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  1. TLF


    I'd love Raptor Pilot or Gunner please Or even Knight crew if possible
  2. Thought you guys might be interested in this :
  3. campaign


    Vehicle crew gunner or medic if I can reserve a spot for that
  4. Our squad also took down a BTR, and 2 MBTs Take pride in all your squad's succeses
  5. Sorry for that one Doc, should've been able to take you to the ground safely. I'll do it better next time! *salute*
  6. until

    I'd like any medic slot
  7. 2nd Mission: Zeus: @Siri @NeilZar @SuddenDeath Great mission, the no map thing was quite interesting. We had lots of action, lots to do, really good. But DON'T ever give us boats like this again Platoon: Woody. Had no interaction. Squad: @ZentharTheMagician lead. @Don @Kingorrik @Shroomzeh @Korpp1 @BlueNexus Jack @Psychopozzie . Good squad, clear comms. Had a lot of stuff to do as medic which was nice. The only problem we had was some trouble following orders. Zenthar wanted us to move fast especially at the second objective, and we were kinda slow. On my end, it was party because I prioritized treating people on top of direct orders from @ZentharTheMagician which was bad, but I'm still quite new to the medic role so sorry for that . We lost some people at the first town, but nothing too serious. We didn't go too deep into the first town until it was cleared, I personally did OW with red team. After we regroup on the other island for the second objective we start losing some people. I wanna give props to Lead, squad movement on the map was top notch even if the squad was sort of slow to follow the orders. At the final objective, it's only 4 of us left to enter the castle and clear it, and after we do we start taking on mortar shots. Before the end, me and Zenthar are the only ones left alive, we take 2 wounded soldiers and retreat. Outside the castle we start taking care of the wounded and blow up the castle on platoon's command, and not long after mission is ended. As I said , I'm still quite the noob as medic, so if anyone from squad or other squads I've treated wants to throw some feedback to my face please do
  8. 1st Mission: Zeus: @Katla_Haddock @Woody . At first, having no radio seemed like a retarded ideea. I expected half the squads to get lost and die bleeding in the middle of nowhere. But somehow it sort of worked, I got a lot to do as medic and it was really chaotic and fun ^^ Big props. Platoon: NeilZar. Had no radio so no interaction Squad: @Netheral lead. @mekboy_4000 @Kingorrik @Milletimisev @Vericht @GarySqueak @Callistano @thePier . Not that squad mattered too much, cause after the first part of the first village I lost my squad . But not cause I got left behind, I just got to treating people from platoon and other squads, cause the only things I heard this mission were: "Allah Akbar!" and "Need a medic!" :)) . But it was really great for a medic at least, got alot of bandaging and treating to do. I managed to reuinte with my squad before we get ambushed from behind by a lot of EI, but red team had a lovely 360 trench that I got to hide and treat in . After that I go in platoon vehicle as there was no space left for me and later I get into the Taliban death vehicle of @NeilZar We have a great drive through the town and run away as we were being fired upon from all directions, then crash Not much longer I get into the town and start treating in a building, again apart from my squad , but not long before mission ends. I must say, this might have been the shortest and one of the most funny missions I've had so far in FK
  9. 2nd Mission: Zeus: @BagOfOtters @Leftymonster @Digby Tatham-Warter Nice mission. I liked it, but from my point of view it seemed a bit too much reliant of our armor, as infantry. But other than that it was pretty good Platoon: Urist. Had no interaction Squad: @Tomo lead. @Cosmo @WelshMullet Beni, @Timberhawk @cineafx @GingerRocker . Very nice squad (For a welsh squad ), clear comms, and good teamwork. It was my first actual mission as medic, and altho we didn't have a lot of action, I hope I did pretty well. If not, all criticism is welcomed . Our squad didn't have much action until the end, as we stayed in vehicle for most of the mission. At the begining we provided OW and then we reinforced the other squads. From my point of view, I loved the ending, we got point and we sort of got behind enemy lines and under fire. But our team did great, we took cover and dug in for triage and 360 after our vehicle got hit. Luckly it was repaired and we could continue with no problems. At the very end we tried swimming, which was fun. But next time I'd love it if I would start it from the bottom of the river in a drowning vehicle . We are called to retreat not much longer after bath time, and mission ends smoothly.
