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  1. Like I tell everyone, don't ask... lol00007
  2. 2 fast 2 quick
  3. Nobody was expecting this, they really went somewhere this time!
  4. Had money on my hands and saw it on sales. I decided to look up videos of it to see what exactly it was about. I liked the concept but found that the vanilla content fell kind of short. So when I saw people play with mods it was like Heaven and I fell in love with it. Bought it and since I got 774 hours in it.
  5. Yeah i got the edge of darkness edition but for now i'm riding solo maybe another time :3 How about a FK clan in eft?
  6. Add the "Siri is zeus" Panic and the list should be complete.
  7. gmod

    That thing was great, getting raped killed by other people was one of the best life experience i'll ever have. If anyone has any suggestion regarding what gamemode we could play next post it in this thread.
  8. Maybe, but at least you get constant 60 fps and its easier to learn in my opinion
  9. Imagine Arma, on a better engine (Bohemia pls fix) with rhs and jsrs that does'nt have paid dlcs and needs no setup but downloading the game itself, thats pretty much it. (Also its still in alpha so more content is on the way)
  10. Fluent in English and French, this thing is a cool idea but maybe a little bit to much of a clusterfuck, but still i'm up for that
  11. battle royale


    Does soviet play on this server?
  12. You saw right, its finnaly here the JSRS patch for RHS: Also they made one for RHS vehicles:
  13. space engingeers

    Maybe, depending on the date. It would be a pleasure to grind your ship.
  14. By holding Ctrl+Space on a door and using the scroll Wheel you can open it at the amount you want. Sadly I think it only works on official maps.
  15. until

    More people knowing how to use the rpg sight is always welcome