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  1. Mission 4: Bradley Commander (first time) Zeus: Was a fun mission which included an interesting moment between Zeus and I deciding which tank to give me (he tried to give me a badger). The mission objectives were well set out and the IED marked route was interesting, and Zeus was even kind enough to show us what a slave looked like so that @sam41 didn't shoot them.Platoon: No idea what was going on there. Bradley was told to follow Bravo and next thing we were told to take point. Communication with platoon was hard at times, with them not responding to the radio at key points throughout the mission. At one point they told Knight to commandeer an enemy attack helicopter which resulted in myself and @ravstar52 being decimated by said helicopter, but the attempt was fun, the sudden realization the the heli was manned... not so muchSquad: My first tank command, was stressful at times but I had a great crew who helped me out when needed, both gunner and driver knew what they were doing. I died twice and both times Sam tried his best to save me. Shout out to Ravstar for helping me with my first tank command. Apologies to @Doctadoone, we knew you guys were getting out, thought everyone was out and clear (checked the area around the bradley) when I told the driver to reverse only to have your head pop up in my view as we moved... I felt terrible
  2. Hi, my name is Trinoc and I like to run around aimlessly and not kill anything My best skill in particular is running out of stamina very quickly