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  1. Well spotted on the sidewinder, I typed the whole thing out, so I'm catching slip ups here and there.
  2. V.1.0: Added AGM-114, AGM-65D, AGM-84, AIM-9X, AIM-120, all JDAM/Paveway in current ArmA usage. Added Brevity Code
  3. Nice tag you've got there lad
  4. 1- You need to play more in that case. 2- (See above) + in the realm where people are functionally retarded (FK) 3- Well, T-90 = MBT/Tank, thats a BMP therefore referring to it as any of those things is already wrong. And again people do call it a T-90, lurk moar. Sounds like you missed the joke and got salty, unfortunately the FK store doesn't sell sell hydration.
  5. My dude
  6. Better yet just drop it completely and use shift + G instead, even more redundancy.
  7. Asked for a flyby, got decapitated. Louis XVI / 10 would not repeat.
  8. Oftentimes what actually happened was "I didn't see air doing anything this mission." Because a lot of the times I hear this, air did a lot of stuff that, if they hadn't, you'd have been absolutely diddled.
  9. These situations are where we really shine through as a semi-serious community. Suicidal charges are always fun, especially when they work out.
  10. Why do you do this?
  11. I play it sometimes
  12. What should happen is PLTHQ informs the FAC of the commanders intent and FAC does his best to achieve it. FAC has the training to know what aircraft can and can't do, platoon has the training to make a plan, and adapt that plan to changing circumstances.
  13. It's FAC, platoon can't remember the Nomad callsign, so they called us what they heard V1RU5 call us that, which he can do if he wants, and they stuck with that. But it's FAC end of discussion. I had one helicopter available to me: Mohamed kept getting kicked for the second mission in a row while flying and Redcoat has his key binds fucked or something like that I should have been on net 69 during that mission, mea culpa, Shadow was relaying information from 69(Platoon) to me and I ended controlling the Heli's meaning that there was an unnecessary extra link between the helis and Platoon. For that I apologize.
  14. If nothing else works, re-install everything. I have to do it every couple of months, because shit just gets broken over time somehow
  15. Indeed, communication was quite fuck-y during that mission, and not for any single reason, or due to any single person: communication breakdowns are compounded as go up and down the chain of command. First of all, as has been said already, Urist bit off a bit more than he could chew, which left his hands tied on some aspects that could have improved the enjoyment for everyone, surely he's taken the lesson as learnt and it won't repeat his misshapen. This is the top of the chain, crossroads. Then we move down to Platoon: the orders sometimes came in a bit too fast, which isn't a problem in it self, if wasn't for the fact they changed previous ones, aside from that, pitch perfect. Then the info goes through me, my game was lagging pretty bad, but that's no excuse. 4 helicopters is no easy task. 4 helicopters, with wrong callsign tags, with 5 different objective and me at none of them, that's where everything starts to crumble. Add to that our lord and savior Private J Mohamed disconnecting multiple times, by fault of his internet, operating in an environment where SEAD hadn't been realised, no dedicated CAP and say goodbye to your good mission dreams. Overall 7.83/10 quite enjoyable, would turn brains to mush again. Also props to my fellow FAC Shaddow who did the best he could with 3 jets that kept getting fucked while he was miles away from everything, and still managed to do CAS