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  1. 3rd Mission: Zeus: @NeilZar @Neroxen . Good mission. Nothing too exciting but nothing bad either. We got hammered down at first objective and had problems later, but difficulty was also just right. Platoon: @Derpy . Had no interaction. Squad: @Slouchy Orc was lead. Again. And this time seems I earned his trust enough to let me Gunner (And only destroyed 1 allied vehicle's tier). @Edelweiss Bell @Bobblehead @Darkphaze (great assistant autorifleman, I was the autorfile) and Isaac as squad members. Good coordination. Maybe we lacked a bit of communication, and talked a bit over each other but apart from that all seemed to work fine.
  2. 2nd Mission: Zeus: @DHbatman @cineafx and @NeilZar. Very nice hold-the-line type of mission. Today was a really good day regarding Zeuses? Zeusss? W/e. And it had everything: BMPs, infantry, Helis, paratroopers. Top notch. Platoon: @seami was lead. Had no interaction. Squad: @Slouchy Orc was lead.Also @Edelweiss , @larsk but forgot to note down everyone Great squad. We were Delta, and had a shit ton to deal with. Also aparently trenches dont do well vs BMPs . We died early after the first 2-3 waves, LAVs got flanked by infantry and then BMPs pushed. Couple minutes later tho, we got respawned to reinforce and held our grounds more than honorably. We got almost surrounded but held out. Big props to whole squad.
  3. 1st Mission: Zeus: Walder and @Neroxen ? Yeah. Mission seemed really cool. Yeah we had a long road for the convoy but action started quickly, right at the town exit. All was really good, too bad the server farted. Platoon: @DHbatman lead. Had no interaction. Squad: @Slouchy Orc is my kind of lead. Laid out, chill and serious when action starts, but not to strict. ALSO, we have backstory :3. Sadly didn't have time to interact too much with squad before server went down.
  4. Unofficial mission: Zeus: @Habivi Very nice patrol mission, with timer and shit. Thumbs up Patrol: Can't remember? I don't think we had one prolly. Squad: @PowerColour leader. Great organization, very genuine army leader experience. Don't remember the rest of the squad but it all went quite nice.
  5. 2nd Mission: Zeus: @UniDigit and Andre I belive ? The plot was awesome It's nice having some fun objectives from time to time. And the result of the mission teached us something: Katla must be married to a man. Platoon: Lead was @NeilZar. Had no interaction with them tho. Squad: @Weegie @Life010 @GingerRocker @warlordsh @Trahsi . Great squad, everything went fine. Big props to @nikolov216 who jumped in front of a RPG to save us all! Heroic much 3rd Mission: Zeus: @NeilZar and @LvL . Awesome mission. Perfect difficulty, some nice surprises at the end. Big props, best mission I had so far. (And they're not many at all) Platoon: @Rezonath . Had no interaction Squad: @nikolov216 lead. Second heroic jump-in-front-of-the-team-to-save-us-all but from friendly fire this time -_-. @Jacob_Waltz @Craidus @Vizel @Weegie @Kalagen @Trahsi . Great squad, all went fine. Coms were clear and good, great team-play.
  6. Zeus: Walder. Awesome mission, very well made. But fuck him for putting 1000 enemies in 1 chamber Platoon: Don't think we had one? Squad: @Dutchassasin21 Was lead but kept dc-ing so it was all on @wafflehammer which did pretty well knowing that it was his first time. Squad generally did well, a bit of fear of commitment but maybe that was because of leading problems.
  7. Mission 3 Zeus: @Edelweiss Great mission. Great fun overall. But maybe personally I would've loved a bit of a spice up, felt a bit straightforward. But that's just me. Platoon: Had no interaction with them. Squad: @nikolov216 Was an awesome lead. Whole squad had great communication. Also props to @seishimaybeC driving and @PinkMunn gunner. PS: @Life010 was naked whole mission accompanied later by @Trahsi
  8. Zeus @Judgeman and also @TheMinion I belive. My first mission but it all seemed really epic. Props to both Platoon: @Crump No interaction with him. Squad: @WigD Great leading. Was my first mission and got help with all my questions. Calm and secure commanding. Only bad thing was that at some point we stopped and clumped up, but that might not have been his fault.
  9. Zeus: @ChinaEmporer I'm new to this but the mission seemed reallly nice. Platoon: @PowerColour Almost no interaction with platoon for me but the plan seemed to work smoothly, so I guess it was great. Squad: Paint - Great comand and interaction between squads. Only mistake was that after we lost our 2IC he forgot to assign a new one. But apart from that it was all great. (From a noob stand of point at least)
  10. Hi. Looking forward to dying alongside you guys :D. Also, is there someone that I can ask for a bit of guidance regarding all the preparation needed for the game? Just bought it, and I'd have a few questions ^^