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  1. Gustav also is kinda bugged. Witnessed THIS happening in more than a few missions. @Psychopozzie @Crump
  2. Every bullet will have to individually have extra factors tacked onto it. Air pressure, temperature, humidity, Coriolis effect, differences due to the type of ammunition and that's all just off the top of my head. The server already has a hard time if we spawn just a few too many entities. All those extra calculations, even if they are on non-essential personnel like riflemen clearing towns with carbines, are going to destroy FPS and more often then not crash the server. We already have a bunch of problems keeping FPS above 30, let's not try and add more. Prophet already has quite a bit of work to do to line up good shots. The range card only covers increments of 50 and at longer distances, the zeroing can take a bit to calculate or even guesstimate. There is wind on the server too, and while it is next to negligible for some people Prophet is going to be affected at the range they shoot at, if only slightly. Prophet is also on top of hills most of the time so elevation differences are to be taken into account, it isn't just using the range finder and zeroing, a significant elevation change can make a big difference. Prophet is also meant to be marking targets for forward teams and relaying anything important to RTO/Platoon. If that isn't enough to keep them occupied, then maybe they shouldn't pick the class. I take mortar on the pretence that I will spend 10% of the mission positioning and setting up, 15% calculating, 5% relaying numbers and 70% sitting on my hands waiting for orders. It's not the asset for you if you get bored easy. Prophet has a bit more action, but not really. You sit on a hill putting dots on a map and plugging in numbers to try and hit things, nearly the same as mortar except you can see what you kill and you can do it at will. If that isn't enough action for you then get in one of the infantry squads. TLDR Prophet is fine as is. They're just a slightly less boring mortar. If you don't like that play infantry. Advanced ballistics will lag the already prone to crash server and probably cause more crashes and required restarts, due to the extra calculations, for very little extra reward.
  3. Advanced ballistics isn't a new mod. It's part of ACE. >.>
  4. @Xaymar You can't just ignore Zeus and Platoon slots, because you "Don't care." They need feedback too otherwise they can't improve. Even if you had no contact with them you can infer how they were doing from how smooth or interesting the mission was and if you can't do that, then don't say it at all. What's the point in writing, "Zeus: Don't care." at all? It's a complete show of disrespect. You might not appreciate it but these people try their hardest to bring you enjoyment and to not even have the courtesy to offer some feedback is downright insulting. As for all your 'constructive criticisms', if you don't have anything nice to say keep it to yourself. There are guns, Ai are glitchy, people get shot. The day we make perfect runs of every single mission is the day we probably stop this game and find something more challenging. This isn't an AAR, what you've posted is a rant and not a very helpful one. No one is perfect, there's no reason to single people out for getting killed, it's a part of the game. People panic, people are inexperienced. If you truly want to see them improve then help them and don't berate them for their mistakes. For example you called out Tomo and InquisitorGarm. Note their ranks. Then you said NODZZ is better. Note his. Tomo hasn't been playing with us for that long, InquisitorGarm even less so. Sure they might not be the best leaders, I certainly wasn't a few months back. But that is no reason to ask stupid questions and make them feel bad. If you're so grossly incandescent in the art of leadership then teach them. Suggest things they could try and suggest alternate approaches and try to do so without using the word 'retard' please. If you disagree with something, by all means, challenge it, but do so with respect and make your suggestion just that, a suggestion. Give pros for it and convince them. And calling people 'special retards' is COMPLETELY unacceptable. Keep it professional and attempt to reign in the profanity and insults in these. If I was a CM I'd be writing you up for a forum ban after reading that disrespectful mess. Okay so I can understand that it's late, and you're probably very tired and pissed, but this kind of AAR isn't really acceptable in the slightest. I'd suggest cooling off before writing something like this again, or better yet wait till the next day. Keep it professional, keep it constructive, and most of all keep it friendly. The number of people you downright insulted in that post is horrific.
