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  1. What I personally really like about Malden, tanoa, and to a lesser extent altis, is that the towns and villages really look like there are people who actually live there. There's a lot of character for each building, whereas in some maps a "town" is little more than a collection of buildings
  2. until

    I'm up for all of them
  3. what exactly would be the policy on PVP and griefing? I mean PVP can be fun if all parties involved agree to it, but I'd rather not play if everything I build and put effort in gets blown to bits "for teh lolz" when I'm not looking. and griefing is never fun for those who like to build stuff.
  4. I'd like to join
  5. I'd like to be dutch squad lead or translator if you're doing signups
  6. feel free to poke me when I'm in the teamspeak, I'll help you get a basic loadout together, get you some simple tips, and explain some basic mechanics to you.
  7. until

    I would like an SL slot please
  8. campaign


    Squad lead would be nice, no tag
  9. here's mine: command: SL medic support: AR, AAR, and possibly DMR. assault: LATs, grenadiers, engineers, any attachees, and 2IC basically I group the squad by effective range; both AR and DMR are longer ranged specialists, so by grouping them together I can order the entire group to stay behind and provide cover fire. blue team will usually be in front of the squad, and leading the assault, using the 2IC as point man. both medic and SL freefloat between the two sections as needed (when alone or left behind, AAR is in charge of red team) so in a basic engagement I'll order red team to find an overwatch or provide suppressive fire for blue team, which will advances upon the enemy (preferably under the cover of smoke, provided by 2IC or Grenadier), while the medic moves to whoever needs medical attention, and the squadlead is free to move either with red team for a better view, or blue team, to spot any surprises during the advance that need to be called in to platoon.
  10. neither of which is an option for me at this time, due to various circumstances guess I'll keep dropping out a lot
  11. @Lyecer I did as you suggested, and this is the result from 2 pings:
  12. I like the concept, but I think it may be a better idea to design the alternative loadouts to be relatively balanced in relation to eachother, and then put the decision to use them with platoon instead of the zeus. this would prevent the zeus from having to remember yet another type of asset to take into account at the start of the game, and it will allow platoon to pick squads specialisations as based on their plan, rather than having to find something for X-type squad to do because zeus thinks they'll need it . . . compare: bad: "okay, we have a dedicated overwatch squad, so let me adapt the plan to make use of your specialisation . . . " good: "okay, the plan I made has delta on overwatch duty for most of the time, so I need you guys to take the according loadout" what are your thoughts on this? (btw, I had a similar idea some time ago, I'll see if I can find the post and pitch it to you at some point.)
  13. there's very little I can do about it, I'm afraid; if you know anything about computers and connections please check my plea for help on the tech support forum. I really rather enjoy squad leading, and I'm glad to hear I'm appreciated, so let's hope it'll be more stable next time (today was exceptionally crappy). to ease the stress on my squad I've made it a point to warn my 2IC to expect random dropouts and takeovers, so he can prepare himself. (speaking of which, kudos to @Silver Snow this mission; he was constantly on point with the CSAR requests. ) finally, remember it could be worse; I could be your heli pilot . . .
  14. I do have 4G though; does that change anything?
  15. okay, those who've been in my squad know that I have a tendency to mysteriously drop out of the game and the teamspeak at the most inopportune moments. the reason for this is probably because I have an immensely crappy internet connection at my home, namely: none at all. (long story short: the building I live in has a contract with some 3rd rate isp which provides internet slower than none at all, and we aren't able to look for alternatives) however, as a stopgap solution I am able to use my smartphone as a hotspot for most of my internet needs, including gaming, but as you can imagine this is less than ideal, and dropout happen. a lot. but here's the mystery: when I drop out the following things happen, in order: 1: if anyone is talking they'll star . . . to soun . . . ike . . . thi . . . 2: the yellow chain icon appears in game and soldiers start to jog in place. 3: I get kicked out of the TS server. 4: either the red chain icon appears in game and I get booted from the server, or something similar like "connection with battleeye lost" afterwards I have to wait about 10 mins until I can reconnect again without any apparent issue (at which point the game is miles away and I have to bother zues for a teleport, only to have it happen again in the next mission) the thing is though, that during this entire affair I still have an active internet connection! I can still get on the internet; go on youtube, check my mail, post on the foruns, my steam is still connected, etc. etc. in fact, when I go into the in-game server browser, FK ARMA #1 and FK ARMA #2 are missing from the list, but all other servers are there, including siri's magical wonderland. is there anyone here who can explain that to me? to clarify, I don't need 5 answers telling me "hurr durr get better interwebs", because I know that; I just wanna know why it's FK in particular that seems to get fucked all the time?