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  1. regular woohoo

  2. Mission 2 "The Empire strikes back" Squad: Bravo Was pretty impressed and it was a good idea to have the server separated in two platoons and armies. For my part i've got a joyful expierience and wasn't just an ordanary run'n'gun.
  3. Mission 1 (Russia's Tanoa ops) platoon: @Digby Tatham-Warter Squad: Echo SL: @Callistano (2ic myself) Squad was cool flight was well long and ended with a Toasty who got overdossed by someone. LZ was hot so we tried to get in cover SL went down took over and had a chatter with @Cosmo and @Timberhawk suddenly mission over for some reason. Note to myself have to get a overview about the situation faster. Hopefully i can attend to trainings in the near future.
  4. you know breaking to 0 from 120 in 50 meters is like let's say possible but not survivalable and i think vics in Arma aren't supposed to do so either. I didn't hear anything about the attempt to fullstop and turn around, might be the result of long range or sth like distraction. Yeah the take over was shitty the other vic was in a blind spot soz. And as far as i remember you gave the command to clear the town so i went to fullfill his higness wishes.
  5. until

    grenadier sounds fun
  6. 3rd Mission Zeus: @Wattsits Plt: @Docta First got left behind from SL after told to leave the vic and then got left behind by Alpha (SL @Happiest Hippo ?) Pinged Zeus, he started a conversation on LR, but didn't do anything about the situation i gues. So i drove on my own to Bravo, cuz alpha didn't need me, obviously. Talked to some Civs, cleared a house, got shot down by @NotConnor or @SuddenDeath in the same one story building after killing 2 times AI. So basically not that much fun if you asked me and big complain about that pile of shit from my POV. cheers
  7. 2nd Mission (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mortars) Echo Atorifle Assist. Zeus: @Forked @UniDigit @coloneljack1234 Mission was I don't know way up at the start, kinda hyped at the begining well crash landed to the end. Squad (@Silver Snow, @Veagance, @Prototyp, @Codomain, @Tynakuh @NotConnor) awesome squad ggod Teamwork, actually everyone was carying about each other. The mortar strikes was maybe too much but in my opinion kind of realistic and added some pressure and intensity. I heard from other squads, that they got hit too much, but if it's more in the background mortar fire can actually add some kind of intensity to the mission.
  8. This mission was really nice maybe because of the glorious Foxtrot Slavs sadly we got stopped by buggy AI but still fun though
  9. well a reason to get the dust of the console
  10. hopefully without dumb jumppacks etc
  11. 2nd mission - Charlie - LAT Zeus: @Hekhal Well mission started a bit chaotic and became really chilled towards the end. Sometimes i felt a bit headless laid through the mission, but maybe i was a bit confused of the fast changing objectives. Though still fun. @warlordsh said i should keep after @seishimaybeC died and blowing it of seems logical to me, because amored vehicle in enemy hands = not good.