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  1. until

    For this training, where should I be located in the TeamSpeak?
  2. Huh. I just saw two UH-60's fly over my house which has never happened before. Also my first time I've ever seen any.

  3. 2nd MISSION (The Massacre of Charlie) --- Zeus: @Weegie Overall a good mission. The aspect and how it was the right size for so many people. Platoon: @Rezonath As I wasn’t SL, I can’t say much other than the idea of driving/swimming with BTRs for 20-30 minutes burned up a good part of our 1hr and 40-minute time window of completing the mission. Additionally, our initial OW point had terrible view and later on when we had to find another one, our squad was mowed down. Alpha Squad: Lead: @Timberhawk Amazing job as SL as usual. Allowed us to mess about on the map and overall had good conversation within the BTR as we spent 20-30 minutes swimming. Had clear coms and orders to follow throughout the mission. Sadly, he almost DC’d and when he was back, he only found Charlie nearly wiped only to die after them. 2IC: @Logan His FADAK wasn’t working after we disembarked the BTR after landing so I didn’t hear much of him till we started our second assault and he took command while searching for a good OW point only to take a sniper to the face as Timber returned from his connection problem adventures. Medic: Me I did not see a single enemy (alive) this whole mission nor fire a bullet at one. I also didn’t get to patch anyone up as nobody got injured till the end where they insta-died so I was lugging about ton of medical supplies. Auto-rifleman & Assistant Auto-rifleman: @Prototyp & @Trahsi I got to play with Tic-Tac-Toe and Boxes with Prototyp within the BTR swim. Tied in TTT but I won once against him in Boxes! Overall, I didn’t get to interact with them much during the mission but from a distance, I heard great teamwork in ranging and spotting and working as an AR team. Great job guys. Riflemen: Minty, @Master-Young, & @Arrexis Mostly just shared a few laughs within the BTR but didn’t have much interaction. That reminds me… I need to finish my game with Master-Young and Prototyp in the future!
  4. Gotta make a forum post for my campaign thingy I'm developing.

  5. It was my first time being platoon and honestly that mission wasn't too enjoyable. Reason I didn't order for you guys to pullout was due to how I was killed and command went to Alpha.
  6. Siri gave you smoke cover? Really? That's just fucking bullshit
  7. One of my favorite moments: 


  8. 1st MISSION (Medal of Honor) --- Zeus: @Life010 & @warlordsh First of all, I greatly enjoyed the mission and concept. I’m also happy that you guys turned on Advanced Wounds as it really spiced up the game! As I was a medic, Advanced Wounds make it challenging and made me constantly on my feet saving people. Mission idea and flow went pretty well along with the objective ideas. However, it did seem like AI was really OP or too much as Alpha Squad was wiped down to 4 people and the respawn wave came in right after we lost our Squad Leader. Overall, great mission and would love to do another one by you two. Platoon: @Wattsits Did an overall good job of directing the squads and working with the RTO to move the tank about to assist us. Alpha Squad: Lead: @Wattsits I think I’ve been led by you before and it was a fun experience this time. Your orders were clear and easy to follow and you listened to what we had to say and took that into account. Was a bit stressful at times with some orders due to the heavy fire and having to save so many people but not your fault as you wanted to complete the objective. Overall, you did an amazing job and defiantly would have you lead again! 2IC: something-gram (Sorry that I don’t remember your name! Please someone quote this debrief and tag him!) I don’t really remember much about you as I think you DC’d and later reconnected? You also wanted me to leave SuddenDeath but I don’t leave a man behind. Medic: Me Holy shit this was one of my most intense missions. I’ve played with advanced wounds and saved heavily wounded people before but not on this scale. I saved most of Bravo Squad twice after IEDs and I saved half of my squad when we were advancing on the first objective and pinned down outside the town. I nearly ran out of bandages the end but looting dead friendlies and EI bodies, I managed to keep roughly 20-30 bandages. Also learned how useful quikclot is! I also somehow ended up with like 30 morphine and epi. In addition, I did my best to collect as many friendly dog-tags as possible and body-bag but I sadly ran out of bags. This mission better qualify me for a Medal of Honor! Auto-rifleman & Assistant Auto-rifleman: @ZentharTheMagician & @Nova I heard great communication between you two about directing fire and you two overall worked as a proper AR Team. Did have to patch you up a few times but that wasn’t an issue! Managed to hang out with you guys and talk. Also Zenthar… I’m sorry for not saving you after the IED as I was trying to save Wattsits at the time. Riflemen: @Nugget30 & Rokuu & @SuddenDeath Nugget became RTO (I think) after our 2iC DC’d and did a good job on directing the tank. HOWEVER, you need to be more active on the radio as we asked you multiple times where you were and questions in general and you took forever to respond to the point we left you as we couldn’t sit around and it was frustrating. You did you job but become more active within the squad next time please? Well Rookuu, you did a great job of following orders and survived till the assault within the first objective. Really don’t remember much sorry… I’m not giving you a Medal of Honor SuddenDeath! I saved more people than you and I carried your ass into safety when we ran into the section of Russian tanks. Overall, you did a great job as a DMR and did a good job of eliminating enemies and surviving. I don’t remember if you died or not within the first objective but if you did… Git Gud c: Additional: @Godzi & HappyestHippo & @Arrexis - I saved you twice from near death from the assistance of others but aside from how much I did with Alpha and your squad when help was needed, you helped me out in patching people up after I got you up both times. You also deserve a Medal of Honor! - You went down twice but I managed to get you up both times. Make sure to reload next time and not get shot around the corner! Hehe. - Sadly the third time I found you, you were dead but the first 2 times I found you, you were nearly dead. Make sure not to explode again!
  9. Figured out how to put Enhanced Movement into Arma 3 Sync woo!

