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  1. 2nd mission, 1st server Zeus: @Nugget30, @Not Connor Platoon: Silberjojo Squad: SL: @Chuck Yeager, 2ic: @AntiMatter, Medic:@Joala, Autorifleman:@Legendo, Assistant: me, Riflemen: @sumsum, @Bread, @lewis white The mission was fine. I thought the set up for the mission was good and the amount of hostile contacts was adequate. Chuck Yeager decided to disconnect immediately and left Antimatter with the Squadlead. As SL he did a good job without any major error until he died by autocannon fire. That left Lewis White in command who also did a pretty good job till the end of the mission. For a mission with different change of command in the squad we were able to complete our set of objectives without any major problems. As a assistant AR i didn't do a lot of assisting because the AR was the APC driver. Otherwise the squad was a fine bunch of people.
  2. Zeus: @cineafx, @Rogue, @Weegie Platoon: Rezonath Squad: Alfa, SL: @SGz_Eliminated , 2ic: disconnected, Medic: @Nikovei Autorifleman: @lokyar, Assistant: @JJG , Riflemen: me, @BigT, @dell Mission began with 2/3 of the squad getting wiped out because of rpg fire. Otherwise a very good and well balanced mission. Mission ended with me carrying a wounded Bigt to the evac helo while hostile air raining hell all around us. Give me medel plz. Alfa for the most part was a well behaved, expect for dell who needs to learn how to behave over short range. Yelling and swearing for a medic without telling your position will not get you healed.
  3. Server 1, 1st main mission (Operation Lost Memer) Scripted by @NeilZar A well scripted mission. The amount of hostile contact was well balanced. The only minor bad thing was the length of the mission. I prefer if it was a tad longer. Otherwise it was flawless. I really enjoyed this mission.
  4. Server 1, 1st main mission Zeus: @Rorkiy Platoon: Rezonath Charlie Squad: SL: @Timberhawk , 2ic: @Sovietpolarbear , Medic: @Lexic , Autorifleman: @Schmorfson , Assistant: @Gditz , Riflemen: me, @ChaosShadoWolfe, @Not Connor, @Sam41, @BigT The mission was to secure and extract hostages. We were to go in with silencer, IR-DIM and the other stuffs you need when going stealth as SL wanted to go in and out with the hostages without the enemy noticing us. It went as expected, as we were getting shot at the approach with the helicopters(I saw one of heli blow up and got launched up in the air) and then engaging hostile infantry almost instantly. We got all of the hostages out(I think, because we got mission complete) and we also got to enjoy some spicy memes at the end (I hope someone recorded it). The mission was well executed from my perspective (as blue cannonfodder) and the amount of hostile contact was just right. Good memes at the end. Nothing to say about platoon, as said above I was blue cannonfodder. I had fun playing with charlie squad as timberhawk and sovietpolarbear(leading blue team) were good squadleaders who gave clear instructions and orders on what were we going to. It felt like the whole squad took the mission seriously which made the this mission a good and fun experience(at least for me).
  5. 1st main mission Zeus: @Katla_Haddock, @Woody, @andyt90, @Cavalierr Platoon: @Rezonath Squad: Bravo, SL: @Toasty, 2ic: @King Mikey, Medic:@Forked, Autorifleman: @lokyar, Assistant: @Nova, Riflemen, me, @HolYdaY, @cineafx Bravos objective was to provide with overwatch and base of fire for the assault on the village Stary Sobor. We got ambushed when we arrived to the overwatch site (thanks Zeus) and lost Toasty immediately. Then we lost King and cineafx to disconnect (cineafx reconnected). When the situation got contained we resumed our objective of overwatch and to neutralize any air threats(HolYdaY was carrying the stinger), which we did for the rest of the mission until server crash I believe it was. The mission for me was okay. Being overwatch is not the most funniest job in arma, but those missions happen. The ambush though maybe wasn't necessary at the beginning. Maybe getting the time to set up our defenses before getting hostile contacts on our position would have been nice of zeus to give us. We also got overpressured by knight, fun stuff. Otherwise I don't have anything to say about the mission itself. I don't have anything to say about platoon as I was blue cannonfodder. Bravosquad did its objectives and basically what I have to say about the squad. Everyone knew their shit and did their job.
  6. 2nd main mission Zeus: @TheMinion, @Urist McGLORY Platoon: @Doctadoone Squad: Foxtrot, SL: @Sanddude, 2ic: @Fraiche, Medic: @Lyecer, Autorifleman: @Codomain , Assistant Autorifleman: @OhMyRofl, Riflemen: me, @Master-Young, @pedrasa Overall a good and simple mission. The first objective was to find intel, which was easy enough. Then we assisted alfa, bravo and charlie to destroy radiotower, as it seemed they had problem with it and finally assault enemy fortification at a castleruin. These objectives were straightforward, so there wasn't any problem following them. As Foxtrot we had always something to do and weren't sitting on our asses. I died at the end of the mission by running straight towards a BRDM that decided to appear in front of me, good job by me. Foxtrot squad as a whole was a good squad and I had fun playing with you. @Sanddude as a SL was clear with his orders so that we knew what we were doing. Props for @Lyecer for helping pedrasa with the equipment at the arsenal, well done by you. All others knew their shit as well.