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  1. 1st Mission- Bravo Assistant Autorifleman Zeus- Great mission. It was simple and easy to do. Plt- Couldn't hear you guys, so I don't really know what was going on. The mission was pretty much just winging it in terms of a plan from you guys. Squad- @ZentharTheMagician did a great job as Bravo's Squad lead. He kept making sure we had something to do because most of the time we were just sitting around on overwatch. Had fun with you guys. Overall- Mission was great and very simple. The only issue I had was the winging it mind set that platoon had taken when it came to the plan. I'm not sure what was different about today with the amount of desyncs, possibly the aLive mod being used, but there was a shit ton of desyncing in Bravo. None of us lost connection but there was still a lot of scares. And yes guys, I only did 1 mission today. I know it is shocking, but I had to do a lot today.
  2. Ah. Dario wasn't clear on that. He said you went off on your own to do something, I couldn't really hear what because we were taking fire. Had I known, I would have told you to take Bravo and go get him, I will leave no one behind. As for zeus spawning EI on your head, nothing much we could do about it.
  3. All the times I've been a squad lead, including the times where I was 2ic and was bumped up because our SL died, I've struggled with getting words out of my mouth. That's one of my biggest flaws. I got to platoon tonight and I didn't do to bad. We got a mission complete which was a huge relief. It really all just depends on how comfortable you can get as an SL or as Plt.
  4. @Dario it is completely fine. It was just for future reference. And as for the camo choice @Ewido, M81 looked way better in the snow than multicam would have. I was also told that the map was foresty because I never played on it before. When I get the chance, I'll familiarize myself with the maps for future reference.
  5. 2nd Mission- Echo Assistant Autorifleman Zeus- Mission was fun and easy to follow for the most part. I think you guys may have spawned an enemy on the roof across from where I was peeking through a window which shot me up. I could be wrong, there was a dead body there before. Plt- Plan was simple enough, and was executed pretty well. Squad- @Ruekatu did a great job of leading us into battle, I'm sorry I was not able to keep you from being shot over and over again, I just didn't have any eyes on where the fire was coming from. The rest of the squad did well as our numbers dwindled down. Overall- I found the mission extremely fun and oddly relaxing, though I was really stressing out by my college work before the mission. 5th Mission- Alpha SL/Platoon Lead Zeus- You guys did a great job on the mission and made it extremely fun. I appreciate the fact you got rid of the barriers that the A.I. was shooting through. Plt- Me. Me did this, me did that. Me needs to work on planning better. Me needs to stop having a stroke every time me is on long range. For our Condor pilots, please try to stop crashing and killing everyone. We lost all of bravo twice before we even landed at the first LZ. Every other squad lead did a good job, though from what I heard from @Dario, @Sam41 went off on his own little adventure somewhere. Another thing, if I'm raising you guys on comms, I'd like to be answered within several seconds of a call not a minute because I kept thinking both Bravo and Charlie's SL's kept dying because they weren't responding. There were also two times when I said dig in to guard the LZ while we got the helo's there for pick-up and both times people did not listen and we had the helo's not landing where they were supposed to. Granted I needed to mark an LZ, but I was very specific on the 2nd LZ position. The 1st one was on me for not being too specific. Squad- Me again! Alpha Squad was best squad and didn't lose a single man until the end where we had different helo's explode on us and this was all thanks to my brilliant leadership. Just kidding, it was a group effort that we were mostly intact and a group effort that we finished the mission. Hooray for Alpha! Overall- I had a blast being Platoon and Alpha Lead at the same time. I think this was definitely the right mission for me to start Platooning on, hopefully I did a good job apart from the strokes I kept having over long range. Feel free to tell me how I did as platoon and Alpha Squad Lead. I hope to get some more platooning in in the future.
