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  1. FnG missions only. I was RTO both times. First Mission. Zeus: @V1rU5 Platoon: @Slouchy Orc I had 1 times Knight crew to command, which should not be too difficult, but I died 2 times to Artillery. Sucks for me. It looked like a fun misson tho. Nice work from Knight there. Second mission. Zeus: @Slouchy Orc Nice mission, challenging, strucktured. Platoon: @King Mikey First time PltHQ. Really nice work from my point of view. I had to take over FAC aswell, which scared me to be honest, but it was actually fine. I don't really care how long the mission was; gave me time to get used to calls. Besides my problems of mixing up words like I do all the time, I really hope Knight and Raptor enjoyed this mission. I still have so many things to learn, it's unreal. Feel free to critizise me, it might help. In the end, I just wanna thank you all for this evening, it was simply incredible. I wish I could tag everyone under my command, being RTO is a fucking honor. Don't worry I'm not getting emotional. See you in-game, Dirk
  2. gmod


    W absolutely have to repeat that
  3. gmod


    Do we have some sort of steam workshop link? Or do we get everything at a specific time?
  4. 2nd Mission. (2ic) @Toasty Didn't you hear me? I was fighting an armed humvy an a 5 men enemy squad. It's not like We didn't knew, there just was noone reporting it. Zeus: @Vericht Good & funny mission, the enemies were just a bit too accurate, and I mean wallhack accurate Squad: @SewoV4 @McBantz @grabben2000 @Smeghead @thePier @SuddenDeath I wasn't in the vic, so I'm not judging that. I had the feeling that we were a bit disoriented, but it was not too bad. I definaitely had fun
  5. @Cavalierr I mean that moment, shortly befor HQ, where we were running forward and backward, not knowing what to do or where to go. Could be my own fault. That's all.
  6. Second Mission? Well, not the planed one; what came after that. Zeus: @NeilZar & @V1rU5 I liked that mission. Was a bit short, but for only 2 squads completly fine. Platoon Lead: @Cavalierr You had your plan, it was a bit messy, but you knew what you were doing. Alpha SL: @AntiMatter Solid. It the best you could get from your Squad. 2iC: Me Medic: @thePier I guess you were happy. In my sreen, while driving, we were rubber banding like a trampoline, but you kept spacing, so that was wonderful. Ar: @Dak Ara: @ThatSlickOniichan When someone asks you to stop honking, PLEASE STOP. Thank you Rifleman: @Crillekarl @Schmorfson @Krieg Did not hear much from you. You followed orders. Except the ones who disconnected even befor mission start I had my fun. I'm still looking towards the day when I know where exactly the enemy is coming from, but I'll get there. Thx for all
  7. until

    I would like tp be Autoriffleman
  8. until

    I got in-game as Andys MMG Assistant.
  9. until

    As the MMG gunners seem to be not so popular, I would propose myself in one of those slots
  10. As today, I'm going to be known as "Dirk, The guy with the flight recorder"