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  1. Late Night Russian Penetration Alpha Squad Lead - @Evolassassin Hero Driver - @ZentharTheMagician My Role - Zeus So, I came into the mission when it was half-set up, with Happiest_Hippo and @SpanishBirdman Zeusing. I went into Zeus thinking I could have a nice little time co-Zeusing, but Hippo then tells me that I need to help out @SpanishBirdman with Zeusing, then Promptly leaves. After giving me a rough outline of his plan of the mission, which was for Alpha to stealthily steal a Russian armored car, infiltrate an enemy town, kill an officer, then extract in a helo, @SpanishBirdman disconnected without much of an explanation (a bit of static because he was pretty far away), leaving the mission with me, and I had never been main Zeus in a mission before. So I do my best with briefing, being a bit unclear and all, but getting the job done informing @Evolassassin and Prophet with how to proceed. Alpha and Prophet were then given a teleport pole to a stash of quad bikes, where they then advanced to the first objective, to steal a car. Before alpha got to the town, one of my patrolling cars decided to stop in the middle of the road. Alpha then quickly disposed of the driver and went off-road to the second objective. I put down a checkpoint of Russians, and after being taught how to switch player sides, allowed Alpha to try and talk their way through the checkpoint. @ZentharTheMagician was approached by a Russian commander, and after being given the go-ahead, one of the commander's auto riflemen decided to block Alpha's vehicle from continuing through the checkpoint, so the commander promptly shot his comrade in the head and saluted them off. When they were halfway through the town, I informed Alpha that the Russians were becoming suspicious, and then they made tons of urgent sounds urging @ZentharTheMagician to drive faster. Of course, he set the speed limit at 20km/h. Once alpha reached the objective @ZentharTheMagician quickly killed 5 of the 6 soldiers in a building, including the officer, then died to the last EI. The last 3 members of Alpha then drove very quickly to the exfil point, while being chased by the entire Russian army. Once they were in the helicopter and off the ground, I frantically searched for the mission complete module, as I had never ended a mission before. Mission ended, and yeah. Given it was my first time as main Zeus, any feedback would be appreciated!
  2. So are we allowed to use it? I've seen some people using it on the server before.
  3. I've just been wondering about the Enhanced Movement Mod Are we allowed to install it ourselves? Should it be in the repo? Does it have any major flaws? To me it looks like it adds far better movement to Arma, which is lacking in the vanilla game. However, it also looks like it makes you into spider-man, with the mod allowing you to climb up the side of buildings and other structures. What do y'all think of this mod?
  4. @Shoxe It was an escape from Chernarus mission, the last 3 people were getting to the little bird. One of the co-zeuses put a challenger in front of them as a 'penultimate challenge' of some sort. I then frantically went to reduce their skill and lower its health.
  5. When your co-zeus places down an enemy challenger in front of an infantry squad...
  6. Late Mission: Zeus: @warlordsh Platoon: @Kalagen My role: Alpha squad lead Our mission was to patrol a city and take out any insurgents in the area. After respawning from a suicide bomber squad wipe, @warlordsh decided that the civilians were unhappy with our efforts, and decided to make civilians hostile, which resulted in the death of everyone except for my squad, alpha. We also ended up picking up @Silver Snow when making our grand escape from the city.
  7. How do I show a notification of the current task at the start of the mission? Also, how do I get 'task complete' to show up before 'new task' when both are assigned to the same trigger?
  8. @Rorkiy and @sprite I have no experience in scripting, I might just be dumb but I think I may need a bit of a longer explanation. Also, another question, how do I make a certain trigger activate-able when another trigger has been activated?
  9. How do I make one trigger activateable once another trigger has been activated?
  10. My first question: is there any way I can detect that an entire AI squad is in a helicopter in a trigger condition? I'm still pretty new to this sort of thing, so please explain any code you send my way.
  11. So I decided that I would (If it's alright) make a thread where I could post the missions I make, as well as ask questions about the editor and ask if people want to test the missions, which may be a bit better than asking whoever's on Teamspeak at the time. Right now I'm focusing on single-player missions.
  12. *T-flight hotas 4. Updated version of the hotas x. If you want a left handed joystick, get the t16000m.
  13. Again, I'll put apex campign in my nickname on TS so that you guys can see I'm there and up for apex. I won't be able to play during the week though. Poke me when you want to.
  14. Mission 3 - Zeus Zeus(es) - @LvL @Silver Snow @Siri Platoon - @Ruekatu Mission was to save US soldier being held by ISIS, and to blow up one of their ammo caches. Things went a bit strangely thanks to @ZentharTheMagician Going up the side of a mountain to avoid a roadblock where @Silver Snow was waiting to roleplay as a wounded friendly soldier. The rest of the squads then followed suit and left a ton of EI for platoon to deal with. Ammo cache made a nice boom. I then had to go AFK to have breakfast, and when I got back apparently everybody's games had crashed because two vehicles mated inappropriately.
  15. Mission 2 - Echo LAT Zeus - @Hekhal Platoon - @gadsada Squad: Our original SL and 2ic were @Moogle and @ChaplainNirwana. Echo and Foxtrot were tasked with extracting multiple hostages from a small town. we retrieved them with a small amount of resistance, then returned to the main town where our extraction point was. for some reason we were told to hold in the middle of the town whilst we were hit with everything @Hekhal had, including countless paratroopers, BTRs and cars. @Moogle and some other people in my squad got one-shot by an RPG, so @ChaplainNirwana had to take command. While trying to get to cover in a humvee, an enemy tank came around the corner, we hit it, flipped, then kept driving. Then, further down the road, an enemy car came along at 200km/h and rammed us, ending up with me bleeding from everywhere and @ChaplainNirwana dying. I was madly scavenging for bandages, and had a few tragic moments with some of my squadmates saying 'Leave me. Save the bandages!' as they were slowly bleeding out. AS I ventured around looting people's bodies for bandages and a long-range, I managed to kill 15 or 16 EI, which Hekhal @Nugget30 probably sent at me just to get rid of me *Shakes fist*. After many kills I ended up dying because of my crap Australian ping, which meant that I shot one of the infantry but he didn't die before he killed me. Still a bit confused as to why we were told to hold the hostages in the town.