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  1. neither of which is an option for me at this time, due to various circumstances guess I'll keep dropping out a lot
  2. @Lyecer I did as you suggested, and this is the result from 2 pings:
  3. I like the concept, but I think it may be a better idea to design the alternative loadouts to be relatively balanced in relation to eachother, and then put the decision to use them with platoon instead of the zeus. this would prevent the zeus from having to remember yet another type of asset to take into account at the start of the game, and it will allow platoon to pick squads specialisations as based on their plan, rather than having to find something for X-type squad to do because zeus thinks they'll need it . . . compare: bad: "okay, we have a dedicated overwatch squad, so let me adapt the plan to make use of your specialisation . . . " good: "okay, the plan I made has delta on overwatch duty for most of the time, so I need you guys to take the according loadout" what are your thoughts on this? (btw, I had a similar idea some time ago, I'll see if I can find the post and pitch it to you at some point.)
  4. there's very little I can do about it, I'm afraid; if you know anything about computers and connections please check my plea for help on the tech support forum. I really rather enjoy squad leading, and I'm glad to hear I'm appreciated, so let's hope it'll be more stable next time (today was exceptionally crappy). to ease the stress on my squad I've made it a point to warn my 2IC to expect random dropouts and takeovers, so he can prepare himself. (speaking of which, kudos to @Silver Snow this mission; he was constantly on point with the CSAR requests. ) finally, remember it could be worse; I could be your heli pilot . . .
  5. I do have 4G though; does that change anything?
  6. okay, those who've been in my squad know that I have a tendency to mysteriously drop out of the game and the teamspeak at the most inopportune moments. the reason for this is probably because I have an immensely crappy internet connection at my home, namely: none at all. (long story short: the building I live in has a contract with some 3rd rate isp which provides internet slower than none at all, and we aren't able to look for alternatives) however, as a stopgap solution I am able to use my smartphone as a hotspot for most of my internet needs, including gaming, but as you can imagine this is less than ideal, and dropout happen. a lot. but here's the mystery: when I drop out the following things happen, in order: 1: if anyone is talking they'll star . . . to soun . . . ike . . . thi . . . 2: the yellow chain icon appears in game and soldiers start to jog in place. 3: I get kicked out of the TS server. 4: either the red chain icon appears in game and I get booted from the server, or something similar like "connection with battleeye lost" afterwards I have to wait about 10 mins until I can reconnect again without any apparent issue (at which point the game is miles away and I have to bother zues for a teleport, only to have it happen again in the next mission) the thing is though, that during this entire affair I still have an active internet connection! I can still get on the internet; go on youtube, check my mail, post on the foruns, my steam is still connected, etc. etc. in fact, when I go into the in-game server browser, FK ARMA #1 and FK ARMA #2 are missing from the list, but all other servers are there, including siri's magical wonderland. is there anyone here who can explain that to me? to clarify, I don't need 5 answers telling me "hurr durr get better interwebs", because I know that; I just wanna know why it's FK in particular that seems to get fucked all the time?
  7. hmmm, you make an interesting point. would an alternative method of adding the ship to our games be to simply add as a pre-existing object in all map templates (that feature an ocean), and merely give the zeus the option to hide or unhide it? as a temporary work-around?
  8. I doubt it'll be long before a mod pops up that fixes that though.
  9. consider me interested.
  10. when all you want to do is fly a helo but your connection drops everytime you finally get yourself a slot (which sometimes happens in mid-air, with obvious consequences. when the jets DLC forces you to relearn everything you thought you knew on how to fly fixed-wing aircraft, not to mention VTOLs
  11. mission 2: charlie SL zeus: @forked platoon: @thatwalder from my perspective it looked like there was an insane amount of miscommunication going on; it all started when both alfa and charlie were sent towards a remote village that did not have a road leading to it from the FOB, so what followed was an off-road drive with 4 hummvees throughout the swiss-ish countryside. this proceeded slowly due to the dense forests we had to cross, but after we got into open country we could finally move to our designated defense line, were it not that the second charlie vehicle apparently got into a T-bone crash with one of Alpha's (I wasn't actually there to see it.) without a second vehicle, we were forced to advance on foot, which as one can imagine is significantly slower than driving over a comfortable road, so troughout the long march I had Platoon in my ear asking me why it took so long, to the point where I was actually ordered to leave half my squad behind and take the remaining hummvee down the road., just to get my charlie marker where platoon wanted it to be. having arrived at said location, it turned out our assigned overwatch point wasn't particularly overwatching anything, so I radio'd to platoon with the recommendation to set up at an overlook further down the road, which was ignored. instead we were ordered to set up on a hill with a perfect view of some trees, about 50 meters away. only when I informed platoon of this was I ordered to move to my original recommendation point. and then the wait begun. we spent an hour overlooking the valley with basically nothing to do except spotting targets, while we waiting for the promised attack. at some point I started to worry my squad would suffer the usual overwatch hazard where boredom inevitably overtook their attention span, which I attempted to prevent by having one team man the trenches while another got permission to dick around in ther rear, which I would then alternate every few minutes. only at this point was platoon informed by crossroads, that this was NOT a defense mission at all, and we were finally ordered to move into the town, where we found the intel after what was frankly brutal street-to-street combat, after which Delta was sent to kill the HVT while we were left to our own devices, and just cleared the rest of the town because we had nothing better to do.
