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  1. *Petition to sell the VTOL seeing how there is a 99% chance it will be destroyed on the first mission it is used*
  2. Have you ever been in a situation that your squad(s) are royally fucked and you have no other option? Have you thought the best idea in that situation would be to ram right into the objective with a ton of explosives? Have you actually done that or attempted to do that? Then this post is for you! Here I would like people to post whenever they tried to do the impossible,how it went through and if you actually helped. And Remember: It never hurts asking for premission to go on suicide attempts
  3. People who complain about being told to take a specific vest or helmet REEEE is love, REEEE is life
  4. *T-80 destroyed on last mission @Vipershell
  5. Never leave a man behind @Lyecer! Shows you the importance of spacing,not just to prevent multiple deaths from explosives. Will try to keep that in mind next time im 2ic!