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  1. Shift is fixing jams, ctrl is checking ammo. Speaking of jams, they are very much disabled on our servers - the Mk 48 shouldn't be going through seven belts back to back without any issues.
  2. Yeah, Dual Purpose is the "wrong" variant. Unless your squad is told to/allowed to take tons of them and you wanna add some versatility, use the High Penetration one - DP probably barely scratches a T-55. Aside from that issue, you did the right thing. From my spectator armchair point of view you should have even fired way earlier, but I know shit's getting fumbly under that much pressure.
  3. Wild guess: its additional server load that has no tangible effect on anybody but prophet. And we don't have sniper teams all that often either.
  4. Hey, thanks for reminding me to charge mine. I'd also recommend the ACE nade system. Gives info about obstacles, allows to cook and throw around corners, and tells you clearly what you are going to throw if you messed with your loadout in the arsenal.. On top of the safety aspect of course.
  5. Mission 1, Delta SMAW Gunner. Zeus: Was supposed to be Digby, ended up being somebody else. Platoon: Fuck if I know. Got dragged halfway through slotup, which is really starting to get on my nerves. It was ok in this case as there were a few no-shows apparently, but way too often even the first wave of FNGs misses zeus announcements like "here's this pastebin" or "bottom two slots in each squad are lunchbox drivers". Squadlead: @andyt90 and @Life010. Squad: @Mihax209, @Chukase, @Evolassassin, some others I can't remember or find with the autocomplete thingy. Should have spoken my mind. I knew relocating while the QRF was already rolling was a bad idea. Had to ditch my little hand-drawn map with ranged spots and shit, only to arrive to seven people yelling ranges and bearings at me and a road disappearing behind our own hill for the closest ~550 meters. So yeah, I mentally pushed you all out of the room, closed the door and took two shots without really thinking. Aside from the overload of voices, another aspect of this has been bothering me for a while. If you are 50 meters (or even more) away from whatever gunner (SMAW, AT-4, MG, anything) you're calling out targets for, your range and bearing values are far enough off for the target to probably not appear in his drinking straw. Give rough values and landmarks (in last night's case, "on the road, coming over the hill" without any numbers attached). Anything more than that is done ONLY by the gunner's assistant, in local voice, from close enough to hold hands - and even somebody who just randomly found an enemy launcher should have a clearly defined assistant in his assigned buddy. Not sure setting up a structured buddy system would have worked out with that lot though. Our serious:silly ratio wasn't exactly harmonic.
  6. That would be me. And it was a pretty decent demonstration of why I always bring a backpack, even if it is empty: Picking up stuff from the ground is finnicky. Just pointing at your launcher and pressing space gave me your bloody rifle... I had to crawl up another two meters and grab the thing out of your inventory. Might have been able to save the third guy if ArmA hadn't been so retarded.
  7. until

    You'll get the server info when you need it. We don't post it publicly, and you are expected to not distribute it to anyone who is not about to join a mission (or training session). In fact, we don't even say it out loud - there is ALWAYS somebody streaming. It is never really ok to be late. These sessions might have choppy starts from technical issues sometimes, but for the main missions you'll be sitting it out if you're even just a few minutes late. Mostly because we have about twice as many players as we have slots on the server. Oh, and you can edit posts. We have the technology.
  8. Did not witness anything of the sort. I guess it got ArmA'd, or the AI freaked out and ran into an obstacle (and got ArmA'd).
  9. Using it for the silly dances in spawn, but not abusing the AI with it, sounds like an issue of trust and maturity. Like, I could drop my leatherman and my spade and bring two M72s (or even a full M136) in my backpack without anybody noticing until I heroically take out enemy armor while officially not having a launcher. Do I do that? Nah.
  10. until

    Don't think Slouchy hopping through channels and advertising this is really appropriate. It'd be quite a bit of unfruitful effort, and also rather annoying. Like getting poked three times to join FNG missions within five minutes. They could mention the project on the "How to Join" page; otherwise it is up to us FNGs to slap every virgin we manage to track down into signing up for a session. Because lets face it, we have significantly more contact with them than the regulars.
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    Looks empty in here. Would be a shame if someone were to... change that. All joking aside, will probably be around to help out with cat herding again.
  12. We have M14s from three and a half mods and covering all stages of its roles across the decades, so their performance may vary quite a bit. But yeah, it only ever was a stopgap DMR and you should never take it over one of the modern SR-25 clones or something similar if you have the choice.
  13. AFAIK, overheating is disabled on our servers. Which might make it kind of viable as an overpowered MMG in a dedicated 6 man squad, with everybody carrying ammo, but I'm hazy on the weight of the weapon itself at the moment.
  14. I've never worked in that particular language, but I'd look for some kind of "onClose" event for the first notification window. Register the method that opens the second as a handler for that event and you should be good. If all else fails, put a five second delay on the second window. And by all else I mean all, timers aren't particularly good for performance especially on a system as single-core heavy as ArmA.
  15. until

    @whifey: time displays are adjusted to your pc's settings. Starts 16:30 british time.