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  1. Mission 1: Fox Lead Mission wasn't really noteworthy. Only reason I'm including it is one individual by the name of @Schmorfson who got an entire humvee destroyed along with the majority of individuals in it by disregarding orders, and being impatient. We set out of the base after briefing and after the lead vic missed the turn, WARNED US ABOUT STOPPING, and began turning, Schmorfson who seemed to be daydreaming plowed into the side of their vic causing injury to both parties. After yelling at him a bit for said collision and telling him to keep awake and pay attention, he decided he didn't want to be behind the lead vehicle anymore, attempted an overtake while I was on the map, rammed into the side of the other humvee and destroyed it, killing the majority of the members within. Schmorfson, if you're going to pull shit like this, at least have the bloody decency to apologise for it rather than just wandering off from the squad without SL leave. Mission 2: Bravo Lead Mission was a bit slow, especially with respawns. Maybe helicopter insertion in the center of a jungle is NOT the best idea. Either way, we led our small and ever decreasing squad through the jungle clearing contacts as we went and most of us including myself survived for ALMOST the entire mission. I died because at the final extraction as we were securing the last of the hostages we encountered some light resistance and the choppers immediately left a good 20 soldiers to die in the following counter attack when waiting ten to twenty seconds would have meant we all got out. Was a bad decision on the choppers part as they tried to pick us up again as the enemy counter attack was in full swing.
  2. @Tobe @Zoteri_Andrew @Life010 @Mittens Okay just gonna step in here, take this to a community feedback thread. This has crossed from the realm of reports and has devolved into a flat out argument which does not belong here. Either take it to the correct thread if you feel this incident needs further discussion or stop cluttering this up and drop it. I'm a little upset I didn't stay for this mission to record all this but knowing all the parties involved I think I have a good idea what happened regardless.
  3. It was forbidden by Zeus yes at the start yes, both during the map briefing and afterwards. I can't speak for the blufor command who didn't spot this infraction however as I was opfor.
  4. This was Chrishiss. He took a suppressor for his rifle which is widely known to be quite the faux pas in these types of missions. He obviously knew this was against the rules as this was said multiple times both before the mission started and after it started. This was only spotted after the mission had already began by spectators and through the assistance of both Blufor members we IDed who it was. I reported it to Woody who took it off said player immediately but he still had it for the majority of the mission and I don't believe anything was said afterwards.
  5. Mission 1: TVT Bravo SL Got shredded by a lucky minigun round or two so I don't have much to say. The mission was fun I suppose despite some individuals on the other team using sound suppressors. Glorious Russian victory. Mission 2: Platoon Lead Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter Mission was a TON of fun, at least for me. I sincerely apologise for some of the decisions I made this mission, namely the starting positions and the choice to counterattack. I didn't realise enemy presence in the treeline to start with was so heavy and as a result ALpha walked into two squads of infantry when we only had evidence of a light recon element within the town. I did not expect such heavy resistance so early and as such immediately called for retreat on all channels long range and short range for those who didn't have squad leads. After I gave the order to retreat across all short ranges I cleared the tanks to engage anything and everything in the trees to try and secure the town at least. The second issue was after the respawn wave where I ordered a counter offensive into the treeline and into the other half of the town. We had been suppressing them with both HE tank shells and machine gun fire so I assumed their numbers were much lower than they actually were and so ordered the squads to regain some ground, especially since Bravo SL seemed quite eager to mount a counteroffensive. Again this was a bad move as infantry were once again shredded and again I ordered retreats back to the town. I do apologize again for my command catastrophes but despite that you all performed extraordinarily well, except for the Alpha medic who completely ignored me when I called for medic because I was all red and my vision was grey. Mission was a ton of fun regardless. One of my more favourite missions to Platoon.
  6. TLF


    I'd love to grab Platoon Lead. If someone more qualified wants it I'll settle for Squad lead though.
  7. I was giving you options. I gave platoon a choice of the time of day, and I gave him a choice of how he'd like to insert, IE the RHIBs, the cars or the chopper. I took control of a couple but basically what I did was make a BIG ass selection box and divert all infantry in the area towards the ruin, as realistically they would have heard the fighting. After you captured the place, I felt you guys had more than enough people still alive so I was just trying to make it a tad more tense by throwing last ditch remote controls in the form of hip fire that started inaccurate as balls and moved towards kneecaps in an attempt to stop the detonation. Also because apparently Tanoa jungle breaks infantry cause half of them didn't even move along their patrol routes let alone move when ordered to. The minute I heard the explosives start going off I stopped.
