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  1. campaign


    I'm just gonna claim Echo SL
  2. @Lenny this looks suspiciously like something I use whenever I have ten or more people... Personally I like to go with just the AR team in red and bump the other fireteams up to four, because that allows me to be a little bit more aggressive.
  3. Even with insta death turned off, this server is still not exactly the best place to git gud because the 'density' of combat is generally low. If you simply want to get better at shooting people it is better to join an invade and annex server, where you are constantly in combat. Or you can try doing the killhouses in the challenge section.
  4. until

    Dibs on charlie SL.
  5. Alternatively, if you have a joystick, you can bind the throttle up to move forward.
  6. I got notified about 20 seconds before the strike hit, which was barely enough. Luckily the jets were skilled.
  7. campaign


    I think I'm gonna steal one of the SL slots.
  8. Actually this is a major update. Right now there are a bunch of Apex assets that the zeus can't use because they rely on the DLC. You hopefully also won't need the DLC to play unsung anymore.
  9. Does not include accidental team kills.
  10. I'm just gonna leave a quote from the rules here: You are allowed to steal/commandeer enemy vehicles at your Squad Leader's discretion. Should any friendlies fire upon you in enemy vehicles thinking you are enemies, they are not at fault. EDIT: This is quality salt. You might put the saltmines out of business.
  11. I see this so often and it is so confusing to me. Why would you opt not to put the SL and the 2iC in charge of fireteams? The people in that squad who are the best at commanding, and who have the best knowledge of how the battle is going. Although now I understand how sometimes entire squads just get deleted.
  12. @Nugget30 so in this setup who is in charge in the red and blue fireteam?
  13. If we are going for realism then, looking at the wikis of the different helicopters, I think the weight limit on advanced flight is pretty accurate. The problem is that the current physics interaction of the rope reaching max length causes such violent and random reactions that I am not comfortable with using it in missions.
  14. After my little fuck up of yesterday, trying to sling load stuff as a CSAR pilot, I decided to do a little experimenting with the advanced ling loading mod. The results have been rather annoying. The major issue with the mod is that it simply does not work with advanced flight. Or rather, it is so glitchy and nerfed, that you shouldn't even bother. The main differences are a massively reduced weight limit on AF, as well as just getting arma'd in general when trying to lift anything heavy. Let's take for example the Merlin. In simple flight it has no problem airlifting a TUSK III, which might be the heaviest vehicle in the game. In advanced flight, it struggles to lift a humvee. And when I tried to lift the lunchbox, not only did it not go up, when I reached the end of my rope it catapulted me back down to the ground like some sort of bungee cord. When I tried the same thing with a super stallion it instantly did half a barrel roll and exploded. So this is a little PSA to all the advanced flight users in here. Don't try to use advanced sling loading on advanced flight. Just switch to simple if you want to use it.
  15. That one is on me for not testing new mechanics in the editor before trying them in a mission.