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  1. I consider mapreading to be a basic arma skill on the level of knowing how a gun works, so I don't include it into the training. Although we might have to start doing map training again.
  2. 1st Mission Platoon: @Digby Tatham-Warter For the love of god stop wasting everyone's time by turning this into basically two separate missions. You have platoon tags, you should be able to think ahead at least one step.
  3. It wasn't that, it was the fact that there were enemies sitting in a bush 3m away from a friendly squad firing on a different squad, who then thought everybody in that area was enemy.
  4. 2nd Mission Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter Platoon: The warlord @Woody Me: Echo SL Squad: @Hekhal @Conga Line of Neckbeards @Lenny @Darth_Mario @Schmorfson @Crytamius @Rezonath So the job I was given as the commander of the american squad was to keep tabs on the war crimes that Woody committed so that we could build a case against him. We were also told to 'guide' the rest of the platoon wherever possible to hopefully prevent them from committing said war crimes. The latter was not exactly successful as woody was committing them in broad daylight. I am not sure if digby told him to keep these things hidden from the americans, but that might have been better. The mission turned out to be one of the most amazing RP fests I have ever done on this server. I feel that I need to give a little insight in what was going on behind the scene for everyone in the dark. About halfway through the mission I was approached by charlie who told me that they wanted to defect. They told me that they didn't want any part in the war crimes, and that they wanted to testify against them. However, they were not willing to shoot their teammates, but assured me that they would join my side if shit would go down. We even set up comm channels to communicate in secret. I was told by command (digby in this case) that we were under no circumstance to initiate combat with the platoon, even though all of my squadmates were getting more and more frustrated just sitting on a hill watching woody commit these atrocities. He even kicked me out of the city where they were lining up civilians, and threatened some of my men at gunpoint. At some point we went back to the platoon in an attempt to make them not commit as many crimes by being right up in their faces. The moment we got out of our humvee we were instantly swarmed by everyone and I knew that something was up. This is where I made a critical mistake in handling the situation. I did not expect people to conspire behind woody's back to turn on us. I thought that if PvP was gonna happen, woody would be the one giving the call. In my mind, as long as I could keep him busy, I could salvage the situation so I came up with the interview. Knowing woody, he would try to keep the RP going as long as possible. At that point I think we had Alpha and Bravo conspiring behind woody's back, making secret plans to kill us, while the americans were conspiring with charlie to defect against the rest, while secretly making defensive plans, while filming everything to send back to command, trying to entertain a murder crazy warlord who was funnily the only on who had no idea what was happening. I don't think we could have made this up if we tried.
  5. Sign me up for testing. All hail our lord Clang!
  6. Mission 1 Foxtrot Zeus: @V1rU5 Great mission idea, had a lot of fun. So I don't normally do these but holy shit the things I saw people do in this mission. Playing PvP is fun in general but the best thing is punishing other people for bad positioning. A quick summary: - So many people skylining themselves on rooftops just begging to get shot. - People trying to run across open areas I suppressed 10 seconds ago. - Entire squads sitting in a single building getting completely shut down by one guy with an LMG (me). - People actively being suppressed poking their head out of cover trying to find out where the shots are coming from and instantly getting domed. - Not even 10 seconds after I kill someone, another guy runs over to his corpse (presumably to loot his stuff), somehow expecting not to get shot. (this happened multiple times) - People not trying to find cover after taking fire. - After I kill someone looking out of a window, a second guy proceeds to sheepishly stand in the same window (You know what they say about insanity). - The commander of a shielka constantly being turned out while knowing this is supposed to be PvP. - People running around with no actual squad to cover them, not checking their corners. - Not firing from cover, but instead opting to take a knee in the middle of the road. So yeah, great mission, great memes, 20/2, best statpadding mission I ever played.
  7. campaign


    I'm just gonna claim Echo SL
  8. @Lenny this looks suspiciously like something I use whenever I have ten or more people... Personally I like to go with just the AR team in red and bump the other fireteams up to four, because that allows me to be a little bit more aggressive.
  9. Even with insta death turned off, this server is still not exactly the best place to git gud because the 'density' of combat is generally low. If you simply want to get better at shooting people it is better to join an invade and annex server, where you are constantly in combat. Or you can try doing the killhouses in the challenge section.
  10. until

    Dibs on charlie SL.
  11. Alternatively, if you have a joystick, you can bind the throttle up to move forward.
  12. I got notified about 20 seconds before the strike hit, which was barely enough. Luckily the jets were skilled.
  13. campaign


    I think I'm gonna steal one of the SL slots.
  14. Actually this is a major update. Right now there are a bunch of Apex assets that the zeus can't use because they rely on the DLC. You hopefully also won't need the DLC to play unsung anymore.
  15. Does not include accidental team kills.