  8. I wasn't complaining? I'll edit the post regardless.
  9. Mission 1: Fox Squadlead Zeus: @cineafx Plt: @TEG Mission was an utter DISASTER for us. First contact we get to, Delta and Echo drive on and Knight just sits in the middle of the road blocking our path. As a result, I tell the driver to drive off left into the trees to go around. When we start moving off we finally find out that half the squad has gotten out because some FNG rifleman ( Etienne-Z ) decided to scream dismount in the chaos. As a result we get seperated and promptly killed by friendly GMG fire courtesy of Cyanide. Great way to start a mission. Eitherway after that horrendous start we had a fun time walking to our next objective where we managed to get all 5 hostages out. Shit start but fun end I suppose. Mission 2: Platoon Leader Zeus: @BlueNexus Plt: Was meh bitchez. @C-O-B-R-A (Just cause you asked for a notification) For a start, the mission FROM THE START was obviously going to either run long, or have to be cut short. We were tasked to drive a convoy from the Chernarus main airstrip to clear both Cherno and Elektro, a distance of nearly 8 KMs AS THE CROW FLIES. With roads it probably was closer to 10KM. You have no bloody clue how difficult it is to run a smooth convoy with 4 separate armour assets, 4 infantry squads and a logistics squad (16 vehicles total) over a SHORT distance, let alone travelling 2/3rds of the map. I split them up into three smaller convoys so it wasn't so much of a clusterfuck and it STILL eventually got all cluttered up and squished. It does not help that we had some brand new SLs who don't know how Long Ranges work, one squad accidentally brought OPFOR ones too. On multiple occasions, I had to screech into the radio to stop two squads and crossroads all trying to talk at once. When I ask for someone to talk, I expect THEM and ONLY THEM to respond. That goes for crossroads too. When I'm trying to coordinate my squads through the hell you're throwing at us I don't want my orders being interrupted by some trivial message to the resupply trucks at the back. Just move over there and talk to them yourselves. Either way, we finally made it down to Cherno, set up an FOB and Platoon cleared more buildings than all you suckas. Mission 3: Zeus Again, it's a bit unorthodox for a Zeus to report on his own mission with my limited information and all, but there were some issues brought up I'd like to address. @Zoteri_Andrew Sure. It might have been a bit mean calling you out for taking platoon at the start, but after seeing you in command recently - as an individual who regularly takes command in missions - I don't feel you're qualified to Squad lead let alone platoon lead at this point in time. Just the other day when it was me, Spooks and yourself you were COMPLAINING after the mission about how difficult it was to be in command despite only having a tiny fraction of a complete squad. I offered to take the long range multiple times as I have plenty experience and all I got was a "SHUT UP!" in response. After seeing that display I was sceptical to see you take Platoon and I was correct to assume so. The Long range was sloppy, requests from the other squads were denied or outright ignored and the incident with your medic was downright silly. ( @Wattsits I'm sorry about the heal but I really just felt bad for you between the terrible communication and the Alpha medic who couldn't read a map. When the chopper just flew past you I just kinda hit my head on the keyboard and took pity. Won't happen again.) Long story short, read the guides that were linked. They really do help. Also do try to be a little less harsh with people. Charisma is important for command and while I'm not going to name names, you're not exactly making a ton of friends among your squad mates with the leading you've been doing so far. Just get a little more practice and eventually you'll get there. P.S SORT OUT YOUR MIC. I don't know what your settings are but you cut out halfway through orders EXTREMELY often on both radio and direct. This isn't just me that's noticed.
  11. So I used to be a Planetside regular. Many of my clans over the years have been Planetside 2 based and I've swapped from NA to EU servers more times than I can count. But after a short absence, I've gotten back into the game recently and found myself with no outfit to play with, so I figured I'd make another one here! After a quick search around I see Walder has also made a group, but it only has him as a member and hasn't been active so I figured I'd try running a new one. For those of you who are new to the game, Planetside 2 is a free to play game on steam with a unique MMOFPS feel. Servers can have hundreds, even thousands of players on at once, all fighting over a huge, semi-free roam planet with 4 different continents each with its own aesthetic, Desert, Arctic, Plains and Swamp. Fights over territory can be small, 12v12 or can ramp up to huge combined arms 100+ vs 100+ slugfests with tanks, gunships, VTOL fighters, dune buggies and even armed quad bikes. I'd highly suggest giving it a shot. A downside of the free to play model is that while everything can be unlocked through hard work, there is, of course, a freemium aspect. Most weapons are hard to attain on your own as a newbie as you're new and probably aren't racking up the experience to earn the IGC to unlock new weapons and gear. Luckily most of the Terran weapons you start with are pretty good right out of the box and for the first few levels you get a huge amount of IGC with each level. There are plenty of guides around the interwebs that will tell you what is absolutely vital to grab and what you shouldn't really be buying too. I can also help in that regard. For those of you interested in getting organised or just dropping in and playing some time, we're playing the Terran Republic Faction on the Cobalt server. Just hit me up for an invite. Look forward to seeing some of you there!
  12. I'll also include a collection of the workshop items I used to make them. Should probably get 'em. FK.bin
  13. Really wanted to make you Nugget! But the images that were provided were kinda crap for getting anything remotely that looked like you. The first one is better but hockey mask doesn't help. This is the rez I would be working with. Sure. But I'm working on a couple more so stay tuned.
  14. Were the Americans using T-90s? Communist scum.