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  1. Hmmm... I don't really recommend it, if you have ever played rainbow six siege its like that.
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    UAV operator please
  3. I wanna start playing gta on pc, i used to be really high on xbox 360, anyone wanna do some heists or make a company with me?
  4. Hey guys, I've started playing exile a lot now and I am thinking of inviting you guys so we can take over this shit hole of a server.
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    Any Broadsword Gunner If someone else gets priority Charlie Medic
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    Any medic please
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    I'd like to if there is free space / No goers
  8. Mission 1 - Alpha Autorifleman Zeus: Main - @Katla_Haddock Co - @andyt90, @mulletshock and @Woody Was partially pre planned but very good, like usual. I think you spawned just the right amount of vehicles I found it very fun to light them up. I dont have much negative feedback apart from at the end you used alot of motars, but you did warn us about that. Lead - @Rorkiy 2iC - @Rezonath Nicely planned splitting the platoon up around the AO so we weren't all attacking from one side. I think as a platoon the squads could've communicated more to tell eachother when to stop firing because there was alot of fire after the threat was dealt with may have been suppresive but it was still quite substantial. Squad: Lead - @Not Connor 2iC - @atomicbucko122 AAR - @GingerRocker Good job guys we done really well barely anything to fault apart from in the first few engagements we had some people who kept firing even though they were told to stop and some still firing even though there were no enemys left (that we could see).
  9. Mission 2 - Spotter Zeus: Lead - @Urist McGLORY Co - @Forked The mission didn't go too well for us because the range card was broke or somthing, the shots weren't hitting at all, the bullet was way off. There isn't anything I can say you done bad, but you placed enough enemys to make us scared. Platoon: Lead - @NeilZar 2iC - @scout2win RTO - @Silberjojo Great communications with all the ground assets and keeping eyes on the status', yet again I cannot fault the work of any of the platoon, good job! Squad : Sniper - @Prototyp Was actively trying to fix the problem we had with ranging and shooting. can't fault you good job, just a bad choice of weapon and or scope? or could've just been a bug, it's arma.
  10. Mission 2 - Foxtrot LAT Zeus: Lead - @Digby Tatham-Warter Co - @Leftymonster and @Chukase We were not busy for most of the time, always had to keep an eye on our 6 because there were infantry coming up on us. But we did catch you spawning AI behind in places we had checked, so try to be careful next time. Platoon: Lead - @Urist McGLORY Good plan, knew what we had to do throught the mission, but at the begining we had little intel on what we were fighting i know it wouldn't do much but it may have had us more prepaird? Squad : Lead - @Andre 2iC - @NeilZar Medic - @scout2win Autifleman Team - @seami and @coloneljack1234 LAT / Rifleman - *Grimm* @Katla_Haddock @Vesper Akiri Great squad, helped eachother out, good game! *NAME* = NOT ON FORUMS
  11. Mission 1 - Jet Pilot Zeus: Lead - @cineafx Co - @Judgeman and @Oswald Was a pre planned mission, I feel it went really well and when things got going you kept us busy. The only criticism I have is find a way to teleport knocked out people because i was stuck in the broken jet for ages. Eve ntually u just pressed esc and pressed respawn. Platoon: Lead - @Rezonath 2iC - @Netheral FAC - @Rogue Briefing went real quick, partially due to the mission being pre planned by zeus and having a paste bin we kind of knew what we we're up against. Also good job Rogue you kept good comms throughout the mission and gave clear instructions. Squad : Jet(s) - @V1rU5 and @Chuck Yeager You guys done really well, knew how to do everything before we hopped in the jets. We worked as a team calling out the hostile jets and warning eachother about birds on eachothers tail. good job by the way the carrier isn't that good, it must be prone to damage ot somthing because i made several perfect landings and the arrester cables didn't work.
  12. Mission 2 - Bravo Autorifleman Zeus: Main - @Urist McGLORY Co - @Vireis Decent mission, REALLY fun, I think having fewer enemys made it a bit harder because they came unexpectedly unlike large groups of enemys once you see a few of them you know where they are ( Fewer enemys = More moments ) I think you used Artillery too much, but that was the basis off the mission so that really isn't much, but you did use it alot Platoon: Lead - @cyanide 2iC - @NeilZar I think the insertion was not planned out all that well because you drop us off on the west side in a heli where there is anti air, we were not tasked to destroy the AA but we could've been far enough away from the AA, I don't know all i was told is 'there is AA to the west', Anyhow the mission went well and we didn't get engaged by any hostile AA. The other party of the mission was really good, we got all the artillery strikes we needed and all the LAV support we needed. Squad: Leader - @Tomo 2iC - @Sam41 Medic - @Godzi Autorifleman Assist - @Linnet LAT - @Sarissa Great squad leading, simple commands and quite laid back. I have nothing to criticize you guys on, Amazing
  14. First Mission - Platoon Medic Zeus: Main - @V1rU5 Co - @Nugget30 and @Weegie Great mission all the squads had somthing to do and all their own problems, good job keeping us on our toes by shooting shit at platoon, personally i think we could've got a different heli because we barely needed any transport but, you may have have us 2 transport for a reason, Platoon: Lead - @Rezonath 2iC - @Timberhawk RTO - @Doctadoone FAC - @NODZZ Well planned, thank you for letting me do more than medic usally does, decent planning, keeping contact with other squads and keeping an eye on their status' I think you could've tasked the blackhaws to be gunships but there were reports of anti air so i see why you wouldn't want to do it. Squad: SEE ABOUVE BTW I'm not trying to change things in any way, the mission was good but i always aim to have atleast 1 good thing and 1 thing to improve on or criticism, but i will find somthing stupid to say if the mission was good. p.s i love you siri baby im gonna jump next time tho @Siri
  15. my foot fell on my keyboard and pressed g twice