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  1. Yeah it would have been nice if you weren't dead all the time too
  2. It's cool, I was in a very impatient mood last night. Just didn't have the patience for arma, why I only played mission 1 But yeah I do enjoy being on point more than sitting at the back waiting for an action report, although most nights I'm chilled with whatever, last night - not so much. You were a great SL and I'll gladly be your 2IC any day! Thanks for the mission!
  3. Mission 1: Platoon FAC Zeus: @mrrbatty Mission was great, objectives were clear and the units spawned were challenging. Made for a fun mission. Good job considering you were solo Zeusing the first mission. Platoon: @Rezonath Platoon lead. Platoon was good, comms were clear and Rez made sure that the air asset was utilized correctly. Squad: @GarySqueak was my pilot, who csomehow crashed into the side of a mountain at some point... Anyway I hope I was a good FAC and that you had fun and got to shoot things Mission 2: Delta Assistant-Auto Zeus: @ThatWalder the mission was different, people aren't used to sitting around doing nothing (yes, realistic in terms of holding a FOB during real war, but this isn't real war), anyway it probably shouldn't have happened during the second main mission. I was a bit grumpy about it but then I sat in a lounge with you, and realized you had a lot to deal with, after @Weegie dc'd. Overall I didn't entirely hate the mission, it was relaxing and a different level of immersion, constantly waiting for a threat to appear. Also it was great for me as I had time to learn and memorize a range card, so I know how to use it in the future. We did get to shoot some shit in Delta. I think that spawning in BM21's was a bit of a low blow though, as most squads had pretty much nothing to do at times and then would get artillery fire on their position, which sucks. Platoon: @Forked no idea, no LR... Not sure why they ordered us to move South, then back to the FOB and then made the extraction 3k's away on foot before the mission finally ended Squad: @andyt90 SL @Silberjojo 2IC. The squad was good and everyone was in good cheer. Some random conversations popped up all over the place, which was cool and kept the mission alive during endless moments of nothing. @knut was my auto-rifleman, and he was good, listened to my range calls and together we killed one or two things. Unfortunately he was taken out by an artillery strike... @BonSie was our under-utilized medic and was meant to be in an evaluation with @anden3... who ended up being the javelin guy, trying to shoot everything with a javelin he picked up.
  4. As said before windowed bordless is probably the best solution... will stop your game from minimising every time it accidentally tabs out
  5. That is a very short story involving myself, Charlie squad (@Chukase) and a certain proclivity for taking bullets to the head when I peak out of a doorway... Basically I saw Chu was pinned down on our way to the first hill and moved to assist as I had sight on EI that were causing him and some of Charlie squad issues. Ended up assisting with pushing into the town and as a result taking a well aimed bullet to the head...
  6. Mission 2: Charlie 2IC Zeus: @Weegie from my Death cam the mission looked hard, but overall good. The iron sights were a challenge, especially when setting up an over-watch position and getting sniped from across the water (including behind an entrenchment). Most of my mission was spent either dead or running, not your fault, but as such didn't get to experience much. Platoon: @seishimaybeC plan looked good and probably could have worked if the EI weren't out for blood. I think you must enjoy putting whatever squad @Doctadooneand I are in on the overwatch/ run missions. Also you definitely do not need to be scared of me shooting you after mission complete Squad: SL @Doctadoone. Not much to say, was dead the first half of the mission and sprinting towards you for the rest of it, then I got hi-jacked by Platoon who were right near you and a few moments later the mission ended. Mission 3: Knight 1-2 Gunner Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter really great mission and concept with severely under-utilized tank assets... Could have been great... we could have won. Glad you didn't lag the server out this time Platoon: @Fidelias. RTO @Cyico. Not sure about platoon but I know RTO had a lot to deal with this mission, between Knight comms with each other (maybe an additional LR for future between tanks?) and @Doctadoone shouting at us to keep quiet cause he wants to talk about his mortar xD. It was chaotic at times. Not sure what the plan with knight was but we were definitely not utilized correctly at all. We hardly had any real engagements, and spent most of our time hiding in a forest. We're a friggen Challenger, use us like one! Then of course you and platoon got wiped and @andyt90 handled the pressure well and did a good job of it. Squad: @Don_prince 1-1 commander, @lokyar 1-2 commander. @Don_prince we had challengers that were hardly used to fight enemy armor and positions. We played really defensive for some reason while squads were getting hammered. Also I'm not at all sure why when your tank got hit and your Gun was disabled that you made us fall back with you, leaving the area we were in without no armour support at all. Definitely need a rethink on how armoured assets are used and employed in a mission such as this one, because we were essentially useless. @lokyar you were a great commander and helped me a lot with learning about the tank and the armaments I had available to me! Thanks for being patient. Maybe just be a little more clear when giving driver instructions as @ZentharTheMagician seemed confused at times about where to go or what to do. Being in 1-2 we were with Alpha and Bravo for basically the entire mission, and I don't think they would have died... Maybe just gotten a little hurt
