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  1. Damn dude, i'm just glad we survived. Thanks though!!
  2. 2nd Mission: Alpha Auto-rifle This mission had 5 (ish) main objectives, various town clear and radio tower capturing, leading up to a HVT kill. The towns were reasonably armed but probably did more damage to us than their numbers would suggest. We did have a couple enemy armor units do some work on a few squad mates. Zeus: THE FINS @Neroxen @Realboy @Argon Nice job with this mission, I enjoy the format. The no gps rule made me realize just how much I and many other rely on it. We definitely adapted well as the mission went on, but it took some serious getting used to. Having to manuvore around an enemy base added a nice challenge as well. PLT: @ThatWalder Squad movements seemed a bit to concentrated at times. However I believe your intent was more of a leap frog style advance so that may have been our fault. Comms were clear, and at one point (after assuming alpha command) I heard someone get quite angry with you. I think you handled that bit of ridiculousness quite well. Squad: @Nugget30 ic, @Sanddude 2ic, @Torofad med, @Mihax209, @thePier, @Rogue, @Lyecer, @HootiePumpkin Honestly, you guys were awesome. I think this was one of the best squads i've ever been a part of. Definitely had fun while waiting for briefing, (shout out to bravo as well @capitolmoney170, Weegie, @ZentharTheMagician, among others), and did pretty well with only five guys left. LAT guys had some good shots, I think someone RPG'ed their feet but oh well. The med, toro was quite busy, but managed people well, even while he had broken legs. Again shout out to bravo med, @Weegie I believe, for helping get him back to 100%. ThePier is apparently very Italian, offered to drive alpha vic, and loves trees. He was reminded of these facts for most of the mission. Lyecer was a great asst, we stayed up for the whole mission, successfully covering and killing. Nugget, im sure you will get some salt/hate for this one, but honestly sometimes you are the sheep, other times you're New Zealanders. We were decidedly sheep at the beginning. Dont worry about it. Definitely going to try to join squads with you guys in the future.
  3. 1st Mission: Charlie Rifleman Zeus: @Katla_Haddock @Wulfe Mission was to hold on a hill while providing OW and rear guard for the other squads. We split into two teams to give us greater view over the area. Myself and the red team, commanded by Gditz, were tasked to watch the rear (because katla), and cover blue team's advance, and were engaged after a bit from a hilltop high and behind us. Gditz and myself got a couple EI then died like plebs. After a short time, a respawn wave brought us back. Successfully defended and proceeded to move up and mission complete. PLT: @Rezonath Squad: @Christian ic, @Gditz 2ic, @Veagance med, @Weegie & @Chukase Auto Team, @Nackyelf, @ThatSlickOniichan, @Sanddude, @Mihax209 Good team movements, unfortunately took so casualties, but overall i think we did well. Hillwalking/watching sim 2017, but we got to bring 7.62 so who cares right? Oh and I got to hear Gditz and Wulfe speak some crazy Swedish.
  4. You are a very special kind of idiot.
  5. Mission 2 Zeus: @walder @Weegie Hold FOB, take down convoy PLT: @Forked @Rezonath Hold mission, nothing terribly crazy as far as story. Squad: @Nugget30 SL and @Siri 2iC Fine squad lead, perhaps doll out survey missions so that others get a chance to walk, as opposed to just blue team. Medic: @ThatSlickOniichan Died before he had much to do, disappointing really. Auto: @Sora01 and asst @thePier LAT: me and @Nallabash @Servok Pretty bland mission concept, decent execusion though, until connection issues plagued one of the zeus's. Got quite a lot of armor thrown at us, without a place to rearm LAT, and with a cas pilot you missed a lot then crashed, that was tough. Nice job squad, I think we did fine until the t-72 Oh and.. @Toahmes got hit by a @Natnanny grenade to nothing. So that was fun.
  6. @Nallabash 8 wheels? BTR!
  7. Definitely not the "constructive" feedback that will actually help anyone you have bothered to name. Also, from one FNG to another, best not to roll in like you know everything.
  8. @Xaymar but tell me this... do you care? For a guy who can't bother to know the name of his platoon, you seem to have a lot to say.
  9. I know this is kinda old... But incase you haven't decided yet, I wanted to chime in. I purchased the hotas x last month, great price (35 bucks), and used it for a couple weeks. I liked the buttons and ergo of it, but holy hell that deadzone. Its seriously bad. Did a bunch of reading, it is possible to replace the mcu (controller board) with a teensy running some custom code. This will massively improve performance, but costs about 20 bucks and requires some code/soldering knowledge. The hotas 4 is basically the same, but reduces deadzone from 17% to 6% (according to some flight sim forum, so who knows). Returned it and purchased the t.16000m fcs (the one with the throttle). Its like a whole new game now. Dont be like me, just spend the extra cash first, it will seriously affect your flying. Also it has the option to switch to left hand controls, though the separate throttle will be shitty in the right hand, so maybe skip that if you want to do it that way. Edit: I have also used the 3d pro, very nice stick, but i love the separate throttle controlls. I think the "throw" on the 16000 is larger, allowing for better fine contol with high sensitivity.