  6. 2nd Mission- Alpha LAT Zeus- Mission was fun. You guys always do a good job making sure it is. Though I do not appreciate the T-72 rolling around the building I was taking cover behind and blasting me in the face with its coax. Plt- Plan was good, though Alpha could have used some armor support while we were running on open ground at the airfield and getting shot up by tanks every 5 minutes. Squad- @Derpy did a good job at leading us and the rest of the squad was great as well. I feel like a fool for not checking the other bit of the house where the hostage was. But I would ride into battle with you guys again. Though I am a little miffed that Derpy wouldn't let me flip the Purge heretics switch in the MRAP. Overall: I enjoyed the mission thoroughly, though I need to work on my skills with the launcher and I need to be better aware of the buildings nearby. 3rd Mission- Charlie Assistant Autorifleman Zeus- @Hekhal the mission was fun and intense, like a mission should. It just went to shit when we took too long getting things straightened out in the first town. Plt- Not really much I can say, I didn't have comms. You could have gotten things straightened out a little bit faster and had the Squad leads get their men in order after the IED went off. Squad- @Edelweiss did a good job as Charlie Squad Lead. You kept us in line and kept us moving up until you were killed. Sorry @Chukase for letting you die, I just didn't see the guys in the pit until it was way too late. I would ride with everyone in Charlie into battle again. Overall- Mission was fun and I enjoyed it. What I did not enjoy was @Woody running me over with my own squads MRAP, that was no fun at all. 4th Mission- Alpha 2ic Zeus- @Woody this was a fun mission and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Plt- The Plan was sound and pretty good, each squad just was decimated in the first minutes of fighting at the airfield. By the end of it, Alpha only had 4 guys left. Squad- @Sam41, you made the mission a whole lotta fun. From the crazy charges to the Dukes of Hazard jumps in the truck. I would love to be your 2ic again. I never did use Frequency 60 to talk to Bravo though. Overall- I enjoyed the mission and I think I did ok after Sam died the 2nd time. My biggest flaw as a Squad Lead and a 2ic is that I get jittery and flustered making the orders that I say jumbled and pretty much undoable. Sorry if this was so during my reign as Alpha's leader. I also got to be a seagull when the game started, that was fun.
  7. 2nd Mission- Foxtrot 2ic Zeus-Mission was good and fucking hilarious at the start, but to no fault of you guys, it fell apart. Plt- The plan was not great given the circumstances. We landed at the wrong point, which lead to Echo and Foxtrot being torn to shreds on the beach by armored vehicles. Given what crossroads had told us before the mission, we should have attacked the commander first, then worked our way up. Squad- Alex Cooper was Foxtrot SL for half of the mission then it was myself for another half. I feel that for our part, Alex and Myself did our best given the circumstances. I hope that the rest of Foxtrot feels the same way. Overall- The mission had a good premise but was executed poorly. It was a turkey shoot for the enemy once we advanced far enough up on the beach head for Echo and Foxtrot. I believe we lost 2 or 3 guys once the vehicles started firing on us, including our SL. I, myself, was nearly killed twice; once by the vehicles while I was moving up to check on Alex, then again by enemy infantry who snuck up on us while I was trying to link up with Alpha and Bravo to discuss what was going on. Overall, the mission just fell apart. 3rd Mission-Charlie Assistant Autoriflemen Zeus- Mission was great, and worked almost to perfection. At some point we were supposed to stop an offensive but it never came except some sporadic Russian soldiers. Plt- Plan was good, we just didn't hunker down for an offensive to hit us. Squad- We did pretty good, though we had to make an unschedule run to rescue our CAS after Delta shot it down. @LTRampageX did a good job leading us. Overall- Mission was a success, could use some work but overall it was good. 4th Mission- Alpha SL Zeus- Mission was pretty boring, and really not fun. Not your guys fault, just the way the mission was. Plt- @Doctadoone did a good job, not really much else to say. Squad- I hope I did well. @SuddenDeath and @Hekhal you guys were the most senior members of the squad and I'd like to know how you think I did despite my trouble with my Long Range not staying on the right Frequency. Overall- Mission really was not a good one, and should not be done in the future. 5th Mission- Bravo LAT Zeus- Hekhal, the mission was an absolute clusterfuck but it was a fun clusterfuck. Plt- We didn't have one. Squad- NotConnor, you were suicidal and you lead us on a lot of suicidal charges. But it was fun Overall- Mission was a blast, and it was sorta of fun being cut off by enemy tanks and infantry, until we got lit up by advancing infantry.
  8. Alright, I just thought I offer up the idea just in case it was any good. I understand what you guys are saying about it and I'm glad to have the feedback on it.
  9. So, being the military history nerd that I am, I had an idea come to me while I was cleaning my house. Throughout history there have been points where forces over extended themselves and found units isolated and surrounded behind enemy lines, most notably the 1st Battalion, 308th Infantry Regiment of the AEF in the Argonne during WW1. So this got me thinking, would this be possible for an FK mission? In the case of the 1st Battalion, they were rescued by friendly forces after 4 days of fighting. I realize that we can't do it for that long and that rescue missions have been proposed before and seem to be looked down upon by the community, but this idea is not a rescue mission. The Idea My idea is this. We, some random unit involved in a major offensive, pushed ahead of friendly forces on both flanks and now find ourselves surrounded by enemy forces. We must find a way to break out of the encirclement or be forced to make a final stand and try to stay alive for the time it would take friendly forces to bail our asses out. Note: Nobody would actually be a rescuing force. Just a time limit. The Execution The unit is given some time to dig trenches for defense and possibly have some HMG emplacements for defense. Time allotment for breakout attempts is the Zeus' choosing but for the ideas sake, say about 45 minutes from when the fighting starts. After this time limit, the mission objective will change from trying to breakout to staying alive for an allotted amount of time, again 45 minutes. If enemy forces penetrate the defensive line and wipe out a sizable chunk of the defenders before time is up, the mission is a failure. The mission will only complete is most of the unit is able to break out from encirclement or manages to mostly stay alive during the last stand. Possibly no reinforcement wave for immersion purposes Assets- Armored- Possibly 1 or 2x LAV, 1x MBT, 2x APC Squad Vehicles- Each squad is given 1x Armed Humvee or Humvee like vehicle. Air- ??? Note- Armored assets will be determined by Zeus and are only given 2x Armored Vehicle This was just an idea I had and I think it could work, but I would like to see what everyone has to say about it. I believe the Zeus's could have a whole lotta fun with this.
