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  1. __LvL__
  2. If you're going to E3, make sure to go give the F/A-18 a try! Also, it's coming VERY soon.
  3. I remember saying that I would get crossroads to place down an arsenal when we got down. Bit of miscommunication there.
  4. Late Mission Stealth Mission: Zeus: @Silver Snow Platoon: One squad mission, no platoon My Role: Alpha SL Some people in my squad (might be missing some, sorry): @Pest, @F4bst3r, @col.purdue, @SpanishBirdman, @kaitlynt4yz, @capitolmoney170, @Reeve_MPS So, our mission was to rappel into the forest, then stealthily approach the air station, find the enemy officer, extract him or kill him, then blow up the air station. Firstly, the blackhawk pilot and co-pilots, who I think were @Tobe and @Servok decided to land on a road instead of getting us to rappel down, therefore slowing us down in getting to the air station. Whoever was at the briefing with me, make sure you clearly listen to instructions. Then, as our squad was advancing through the forest, somebody thought it would be a good idea to engage enemies at a roadblock that we could have easily went around, and then one of our squad members was captured. After rescuing him from another roadblock nearby, we got to the air station after mild resistance going through the forest. At this point we start moving into the compound, and @Reeve_MPS decides to jump on top of a small building next to the air station. He ends up being pinned down by a BRDM and Pest and I had to go on a rescue mission. Don't know what you were thinking there Reeve, just try be more aware of your surroundings next time. Anyway, after clearing the area of hostiles, we found intel stating that the officer was in a nearby camp, which we were airlifted to in a little bird and were finally allowed to rappel. When I was moving into the compound, after shooting maybe 5 hostiles, I was killed instantly by an enemy lying prone with a PKm in the middle of an open area in the camp. After I died my squad successfully found the officer. @Silver Snow, your Zeusing was spot on! I love how you kept us on our toes in the forest by placing a couple of units in it, which were not enough to kill us, but certainly enough to keep our heads down. There were a few times where enemies shot through the bunkers they were in, but you can't really do anything about that. Overall, awesome mission. Thanks to Pest (I don't know your forum name) for treating me after getting shot on at least 10 different occasions.
  5. Awesome! Woody told me about FK's "DCS prime".
  6. Just gauging some interest and want to hear how hyped everyone is about the F/A-18 and F-14 coming to DCS. I myself would love to fly with someone else in the F-14, and the F/A-18 will just be an awesome multirole fighter to fly as A2G and A2A. Here's a post from Heatblur Simulations giving an update on the F-14:
  7. space engineers


    Could we get a survival game going? Last time I think your computer crashed.
  8. space engingeers

    Could we run this on a persistent server so that we could continue on with development even if @atomicbucko122 or @TEG is online?
  9. space engingeers

    @TEG training would be much appreciated
  10. space engingeers

    I'm so up for this! A team survival then a team fleet battle would be awesome. EDIT: like forde, I have little to no idea what I'm doing: we should split the teams so that they're an even mix of people bad at the game and people good at the game.
  11. No I'm pretty sure Craidus ran me over.
  12. You killed 17 people... holy shit.
  13. LvL - Incompetent person
  14. Late Night Russian Penetration Alpha Squad Lead - @Evolassassin Hero Driver - @ZentharTheMagician My Role - Zeus So, I came into the mission when it was half-set up, with Happiest_Hippo and @SpanishBirdman Zeusing. I went into Zeus thinking I could have a nice little time co-Zeusing, but Hippo then tells me that I need to help out @SpanishBirdman with Zeusing, then Promptly leaves. After giving me a rough outline of his plan of the mission, which was for Alpha to stealthily steal a Russian armored car, infiltrate an enemy town, kill an officer, then extract in a helo, @SpanishBirdman disconnected without much of an explanation (a bit of static because he was pretty far away), leaving the mission with me, and I had never been main Zeus in a mission before. So I do my best with briefing, being a bit unclear and all, but getting the job done informing @Evolassassin and Prophet with how to proceed. Alpha and Prophet were then given a teleport pole to a stash of quad bikes, where they then advanced to the first objective, to steal a car. Before alpha got to the town, one of my patrolling cars decided to stop in the middle of the road. Alpha then quickly disposed of the driver and went off-road to the second objective. I put down a checkpoint of Russians, and after being taught how to switch player sides, allowed Alpha to try and talk their way through the checkpoint. @ZentharTheMagician was approached by a Russian commander, and after being given the go-ahead, one of the commander's auto riflemen decided to block Alpha's vehicle from continuing through the checkpoint, so the commander promptly shot his comrade in the head and saluted them off. When they were halfway through the town, I informed Alpha that the Russians were becoming suspicious, and then they made tons of urgent sounds urging @ZentharTheMagician to drive faster. Of course, he set the speed limit at 20km/h. Once alpha reached the objective @ZentharTheMagician quickly killed 5 of the 6 soldiers in a building, including the officer, then died to the last EI. The last 3 members of Alpha then drove very quickly to the exfil point, while being chased by the entire Russian army. Once they were in the helicopter and off the ground, I frantically searched for the mission complete module, as I had never ended a mission before. Mission ended, and yeah. Given it was my first time as main Zeus, any feedback would be appreciated!
  15. So are we allowed to use it? I've seen some people using it on the server before.