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  1. Thats your screen thats messed up. My view is awesome especially through several frothy beverages
  2. Meh not so much.
  3. 8 years US Navy, electronics technician nuclear field (nuclear reactor operator) 1992 to 2000.
  4. Personnally I loved that everyone in Charlie goofed off but when the time came we were well oiled and fought hard. I was the only "near casualty" near the end when the VBIED went off. I awoke and was able to torniquet off one of my legs and then I heard my squad rushing to my aid. Without their quick response I was a goner and they almost got me all the way back before the parachute suicide bomber dropped the world on us. Lol!
  5. Oh my gosh...the community is dying! No not really. See ya when you get back.
  6. So I was just a lowly LAT in this mission. Alpha Squad. I had played the mission earlier in the day that was similiar and had great fun. It kinda sucked having NVG's and then being told to take them off. We all kinda complained and my mindset was, Oh well lets just get it done. OpFor having the full thermal thing was a bit upsetting at first. Especially after getting shot time and time again just after getting patched up.To be honest it was quite scary. @Derpy was trying hard to draw fire off. This was before we knew that it was opfor with the thermals taking pot shots at us. As a squad it was quite unsettling to be in the dark and taking hits that you had no idea where they were coming from. I have to say that I really appreciate @Hekhal for revealing himself and alleviating our frustrations. Some of my squadmates took him prisoner and wanted to take him to SL but I knew that would just get him a bullet in the head. I could not have that. He did a stand up thing. I insisted on getting him released and told him to get on the ground while we beat feet. Which he did. I like the idea of GPS (with no markers) and no NVG or vice versa. Even with GPS it was hard as hell to move through the woods with out using lights. For reference we were sitting on a hill overwatching the first town and I knew exactly where Bravo and Charlie were over a KM away because of flashlights. Chemlights weren't so bad. YOu should have heard our coms as we tried to still coordinate our locations and meetup points it was actually somewhat funny. Because of OpFor we did not want to set markers on maps. Added to the realism. It was a good mission that just could have been set up and briefed better. I enjoyed it. Next time we do one like that I want to SL.
  7. I had this happen on a late mission the other night. I was hesitant to take Alpha SL because I was on duty but noone else wanted to do it. I have SL before and have even been PLT before. But I had never tried to be SL while also acting as well. Granted it was just 2 squads but we had a mortar and a prophet. During our initital objective I got overwhlemed with all that I had to do as well as managing my own squad. I think everyone was picking up on the fact that I was not doing well. As soon as we had that objective completed I handed off SL to my 2ic and I was able to handle the mission much better then. Being SL and platoon for anymore than 2 squads sucks.
  8. I thought that the mission was a doomed ambush mission to start with. I had eyes on as many as seven AI though and dropped most of them. Was I right to assume that when all of PLT was wiped then Alpha was to assume the role of PLT. I just felt that the retreat was losing all semblance of order and someone needed to take the reigns after PLT was no longer responding.