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  1. Could also add the level of panic when someone calls out a BRDM as a BMP, which has the added reaction of relief and ridiculing said person afterwards
  2. I'd be up for playing some squads. Solo usually ends top 3 and not had me a chicken dinner so far. Toffrocket is my steam tag
  3. Mission 2 - "siege of Jadotville" Echo 2ic Zeus - @Lukas @andyt90 - loved the mission basis, good scenario to play through. I see some people didn't like the camo or something but you made it what you wanted in your scenario so fair play. The short range only thing made it intersting, had to resist the urge to call to squad members over it. Didn't have much to do at first at your position, until a techie rolled in and gunned down 6 members of the squad, proving my point that we needed to space out, so cheers for that. Platoon - @Rezonath - everything seemed clear over the radios and the plan made sense, maybe spread us a little thing. Squad- IC- @MrVantage - Good job considering how new you are, just need to make sure you don't let the squad bunch up, and try to say alpha, bravo, charlie etc instead of reading the letters like the alphabet, gotta think of my immersion here. Medic- @ChrisHiss - Didnt feel like you had much to do, as people seemed to die outright but you set up a good triage point in defilade behind the hill we were defending. AR team - @FORNOGOODREASON1 and @Warhound - Did well working together, just need to control your fire a bit as you burned through ammo at targets well over 700 metres away in cover. Riflemen- @ShawnStone @Ahanus Turon @C-O-B-R-A @cirabarnet4 Good bunch who listened well when the IC died, @Ahanus Turon and @cirabarnet4 were the only other survivors of the technical charging our position. @ShawnStone i do honestly think that someone mistakenly threw a grenade, whether they thought they had smoke out or just misclicked, as as far as i know i know as zeus you cant spawn in individual grenades.
  4. Sign me up
  5. 2nd mission- role- delta 2ic Zeus @cineafx @Tomo @Ruekatu - good mission, right amount of enemies to deal with, just a shame it was cut short. Platoon @TEG - Did well as platoon, radio seemed well handled throughout, apart from when you got your head blown off. Adapted well to the bridge being out, altering our route in and keeping track of where people were. Ic - @Toasty, Good SL as usual, typically got shot dead the moment we got into out clearance area. the briefing was clear and gave us all we needed to know. Squad- @HolYdaY @WelshMullet and the rest. Good squad to run with, just need to space out a bit more, and listen when SL tells you to do something. @thePier did well as medic, kept on top of everyone and allowed us to keep moving. @Krieg and @sumsum did well as the AR team, moving to a good overwatch for our area. @Fred, no more puns, please.... pleeeease. @MrVantage, good effort, just watch where you throw those nades, they wont hurt an mbt, but they do hurt me. 3rd mission, PLT 2ic Good mission, got rather bogged down at points with the csar bird crashing a couple of times. Squads did well to clear their objectives. I had to take over platoon after TEG lost connection so i hope i did ok. CSAR made things interesting as usual, with @cineafx having to organise multiple landing zones. zues - @Siri - fun mission as ever, maybe a little much for 3 squads but otherwise enjoyable. The SU-25 towards the end was a good motivator to move on. Platoon- @TEG - did well as platoon once again till you desynced to death. The whole platoon was saved by HQs heroic attack on the enemy mortar position, must have slaughtered hundreds of ruskis. @cineafx was fac, and the only other survivor from platoon after we ran into a Russian patrol, organised the helos well even with the dropping all over the shop. @Krieg was platoon medic, didn't have much to do at times due to Zeus heals, but made up for it when someone loosed of an LAT at short range.
