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  1. Mission 1, Foxtrot Ass-AR Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter until he crashed out too much Platoon: Dunno Squad: SL - @Nugget30 2IC - @Cosmo Fairly quiet mission for Foxtrot, we sat on a hill watching Knight clear out objective, then covering Echo whilst they confirmed the objective was clear. We moved up to the next FUP, sat there for a minute and then had to move on as other squads were already past it and had cleared the second objective as well as their first. We rolled onwards to the third, final objective and then our second vic got ArmA'd, we all died. @Nugget30 and @Cosmo did well dividing up roles / sectors and calling for security when we dismounted. My buddy with the big gun @FlaffFan did a good job lighting up a squad very early on, @Natnanny helped him with ranges whilst I tabbed back (I was giving OW on a different bearing). @Vizel and @ThatSlickOniichan both conducted themselves professionally, would happily be in a squad with you guys again. That is about as much as I can contribute, I spent most of my mission either in the back of a Landy or dead thanks to de-sync.
  2. Mission II - Alpha Ass AR Zeus - @Forked @NeilZar @Digby Tatham-Warter Squad: SL - @Derpy 2iC - @Veagance Medic - @Cyico Autorifleman - @vonca LAT - @SleepyTacoz LAT - @12rai Rifleman - @Drett Rifleman - @Codomain As others have detailed, Alpha was one of the groups that was tasked with sequestering a hostage form the British. This made our mission a defensive one, which are known to be hard to create with AI either scripted or via Zeus. Once we had geared up and teleported, there was some confusion regarding vehicles. It appeared that we were all meant to have vehicles available at the teleport location, but the aggressor teams (those tasked with the assault) took all of them. Either there were not enough, or they did not load up well and left spare seats. Regardless, it added a realistic element as in the absence of a command structure it was a free for all and left us having to scavenge another vehicle whilst moving our hostage. We'd tabbed about half way to our village before the car boosting contingent of our squad found a vehicle to commandeer. Once at Oulsen (I believe), we dug in well, separated into several buildings (to protect from grenade strikes etc) and made sure we had good angles. Then we waited, and waited, waited some more, got flashbanged (I deserved that @Derpy it was funny and you called the medic ASAP, but @vonca didn't so maybe get him out of the room first next time), waited some more until we spotted an enemy FOB/Patrol Base/Checkpoint. Either we were blind or it was spawned just on the edge of our vision. We opted to hold position. The Brits sent a Coyote out scouting and we engaged that at pretty much our maximum effective range (about 400m on ironsights) pretty well. We had also sent Drett off at this point to recover an additional hostage from another squad. It quietened down again, and we waited. Another Coyote squad was dispatched, this time with more aggresion. We repelled it, but it acted as cover to allow a Merlin to drop in a squad. This squad must have either swum, or crawled the whole way down the riverbank using the terrain for cover (or, from what some others have suggested, another squad was spawned in front of us) and then they rose up and started assaulting our building., including using smoke. I took out a fair few from the river, then returned to supporting @vonca in suppressing the heli-bourne squad. @vonca got shot and either knocked out or killed, as tried to slot a few more to give me time to assess him I got noob-tubed and died. The mission ended very shortly after this. I am unsure if Alpha was counted as one of the few squads that retained their hostages, as to my knowledge the Brits never managed to get ours. The mission overall was enjoyable in bursts, I think our squad worked pretty well as a team. It was realistic in that we would not have any contact for a long time, until we got found and assaulted. I don't think British hostage rescue techniques include pumping a building potentially containing hostages with m203s, but for all I know, they knew the hostage was in a different building to mine. If I were to take part in this mission again and be able to suggest changes: Some form of command structure. Even if loose, just someone higher up the food chain to mediate disputes between squads. Weapons caches, perhaps we could have had the option of visiting caches to collect better gear (and therefore limit starting gear) but we believe that one of the three caches is being surveilled by the Det. It would work really well as PvP
  3. My hazy memory from scripting ArmA 1 would be that you need to do the following steps. I cannot write out the code as it has been so long. 1 - idea tidy the AI squad and Helo with names, sqd and h1 for now. 2 - Enumerate the members of sqd and store as a variable. This will need updating/maintaining if there is a chance of any of them dying before mounting 3 - iterate over each of the members of squad and get T or F for then being "in" h1. 4- Boolean add these, store result as a variable. If True all are in, if False they aren't Biki is useful - here is how to detect if sqd_n is in h1 - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/in