  10. Mission 2- Charlie Riflemen Zeus- You guys did a good job on the mission, though not sure why you guys kept spawning divers in the castle Charlie was assaulting there wasn't any water near it. Plt- Couldn't hear you guys until I took over as 2ic then was killed. Seemed like you guys were doing alright but it became a little bit hectic Squad- @Shoxe did a good job leading us, though I can tell he was getting frustrated especially with me for not bringing extra stinger ammo when I reconnected the 2nd time. Overall: Mission was good, though it wasn't going according to plan. I had a lot of internet issues yesterday which was making it hard for me to stay connected. I did manage to keep it down to 2 desyncs. When we were assualting our final objective, @Korpp1 told me to follow him then we got lit up by a strider that swung around the corner after decimating Bravo.
  11. 2nd Mission- Bravo Assistant Autorifleman Zeus- You guys did a good job as always with the mission. Plt- Had no contact with you guys so I can't say much Squad- @MikeDoubleU did a good job at leading us and kept us all alive, which I appreciate. Nothing really to complain about, though I think you ignored me once or twice when I was giving out vehicle positions. Overall: Great mission, didn't do much but sit as over watch from the first town we cleared alongside @Silberjojo. Had fun with it though, I do think I killed an enemy with a cinder block wall somehow. 3rd Mission- Bravo Assistant Autorifleman (Originally Just an ordinary rifleman) Zeus- Good job trying to kill us off, fun mission until it crashed. Plt- Can't say much, no contact. Squad- We were the special squad in the mission, and our SL, @Wulfe kept trying to make us commit suicide by advancing to close to enemy lines. But good job Overall: Fun mission, enjoyed it immensely. Would hide in the forest with my special squad again. 4th Mission- Delta Assistant Autorifleman Zeus- You guys absolutely turned all of Delta into tomato paste, but it was fun doing so Plt- I believe it was @Chefla as the Sudo-platoon leader, but whoever it was did a good job. Squad- @Loradas and @Vizel, You guys did a good job at putting up with all of our bullshit over the new guy, which I will get into later. But next time, let us know where you are going before you take off. Overall- Mission was good, but we in Delta had a rough go at it. @Godzilla12300 I know you are new and this isn't really the place to be talking about this, but it needs to be said. You are not going to get anywhere here by annoying the hell out of your squad. We get the questions you may have and we want you to ask them, but don't be annoying about it. Most of us in the squad were FNG's and we have all been there, hell it was me on Tuesday and Wednesday, but we asked questions on how things work and are run. We did not jump in and act like "Yeah, I've watched Cy/Womble play ARMA, I know what I'm doing." It's not the case. Play the campaign to familiarize yourself with ARMA because it seemed like you were brand new to the game. You also need to learn the rules of FK and how things are run. Ask around, there are 1500 people on here to talk to about this stuff. Back to the mission. I enjoyed my nice 5 minute chat with @Shroomzeh, @KiwiTheIguana, @Shady, and @Adept before we realized we had been abandoned and then proceeded to look for everyone else and instead ended up as paste. Mission 5- Charlie Squad Lead Zeus- @Ruekatu The mission was simple enough, but everyone fucked up in a way at the very beginning. Also you made me crash twice when you spawned the entire Russian army. But I loved the mission Plt- @SuddenDeath did a great job at trying to keep us under control while playing at midnight. I doubt you will want to Platoon again after tonight though. Squad- Charlie Squad went the entire mission without losing a man, or at least to my knowledge. We may have been pummeled but we managed to stay alive. We had some critical errors on over watch which lead to Alpha and Bravo being mowed down. But we did our best. My 2ic was @Painkiller300, Medic was @Doctadoone, LAT's were @greg90 and Toast, and Autoriflemen were Pombear and Drew. We were best squad. Overall: Mission had a good premise and should have been executed properly but it wasn't. This was my first time as a squad lead and I think I did ok, minus the DC's I had mid-mission. There are a lot of things I need to work on before even being considered for this on more missions and I will work on them. I accept full responsibilities on my squads shortcomings, especially about the tank that was sitting right in front of us tearing Alpha and Bravo to shreds. I felt I got better as the mission moved along, and once it got to the defense part I feel like I found my groove and was able to do better. If any of my squad or anyone else in the mission has any criticism's of my command feel free to message me and let me know, I accept it with open arms. I did manage to keep everyone in my squad alive and that is most important to me.