  10. When I posted my first Arma 3 video a few weeks ago, one of my subscribers unsubscribed cause of it 

  11. 1st MISSION (Invisible Tanks) --- Zeus: @Forked & @Slouchy Orc The mission concept and backstory was really good. However, it felt like the attacking Russian forces weren’t really attacking. It seemed mostly calm from our OW Point and moving in, there were only a few units we clashed against. Additionally, the lack of tasking to Charlie and Alpha led us to clearing the buildings. However, I have no clue what you spawned near Charlie but when it hit the Humvee, it sure did a number on me and my squad couldn’t find it. Platoon: N/A I know I shouldn’t rant about this but hearing this from others during the mission, the briefing did take longer than any other briefing I’ve waited through. Additionally, it sounded like Platoon Lead was irritated throughout the mission and had no patience as I had listened through the Humvee’s radio for a bit. Who should be mentioned is @Natnanny. I was driving Charlie’s remaining Humvee and it took a hard hit on the front disabling it and wounding me heavily. Luckily my squad patched me up but I passed out from blood loss so I lay within a building for 10 minutes till he arrived and saved me. Thank Zeus for Platoon Medics. Charlie Squad: Lead: @Timberhawk Great leader with good humor yet maintained a serious and focused mindset. Didn’t die during the mission at all (unless you count the crash of his game). Greatly enjoyed being under his lead 2IC: @Arrexis Props to Arrexis as he was one of the people who saved me as I was bleeding out and proceeded to carry me to cover as we waited for NatNanny to arrive to assist. Also good fun during the mission and at briefing. Medic: Me As stated before, the shot against the Humvee knocked me out for 10 minutes but once I was back in action, mission went alright. Had a few scrapes and bruises to deal with along with body bagging friendlies but that’s it. Didn’t die at all. Auto-rifleman & Assistant Auto-rifleman: @ChrisHiss& Xagran Rip their request to go on the crane for OW once we were within the town. They did a good job staying alive and clearing buildings as buddies. Riflemen: @Master-Young & @Trahsi & @Tobe All hail our priest Tobe! As usual, he’s a great bundle of fun and laughs and enjoyed our time while waiting for briefing. Props to MasterYoung for joining us in our screwing around till mission started. Also never forget Trahsi who died at the start and we had a funeral for.
  12. Zeused my first mission. rip me

  13. Angry re-acts only

  14. 1st FNG MISSION (Body Bag Everything) --- Zeus: @Siri Created an overall good mission. I enjoyed the aspect of multiple objectives and how they varied. Also did a great job on making sure the AI wasn't too powerful or weak to deal with; made it at a good ratio with squad power. The airdrop sadly didn't work at the end but maybe it'll work next time. The only real thing I'll comment on is how you airdropped EI on top of Bravo when it was almost fully wiped. Platoon: @Rob Did a great job at managing the two squads and making us have things to do. No real issues as I didn't hear anything through Long Range. Bravo Squad: Lead: @Prototyp Did a great job of leading and managing the squad. Only real comment is the lack of enforcement of spacing as there were a few mortars that landed close and when epicewafflehousef's STINGER glitched out, bunch of people got wounded from being close. 2IC: @Cosmo Did a good job of being a 2iC. Shared some laughs in the Humvee when I decided to pull out a red smoke to scare fellow soldiers. Medic: Me As the title of the debrief says... I body bagged my whole squad and took all their dog tags as they kept dying. Wasn't too intense of a medical mission but still required running around and helping out squad members. Auto-rifleman & Assistant Auto-rifleman: @PopcornKnight & @Timberhawk Didn't see much of PopcornKnight so no real comment on performance. However during spawn, PopcornKnight was zip-tied by me haha. RIP Timberhawk at the start of the mission when he was trying to zero in his DMR and later on when he learned that his silly hat was too big or weird. Riflemen: @Darkphaze & @Jinx & itsKiko & @epicwafflehousef Didn't see much of Darkphaze so no real comment on performance. Jinx was new so I was trying to help him understand Arma. Did an overall good job and can't wait to see him around more! itsKiko and I shared some laughs at spawn and was one of the people in the Humvee that was killed. Also screw you epicwafflehousef for trying to inject me with morphine at start! >:c I know I have a morphine addiction (which Alpha medic saved me from) so fight me. Overall was a good guy and funny and got Arma'd when he fell through the floor and killed himself and me with a STINGER.
  15. My YouTube is going to be filled with so many ARMA 3 clips.