  12. nobody accused you of these things; I've worked with you before and I have nothing but the utmost respect for you (do note I was referring to other people who have posted, as was Seishi) personally I also rather like the overwatch missions, but I'd be wrong not to admit that I've had some trouble on a few occasions with keeping my squad in line during long periods where nothing happened, and I need to work on that (does anyone have some tips?) as for the iron sights: I agree. it's a cheap trick to up the challenge level, which at times makes little sense, with the obvious exception for when we're playing historical missions (which I rather enjoy). that being said, in all honesty I don't think I hit much regardless of the sight used, which may be one of the reasons I tend to prefer SL and 2IC positions, where I'm not really supposed to . . .
  13. 1: sometimes it's neccessary to have a squad on overwatch to secure a flank, or to warn platoon of incoming enemies swarming in from unexpected angles; overwatch is not only about fire support. 2: no argument here, this is basically true. however, as explained in the squad leaders guide there is a timer: if an AI is able to fire at you, he will continue to do so until he hits, which he will. you can reset this timer by keeping your head down properly. 3: this also ties into my first point: if platoon wishes as such they should be able to send a squad to a certain position for the sole purpose of denying that area to the enemy. if successful, the enemy will simply avoid that position and be forced to find an alternate route that platoon can capitalize on. so yes: it is possible to play a crucial role in completing the scenario without firing a single shot. I recommend teaching yourself to measure victory in completed objectives and successful teamwork. it's not platoon's job to get you your bodycount.
  14. I do think it should always be an option for platoon to put a squad on overwatch, without having to worry about them ignoring command because "they're bored"; even if you're not actively or effectively engaging anything, you're still essential for simple area denial, (as Seishi mentioned above) so to some extent I'd expect people to "suck it up". (personally I think people should teach themselves to measure success in completed objectives and missions, not their bodycount.) that being said . . . I think this could be a very interesting challenge in game design; because one shouldn't forget that despite all the milsim elements and seriousness hiding among the near constant shenanigry and bullshit, we're still here to play a game and have fun (which is why I'm inclined to disagree about the decision to make instadeath the default setting), and to some extent I can imagine that sitting around while only the AR, AAR, SL and DM get to participate while you stare at nothing in the rear, just in case the zeus gets creative, could be considered to be somewhat boring. personally I would solve this issue by simply allowing dedicated heavy weapons squad featuring a static MG team, or an extra LMG team, or maybe even an extra DMR. at the very least I'd allow this squad to take battle rifles. however, this solution does present the problem that this particular squad may be considered to be more powerful than others, a balance issue that should somehow offset by decreased effective at short range, or limits to what the squad in question is allowed to do. I think this can either be done by either removing the LMG from the squad altogether and replacing them with 2 static HMGs, limiting the squad's mobiltiy, but engaging more players, because each machine gun needs their own spotter (also note that less people will be bored if they do their job as AAR in the first place). alternatively, one could balance support squads like these by removing the ability to take grenade launchers by the SL and 2IC. if this approach is successful, it could also be expanded upon by creating more variant squad compositions, like grenadier squads which remove the LMG for additional grenadiers, CQB squads which are allowed to bring shotguns, recon squads which can take an extra DMR, dedicated AT squads which can exchange their LMG for additional LAT, MAT or possibly HAT teams, light mortar squads (not sure about this one due to the additional skill required), and of course dedicated stinger AA squads. do note though, that ONLY platoon would have the authority to designate squads as specialists, by telling the respective squad leader at the briefing (who can relay the other to his squad through group chat). this is primarily to avoid abuse, but also to avoid this entire concept from becoming over complicated by forcing everyone to remember all the squad loadouts. instead, only platoon has to be familiar with them, and possibly the squad lead himself. the trick would be to keep all loadout variants as simple as "you're allowed to exchange your X for additional Y". (plus, as the variant loadouts are entirely optional they should only complicate things for platoon if he so desires himself.) also note that zeus would be able to disallow certain loadouts, like removing AA squads in a scenario that simulates an opfor with air superiority. (but I would recommend that the variants aren't available exclusively at zeus' discretion, as we already have assets for that) thoughts anyone? EDIT: the above idea may be a bit over the top to just tackle the boredom on overwatch issue, so if requested I'll make a dedicated thread for it.
  15. never saw you do it, and it wasn't directed at anyone specifically. it's just something that's been bothering me from multiple people, and as squadlead usually my order is "no powergaming, keep your headgear in theme." afterwards there are some smartsasses that take the crew helmet, but at this point I'm usually no longer willing to make another point about it. also: those buttfuck ugly apex masks with the green camo . . . edit: there also some smartass who went for DPM gear after I told him (platoon camo was MTP), but ironically enough that didn't look half bad, or out of theme . . .