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  1. I mean, mods can replace dlcs but its not the same quality, also makes it easier for vanilla server to add content. For my part i'm pretty excited about the new UAV.
  2. The second mission was basically for me: First i had to defuse the minefield infront of you guys, and when i had finished you guys decided to go around the path i cleared. Second, Alpha squad went full berserk in a compound that we had to clear and i was the lone survivor hiding in the compound with Plthq, fourtunatly reinforcements arrived. Third, we went full speed with a truck to the airfield, we passed 2 tanks and full squads. Finally while assaulting the airfield, i went uncounscious for approx 5 minutes, first thing that happened a trucks pulls up next to me and someone says: "are you guys ok?" followed by "ho god your not!" then he drove away. And then a guy started to loot dead bodies, and when my turn came he went: "omg this guy is still alive!" but unfortunatly i bled out while being bandaged. 11/10
  3. Yeah but i mean also for unofficial games.
  4. Do not slot up until told to by zeus or any other person with autority on the current mission Would save some time at mission start since sometimes people who are new slot up automatically to a role and then we have to ask them for 5 minutes to get out of the slot.
  5. This is how you start a war with Canada
  6. Hi there, my name is Nic (ikr not nick) and i'm from Québec, Canada. Yes i do speak french and no i'm not sorry. Now that this is out of the way i can tell that i've got abselutly no life (Too many games on steam) and that i'm here to save you from BTRs (LAT is my main). Hope to see you guys in-game.
  7. Finally carrying a Javeling with rockets could be done...