  7. So pretty much no acoustism?
  8. Mission 2: Bravo 2IC Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter @Vesper Akiri I know for a fact that your intention was never to have us walk for so long as you ordered platoon over the LR to let us use the Urals you provided, so I'm not going to blame you for that. But what could have happened was a bit more adaptability to platoons foolish idea of a walking simulator and spawned units in the forests that we were moving through before the town. Platoon had ordered Bravo squad to walk alongside each tank and search the forest before the town (not sure why), so some EI in there could have made the overall experience better. Platoon: @Urist McGLORY I think (Urist McPutko) @Crump @TheGamblersDice. I'm not sure why you thought walking for so long was the best plan in a time sensitive mission but your choice. My main bitch is at Knight 1-1. @Jacob_Waltz as Bravo squad we were tasked with moving with the tanks and protecting you, we get to the marker and you guys were no where to be seen, had fucked off down towards alpha. Then we're ordered to meet up with you so we trek for 2k's to catch up with you and then you drive right passed us going back. Not sure if you're RTO didn't inform you of this but there was a reason why I ran up to you guys and called you assholes. Squad: SL @Logan. Squad was really good. I was put in charge of Blue team who made the whole walking for half the mission enjoyable @Master-Young @Xaymar @SPC. zack. You guys were the best, couldn't have asked for a better group of guys to chase after a tank with. Not sure how red team was but SL was good. Hardly saw much of our medic @ToffRocket either, probably a good thing. Mission 3: Bravo SL "Platoon to all elements, sitrep"? *Silence* (Records from the Beach Landing, 10.05.17) Zeus: @Life010 @warlordsh @Weegie I am definitely seeing improvements in your guys Zeusing. Every game it gets better and the beach landing and overall EI spawning was fantastic!!! I really enjoyed this mission and look forward to the next ones. My only complaint is the frames during the initial landing were 10 and below. It was hard at first, then everyone died and they got better Platoon: @Derpy Comms were good, overall plan was good. Not sure what was going on in the briefing, wasn't much. The beach landing could definitely have been planned better. Such as a FUP before the landing and spread out sectors for each squad so we weren't so bunched up when we got destroyed by the defenses. Squad: @Vizel 2IC. Squad was good, they listened to my attempt at squad leading Red team knew what they were doing (@GingerRocker @Tobe) which was great, tried to get them some good OW positions. @SuddenDeath definitely deserves his medic tags and a few medals after that mission. Didn't die in the beach landing, saved countless players and only actually died because he was shot through a wall, well done man. Would definitely want you as a medic again. @Edelweiss thanks for the laughs and the stray grenades
  9. And in return thank you for fixing me all the time, the chain is complete (Bravo Medic --> Alpha Medic --> Bravo Actual)
  10. Mission 3: Delta LAT (Docta's Funtime Radio Rodeo) Zeus: @Life010 @warlordsh @Weegie was a great mission, with good objectives and fun routes to take. Although yesterdays mission we mentioned how having more objectives helps in giving squads more shit to do when dealing with more than two squads. The objectives were once again not enough to allow four squads to be active in it without being super OP, hence delta got stuck on driving duty for most of it. Hope you were a fan of my driving though, think I managed to run over 10 EI at the FOB clear point All in all it was a fun mission, and it was mostly because once again I had an awesome squad who made the monotony of sitting around (driving around) not shooting much bearable. Zeus: @seishimaybeC thanks for the circle to drive around, was fun. I'm serious though, the squad