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  1. - When someone makes a thread about frustrations that normies never have, and then people proceed to post the most normie shit I have ever seen.
  2. Maybe we can make a discussion about it on the think tank?
  3. You can also change the ranks of the roles in the template.
  4. When people constantly stroke their own ego for doing the most basic shit imaginable. "I think we performed really well, because we ran away from the mortar strike instead of into it."
  5. until

    Dibs FOX 2 SL
  6. I wasn't complaining because you were fighting, I was complaining because you were leading a charge on a checkpoint as a medic. You still need to be able to defend yourself properly and support your squad.
  7. Loved the mission, but make the AO smaller next time, and don't give us an arsenal.
  8. Because it's against the rules...
  9. Sure if the Zeus wants to make a mission like that, but SL's and platoon are not allowed to make this decision on their own.
  10. This is not actually allowed.
  11. I believe that is my fault.
  12. There is no 'correct' squad structure. You are free to have whatever structure you want, as long as it works.
  13. I was already planning on this, but you are right. What I have noticed though, is that a lot of SL's don't assign their 2iC to a fireteam but instead have them stick with them and basically be their RTO.
  14. I mean, I agree completely, but right now an AR with a 4x scope can easily engage targets up to 800m away with absolutely no assistance. Although we might want to make a different thread for this because we are drifting off topic.
  15. Sure, but since we allowed scopes on the AR again, the assistant has gone right back to being only good for carrying ammo. That combined with tracer ammo means you will never need an assistant.