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  1. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad with Rising Storm single & multiplayer
  2. Update: live killhouse is on (enemies spawn at random places in the building & patroling around) Place for medic training another killhouse is in progress And I think it works in multiplayer (slots & respawning)
  3. Lenny, Slouchy: The live killhouse and the scoreboard is totally possible. I'm not an expert in arma scripting, but afaik it's not that hard to make it work, just have to figure it out. Crump: anden knows about this, currently he has more important stuff to do. I'll contact him if Google can't help me. I'll put the moving targets to the plans. Also, please make killhouse layouts if you have ideas (draw it in paint or whatever), i don't have the creativity to make interesting ones. Also also, we can have sometime a beta testing if someone can host it (or uploading it to the 2nd server if possible, my pc can't handle a server + playing arma)
  4. I've started making a training/practicing map on Altis. The purpose of it that it people can use it for training (dedicated areas for every asset) & practicing stuff people can't do alone (spotting for prophet, formation flying, multicrew vehicles etc.). Areas: Main spawn area: you star there (no shit Sherlock), there are classrooms in the terminal building, all kind of vehicles in the parking lot, and planes/helicopter at the other side of the terminal Place for filght & armor trainings Firing range for rifles & AT. Killhouse (1 done, 3 more planned) CQB arena, so you can play COD in Arma. Ships, because why not Karts at the racetrack Features: TP poles between areas Arsenals in every area Vehicles respawn if destroyed or abandoned At he firing range you can change the target distance with a nearby laptop (and the target type for AT) Future plans: Timer for the killhouse and penalties (for killing hostages) Finish the 3 other killhouse (some with live AI) Place for prophet, mortar & medic training Obstacle course for infantry & vehicles Discussing with trainers & updating the training areas according to their needs Making the whole thing multiplayer ready (slots, respawns etc.) Moving targets for AT range Expand the AT range, so you can shoot with armored vehicles Feel free to feedback on everything.
  5. Is someone still working on it, or it got abandoned? I've made a similar map (needs a lot more work though), if there is interest for this i'll make it available when it's finished. The general idea that it will be a training & practicing map. Trainers could use it for training without the need of zeusing (for AT training the trainer could set the target type & distance through the scroll menu). And it could be used practicing things you can't do alone in the editor, like tank commanding with crew or formation flying.