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  1. Recoilless rifle with violent recoil? Huh.
  2. Alternatively: Two separate platoons, one heliborne or motorized (meaning battlebusses as usual), one mechanized; second platoon is modified so that a squad fits into the passenger slots of a single vehicle (eight in a Badger or seven in a Warrior), armored vics are operated by armor tag holders. Also gets around the issue that six of the best IFV is a bit too much firepower and six of the hardest to airlift IFV is a bit unrealistic.
  3. Interesting. Elastics have the worst reopening stats for all wound types, so whats their point anyway? Can't be just for the few cases where you absolutely know youre gonna stitch it immediately, with nobody getting hurt before you can do so. Or are they not as rare as I think? If you wanna keep doing these, I would be delighted to get confirmation for @Slouchy Orc's theory of dragging/carrying increasing bleedout rates. You are right that it should usually be easy to just tourniquet or bandage everything, but there can definitely be situations where the medic's bag can't be recovered and you have to transport somebody across the map.
  4. Keep an eye on the calendar and look for @Slouchy Orc's simple sessions. You missed one by two days and we aren't getting enough new blood in to run those more often than every two to three weeks, so you'd have to wait or check out the written version on the guides section. We're also working on refurbishing those and then, at some point in the future, recording it exactly for cases like you. Can very much echo the sentiment of everybody being happy to help. I would, however argue against joining late night missions - the chance to get a squad with mostly guys not that much more experienced than you is way higher in those, while on the first mission regulars usually still outnumber FNGs.
  5. Isla Abramia? Now that you mention it... while it is horrible for driving, all the dead trees are a clever way to make the forests look non-sterile (as Celle's lumber farms do), without giving the AI an unrealistic and unfair advantage.
  6. That was a priority list, not an ordered list of actions. Just trying to highlight that you should leave the part unbandaged if all you have is Elastics, at least if that entire string of conclusions doesn't fall apart from the beginning. Might rephrase the thing. Haven't played World of Warcraft in three bloody years and I'm still thinking in priority lists, fucking hell. Oh and the thing with the first bandage counts is what @Rorkiy told us in his training session. Did you look at the code for the "every bandage reopens on its own" theory? Not in the mood to dig through that many classes, doing that enough at work already.
  7. Efficiency is the same as a healing spell in a fantasy game. Wounds do not reopen earlier than minDelay seconds and will definitely reopen after maxDelay seconds at the latest. Reopening chance is probably rolled once a minute or so, or rolled per minute and the amount of overshoot decides how far into the minute it opens; but that is just guesswork. You don't exactly need to remember all the numbers, the only piece you'd use is calculating how many bandages you need to fully heal a limb. What you need to understand is tendencies. Packings have the same healing value as Basics, but better reopening stats (minDelay is your most valuable stat here). Elastics reopen after roughly 1-1.5 minutes, the others stay on for a good 8-15 minutes (actually, its exactly ten times as long on Elastics). QuikClots have amazing reopening stats, but a fraction of the healing value. Keep in mind that only the reopening stats of the first bandage you use on a bodypart count. This all leads to a rough guideline on how to treat things: A part that needs multiples should be started with QuikClot > Packing > Basic > tourniquet, and then spamhealed with Elastic > Basic > Packing. NEVER start a bodypart with an Elastic, unless you are prepared to immediately stitch it. Better to slap on a tourniquet and go scavenging, RHS units tend to carry Packing+Basic. Conversely, try to not use QuikClots for spamhealing. A part that only needs a single bandage is best served with a Packing, maybe a Basic. Your loadout should be focused on QuikClots and Elastics.
  8. First mission, Delta (first US squad) machinegunner. Zeus: @Tomo ignore complaints about mission length, that was totally fine. Maybe some corpse cleanup would have been in order at the end though. The split into two normal-sized platoons is something we should do more often, and joint ops are a decent M'IMMERSION way to explain why we don't have a company commander. SL: @Moogle you may have respawned with the shitty shortrange that only has 2km. Whatever the cause, we couldn't understand you at all when you were calling us back (?) from the dash towards our last overwatch position. 2iC: @Maverick decent job leading our tiny squad.
  9. Platoon adding restrictions on force-multiplying gadgets doesn't feel natural to me. Cosmetics, sure, but his job is to use everything in his power to make us "win". He's in the same boat as everybody else, unlike zeus.
  10. Celle will always have a place in my heart, because that is exactly what it looks like driving along the Autobahn 'round these parts. Against AI though, the little bush lines on the roadsides are fucking unplayable. For that aspect, nothing beats Takistan, with Altis being a close second - and Malden 2035 wayyyyy behind, the vegetation on that is just too high quality for PvE.
  11. RHS seems to be IR and wire (u wot m8?), Bohemia's is laser only if I recall correctly. Don't remember the variant designations, but I'm pretty sure at least one of them actually had none.
  12. You have Sidewinders as laser guided, guess that's a copypaste error. Should be heat seeking. Also, the F/A-18's Maverick magic is definitely representing radar, you can easily lock on to unoccupied and unused (as in, guaranteed to be cold) vehicles. Totally awesome, especially the secondary laser guidance on the same bloody missle, but totally science fiction. Mavericks from other mods appear to have different guidance systems, Bohemia's (mostly on the Wipeout) are laser guided only if I recall correctly.
  13. The translator aspect is probably gonna fall short because everybody already has to able to speak english for the majority of our missions. If we could make this a regular planned thing however, I know somebody who was RPG gunner in the east german army and really wouldn't be able to communicate well enough. Sorting squads by nationality would be silly fun though, mostly because of the dick contests.
  14. Nothing DLC related as far as I can tell. Changing the loadout appears to remove the laser marker, GPS locking sometimes just stops working, and bombs are selecting pretty late on both guidance systems (and locking even later).
  15. Eh. As much as I agree that there's gotta be some changes (three bloody months is what it took me), making the slotting process more convoluted is not the way. An aggressive way to keep it simple would be to throw all tagholders together regardless of FNG status and otherwise use your system, but on the big picture that might cause bad blood and something along the lines of Lenny's and cineafx' ideas would be preferable. In the end we should probably keep in mind why EVERYBODY starts as FNG: You could be the most awesomest player in all the wide world, but we don't know that yet. If you prove yourself by passing an evaluation, maybe it is time to drop those doubts.