get shot down we killed the people trying to kill us. Overall it was a pretty big clusterfuck and I'll preface this with the fact I've never zeus'd before, I think you need to take co-zeus and learn how to zeus from people who've got more experience.
  7. Yeah thats my bad next time I'll make sure to actually use my brain.
  8. orinoco97
  9. Zeus: @Doctadoone I liked the mission overall was good, confused about why we had boats and not all just took the cars at the start? Also the final objective I noticed you took control of quite a few AI and killed a lot of people with it which was maybe a bit unfair considering the environment. Platoon: @Zoteri_Andrew I cant say anything that other more experienced people haven't already said. Squad: IC: @ThatSlickOniichan you did a good job despite the confusing as fuck experience that was the long range . @Wattsits I'm so sorry for your experience that mission how you didn't just quit I don't know but thank you. Everyone else I have no clue who was in the squad by the end of it due to so many dc's and late joiners. Shoutout to @SuddenDeath fireworks at the end.
  10. its like 2 am ok And yeah if you watch the video of trinoc thats what happened to me
  11. I got domed by the t-90 that rolled up. The thing is I did say you could put helmets on once we were in the AO but everyone just rolled with the berets. Also one death was because either @Tomo or @andyt90 spawned some EI in the middle of the road and they shot me before I could shoot back and the other one was the 2 t-90s that rolled over the squad
  12. 2nd Mission: Zeus: @Tomo @andyt90 What a great mission idea and thoroughly enjoyed it, even when i was shitting myself because AI and the tank rolling onto us out of nowhere. 10/10 mission Platoon: @Doctadoone Good plan in theory, already said but next time maybe have charlie and delta move in from the same position or at least closer so that Delta isn't isolated as badly. Sham the bridge blowing up didn't work properly but it was a good idea. Delta Squad, Best Squad: IC: me 2IC: @Shroomzeh Medic: @Gditz AR and AAR: @Weegie @Kingorrik Riflemen: @Shafty/mowag @Trinoc @CrookyCookie @SGz_Eliminated Ill start off by saying I don't thing enforcing the berets was a good idea after the amount of times people got shot in the face but it helped my immersion so its not all bad. The fact the bridge was indestructible also made me sad. I hope my leading wasnt absolutely awful when I was alive and you guys did great when I was dead probs cus shoomzeh took over. Gditz i think next time dont set your triage centre next to a lot of bins not very hygienic but for real good work patching everyone up. I hope everyone had fun and if you guys can give me feedback on my squad leading id be appreciative.
  13. Yeah I asked Slouchy earlier and he clarified for me thanks
  14. I was only saying theres a rule becuase I was told by @mulletshock that music in was only to be played in lobby's and not in the FNG wait room etc unless everyone is ok with it. If there could be an officail clarification that would probably be helpful
  15. 2nd Mission Zeus: @Lukas @Nugget30 From what could be gleemed the zeus's werent cooperating well, the mission felt like it was going on for far too long and that there wasnt much for the special squad to do. Plus spawning a techie on a town we had already cleared was a bit of a dick move. Platoon: @Digby Tatham-Warter This was my first time having a long range during your mission and I have to say the music is very annoying and when asked to turn it off you just turned it down which is to my understanding against the rules? Aside from that youre clearly a very good platoon and I dont know anything about platoon leading so gj. Tyrone Squad: IC @Rezonath 2IC and AR: Me Medic:@SuddenDeath Erryone else: @Conga Line of Neckbeards @Weegie @Hekhal @Tomo Considering the amount of stuff there was for us to do I think everyone had a good time, im still lauging at hekhal being sling loaded. Good sqaudleading and keeping us entertained Rezo. Shoutout to @Woody for his fly bys with music.