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  2. First mission(Delta) Zeus: @Katla_Haddock @Slouchy Orc @Neroxen What a mission that was! Hopefully the FPS was good enough because that mission was epic! The hardest mission I've done in a long while. Our Delta BOF eventually got overrun after a long firefight with enemy's. We got flanked by 3 enemy squads at which point even our air-assets said there was a lot of shit coming and we should get the fuck out. So far never before I've had a squad where we actually were actually Forced to retreat by the enemy flanking our position this well. Thank you guys a lot for this mission and giving without HC a try, was a ton of fun! Seriously hope to see this again for more testing!
  3. Looks to me like an Logitech problem, i believe your headset comes with an USB-dongle thing. I've had the Logitech G430 (With dongle thing) and i had the exact same sound fuck-up which gave me problems(including crashes). I was never able to fix it and the only way to get it to work properly was to simple use the separate Audio/Mic plugs directly into my PC(no USB in between). As far as i've been able to find about it, it seems to be shitty Logitech drivers (The USB thing is a sound card for the "7.1" audio). Without the USB thing the headset worked fine(i had a wired headset) except that i couldn't use the Logitech software/"7.1" I have spend multiple hours trying to get this fixed, but unfortunately i had no solution. Eventually bought a complete new headset, in the near future not gonna buy a Logitech headset again since this seems a big problem. If you happen to find a solution let me know.
  4. First mission(Bravo) Zeus: @Sarissa Different mission than what we are used to. I definetly liked the mission itself, different mission than we are normally used to (which also brings salt from some... ) But in my eyes such missions once a while should definitely be happen because they show how military also is (since we are a milsim) and also generally changes stuff up a bit. Maybe next time having some more interaction, having to find the head of a village or such, could improve it. I'm sure that you look past the salt and i hope to see such mission again. FK definitely needs some more training in forming convoys. Platoon: @Digby Tatham-Warter Personally didn't have any contact with you but i do have 1 point. At the start it took us about 30minutes~ to get into a proper convoy, next time that might need some more guidance from your side. Other than that, the plan seemed good and everyone knew what he had to do. Squad IC: @Snapjaw You did good as far as we could this mission. Although it was a convoy mission near the end we had some engagements which went well. Point of advice, give the infantry directions on where to look/over-watch For example tell blue team to watch N to S and give red team S-W and take N-W yourself. This makes your life easier because you know exactly where the squad is located and its less confusing for us Squad: @NeilZar @Cyico @seami @Wafflefox @Silberjojo @ThatWalder @Sebbe @Drett Altough we had a bit of a slower mission without much to do as squad. From @ThatWalder's anime voices to @seami and @Sebbe having some "alone" time together this mission definitely improved because of you guys. So thanks for making a convoy mission, a mission fun
  5. Second mission(Alpha) Zeus: @Argon Loved the mission, no more fancy weapons and outfits and high tech GPS's, back to the very basic map reading. Really looking forward to see another mission in this style. Having restrictions is always a good thing in my opinion and this mission showed how nicely that can play out. Having the Russians load-out be stronger than ours gave us a bit of a challenge, a welcome challenge. Well done Platoon: @ThatWalder Great plan you made, first time i see a platoon come up with a leap-frog style plan. At first i was a bit worried, having a squad not clear a town properly will for sure cause casualties for the squads passing. But that also gave us extra pressure to do our job properly and not rush stuff. Plan worked out perfectly as far as i was aware, all squads seem to had objectives constantly, well done you too Squad IC: @Nugget30 Unfortunally you died at the first contact due in my opinion a poor decission. We came way to close to the objective which had a heavily defended check-point. Having had you as squad lead before, this is definitely not your style, not sure what was different today(distracted by something? ) You prob already understood yourself, but staying a bit further back and first observing the town might have been a better idea. Also, as squad leader you seriously need to be able to simply tell people to shut the fuck up. Your squad lead, your word is law. After we had the ambush i heard someone complaining and and constantly telling what you should do, don't be afraid of telling such person to be quiet, your the leader, you are the one making the plans and giving others orders. Squad: @Sanddude(2IC) @Bobblehead @Torofad @Mihax209 @thePier @HootiePumpk @Rogue Amazing squad, had a lot of fun this mission together with you guys. Unfortunately some of you died at the first ambush and wee had to move on as a 4 or 5 man strong squad. @Bobblehead Took leading upon him, and damn dude i was amazed. From the second you picked up the LR you lead us through the objectives like a real leader and we suffered no casualties(!) as a small squad. We completed the objective together as a squad and we covered each other's backs. Throughout the mission i enjoyed being with you guys, during the action we worked together as a team, out of action we had some good talks, great to see such good discipline @thePier, Don't worry about your driving, your a friendly Italian guy and don't take the jokes personally(which i think u didn't ), was a good time with you. @Bobblehead Was a pleasure to meet you, although i wasn't really your assistant i hope to someday be on your side again and be a real assistant auto rifleman.