  5. 1st Mission Role: I had a big gun and pointed it at Ruskies. I hid in a house and shot at people near the lighthouse. Got at least two kills. Nothing much more to say, I didn't see Natnanny, our SL, anywhere so I kinda just did my own thing. I like this mission, don't think it should be a DAILY thing as I like having the PvE missions more, they're what I play here for. I think having them on a bi-weekly (twice a week) basis would be good. A lot of people come here for the large scale PvE and not PvP. It's a nice change of pace, but I don't want it every day. 2nd Mission Role: Bravo SL. Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter I looooooooooove Digby missions. Quite possibly my favourite Zeus here. :3 This one was a lot of fun. Towns were well put together, the atmosphere was perfect and Putin hi-jacking our LR was just the icing on the cake. I have absolutely no complaints about the Zeus side of things. All my complaints lay with the platoon itself, which I'll get to. Platoon: @NeilZar , and whoever you were evaluating. Long Range was BLOODY CANCER. Reign that shit in, please. Holy crap I was trying to radio for medevac for ten minutes while pinned down under enemy fire and couldn't get a word in edgewise cause four or five people had their fingers hovering over the caps lock key trying to have three different conversations at once. There was NO END to the string of calls coming in. Just one example, Platoon was trying to get a sitrep from me when someone screamed "BREAK BREAK BREAK PARATROOPERS ABOVE THE TOWN." These paratroopers had been called out at least three or four times already. Just, bloody hell we needed section additionals or at least some comms discipline. Then there was the long range hi-jacking. The very MINUTE Putin started fucking with our LR we should have broadcast a message to all SL's to change frequency. Say something like Switch to Air frequency minus 10 or something so we couldn't keep getting interrupted. Sure Putin gave some *useful* info but most of it was clogging chatter that we didn't need with our already messy long range. That's just my opinion anyways. Aside from that plan seemed fine. Bravo had a good time clearing buildings and sitting in place for another ten minutes trying to get a call up the chain of command to get a tank to move. Don't know what was up with Schnitzel 1 but they just stopped moving for five to ten minutes as we stared at the town protecting them. Oh and also Foxtrot lead which I believe was @Paintchk (Dunno if correct username, sorry if incorrect tag. Name was Paint), if there's and order of march, FOLLOW IT. Don't just cut in front of us because you were too impatient to wait for platoon's order to move. Also if you're going to be in the front of the convoy, you need to listen to long range and assess situations. Long Range clearly said KEEP DRIVING and you guys stopped at the first sign of gunfire which turned out to be a fireteam of 4 guys, not even any AT. We managed to keep driving on the main road STRAIGHT THROUGH THE FIRST TOWN with no casualties or even injuries. Okay. Lot of baggage for that mission. I swear I was having fun.
  6. We do this literally ALL the time. We just did one last night. >.>
  7. First Mission: Charlie Squad Lead Zeus: @Weegie Plt: @seishimaybeC The Laggy Invasion of Sahrani. Yeah got a bit laggy for a while and it didn't really help that it happened when we were getting shit on. >.> Only problem I had with the mission zeus wise. As for platoon, well, Docta's overwatch squad reigns supreme again. >.> Sitting and getting shot at for ten minutes, unable to return fire, followed by an hour or so of walking was meh. That is all. I'm kind of annoyed at Foxtrot, lead was @V1rU5 I believe. When we got taken across the water to the bunkers you were able to warn us about a tiny infantry force but not the technical with a 50 cal on top that wiped out SL and most of the squad. >.> Just kinda wanted a heads up at the very least. Mission was just fine, as far as I know. Spent most of it dead or asthmatically jogging so I don't really know much. Second Mission: Mortar Calculator Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter Plt: @Fidelias RTO: @Cyico Probably the most fun I've had in a mortar mission. Despite having a very loose grip on the mortars and some very rude tank commanders orders came through well and we managed to hit our targets. Apparently while attempting to hit a house we hit a moving BTR with a direct hit by luck as well as leveling the rest of the block. We were then ordered to level Schwemlitz, an order with which we took great pleasure in carrying out. We also actually saw some combat as well, as an enemy tank got downed in our area and the crew came up to our position. It was then that I was really glad I decided to build a mortar pit with trenches. If I had any complaints it would be that mortar was kind of just told to shell a position and not much else. I couldn't even say "rounds complete" or "splash" because the tank commanders were all over the long range, interrupting mortar calls and so on. There was also this conversation. Me: "This is Bishop (Mortar) to RTO." *short pause* RTO: "RTO to Knight." Despite the long range fuckery the mission was awesome. I loved the chess themed assets, themed assets and squad names are really cool and I wish more Zeuses would do them. If I ever take up Zeusing I'd love to do that. However, the infantry should have been pawns not squires. >.>
  8. Mission 3: First half absolutely sucked. Thirty-minute briefing and thirty minutes of jacking off on a boat while charlie and delta cleared objectives we could easily have gone to and cleared on our own. The whole first hour and thirty minutes of the two-hour mission was us either sitting and doing nothing, or cleaning up after Charlie and Delta. It was only when we took the airfield where we completely disregarded orders that we started having fun. Instead of taking a hill and sitting on OW, we took our coyote and charged into the airfield. Taking out two bases, 30+ EI and finally commandeered a BTR which more or less secured our hold on the airfield, all to some sweet music. Seishi, you're a great SL but your platooning needs some work. You need to give people things to do. If you want to get some people into an OW first that's fine, but don't clear the town for us. Just a few of my thoughts during the mission.
  9. Planning on going to RMAS after my degree. Not much else to say about it. >.>
  10. This. All this. I came in on my first day with no task force experience and was platoon leading in a side mission the next. Wasn't a small platoon either. I didn't go to training, I didn't ask questions. All I did was read the guides. They're so packed with detail that it's hard to mess up the basics. Even now I've been learning Mortar after one quick session with Edelweiss. When I took that mortar gunner slot I had read the full guide and had practiced with some targets in the virtual arsenal. I knew how to calculate distance and a firing solution without a calculator.