  10. Definitely found both the bodybag and stun "incident" hilarious. I was a bit salty about the mission in general, due to the long breifing followed by squad sillyness at spawn. Let me be clear, if the breifing takes forever, squads WILL mess around. As long as they dont hurt anyone (other than themselves) , run around outside the box, or do shit that disrupts other squads,(ie. shoot, throw smokes), who cares? I know for a fact we wasted at least 5 minutes just for some dick waving about people climbing on ladders. Yes, you can fall off! Yes, you will probably get hurt. Fuck bud, then the medic gets some extra practice then during a 40 minute breifing, it does not matter!! Just wastes more time, which leads to more fuckery. See the stun grenade incident above. /soapbox Once the mission got going, it wasnt terrible, nice job zeus. Had a lot of fun with you guys in my squad.
  11. Mission: Infiltrate and destroy. Also Bobble gets to command a tank. Zeus: @Edelweiss Wonderful concept, good execution from our prospective. Alpha got to infiltrate an enemy base, which was fun until half our squad got "shreked" by a 50. Then we stole two tanks. Co: @gadsada and @Habivi no real comment Plt: @Derpy I think @Wattsits didnt know about us being in an enemy tank, which was alarming when i found out. Squad: @shaddowlinkk Rip, you died before all the fun started. But the beginning was well handled Medic: @Neroxen Auto: @Tobe autofriend @Don Haka LAT: @Shafty/mowag and @Xicro Pest Started out with a dress as the enemy run into the camp thing, which was pretty fun. We had a small force come into the compound that caught us unaware. Brought us down to 4 guys pretty quick. Then we stole two tanks, defeated said force, and proceeded to blow us everything. So that was nice. Nice Job at the end guys. Pest I think is fairly new, nice job to him.
  12. Mission 3: SAS Doctrine ------- Alpha LAT For reference, we used this Specifically the SAS part Zeus: @Edelweiss I like the concept of controlled loadouts, I do however disagree with the sight choice, it takes up about %25 percent of the screen which is fun. Okay onto the actual mission. Plenty fun for Alpha, had a great time. Lots to shoot, and we got to blow shiz up. The initial town was good, i would have maybe thrown a vehicle or two at us, LAT was not needed. Obviously, this is situation dependent. Plt: @PowerColour Good work for the first 2/3's of the mission. The end got real messy, but overall it was alright. Apologies for calling myself bravo went i took over.. lol. Squad: 2iC @Rezonath and SL @Totally Not Connor Both went down, rez temporarily, at the end of the first town so I had to take over for a bit. I think you guys did a good job once you respawned, especially when we got some werid orders at the end. Medic: @Godzi I heard you got captured, so.. RIP? Auto: @Dirk Gently and @Tobe Shit luck Tobe with the DC. That said, you should be pretty well setup for future missions, @SuddenDeath helped him out a bunch. Dirk I believe you also DC'd but much later near the end. Nice job until then. LAT: @SPC. Zack Nice work Zack, I think we made a good team clearing the buildings. @Rezonath Nice chopper kill, Rip @Natnanny Thanks for the drop @Wattsits
  13. Mission 3 Bravo LAT, with a beautiful miss. Zeus: @Edelweiss PLT: @Forked I think Squad: @ZentharTheMagician and @nigel @Trinoc and @ohmyrofl @DiseasedPomBear Med Interesting mission, motars get annoying quick. @Siri thanks for reversing into me. That was fun @Woody with the skill landing after getting lit up by AA.
  14. Mission 2 : Save civ's, kill hvt, blow up airfield. Zeus: @DHbatman Fun mission, definitely fun for Bravo. I heard other squads didn't have much to do. Definitely seemed good for us PLT: donno Squad: @Rezonath SL and @SuddenDeath Nice leading, definitely knew what we were supposed to do, and brought us in the right direction. Nice job. Medic: @Nikovei Solid heals, i think you helped a lot of the other squads too, so good job. Auto @nigel and @ohmyrofl I wasnt near you for most of this but I think we worked well as two teams. LAT: @Dead Pirate @TheGamblersDice @Pruchol5 Good stuff guys, fun playing with you guys. The system of a down sing along may have given me cancer, so thanks for that.
  15. Zeus: @Hekhal Mission: Everyone dies, then sits in a town while alpha wrecks shit. Having no platoon, i don't think was a good idea. I know some people enjoyed it as a change, but yea I disagree. Someone ends up being it anyway. With the large force it would be helpful to have some more organization. Okay enough negativity, that was a really fun mission. I enjoyed the terrain, and the squad I was with. Ended up as SL for the second half of the mission, which was fun. @DomoTheRussian was a great medic, @larsking3, good job at the end there. @Judgeman did well at the beginning, but we got Hekhal'ed, which was gnarly. Looking forward to the continued campaign.