  6. Its possible that the adres of the server gets blocked as its asking for too much traffic. Not sure if this is possible but that comes to mind. When your problems come back again, try opening CMD (command prompt) and see if you can still ping to the server adres (ping and let us know what responses you receive. Also not sure how much you would wanna spend for decent wifi (as your mobile could be a problem causer) did you look into "mifi" modems? Never tried them myself, so not sure how good they are but for example:
  7. First mission(Bravo) Zeus: @Sarissa @mrrbatty This mission started of great, we got some enemy contact which we didn't expect that early, which caught us a bit of guard. When we arrived at the city that we had to take, we where greeted with an enemy tank which we quickly took out, although this unfortunally also destroyed the bridge. We agreed with Echo that they would swim across the river first while we cover them. We shot a few enemy EI's but the town seemed mostly clear as there wasn't much of an resistance, until Echo arrived across the river. Suddenly multiple enemy armoured vehicles turned up, of which most got taken out until.... mortars hit our team hard. My Autorifleman got instantly killed and i was heavily hit, in life danger for about 5 min (whole body bright red). I don't understand why we would get almost wiped out by mortar strikes, that precise, when we barely arrived at the town (mission just started). I heard that apparently we weren't supposed to be on that location, but that doesn't mean we should get mortared down for it. Such things should be told at platoon, not punish us for miscommunication i suppose. In the end this mission was a great mission with unfortunately a bad start. Mission had some good resistance making it hard for everyone, which i think is always a good thing. Echo / @Lenny - We where trying our best to cover you guys, but having multiple mortars hit very close to us (and my whole body going bright red because of it) made us ineffective very fast unfortunately. May i also ask what the reasoning was to transport your squad with the chopper? If we didn't have the enemy armour that got patched up we would have needed to walk all the way to the airfield while u guys where already at your LZ. This seems a bit dangerous to me, since your at the target without our support, and we are left behind. Platoon: @DHbatman We weren't in contact but as far as i can judge, you made a solid plan that worked out. Squad IC: @Nugget30 @Sora01 Although you both had problems that caused you to DC, you both did good work. Whoever took over command always knew what was going on and could continue where the other left off bc of the DC. Also good orders and clear communications from both of you. @Nugget30I am really a fan of your approach to split the group into 3 teams(Al tough i was joking about it). Gives you more possibility's and also the smaller fire-teams make it easier to make small tactical movements. Squad: @seami @LTRampageX @mekboy_4000 @Habivi @Gditz Had a good mission together with you guys, we provided excellent over watch as far as we could. Unfortunately this mission didn't have a great start as we lost a few members fast, but we worked together and got the job done. @LTRampageX Was fun being your "Assistant", i mean, being auto-rifleman buddy's most of the mission... Please leave me some feedback as i am trying to improve being an auto-rifleman assistant @seami You already understand yourself most likely, but always check your gear before the mission to make sure its all good. Also thank you a lot for saving my ass from dying, we spend a solid 10 minutes fixing me up... yet i survived somehow. @mekboy_4000 Please always listen to the SL's orders... @Nugget30 shouldn't need to scream over short range before his order get followed up.