  10. 1st Mission - Axios Behemoth: Zeus: @aizen Not sure if anyone else. Mission was quite nice. I actually had a nice time as MG even tho I had no scopes or AAR, did alot of spraing and got kills even. Really enjoyed myself, big props Platoon: NeilZar. Had no interaction. Squad: @ghostsquid squad lead. @Not Connor @Vipershell @Zoteri_Andrew @Frendum blue team [email protected] @BlackJack @avian I was MG in blue team. I must admit at the begining squad lead seemed to be a bit confused but it might be cause of the mission and stuff. Also lead died somewhat early in the mission and Connor took over I belive, and he did very well. I was gunner for the first part of the mission, until the first bunkers were cleared. Not much after squad lead is respawned and joined us. Our squad takes point at the next FUP and we spot some EI and BTRs advancing, but they're dealt with without problems. At the next town we provide OW at first, until we are called in to support the other squads. Clearing goes pretty well, and we don't take too many casualities. I will give a shoutout to @Frendum who sort of did AAR for me and thus helping me manage to clear 2 bunkers that were left with EI. Towards the end we had a bad nade incident, and it might have been me. I didn't notice my throwing animation, but I might have missclicked. Sorry for that Also before retreat a couple enemy tehnicals come and we have a really hard time dealing with them, as 3 LATs miss them But other than that squad was nice and we had clear comms. When the retreat horns sound, only 3 of our squad are left, and we're the final squad to reach home safe and steady.
  11. That';s actually a very vaild point. Thanks
  12. 2nd Mission: Zeus: @Siri @Vizel I must say, Siri doesn't always cover my prefered difficulty levels, but it seems like he's always creative in some way with his mission. Even tough it was annoying, I loved the wind . And also, our squad had at least 2-3 surprise MBTs out of nowhere on us Also in the first town,and while moving to the next objective we got assaulted by EI and BTR, which was also quite nice, big props Platoon: @Natnanny Had no interaction. Squad: @Doctadoone lead. @SABER ? I think that's him @SuddenDeath @Trinoc @Crazy Missy @Life010 Benji, @Psychopozzie @Gditz . I was AR , was just OW with whole red team at the start, but sadly didn't get much to spray upon. After that we mount up and go to next objective. One of our cars crashes but I survived which is fine for me And Bravo medic, @NODZZ saves me after luckly a Bravo vehicle passed by just after the accident, so props to Bravo reaction. After that I reunite with my squad and we keep on clearing, and we had quite a few suprises the town, as mentioned, and also in the buildings. I don't know why but I expected them to be clear . Not long after mission is complete and all is done. We had a nice squad, clear comms, no problems on this end really.
  13. 1st Mission: Zeus: @Loradas @NeilZar @V1rU5 Veeery cool missions. I love it when convoy gets assaulted, but it has to be the right way. It has to be in a way the convoy can deal with, but also hard enough to stop the convoy. Also, if next time there could be a BTR hidden in 1 compound behind some walls, that'd be extra great What can I say, I love ambushes .... Big props for this mission Platoon: @Digby Tatham-Warter had no direct interaction, but I was in gunner seat most of the mission and I liked the directions givens throughout the mission, if that counts Squad: @Nugget30 lead. @mekboy_4000 @Neroxen @Tomo @ChaosShadoWolfe @scottsniper77 and Dark Wolf. So we were ordered not to stop moving for small opposition, and we didn't. Until shit went down. One of our Humvees got hit and half the squad got wiped, until I and Bravo gunner I belive managed to clear the horizon line of EI. And somehow @Nugget30 survived the RPG hit car . The 4 of us continue the mission keeping ourselves in the back of the convoy, so we mostly just did OW and quite a bit of fun trash-talk . We called in a flanking MBT before we got respawn wave. I didn't even manage to shoot my AR that much until the end, I was mostly in gunner seat but I got quite a few kills so I hope I did well. PS: While advancing through a town we were in the frontlines and we manged to spot some armor before firing upon us, I swear to god, I'd join @Nugget30 's squads just for his reaction when he sees enemy armor just 50 meters away
  14. 2nd Mission: Zeus: @BagOfOtters @Digby Tatham-Warter @Vesper Akiri @Woody Mission was nice, I loved the end especially, but would've been cooler if all the enemy tanks would've came from more directions It felt kind of easy target for our AIR. Platoon: @Tomo had no interaction. Squad: @Kalagen lead. @Callistano @Godzi @Golfer @JPlett @ChaosShadoWolfe @Torofad and Benji. I'd love to start with the best thing of the mission, @JPlett 's quote: "If your AR is dead he cannot be killed." Wise words lads. Nice squad, clear comms. I was AAR and had great teamwork with AR and I think red team did well enough. At one point red team got sniped while providing OW, and I had to carry @Golfer down the hill, but we got to medic without problems. Towards the late part of the mission our squad got up on one hill and did OW again, and we spotted and called in all the tanks and enemy vics. But I'd like to advise whomever was LAT in our squad and missed, you might have some issues with 0-ing your launcher, so make sure to check that. Other than that everything was smooth for us.
  15. until

    I'd love LAT/MAT or AR if possible