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  1. Coming up with a Zeus mission involving NATO where multiple nations units are cobbled together hastily to deal with an enemy force, most likely Russian. This will also be a complete cluster fuck even if fully organized so oh well. MULTIPLE LANGUAGES WILL BE ATTEMPTED TO BE USED, MEANING TRANSLATORS WILL BE NEEDED This will take time so don't expect this any time soon or if I lose interest in trying to form it. To accommodate this idea platoon will be modified to work with this idea, as well as use of assets IF AT ALL. The amount of units needed in platoon squad will depend on how many languages will be used in platoon, Platoon lead will be the English speaking commander, while the other spots will be translators mean to inform PLT lead and relay orders to the squads not using English What will probably not be changed The platoon lead will be the English country(s) leader and de facto command The majority of platoon will be English units so people who can not use the languages picked will have a squad to be in Different long range frequencies will be 69 for English and Zeus, 68 for 2nd language, 67 for 3rd language and so on Short range comms and local communications will be encouraged and recommended to use the appropriate language your squad is in but not strictly enforced Long range comms will be required to use the appropriate languages What will be needed Platoon lead and translators Squad leads (And languages you can speak fluently enough in) Enough people who can speak a specific language to at least fill one whole squad and have a translator (9 in total) All people responding to this post please put in the languages you can fluently speak in and I'll probably update it as I get info. Languages up for selection based on feedback German Dutch Belgian French? Swedish? Danish?