  8. @andyt90 @Silberjojo @capitolmoney170 @seami @Mihax209 @Wolfgram @Esby No feedback, but an apologise for leaving the mission and not being able to play. Updated the mods today and it gave me 1 error which gets me kicked of the server, outside of my powers unfortunately. Was really looking forward to play, but unfortunately this kept me from playing with you guys. Lesson learned, don't update till necessary. Again sorry for leaving hope you guys found a solution or someone else to be AR assistant.
  9. Second mission(Charlie) Zeus: @ThatWalder @Weegie I think the idea was good, having the whole platoon do an over watch together. But the execution of this plan.. i don't know. In charlie we had barely anything to do other than watch a lot of sand and trees. I've seen about 8 EI in total this mission, not sure if our squad was just unlucky that the rest of the squads defended perfectly. By the end we started to finally get engaged by enemy chopper, but then we had to retreat... Not sure what the reasoning was, but for the next time try to spread out the enemy's more. I could hear that a few squads had a lot to do yet we had almost nothing to do. Saw that @Weegie DC'd a few times which would explain the above, maybe next time its possible for someone to take over his position of Zeus if he DC's at the start already. Platoon: @Forked We weren't in contact so can't say much. Squad IC: @Timberhawk Not much to say, you did good so far possible. Unfortunately since we didn't do much i can't say much about your leading. Plus points for switching the squad's positions once a while so we actually could do stuff (walking is still better than doing nothing ) Squad: @Life010(2IC) @warlordsh @atomicbucko122 @TEG @xagran @Tynakuh Altough we didn't have much to do, the general squad comms kept this mission bearable. Was fun having you guys in the squad, although we couldn't do much(And @atomicbucko122 / @TEG seemed to steal all the action) we made the best of it. Having @warlordsh play calming music on the background in his personal medic tent helped preventing me going(even more) mentally insane
  10. First mission(Alpha - Autorifleman Assistant) Zeus: N/A Gotta say that i LOVE these kinds of missions, fast start and full of sneaky action. Platoon lead: @NeilZar During the end of the mission we got into contact after our IC/2IC got killed. As expected we had good comms, and as far as PvP goes it seemed all good. Liked the plan to send 1 squad from behind. Squad IC: @Nugget30 (I believe?) Squad lead was good as far as PvP goes. Towards the end when we got close to the IED factory you entered and crossed an open field. As squad lead remember that your squad relies on you, so better to have an rifleman go first other than risking your own life. Squad: @Xaymar @Jacob_Waltz @LordMareron @Vizel (and a few others i can't remember) We provided over watch first which allowed us to take a lot of pirates out. After that we started to move towards the town after which most of the squad got taken out. I took over Squad lead and together with @Xaymar @Jacob_Waltz @LordMareron we had our own little sneaky squad. Eventually after a long sneaky route we ended up at the north of the town. We sneaked into the town while Bravo was distracting the pirates, and got all the way to the IED factory. In the end we took out the factory, which killed our squad but we got the job done Second mission(Charlie - MAT Rifleman) Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter @Leftymonster Seemed a good mission, we had more than enough to shoot at. Unfortunately because our squad got lit up at the first few minutes we did not see most of the mission. Platoon lead: @NeilZar / @Rezonath Didn't have contact with you, so can't say much about it. Only question i have is, what happened to the ambulance? Charlie squad got fucked at the start of the mission and we remained combat ineffective since that moment for the rest of the mission. Since the moment we got lit up we have been waiting for an ambulance the rest of the mission unfortunately. Squad IC: @Timberhawk / @Life010 Both did a good job(roeien met de riemen die je hebt). Unfortunally @Timberhawk DC'd during the misison which made @Life010 Squad lead. You both did good as far as it was possible this mission. Squad: @Neroxen @Vizel @xagran @thePier @Arrexis Squad did good as far as we could do. Even though we couldn't do much after getting lit up everyone stayed as positive as far as possible. Hopefully next time we are together we can do more.