  11. Perhaps it sounded a bit harsh but there is a certain degree of truth to what I said. I don't mind teaching people, I relish it in fact. If Slouchy didn't have his session I'd be holding my own. But we're adults here and I feel there is a limit. I trust that if you come to the pool to swim that you actually know how to swim without drowning. If not, go to swimming lessons. See what I'm getting at? Im more than willing to lead and guide people into the deep end in missions. But if I have to pull you into the deep and you can't even swim yet then it's just going to be a problem. Its the same sort of issue I have with people going "Can I take Raptor? I'm learning and need practice." Practice on your own time. Boot the editor and practice, bring a buddy if you need it. Try not to hold up missions with inexperience. I'm all for giving people experience but there is a time and place. And main missions aren't it.
  12. There are a lot of people who want PVP. And there are also a lot who don't. But this is in regards to missions. A lot of people play here because they want large cooperative operations and not PVP, myself included. I come here to play Zeus run missions, if I wanted to play PVP, I'd find a King of the Hill server/clan. Having an event instead would be so much better. It would give those who want it a place to play and we can enjoy main and side missions without hearing: "Does anyone want a PVP mission?" *resounding chorus of 40+ people shouting NO*
  13. If a 2ic is saying this crap, they're either new themselves, or are simply fed up and have had a bad day. It can happen. I come on to have fun away from my IRL troubles, last thing I want to be doing is pseudo doing my real job as customer service. Granted that gives me an advantage, I know how to smile and remain calm and explain things... and then mute my headset and mutter moody comments. But not everyone has that filter. NO ONE likes explaining things time and time again. I've lost count of how many times I've had to explain radio frequencies to people on MAIN missions. If you're coming to those and taking valuable slots, I trust you to know what you're doing and to bring the proper gear. There is a huge amount of data on the forum and there are many individuals who are willing to help you out. But if I have to explain how to use an m136 WHILE a BTR is shooting at us, I might be liable to say "DROP THE FUCKIN' LAUNCHER AND LET ME DO IT!" I don't mind telling someone the camo if they missed it, I mind people getting on platoons arse 5 seconds into the game about it. I don't mind giving a gun recommendation, I do mind having to tell you that bolt actions are banned. I don't mind explaining ACE medical, I do mind if I have to explain it and you're the medic. TL;DR. What I'm trying to say is, give us a break too. We don't expect to have to hold a teaching lesson every briefing. If you have a question, ask, but if it's something silly and basic expect them to get a little annoyed. And if you keep barraging them with silly questions, expect them to get moody. Keep in mind we're only human, we have bad days. And if you're a new 2ic, forum guides are God. Fuckin' read em before you get told the long range frequencies by an auto assistant.
  14. May not be a regular, but I've been here for a month and I'm more than a little sure that I could teach you @Trahsi the ropes if no more regulars are willing. I'm well versed in most of the assets as well as command if you can actually believe that. >.> And that goes for everyone. More than willing to take you guys for some private schooling myself if you want. Just shoot me a PM.
  15. 4th Mission - Platoon Lead Haven't done one of these in a while but I had a lot of fun with this mission so I felt I'd discuss it. Zeus - The minute I saw the brief, I was all "Oh God, this is gonna take forever." It did. Two hours brief to finish. But I had a TON of fun for the entire thing! We cleared three well-defended towns and resistance wasn't too overkill. The quick response minefield was a good laugh as well. Mission was a lot of fun despite the tension at the start over vehicles and organization. Plt - This was me and @PinkMunn. I'm not gonna comment on myself but Pink was an okay FAC. Besides using the radio FAR too much, the info got through good and clear. All I have to say. Sqd Lds - Alpha: #AlphaMVP2017 Squad was great. Gave good comms, cleared towns effectively, had to shoot one in the arm for blasting music but that's my only issue. Brilliant work all around for Alpha. Bravo: Bravo I'm going to call the brave squad. Drove through a LARGE minefield and lived. The squad itself gave good comms but apparently had some squad members throwing smokes after told to stop. Probably just a case of some newbie FNG's but still the squad lead should have been dealing with it instead of denying it. Charlie: Seemed okay. Followed orders well and comms were okay I suppose. Not a whole lot to talk about. Even with the limited manpower they seemed to power through easy enough. Delta: Our specialist Heavy Weapons squad. They had some tough times, got utterly shagged at the second objective by a hidden BTR suppressing the position. Platoon got caught in with it as well but managed to utilise the heavy weapons to destroy a BTR. After reuniting the two surviving members with their squad, Delta did quite well at clearing the latter objectives. Could have talked a bit more. I didn't realize their squad near wiped until I found them. Prophet: Very good. Great intel gathering, 50+ kills or so I am told... Only request would be that they should be more vocal about targets instead of just marking and ignoring. I thought they were dead for a while they were so silent.