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  1. What an amazing mission! Great Job Hekhal! Shawn Great squad leading and great job Charlie squad. @Havoc you and I were a great team moving into that village before the last assault and again as we were ambushed in the initial assault but we pulled through and wasted them by mowing them down with the 50 cal and me running them over! Im amazed we survived so long!
  2. 1st mission, Delta Squad lead Zeus: @Woody. Good mission with difficulty were I expected it to be. The idea of an Opfor mission against another eastern bloc group was fun. Made target ID more difficult which made you have to check your fire. Especially when we went into the towns. I liked the use of individual squads having their own BTR. being able to directly control the asset as we moved through the town provided a great experience. PLT: @Cavalierr. It was a good battle plan. Since we didnt have GPS the use of waypoints was good on the map. I was able to use landmarks to identify each WP and guide my squad properly. You had it rough knowing no respawns and then a massive FF incident. But you adapted well and made things work. Delta Squad. Have to say one of the best squads I had the pleasure to lead. You all responded well to commands and didn't complain even once. You moved methodically through the town and cleared all objectives. WE ALL GOT HOME ALIVE!!!!!!! @ghostsquid. Great Job keeping the squad moving and pushing through to the objectives. Your good leadership in that role allowed me to better coordinate the actions of the squad and the BTR. @Argon Great work with the medic. You patched me up twice as well as moved through the squad and kept every one up and fighting. @coloneljack1234 Great job driving the BTR. We got our comms down well and you did a great job of moving the BTR quickly. We lost it there at the end and that was entirely my fault. After it took the first hitm and stayed all white I should have had you pull back until we could identify the source of the fire and then used the squad to neutralize it. MY bad SORRY! @Krieg Good job on the gun of the BTR. Well controlled suppressive fire and conservation of ammo. @Sora01, @TEG, @Gomez919, and KNUT (cant find your name) . You all were a stellar squad and moved so well together as a unit despite not having radio coms. I really appreciated the quick response to commands, to move, mount up and dismount. (Best fake russian accent.) You shall all receive a commendation for your bravery have served mother Russia well.
  3. Its been awhile since i have been on and for the second mission I selected Echo SL. It seemed pretty straightforward. Head up to the island, secure it and then reinforce the main attack on the city. Boy was that ever wishful thinking. Our insertion went without a hitch, and we proceeded North to our objective. We met light resistance on the way up to our objective but quickly discovered once with inside of it that we were very much out gunned. We'd encountered one brdm while enroute to our objective and another one quickly engaged us and we duck for cover inside a building. This building was to become our tomb. The brdm quickly headshot me and all I was able to do in spectate mode was watch my squad get decimated. We even got to watch Delta Squad who valiantly attempted to reinforce us suffer much of the same fate. Then gloriously we were allowed to respond to reinforce our brother who are so badly injured or dying. Only to have Woody try to land us on the rooftop of the building they were in and that caused our ultimate demise. Sarissa said this was going to be a tough mission and it was by far the most gloriously tough Mission I've ever played with him a Zeus.
  4. As a direct answer to your question. You are always welcome to join. Just ping zeus and get the uniform and requirements and they will TP you to an appropriate squad. But there maybe times when a mission is nearly over amd it isn't worth the hassle. I always look at the map as soon as I spawn in to see how far they are. If i am in as a SL or what not feel free to join my squad.
  5. Honestly @cyanide i thought you did well. In true military and arma fashion things went ti crap fast. You did the best you could despite the circumstances. We all made mistakes in not realizing that red smoke was a warning about incoming arty. Just because a mission goes badly it isn't always plt at fault. I died early in the assualt portion when Foxtrot got wiped with arty. But from my perspective you did your best to keep things organized and flowing.
