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  1. Really Interesting read.. My dad was in the Army himself, retired in March after 22 years and he deployed 3 times. He really only talked about using his handgun on the firing range. And the only time I saw him with a rifle was before his 2nd deployment. I do believe it was either an M4 or an M16, I can't be sure, also I can't remember. A great read though, next we must get into sights
  2. How about the " @Hekhal is Zeusing" Panic. This is where everyone leaves before the start of the mission just because Hekhal is zeusing
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    Kngt Commander
  4. Nugget30
  5. I tried... I was ignored, seeing as there were 6 pilots and only 1 of me
  6. I did not consent to any of the callsigns as platoon... 666-1, 666-2, 666-3, 666-4, 666-5, 666-6. You can see why we had so much trouble. @SGz_Eliminated, I understand you were bored sitting in that chopper, but I am not going to send down all of my squads into an objective when I only need 1 or 2 to complete. I'd rather have fresh squads be ready to get into the fight to relieve another squad that has taken heavy casualties. Granted I should've sent one of the 2 reserve squads down after Alpha got fucked but I didn't. Poking me on TS telling me to give you guys something to do is not going to compel me to get your squad some action. I also wanted birds in the air for CAS support, and having squads leave men behind would hurt their combat effectiveness. @Gditz I know what was going on in the house and I want to apologize to @Rogue for yelling at him to get you guys moving. I just wanted you guys out of there before you could take anymore casualties because we were getting nailed by @Hekhal's 2 snipers, and about 3 full squads of infantry. I was trying bring Alpha's chopper above us to relieve some of the pressure but they apparently didn't see anything. I tend to get very pissy when I lead an Offensive platoon more than a defensive. It is mainly because I'm more comfortable coming up with a defensive plan than an offensive plan, and you can see by how elaborate my defensive plans are compared to my offensive plans. Sorry to @Silberjojo for yelling at him as well, you didn't deserve it. I should probably just stick to platooning when it is a defense mission.
  7. LETTER FROM HIGH COMMAND Gentlemen, good work on taking it to the Russian and Turkish forces. Day after day we are getting closer to victory. Our Navy stands unopposed in the waves, and our sections fight for the glory of the Commonwealth. I am proud to be commanding this Campaign and am proud of the sacrifice made by the men under my command. You men are making me look very good with the Higher ups. SO please enjoy the present of beer and whiskey arriving soon as my gratitude. Good morale among my men is important. It is important to winning this war. Lieutenant General William Henry Commander, Commonwealth Forces, Eastern Operations
  8. @Doctadoone I'm hurt you didn't make one of me, I thought I meant more to you then this :P. At least @Nova cares about me, though I look like a child.
  9. Uh yeah, I completely forgot to do so during the setup. It wasn't deliberate, it just completely slipped my mind. As for instadeath being turned off, neither Zeus touched the medical settings we just eased off a bit to give you guys more of a chance after I respawned half the platoon, 35 people. Sorry bout that. I hope it was enjoyable apart from that.
  10. It's not that we weren't cooperating, it was that we weren't communicating properly. There was a lot of miscommunication between us, and some of that is on my internet connection. So yeah, just really bad communication on our part. I'm really sorry if that affected every ones gameplay, I'm also sorry for stealing your cruiser. It was childish of me to do so.
  11. Ok, I'm going to stop you right there. No shit posting in this thread. This is a thread where everyone can share their ideas and movements as an SL, not place to make fun of one's style.
  12. Sync
  13. Hey all. I finally got JSRS to work with ARMA sync so I was wondering how to get the RHS version to work. It is asking for all of the RHS Packs in the steam workshop so I was wondering if there was a way around it so I can get it without having to download the RHS mods from workshop? Thanks all.
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    Squad Lead please
  15. I'm a bit late on this because I was busy but here is the debrief from my mission. Now, To answer some of the concerns with the mission. I completely forgot what AI does without the headless client, so that is how Alpha got wrecked by the Mi-24. I should've been a bit quicker on letting you guys know Russian Helo's had taken off, but that is how war is; sometimes you don't get the intel until it is too late. Other than that mission went smoothly, and it seemed everyone enjoyed it. To address @Woody's concerns about the amount of AI, the server seemed to have held it's own during all of this and we kept up with deleting bodies for the most part. I usually spawn EI until I feel the server can't take it anymore. Spawning less would make my missions way too easy for you guys and I do not like showing any mercy to you guys because in real life, the enemy sure would not if you were invading their homeland. Official Campaign debrief can be found here: