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  1. 1st Mission- Echo SL- "Shit I got everyone through alive... I'll be damned." Zeus- @Katla_Haddock and I believe @LongLiveQuebec. Mission was good and fun. I'd like to point out that we didn't even see that exclamation point when we passed the first time. We also didn't trust the truck not to blow up in our faces. Platoon- @Rezonath Plan was good and executed well. Nothing else much to say on that though everyone in platoon is a bunch of lucky assholes because @Woody wanted to kill you all by crashing. Squad- I am honored to have lead this well oiled machine. We took no casualties and inflicted all of them upon the enemy. Overall- Had fun with the mission 2nd Mission- Alpha SL Zeus- @Argon @Neroxen @Realboy, Our Finnish Zeus team that did a pretty good job despite what people we saying in the death room. I liked the mission. It was fun being the Finnish army. Platoon- Walder, plan was pretty good. Hit and Run tactics work for a guerrilla force which is basically what we were. Squad- Ok this wasn't my best mission at the start and I accept the criticisms about how I lead it at the beginning, but I have a bone to pick with a certain person in the squad. Rouge, I get you are pissed about what happened but that is no excuse to be an asshole and blame me for your death when your body was 100 yards away from the rest of the squad. I will take the blame for my death, @HootiePumpkin's death, and @Sanddude's death, but I will not take responsibility for your's. You do not lone wolf in this game, success relies on squad cohesion, and the ability to work well under your SL. I made a mistake, and that cost 3 of us our lives. You do not shittalk behind peoples back by going into the death room saying stupid ass squad lead. Overall- Wasn't really happy with how it turned out for me. But the mission was a good one.
  2. Well if you want to die like they did, gotta convince the CM's to let me do it since I don't have Zeus tags yet
  3. Erhmmmm.... All units in Gallipoli were basically suicide squads during the actuall campaign... Something like 500,000 Commonwealth troops were mowed down on those beaches.... So be prepared for that
  4. I haven't yet, I was gonna see what the feedback was first before I went to the CM's
  5. Continuation War Part 2???? Is that what this is??
  6. Alright Chaps, listen up. Russia has joined forces with Turkey (Following the Monte Cassino Mission) which makes it very difficult for us to invade Russia from the south. We must punch through the Turkish defenses to allow us to get to the Black Sea. Their main stronghold along the Straits is Gallipoli. This has been done before during the Great War and that was a failure but this time, with modern weaponry and better knowledge of what to do right in order to succeed. This is a joint Operation between British Forces, Australian Forces, and New Zealand Forces. Nationalities are as follows A&B Squads- British C&D Squads- Aussie E&F Squads- New Zealand Operation Neptune (The Landing Phase): Our first objective in this Campaign is to secure a beach head to bring in more troops and bring in Armor. We will also be securing a base of operation in Dolores. Forts Osman and Instanbul are essential to the success of our Operation. The will allow us to launch an attack on Fort Mehmed which is essential to controlling the southern part of the Straits. The HMS Elizabeth will fire two salvos onto the beach head to clear the way and then they will pull out. Fail this and we will be repeating history. Assets and Uniforms: British Uniform Weapons- L85A2, L85A2 with L123A2 Ladder/SL, L110A2LMG/AR. LAT- ILAW HEDP Combat Uniform MTP Royal Marine Osprey MK4 MTP Vest Helmet MK7 MTP Scope Restriction: Use of LDS Only Royal Marine Patch Aussie Uniform Weapons- Steyr AUGA1 Carbine, Steyr AUGA3(GL)/SL, FN Minimi/AR. LAT- ILAW HEDP MNP: AUSCAM Fatigues MNP: AUSCAM Combat Vest MNP: AUSCAM Boonie or AUSCAM MICH New Zealand Uniform Weapons- Steyr AUGA1 Carbine, Steyr AUGA3(GL)/SL, FN Minimi/AR, ILAW HEDP/LAT MNP: NZMCU Fatigues MNP: OD Plate Carrier MNP: NZMCU Boonie or NZMCU MICH Armored Vehicles: 1x Badger on loan from the US Military 3x Big boats that can fit 2 squads each. 1 for each nation. I don't know what the name of them is. Will be updated upon completion of missions THIS IS ALSO A ZEUS CAMPAIGN!!!!
  7. 1st Mission- Delta SL- "It's time for Swim Call!!!" Zeus- @NeilZar Mission was fun. I like the feel of the new map. Other than that everything was smooth despite the server crashing and getting back up again. I also feel that the Northern Objectives were a bit to far out of our reach. Platoon- @Forked, plan was good an the idea behind Alpha Replacing the wounded was really good, it just needs some fine tuning. Squad- I managed to get @mekboy_4000 alive throughout an entire mission in my squad and I can now get my SL Tag. We did good other than that, even though half of us was wounded and we suffered 1 casualty. Overall- Mission was good, and I had fun with it. Do not feel I need to clarify on the later missions as I was Zeusing. Both went very well. @Silver Snow I suggest that you learn to be patient and wait for your Main zeus to direct you for what to do instead of bugging them about what to do. Asking once is ok, but after that it's too much.
  8. 1st Mission- Foxtrot SL Zeus- @mrrbatty and @Digby Tatham-Warter mission was fun, did not enjoy having half my squad ARMA'd and the other half blown up by a Hind. Platoon- Plan was good @Rezonath. I think you did a good job and are well on your way to getting your tags, which reminds me I need to get my SL tags done. Squad- We did good, despite @Natnanny really trying to piss me off. You seriously need to stop doing that otherwise it is gonna lead to you getting a ban. Overall- Had fun with the mission. 2nd Mission- Alpha SL Zeus- Mission was good. It got a bit stale but it was interesting to say the least. Platoon- @Forked Wasn't really a plan, but you did good. And that was a glorious crash @Urist McGLORY, I watched the whole thing. Squad- We did good, despite starting out with 10 guys and ending with 5. We kept pegging a lightpole in front of a bad guy. Overall- Had fun with it. 3rd Mission- Bravo SL.... Zeus- @Wattsits. Mission was alright. I can't really talk seeing as I was dead for most of the mission. Platoon- I'm sorry to @DHbatman, @ZentharTheMagician, and the Charlie SL for what happened at briefing. It was an honest mistake. And before you say anything about changing the keybinding. My grenade key is my Right Shift Key. I was moving my phone off of my computer and I accidentally hit it. I didn't realize i had thrown it until it was too late. Sorry. Not gonna finish the Debrief as I was dead the entire mission
  9. Been a while since I updated my Missions thread so I thought I'd give you all an update on the possibility of my Gallipoli Campaign. Well, I am still deciding whether it would be better for it to be a Zeused mission or a Scripted mission. @Digby Tatham-Warter I would appreciate your help in doing the research on the campaign to try and get stuff historically accurate apart from it being in a modern setting. Or you know, if I make it a Zeus mission, you can help me fuck everyone up. Map will more than likely be Lingor or Duala, depending on which looks more like the Turkish coast. Just gotta do research and actually start working on it. I'm hoping people enjoyed fighting the Battle of Monte Cassino and is looking forward to this Campaign.
  10. Wasn't me. Not a clue what you are talking about. I was Alpha 1-1 on Pirate side
  11. 1st Mission- BTR Commander- "Bad things happen when I drive..... -BOOM!!!!!!!!-" Zeus- What zeus??? We had no Zeus!!! I have no idea whose mission this was though. Platoon- Communication with the squads was good, just wish we had a better position at the beginning so we could've prevented Alpha being wiped. Squad- We did good, even with myself suffering from sound glitch issues, and the absolute shittiness of the BTR. Again, I'm not allowed to drive because bad things happen and that was proven during this mission. Overall- I am not allowed to drive, ever... I have been banned by the community from driving. Not the CM's, the community in general. Also, none of my crew told me the IED was in front of us. I also had no idea what had happened when we died because my sound wasn't on. I thought the mission had just ended. 2nd Mission- Alpha SL- "You'll never get your SL Tags until I survive one mission in your squad.... -dead-" - @mekboy_4000 Zeus- @Forked mission was good. I really have no complaints for you mainly seeing as how my squad never made contact with the guys you spawned near the base. Platoon- @Rezonath and @NeilZar, mission plan was good even though it lead to most squad being beat to shit. And 1 squad in particular being completely incompetent. Squad- We did good. I was getting kind of frustrated with everyone as thy weren't sticking with their fireteams during our assault on the Vehicle Depot, which lead to our squad taking several casualties that could've been avoided. Overall- Enjoyed the mission. Did not enjoy cresting a hill and getting blasted in the face by a T-34. 3rd Mission- RTO- "Digby has lost his fucking mind." Zeus- @Digby Tatham-Warter did a great job as always on your missions. I'm not sure if you are actually losing mind or it was just because it was late for you, but you were fucking way out in left field. Platoon- Bagpipes 1-1 did a good job, so I have no complaints for you guys. @Wattsits and @ZentharTheMagician, sorry things got confusing near the end of the mission. Orders were coming to me in a confusing way and i did my best to give the orders in a less confusing manner. Squad- We all carried the same weapon then myslef and @ToffRocket became really scared of @Doctadoone as he was getting extremely pissed off. Overall- Mission was fun and I found a new gun that I like so were good. 4th Mission- Alpha LAT/RTO- "Warlord... My squad fucking ditched me." Zeus- I know it was @warlordsh and somebody put I can't put my finger on it. Mission was, I was AFK for the first part of it but the last part was really good up until my fucking squad ditched me. Platoon- I originally wasn't RTO but I took over because the current RTO had no idea what he was doing. Sorry to Retard 1-1 at the end, I could not hear shit from @Wattsits after he died. Squad- @Wattsits did really good as SL. I'm sorry I went off comms after Feruz Bad, I was extremely pissed off by being ignored and being told I was taking to long to respond even though I had told them several times where I was and I even marked it on the map, yet they ditched me still. I also could not hear a word you were saying after you came back from being dead and nobody was inclined to tell me. I also sat on 69 for a long while and heard nothing but silence even from Bravo. SO I joined up with @LTRampageX because he appreciates me. So @Silver Snow pay attention when you are a medic because I said where I was 5 fucking times. PAY ATTENTION REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Also, I know that ditching my squad is bad but nobody told me I couldn't and it wasn't because of conflict with SL, it was because the Squad didn't listen properly. Overall- I drove a go-kart into a fucking bush then my go-kart blew up. 5th Mission- Alpha SL- No Quote Had fun with this, not gonna do a whole debrief because there is no point.
  12. 1st Mission- Echo 2ic- "Permission to grab the crayons Doc???" Zeus- Mission was rather interesting, and pretty practical in the sense that Poland would be one of first countries to be invaded by Russia and the US would stick our noses in. Platoon- Don't know who it was, but everything seemed to be going alright. Everyone kinda got messed up but everything went well. Squad- @Doctadoone was our squad lead and he did a good job up until the point his head was taken off by a .50 cause I took too long to shoot the bastard manning it. Other than that we did good. Overall- Had fun with the mission, spent most of it dead but oh well. Also got pinned down by ZSU and a Hind. 2nd Mission- Delta SL- "We may or may not be going to wrong compound..." Zeus- I think it was @NeilZar but I can't be too sure. Mission was good, wish we didn't have to use Dinghy's. Platoon- @seami Plan was alright. You need to make it clear on which squads are taking explosives. I didn't order anyone to take any since we were undermanned and I didn't realize everyone was supposed to take it. Squad- We did good, @mekboy_4000 wins a cookie for being the 1st to die in my squad, continuing his current streak. Other than that we did good up until the point everyone got fucked by a lunchbox. Overall- Had fun with it. Could've done better at realizing that we were heading to the wrong compound but oh well, we took care of several EI near it anyway. 3rd Mission- Plt Lead- "This is Platoon to Crossroads... Could we please get the Coast Guard out here to rescue us???" Zeus- @warlordsh mission was alright. Wish you would've given us boats with .50's at the beginning. Platoon- Everyone did good. Plan evolved as soon as we hit the beaches, so we didn't keep to it much. Eventually we ended up having a Fireteam join us that turned into a suicide team, @Mister Magoo and @Mittens. Squad- How @Trinoc was killed I will never know, but other than that we did a good job protecting our captives even though one of them stole the truck we were using to transport them. Overall- Had fun up until I broke ARMA. Good Mission... If only the Coast Guard had come to save us...
  13. 1st Mission- Charlie SL Zeus- @Sarissa, mission was great. Lot's of things to shoot at and an absolute cluster fuck as soon as we cleared the FSB. Platoon- @Digby Tatham-Warter, comms were clear and so were the orders. It was hilarious to hear you die over LR to a BMP. I do think you under utilized Charlie by keeping us back to secure an already secure LZ. AFter you died it turned into an absolute shit show on who was in overall command until I claimed the spot and tried to get everyone out of danger. We lost 3 of 4 helo's. RIP 2 of those pilots. Squad- We did good. My 3 fireteam system worked to perfection this mission, so I have no complaints or anything else to say about my squad. Overall- I did good. 2nd Mission- Foxtrot SL Zeus- @Forked @Digby Tatham-Warter @NeilZar, mission was good. I think you could've kept the quick response force a little bit longer to let us at least get to our spot but oh well. Platoon- Yeah, the squads did not function well together. We need to work on our inter-squad cohesion Squad- I'm gonna say this once. I relayed the information I got about the quick response force to all of you, but it seems that none of you listened seeing as how 6 of you charged full steam into the oncoming force instead going slowly. Yes it is my fault for not telling you to go slowly but I shouldn't have too. Overall- Mission turned into a real shit show, nobody worked together. We crumbled really quickly. 3rd Mission- Platoon Lead Zeus- @Life010. Mission was fun. Wish we had bayonets though. Platoon- Everyone did good. We took the hill and fended off several attacks despite everyone crowding around the arsenal. Squad- @Silberjojo really needs to stop committing suicide by charging the enemy line. Overall- I got 46 kills, I'm good now
  14. 1st Mission- Bravo SL- "I am not allowed to drive anymore." Zeus- @Weegie, mission was alright. Right off the bat, there was action. Action, action, and more action. Despite being under-equipped, we dominated them until we reached the weapons depot. Platoon- @seishimaybeC did a good job, you kept Bravo at the front of the fighting and bearing the brunt of the attacks after Delta crumbled. You then sent us on a suicide run to save Echo, which ended up being only @Syndicate who then later died as our medic was treating him. We then proceeded to the Weapons Depot... Which is where Bravo's story ends. Squad- I'd first like to apologize to everyone I got killed by charging into the depot... actually by charging down 1 guy that I missed completely. I'm never allowed to drive again. Other than that we did good. Overall- I died twice, once to being funneled into an alley way and lit up by a guy in a tower, then by @Galactic sucking horribly throwing grenades. 2nd Mission-Knight 1-2 Loader- "I go AFK a lot as loader" Zeus- @Digby Tatham-Warter mission was good, or at least from what I can tell. Despite having 2 Challengers, we didn't do good at all. Platoon- @Fidelias did a pretty good job. I was on 69 the entire time, sending stuff to @lokyar a lot quicker than RTO. Don't remember who RTO was and I never listened sooooooo yeah. Squad- @lokyar did good commanding our tank. I got to kill things with my machine gun so that is good. Other than that we did good, we panicked quickly when we took a hit despite being in a challenger. Overall- Got kinda boring but oh well. Had fun with it. 3rd and 4th Mission- Zeusing- "I find out that blowing people up is fucking amazing" Quote says it all. @Wattsits and @Hekhal I now understand why you guys like playing with mines and explosives so much. It is so satisfying to see people go up in a cloud of red mist.