  6. I get the failed to load profile every time but my stats still update.
  7. @Judgeman pmc mission today. Good Lord we got hammered time and time again. If it wasnt long range MAT, it was accurate sniper fire, or suprression fore from mounted miniguns. Alpha squad, we did our best but we just kept getting picked apart. Tried a bumrush there near the end aftee spending nearly half an hour being pinned down by miniguns and lmg. Not by best SL moment. Sorry.
  8. I started this post for the purpose of discussion on the real value of ironsights only missions. I really have no complaints about being overwatch. In fact I volunteered my squad for the duty the day I posted this. I don't measure the success of a mission by my KD ratio. In fact I could not care less about it. But with alive mod and instadeath being turned it just seems that we should be able to be outfitted as a modern day soldier on these modern day missions. And a modern day squad assigned overwatch would not be limited to iron sights. My complaint on this day had nothing to do with @seishimaybeC. We effectively eliminated a couple squads with both MAT and impressive LMG fire. It was a good overwatch mission. I merely think that just to male things difficult is not an excuse for the zeuses to deny modern optics. I know what kind of PLT i will get when @seishimaybeC leads. I can respect her tactics even if I disagree with her. IRL her tactics are some of the best, but if we are going to use real life tactics that minimize casualties then we need to use IRL equipment. That being said I will contunue to volunteer my squad for overwatch positions because I know how critical they are in a mission. Amd honestly they can be a great amount of fun.
  9. Hey I did that entirely by accident the other day. Didnt realize until we had already tp to load up. But since i didnt do the whole tank crew helmet i know you weren't referring to me. Lol.
  10. This was kind of my thought. But even a single marksman means only one or two persons are doing anything effective from OW. I can't say for certain who was one shotting us today but we were being targeted ny a sniper/marksman for certain because we barely heard the report from the gun. We have to allow each squad the ability to fulfill their mission while making it difficult but wothout totally frustrating them in the meantime.
  11. Maybe my weapons choices have just had awful iron sights then. Most iron sight championships are 500 meters or so. The ultra championships the elite if the elite shioters) run from 700 to 1000. But irl foot soldiers are not trained to be marksman at those ranges, so to expect an overwatch to run effectively (even if you can do it lenny) is a bit on the unrealistic side.
  12. @Lenny i run full ultra 1080 settings on my monitor and have 20/10 vision and with iron sites I could not make out targets accurately at 500m. It was spray and pray after that. 3 round burst and then back to the binocs to see if the EI moved. Meanwhile we were getting one shot hit from the EI. Its not impossible to take shots at 800m but very hard to be accurate given the limitations of the game. I can make shots at 600 and 700m in real life with my AR15 but my vision is much clearer IRL than what we get in arma.
  13. Thanks for the kind words. I believe that as PLT I should make quick plans, adapt to change quickly, and over do what i can to contribute to fun gameplay.
  14. I cant stand when people say or type REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  15. I have really enjoyed the increasing difficulty that going iron sights only provides with our gameplay. But we need to find some sort of a compromise based on the way that we actually run our missions when we are in full six Squad forum. We currently and as we have in the past continue to set up scenarios in which OverWatch is required and desired however other than being a set of eyes on a hill most OverWatch positions provide no ability for the soldiers to engage the enemy. Sitting on a hill six hundred meters out from the edge of an area that we are supposed to be providing covering fire for is almost completely ineffective with the exception of the lmg team. I am simply interested in beginning discussions on how we could more appropriately utilize positions such as OverWatch while we try to increase the difficulty the game play with iron sights. OverWatch is no longer a truly safe position with instadeath being on. As my squad found out today you can still be one shot killed even up at an OverWatch position. It certainly seems that the EI are much better Marksman with iron sights then we can hope to be because we are limited. What are your thoughts concerning this? Do we need to even change anything? Or do we just tell OverWatch to suck it up? How can we adjust our tactics to this new style of gameplay or do we need to make some other changes? I propose maybe we start allowing Scopes again as the difficulty is increasing with both instadeath and Advanced Medical right around the corner.