  6. until

    Happy to fill in any role
  7. Mission 3 - @Siri campaign, Lingor no more Role- Alpha lead/ Platoon Zeus @Siri -Mission was very good in concept, eliminating 1 objective to prevent reinforcement of the rest, and when you said it would be hard you were not kidding, though as we proceeded through i felt like it really needed more squads to do, hence it taking close to 3 hours i think. But at least we eventually succeeded and i didn't blow the whole campaign budget in one fell swoop. squad - @Silver Snow, @Codomain, @Mike Cook, @Servok, and others i forgot, good attentive squad, my 2ic was very helpful in keeping track of the squad whilst i was on comms, and @Silver Snow kept us patched up when he could. I took platoon as no one else seemed to want to, and didnt realise quite what i let myself in for. I'd like to thank @Nugget30, @Shroomzeh and @Timberhawk for their patience and help with the plan, as id never played above 2ic role before. I kept the plan simple for the first objective to allow us to adapt later on, but i realise this left confusion after i got killed by a t-72 rolling into the compound we were in. looking back i should have made the whole plan up for all objectives, then changed that to fit. I apologise if orders were slow, but being SL along with FAC and RTO meant i had a ton of voices in my ears and kudos to those who can cope with all that, but keeping track of where everyone was and where they were going was a tad difficult at times
  8. @Shafty/mowagsecond mission last night..... may have tagged the wrong shafty
  9. Mission 1 - echo medic Zeus- @Rorkiy i think. Very fun mission, nice change of pace which turned into a bit of a rat race for survival. [email protected] squad lead as usual making sure everyone was on the same page for our plan... till he died early on. @Drett @[email protected]@Bumling- a good bunch to run with, with drett surviving until the end with me. Apologies to @Radio for the friendly fire, shouldve identified properly before we lit you up. Mission 2 - alpha medic Zeus @[email protected]@TheMinion- very good mission, the city felt more alive with all the civilians, parked cars and even boats in the harbour. Witnessed unidigits and minions gay couple proposal being interrupt by @Korpp1 demanding some harbourside fellatio. The amount of enemies was just right for a stealth insertion. Also the respawn hostage idea works really well, having to find and rescue squad members adds to the mission. Platoon- @Rezonath Seemed like a solid plan, everyone had good sized sectors and didnt seem to be any crossover. Squad lead @DerpyGood squad lead, though i felt the briefing was vague, so when you died along with @Nirwana we werent sure what our objective was after clearing the sector. The pace was good, never a low moment with you. However i think it meant we didnt clear some areas properly, which may have led to some enemies in the rear. Squad- @Vizel @Korpp1 @Wolfgram mad_max and woodman. Good squad, everyone helped each other out. Woodman managed to survive a 6 storey fall without too dying so gave me something to do as a medic, and peoples use of cover meant i had little else to do which in a way is good. Only other thing was @Shafty/mowagacting suspiciously with some of the hostages......
  10. @Rezonath , this was yesterdays missions, on friday.
  11. Mission 2 - Foxtrot Medic Zeus - @Digby Tatham-Warter - Very good mission concept, forcing the platoon to use 1 area of the terrain to get to the objective. Sorry about our 2ic @Sam41 deciding to provoke you into mortaring us... though we found some newer vehicles nearby.... Platoon - @Rezonath- didn't have long range so cant comment on comms but it did get a little confusing at times as to where we were going, at least from my point of view. Squad lead - @Tomo - Good squad lead as ever, had some very new guys with us that i felt slowed us a little. Did my best to save you at the end, but my calls for people in the squad to tourniquet my legs whilst i patched you up seemed to be ignored by people who had started messing around, so i died trying to stop you bleeding out. Mission 3 - Delta medic Zeus - @Edelweiss @Digby Tatham-Warter @NeilZar - really like the doctrine missions. The thought that goes into them is fantastic, as well as the research. Our convoy went a bit nuts, drove into a tree and exploded but that's arma for you. Mortars at the end were good for getting us moving as we started to slow down. Platoon - @PowerColour - no long range so no idea on how comms were, the map seemed well laid out for all elements, though alot of squads seemed to be focused on small areas, leaving a lot of space for the enemy to move. Squad - @Mittens - Good squad lead, got us all organised, set up the ambush that wasn't needed. Everyone in the squad knew what they were doing so seemed to go well till we got completely over run and mortared out of existence, except @Chukase who was executed trying to surrender . @SuddenDeath did well in not needing a PAK 5 times in a mission, so well done you!
  12. Mission 3 - Bravo Autorifleman Zeus - @Edelweiss - Good mission well executed. Enemies came from logical points in defilade and on high ground making us have to keep our eyes up. The roadblock/ambush that platoon ran into being a good example. The limits on ammo in these doctrine missions really makes you careful with how you fire, especially as autorifle. Platoon - @Derpy - didnt have long range comms and everything seemed to run fine. Your overtaking and taking the IED for bravo was much appreciated. Squad - @Tomo - Good squad lead, kept everyone organised and gave plenty of orders so we kept up movement. @Kranosos was my assist and did a good job, even ran ahead to catch an enemy grenade for me. Overall a good mission, the ending was an interesting idea and really made us panic, but i think 5 seconds was a tad low for us to sprint out.
  13. 3rd Mission Echo Rifleman - mountain troop Zues - @Edelweiss A good multi objective mission where everything carried on smoothly to the next. I had fun on over-watch/recon even though i never fired a shot as we were constantly keeping an eye out for QRFs/sniper etc. Platoon - @PowerColour Didn't have long range so didn't hear any communications but the map was very well laid out and everyone seemed to know where they needed to be. SL - @gadsada Good communication as usual, handed over his long range comms to Lemuel who acted as a squad RTO which allowed him to better organise us over listening to platoon and all the rest, with the added benefit of being able to focus on using his sniper rifle(to some effect) Got a bit chaotic afterwards with all the grenades in the barn but all in all good mission.