  11. First mission(Bravo) Zeus: Not sure who Such a great PvP mission, loved the setup. Since we had an actual objective instead of blindly walking till you get shot, it gave the mission a lot more coordination and a very good style. Maybe next time it should be slightly more balanced to give the Russians a bit more chance. Other than that was good fun and definitely looking forward to the next mission. Squad IC: @Callistano @Lenny @BlackJack @Brandon @GarySqueak @ghostsquid @Rezonath First thing of the mission was @Lenny telling everyone to keep the comms clear and not use it for shit at any point in the mission. This is great stuff to see because that's how this game should be played in my eyes, no useless shit, focus on the mission and clear our objective. From that point on we had a good plan, we did one attack and then switched to the other side of the island to flank them while they where distracted, love to see such plans to fuck with their mind. Eventually i got taken out by @Craidus (Damn good flanking man, well done) because our right side wasn't being covered unfortunately. All in all a great mission in which the lead clearly showed from the start off that they don't want unnecessary shit , which is how it should be done. Second mission(Charlie - MAT Rifleman) Zeus: @Forked @Argon @Neroxen Well well.... what a mission guys! Seriously enjoyed this mission alot! Had an unfortunate DC at the start, but when i got back in i dove right into the action that never really stopped. We had a over-watch spot at the start, which got a lot more action packed since the enemy had a mortar team, not very accurate, but more dangerous after a while. Really loved the add of the mortar team, added some level of danger that wasn't directly dangerous but sitting still too long was no option. Good balance between enemy's to shoot at/take casualty's from, which made it all together a great mission. Platoon lead: @NeilZar / @Rezonath Didn't have comms with you so not much to say, plan was clear and my squad lead always had good orders so it seemed good. Squad IC: @andyt90 Well done Andy, was a really good time having you as squad lead. Very clear orders, and always keeping the squad up to date on the objective and orders from up the chain. Saw a lot of usage of the blue/red team which still isn't often used as good, but you definitely made a great use of both teams. Thanks for the leading, was an awesome mission. Squad: @Vizel(2IC) @Linnet @Vesper Akiri @thePier @Craidus @Tynakuh @Toasty @Sarissa Thanks for the mission guys, like said above this mission was a blast to play, also thanks to you all. Throughout the whole mission everyone stayed serious and focused on the mission. From the start of at the arsenal everyone stayed calm and had a nice talk, this continued throughout the mission, and till the end we had good/clear comms. Good to hear at the end that no-one intended to shoot each other from our squad. Unfortunately i got shot by another teammate (Looking at you @Sora01 i believe D:< ) Tip: When a T-34 chases us and rolls down the mountain behind us, please give me a range on it. It can only aim at 1 or 2 at once because we are spread out, so please someone else give a range on it so i don't have to guess it. Lesson i learned myself out of this situation: I should have taken more time myself and had i taken out my rangefinder myself instead of guessing it, i might not have missed by a centimeter.
  12. Second mission(Charlie) Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter @Forked @Kingorrik Loved this mission. First of all the scenery of this map was beautiful, hope to see it soon again. The mission had a nice ramp-up style where we started of nicely and in the end the enemy QRF-forces came in which we got over-run with. Love the fact that we actually failed a mission, we should have that way more often since that means you are making it us hard enough. Only thing i'm wondering about; over the LR, Platoon got told that within 4-5 minutes enemy MBT's would come and reinforce. Except within 30-60 seconds we had 3 MBT's at our position... Platoon: @Fidelias Wasn't in contact with you, but halfway i took over 2IC. As far as i heard it went well, when you give orders make sure to give an actual end to that order(objective). In 1 case we had to retreat to our west, after 5minutes our IC asked if we had to keep retreating after we had to walk most of the way back.. Also make sure you get into a secure, safe location so you can't get taken out halfway the mission. Squad IC: @Galactic You did absolutely a great job this mission! Great communication and often having direct contact with Delta about the next movement orders to make sure both squads work together efficiently was a good sight. Between the action had some fun talks while waiting, but as soon as we got into action we got back to serious stuff, probably one of the best squads I've had in a while. Thanks! Squad: @mekboy_4000(2IC) @warlordsh @Gditz @Torofad @AlmightyZoltar You all did a great job, when we hold on a position everyone took a side to cover without having to be told. Even when we had to hold for 10minutes because Delta needed our meds help, everyone stayed alert and no-one started to fuck around. As said above, probably one of the best squads I've had in a while, thanks for the fun mission guys!
