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  1. TFDLokyar
  2. No, i would rather have someone with no habits and no training than someone who picked a bunch of bad habbits, someone with bad habbits is worse than a fresh spawn and someone with bad habbits first needs to unlearn those bad habbits and than learn the good habbits making training them at a later stage more of a pain in the dick because they have their way and their way is OF COURSE the best.
  3. looks like an overwhelming 9th of july 7 pm gmt to me
  4. Awesome idea, Fluent in dutch and english
  5. you talk about @Urist McGLORY missing the point and here you are completely missing @Urist McGLORY point, god the irony The point he was making was that SL, 2IC and the Autorifle team have well defined roles BEFORE THEY ARE A RIFLEMAN, while CLS are Rifleman first and medic second. Even with people to patch up, CLS are riflemen FIRST. ((also side note, the medic tag being a thing has no impact on what the role of a CLS is, it just means the secondary role of a CLS requires training))
  6. swoosh
  7. until

    dibs on commander of the second abrams
  8. What's the reasoning behind not space themed?
  9. This is a problem that I and a couple others have had before and our solution that worked was restart arma till it the mods aren't blocked by battleeye, took most of us about two dozen tries but it worked.
  10. MOD EDIT: Are you really that thick? You have been banned from our games and ts for a month. Do you really think its wise to be posting things like this?
  11. At least the DnD is a thing! I'm as sad as Tim is that this has to go but always looking forward to more roleplay shenanigans!
  12. campaign


    dibs second commander bradley
  13. 1st mission shot 2 btr's from 1800 meters on the other objective in knight.
  14. until

    Command of sword 2 please