  15. 1st Mission- Foxtrot 2ic Zeus- @Urist McGLORY did a good job. Mission was an absolute cluster fuck, foxtrot and charlie got fucked in a forest by the Russian Bear. Plt- Don't remember who it was but I do remember @Katla_Haddock took over. Sorry for the bad comms from me while I was leading Foxtrot. I spent more time listening to my squad and to the fire fights that was going on around me, then I was to LR. My mistake, won't happen again. Squad- @Rorkiy did a good job leading us during the times he was alive. Probably wasn't the greatest idea to charge forth while we were fighting in that forest. I did try to pull the truck forward to rescue everyone else, but I failed miserably when I got out to fight the Russians then tried to get back in. Everyone else did a good job, even though we kept losing people without even realizing it. Sorry for trying to lead you guys into the death trap known as the forest while we were all wounded, Just wanted to get a good defensive position but Beketov is broken. Had it not been broken, we would've had a better defensive position. Overall- I think I did alright given the circumstances. I could've done better leading and answering comms, but shit happens. I think I lead alright, and got most of us through alive the second time. I also got us out of encirclement so that is a plus. 2nd Mission- Charlie SL Zeus- @TobiWan did a great job with this mission. You answered all comms promptly and you took care of the wallhacking Russians. Plt- @Derpy did a good job as platoon. Plan was sound, and was executed perfectly. Squad Cohesion was really good, so we got each objective done quickly. Squad- OUR LINE WAS STRAIGHTER THAN @FireDad'S!!!!!!! We did good, I think we only lost 2 people that whole entire mission. I also tried out a new squad composition method and it worked very well. Command element went Green along with medic, AR Team plus 1 more guy went red, and blue team was LAT with an explosives guy. Overall- I liked the mission. It was fun and easy. 3rd Mission- Platoon 2ic Zeus- @Weegie, mission was good. You need to be able to adapt a lot quicker to the actions of the platoon. Plt- @seishimaybeC did a great job as platoon as always. There was a complaint about her micromanaging, but I never heard it. Also, you guys need to get over the fact that you were stuck offshore waiting to assault the town. We needed to ease the EI forces in the town before you hit the beaches, otherwise we would've had a Normandy situation on our hands. Squad- Yeah, not really much to talk about. We didn't do much except fight 2 guys that snuck behind our lines. Overall- I really need to learn how to drive on fucking hills without crashing. Other than that I had fun 4th Mission- Hunting down a Traitor Ok. I would like to give @ChaplainNirwana props for figuring out who they were hunting down before mission start. The mission echoed my opinion on the Berghdal matter. Other than that mission went smoothly besides the fact THAT YOU GUYS TOOK SO FUCKING LONG!!! It should've been a rather quick mission but you guys weren't paying attention to the road in front of your vics. The IED's were spaced out far enough that you could avoid them if you were paying attention. Also, you guys stopped so far away from the first town it was ridiculous. You could've drove into the town and started clearing, and made it get done so much quicker. There seemed like not enough cohesion between the squads as there wasn't a lot of chatter over LR. As for letting @Hekhal join OPFOR, I wanted it to be a bit more challenging. I did fuck up and TP him to quickly after I respawned him, should've waited a little bit longer. I also learned that he is Olympic qualified in shooting, which is pretty impressive. To answer the complaints of Valkyrie, there were no MANPADs (Whatever the fuck that is), just scattered Igla's and static ZSU's. Also, this is going to be the last time I play for the next 5-6 days. I'll still be on forums if you need me for anything. Talk to you all next Tuesday, possibly Monday.