  13. Bring it on! No-one can defeat the PMC's Yeah that fight where we got wiped was a textbook example of how important spacing is... went from a full squad to 2 members in seconds Sorry!! Added you, you all did a great mission and for sure deserve the credit!
  14. The battle of a sole survivor: We got deployed 1 hour ago about now. I am the sole survivor of the attack on our squad(Bravo). After the initial attack on our squad only @ToffRocket and i survived. He passed away shortly after getting hit by a grenade(not sure if he fucked that one up himself...). I tried my best but he passed away in my hands. After realizing i am alone, i decided to run upwards towards mountain rocks which gave me better cover and allowed me to bandage up myself. While on my way to said rocks, i heard voices in my head saying "Don't go east, there's a lot of enemy infantry over there, you better go west/north-west". After the voices first scared the fuck out of me, i listened to them and started running west . The voices warned me a few times of close enemy infantry after the voices said they wanted to have mercy on me. After walking to the west i dig myself a trench to take cover in. I linked up with Alpha short range, but unfortunately the signal was bad and it impossible to understand them, i got the message through that the squad got wiped, but then the signal fell off. Few seconds later i saw that the Charlie-marker on the map showed movement again. Linked up with Charlie-short-range which happened to be @Schmorfson. He came towards my marker and we entrenched our-self so we could set up a plan. Suddenly i heard my Squad leader @Rob on the Charlie frequency telling to get my ass back on bravo because they where coming to rescue me. (Guess they weren't welcome in hell and got kicked back out). After holding position with @Schmorfson bravo squad showed up and we where back together in this shithole. Note: Those voices where the Zeus's having some mercy on my ass Zeus: @Judgeman, @capitolmoney170 & @Vipershell (Sorry if i missed anyone) What a mission! 10 out of 10! That was such a epic mission, possibly the best one i have had so far. Constant fear of the forest, enemy's constantly trying to flank us and often almost succeeding, this all gave the mission a really good ambiance of fear all around us. The first objectives of town clearing where a lot easier and gave us some easier time, but it wouldn't be a @Judgeman mission if this didn't end up in a giant firefight. I loved the last objective, no-one knew where the downed chopper was, or where the enemy's where, which gave the mission a thrilling mood. The squad had to be on constant alert after we had multiple attempted flanks from the enemy. Tip/Improvement for next PMC: We expected more resistant in the first towns we had to clear, up until we started our last objective, i felt it was too easy for a PMC mission. Platoon: Wasn't in contact, so not much to say. Squad IC/2IC: @Rob & @Rokitiger Good leading, clear communications and orders from both of u. Only tip i have for both of u, don't push together as we are moving on. Last death where i the last survivor, u both went down together as one of the first because u both where the first contact with enemy's. Maybe next time tell the 2IC to stay more back. Squad: @Rob @Rokitiger @BaniKitsune @Tynakuh @Conga Line of Neckbeards @ToffRocket @1stWarlord @Schmorfson(If i forgot anyone tell me, i got the memory of a goldfish..) Had a great time with you guys, out of combat had a fun communication together but as soon as shit hit the fan everyone listened up to orders and we had a great squad. With @BaniKitsune's medical screaming everyone had eyes everywhere while he helped the wounded. Great missions guys, well done. And thanks for saving my ass in the end!
  15. Love the idea of having a multiplayer campaign, will be around for sure to follow it as much as possible One point i noticed about the VTOL mission we had was that after we cleared the town with the VTOL it became extremely quiet. From forces who owned a VTOL you would expect a lot more resistant. Especially after we captured the town, we waited on our raptor to repair the VTOL. We expected the enemy to try and take the town/VTOL back. Instead we fucked around and both squads stood together on the same house for about half a hour doing nothing. For future missions i would love to see heavier resistant and attempts from the enemy to take the objective back(Give us a hard fucking time! ) Other than that, love the idea and for sure will be following it to see how it works out.