  12. Mission 3- Bravo Rifleman Zeus: You guys did a good job, though it did turn into a cluster fuck halfway through when several squads were rinsed by suicide bombers. Plt: Can't really complain, couldn't hear what was going on. SL: @ZentharTheMagician was our SL and he did a good job. Kept us in line and got us a big truck to ride in... Until it was blown up. Overall: I thought it was an interesting mission, though I still have no idea how we survived a C-130 crash. It was my fault that Bravo was rinsed by the suicide bomber, I couldn't hit the bastard. It was pretty much only myself who survived the blast because I am invincible, though I did keep losing consciousness and blood for the rest of the mission. Thanks to @Doctadoone and @warlordsh for keeping me alive,and a special thank you to @LTRampageX for keeping my ass alive until the medics could get to me. Also someone nicked my Launcher ammo while I was recovering from blood loss, but they left my Tactical Banana which is very important as it was Bravo's signature thing. Again, I take the full blame for not putting a bullet through the head of the suicide bomber. Mission 4- Charlie Rifleman (Protector of the Medics) Zeus- @Wattsits did a good job, despite the sheer amount of mines that was placed around the roads. I didn't get to see what happened after we took the compounds because my game crashed. Plt: You guys did a good job with the plan. That's all I can say about that. SL: @Tennin was our SL and he did a fine job of keeping Charlie in line while most of Charlie wanted to saunter off into the minefields or give Delta shit for being goth. No complaints here. Overall: The idea of the mission was sound and very interesting, I would love to do another one like it. My invincibility streak did end though, after I took a grenade to the face. I enjoyed my job as the medic protector, and enjoyed laughing alongside my squadmates. Thanks to both Bravo and Delta for giving us something to laugh about.
  13. Mission 1- Bravo Rifleman Zeus- You guys did a good job keeping us busy. Plt- From what I heard while I was sitting in our humvees turret until it flipped, (Still not sure if I'm supposed to be hearing this while in the humvee) @cyanide was keeping everything under control and did a good job of coordinating the squads. The plan was sound and was executed almost perfectly, at least on the Alpha and Bravo side. SL- @Urist McGLORY was our SL and I think he did a great job. One criticism I may make is that you need to check to see who you have with you, and ask for a SITREP from those who are missing. You guys moved on without realizing myself and @Frendumwere left behind with Alpha while we were trying to deal with our wounds from the jeep incident. Mission overall- I was excited to be slotted in for the first mission of the day, plus my first official FK mission. I think I did pretty good despite never once firing my rifle and having our jeep flip on top of me while I was in the gunners position. Also saw Quebec nearly get squished by a downed chopper. Overall, mission was great. Also, thanks to @Yason for giving me some Morphine when I needed it most. Mission 2- Delta Rifleman Zeus- Another great job by the Zeuses for this mission. Plt- From what I gather, most of Plt was killed by a land mine. Other than that, mission was good and executed well. SL- @andyt90 was our SL for this one and he did a pretty good job for losing a small portion of our squad due to ARMA crashing. You kept it together until the end even though we were stuck with the worst job in the mission. Mission Overall- It was a good mission, I finally got to fire my rifle at things and I was not blown up by a land mine. I also got to sit in the passenger seat of the trucks and be lazy. My ARMA did crash though, did not like that part. Overall, good mission. I look forward to playing more missions with you guys.
  14. Since we have no dedicated post for our mission yesterday, I'm gonna copy Gditz and do it here. Zeus: You did an excellent job of setting up the mission for us. Plt: I have no complaints. The mission was executed as planned, or to my knowledge I missed the Alpha brief due to trying to fix my TS. Squad Lead: @Painkiller300 did an excellent job after Doone was killed by the IED, though you did park our humvee on a rock... Overall: I thought it was an excellent mission to do, and I really enjoyed it for being my first. As Alpha's SAW man, house clearing wasn't really working for me since an LMG isn't good for that. One of the greatest moments for me was when the fucking artillery shell landed on my head but somehow I survived that only to pass out due to my wounds two minutes later, but thanks to the dedicated work of @Vesper Akiri and somebody else, I managed to stay alive. Near the end of the mission, I lost my ammo carrier so I ran out of rounds at the worst point and had to make the switch to an M4. I also argued with Bravo's gunner about the definition of a warning shot while the road was being cleared for mines, and you don't put a .50 cal round into the abdomen of a civie.
  15. You gotta use a tool for most things. Doesn't matter now, I got it installed and all the mods installed so I'm clear to play tomorrow. Besides, I'm very picky on what I download to my computer it has had too many issues already.