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  1. 3/5 flying we got no free peanuts and no water
  2. Mission 2: Echo medic Zeus: @UniDigit @Forked @coloneljack1234 What the fuck was this? we got mortared from the start, when we were crossing an island we got pinned by mortars, then you guys apparently got annoyed that it was taking so long healing frendlies and calling CSAR, so you mortared the fuck out of us. then later, while Echo was recieving CSAR you decided to mortar all the wounded again because why the fuk not. overall the worst mission i have ever played. Platoon: @Rezonath i did not talk to you at any point Squad: @Timberhawk, @Silver Snow, @Veagance, @Schmorfson, @Codomain, @Tynakuh Great teamwork, we managed a hot LZ nicely, and my backpack was bugged and i did not have 90% of my supplies but we managed. apparently zeus hates us, but we tried our best to stay positive. and you guys accually managed to call out where i needed to go correctly. now that i have calmed down a bit edit: I generally have a view that everybodys experience of a mission is induvidial. someone on overwatch might get bored, while someone clearing might be happy. however, i think that most people think your mission was generally bad, so here are some tips if zeus ever gets unbanned from zeusing: DON'T MORTAR ENTIRE SQUADS WHEN THEY NEED TO PATCH THEMSELVES UP
  3. yes, but to this day i have never experienced a barrel roll that has not resulted in someone bleeding, and i have to patch them up and waste 2 ish bandages
  4. Thats why i said 4 not 5. we were 5 in the vic.
  5. Zeus: @Argon @Neroxen @Nugget30 . I liked the kill all civies part Platoon: @Paintchk. Had no interaction. Squad: @Tennin lead. @Shroomzeh @Veagance @Gditz @Tynakuh @Craidus. Never let cradius drive. we crashed into a lamp post 3 min into the mission, resulting in 2 causualties, and me being very pissed off as a medic, as i had to heal myself and the other survivor. we swapped vics with platoon, and caught up with the rest of alfa. upon our arrival we were taking heavy fire, and we were supressed to shit. the boys did not know what this wierd thing called "cover" was, and stood in the open shooting, so i could not get to them when they eventually got shot. i stayed with squadlead, and survived the bloodbath, and we hooked up with delta and took overwatch on a hilltop. Tennin got headshot, and instadieded, so i was alone, but the respawnwave came in and saved the day. hooked back up with alfa, cleared the town, shot some civies, and then, when we were moving to the last objective, cradius decided to crash into multiple structures, before topping it off with crashing into an enemy humvee, resulting in the death of 4 guys, including me, the medic. so it was an absolute shitshow
  6. Im not a regular but here goes: People calling medic, but not name and location People not realizing they have their own bandages and torniquets before the medic gets there result; a big bloodloss people who dont realize that cover is smart, and that i as a medic can not run out to you in a field while we are taking a lot of supressive fire Bad drivers (a barrel roll is not a display of skill) That one fucker who goes 200 meters away from the squad, and then expects me to run and heal him when zeus decides to mortar your squad without warning, so 1/2 of the squad dies, and the others are severely wounded
  7. hm ill look into the issue
  8. Then it must be a bug with my mod
  9. Even when i click on the limbs it does not show, and they do need a medic, as their wounds are still bleeding, but if you were saying that i should not heal them then, i have been tempted, but i want to do my job properly
  10. I have recently played medic alot, and it's by far my favourite role. Espechially when we have to use medivacs and stuffs. But one thing that annoys the death out of me is that people see that they get wounded, they call the medic, and then they continue shooting. So i have to run to them, sometimes in the open, and try to get them down so that i can treat them, but they refuse to stand still. this makes it very hard to treat them, as the medical menu doesn't allways show all wounds, so i have to inspect them with the windows key thingy as well. For those of you who haven't noticed, i obvivousely don't think this is the way to do it. this is: Get behind cover, preferably close to your medic, apply torniquets to all wounded limbs, and bandage head and torso first. try to stop the bleedings. You have 4 bandages, 1 morphine, 1 ephirephine, and a torniquet. use them. if advanced medic is on, stay close to your medic in case your wounds re-open, and use common sence. the medic is one of the most valuable members of the squad, he (or she) can not risk it's life to save yours, if you are in the open with no cover whatsoever. and if you use your medical supplies, resupply at your medic. Im not saying you should do all the work, as it is the medics job to patch you up, but you can help, and you can possibly save your own life
  11. Yeah, but we are usually on the offence. what i suggest is a full out tower defence
  12. It would be fun if we sometime could do a mission where we are the terrorists, like boko haram, and we have to defend our village while we are massively outnumbered and outgunned, but we still have to find some way to win. it would be a diffrent kind of mission, while still requiering teamwork, coordination, and tacticall-ness(?) anyway its just an idea, and any compitent zeus may explore the idea
  13. It would be fun to do a kind of "defend the castle" type of mission, where we are terrorists or guerillas, and we have all odds stacked against us, having to fight against the infidel pigs (USA and Uk and the rest of NATO) it would be a fun diffrent kind of mission, because usually we are the invaders with the odds stacked in our favour. but then again its just an idea, and i encourage any competent zeus to explore this mission consept.
  14. my quote shows exactely how acoustic i am
  15. electric