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  1. Currently planning a Main Mission that I want to Zeus when it's refined

  2. Kinda feels like this one falls between these two categories: When you're walking in the woods and run into an encampment of Russians which proceeds to mow down half your squad due to a static MG
  3. until

    This was an amazing movie!
  4. campaign

    OPERATION SLOTH UTC – 12:30:00 GRID – [174,132] Congratulations on the defense of Molos. This successful defense forced the Russians to regroup at the Molos Airfield while our own forces prepare for an assault to retake it before the Russians infest it. As a result, we’ve been tasked to a rescue operation. This will be your first operation against the Insurgents. You will be starting at the relocated Camp Hudson where you will gear up and move out to the locations where the workers are being held hostage. Rescue as many hostages as possible and try to keep their trucks intact. After securing the workers, you are to return them to the storage yard north of Charika. If any workers are injured, heal them to the best of your ability. If any are killed, body-bag them and return their bodies to Camp Hudson. There we identify them and return them to their families. While you are in the AO, keep an eye out for possible intel and take prisoners if possible. All assets are available for selection. Russian UAZ and BMD will be available next mission. All PRIMARY objectives must be completed. There are SECONDARY objectives available but not required to be completed. Reinforcement Status: UNAVAILABLE Primary Objectives Rescue workers & trucks Return workers & trucks to storage yard Secondary Objectives Take prisoners Search for intel
  5. Gonna release a campaign mission tonight. 

  6. nikitamaster killme
  7. As @Chuck Yeager stated, AI doesn't react to laser sights even if they have NVG's. As we'e against AI, they always know where we are. I would assume traces at night when AI doesn't have NVG's works like smokes. When you throw a smoke screen to cover yourself, AI will have their accuracy reduced but will still fire at you or even stop. Tracers at night when AI doesn't have NVG's basically is the same I think. Sometimes AI without NVG's won't react till you're really close to them as they "can't see you" due to night reducing their spotting range. If you use tracers, I think their spotting range would be temporary increased when you fire as you reveal your position.
  8. When you try to make a meme but it backfires

    04 - wmQS9pK.gif

  9. Completed the overhaul of my thread: 


  10. Updating my campaign atm

  11. Fluent: English Semi-Fluent: Russian - I understand it well and can speak it to a degree. Don't know Russian characters but can type in Russian using English characters. Weak: Spanish Would be best at being a Russian translator
  12. When you're the medic and half your squad gets mowed down due to incompetence.

    05 - 5DvUxDk.gif

  13. To be honest, I couldn't aim for shit and missed 2 SMAW rockets on an ammo cache 20-50 meters away in a main mission (that Sarrisa and 10 other people watched me fail at) before @Lenny's LAT training session. Now I can hit stuff!
  14. 10/10 me for forgetting the rules stated that :))) Time to wear a berret and await the sweet release of death.