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  1. There are 168 mods in the pack, so save yourself the trouble and just use curse. I doubt anybody here has even made an attempt to do it manually.
  2. Mission 2: Doing an FK military coup went about as well as it could. Absolutely loved backstabbing people. Also ALL HEIL EL PRESIDENTE CALLISTANO
  3. That's better
  4. As long as it's first person only. I refuse to play on any PvP server that has 3rd person enabled.
  5. I can already see you getting triggered when something is inconsistent with the lore.
  6. As the 2iC I did tell platoon about it, but I was not aware that it was the main objective of the mission.
  7. Or you could take a couple of flare rounds for your grenade launcher. Go for maximum immersion.
  8. This is why I don't understand why the scope rules for the LMG got changed. We are back to the problem we used to have where the spotting is pointless. On top of that I rarely see SL's putting the AR team on an effective overwatch position that would even require spotting, since most egagements these days are <300 meters.
  9. This is gonna be part of the Squadleader guide that I'm writing, although it's going to focus on how organize it as a SL, and not on how to actually clear a building.
  10. Thing is he did advise the platoon to fall back like 20 minutes before shit actually started to go down. He literally said that what is about to come their way is more than they can handle.
  11. It is not my problem that I'm apparently the only one listening to the LR. Plt called for everyone to mount up long before we moved out, and Echo was the only one to actually do so. I didn't start moving until Plt told us to move out, I said on LR "Echo is moving out", and Plt confirmed it.
  12. 1st mission Got ordered by platoon to execute a POW. Still got blamed for it afterwards. 10/10 Realistic military simulator. 1/10 Getting yelled at for following orders. 2nd mission Watched about 10 jets getting blown up and crashing, considering making a compilation.
  13. I actually try to avoid using exact bearings most of the time because it takes a while for people to find it. If you want your squad to engage something as fast as possible it is usually better to call out the position relative to something else in combination with a rough estimate of the range, so something like "SouthEast 200 meters left of the ATC".
  14. @OneMadPanda On the flip side of that I've seen plenty of times that the tank crew uses the 'infantry should stay away from the tank' rule to say "fuck the infantry" and just kill everyone with overpressure without giving us any warning or even any time to move. Which is exactly why I am saying that it should go both ways.