did make it worth while, although we really didn't have much to do while doing it. You may have noticed our ace tactics of rushing objectives and mowing everything down after that, and then even saved the hostages (Delta definitely deserves all the medals after that mission). Was mostly because we just wanted to kill things. The blood lust was real. Squad: @Mittens and @Doctadoone, holding back the monotony of patrolling as always. Sl @Mittens 2IC @Logan. Good solid squad leading, we stuck to our orders even when we didn't see their purpose. Logan timed out mid way through, but he miraculously appeared in a forest before the final objective. Thanks to Docta for keeping us entertained with funky beats as always. Think we need to hook you up with a radio station on the long range that everyone can tune into. @Godzi glad you got to do some proper medic-ing at the end, thanks for the saves! Squad was fun, and we definitely have the rush in and kill everything thing down, only lost 3 people the first time, and no people the second. That's a 100% improvement in one mission! @Don Haka wish you got to use that Auto more. Until the next one!
  11. Like I said in my report, the parts where we were active it was fun and the EI were a challenge, the 1xscope with maybe 1 DMR is a good way of limiting the amount of people who can sit on a hill and kill shit, it's all things that I guess are learnt through experience, don't be so hard on yourself, I really did enjoy most of the mission
  12. Mission3: Bravo LAT Zeus: @Weegie @Life010 @warlordsh Great mission! Maybe it could have used a few more objectives so Platoon had reason to utilise Alpha and Bravo more. Otherwise the parts I did get to be a part of were really fun and challenging. Shout out to Warlodrsh who popped up behind our overwatch position and told us to stop sniping everything cause he was hoping we'd have run in and died No comment on the whole troops spawning behind us thing, we got hit pretty hard trying to move down the hill after Warlordsh spoke to us. Platoon: @seishimaybeC having read your comments, I agree it's not your job to manage boredom. But some form of communication and compromise has to be found between the Zeus and Platoon, i.e. "Hey Zeus, there's two squads doing nothing out there we might need another objective, etc." Else all Zeus sees is two squads doing nothing and he has no idea why. In this scenario I think both Zeus and Platoon are too blame. You had two squads sitting in boats doing nothing, now I get the whole milsim thing, and the whole waiting around thing. I'm ok with that if we have some minuscule amount of autonomy, such as setting up an overwatch position somewhere. But leaving us trapped on tiny dinghies with limited movement is a bit ridiculous. Remember most of us play to have fun and feel like we're actually contributing to the success of the mission, sitting on a boat negates both of those things. Once we were given the order to move out it was better, and I didn't have a long range until we commandeered a BTR at the end, but besides my grumpiness with the boats, the mission went well and the comms I heard were good. No friendly squads shot at out BTR either which is nice. Thanks for the mission. Squad: SL @Mittens 2IC @Tobe. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to sit in a boat with for 45 minutes. You guys kept it entertaining and interesting. It was nice to see @Doctadoone in a non IC position, you were a lot more relaxed than usual and your music was... terrible, had to turn off my music cause the clash was driving me crazy. But keep doing it because it made things epic! Thank you @pest (can't tag) for being our medic and healing us in our times of need. I can see you still have a long way to go as a medic, like learning to identify broken limbs and things, basically just PAK people if they have blood everywhere, solves most problems. Not sure what happened to our Auto-Rifleman group, @Arrexis was our DMR and he and I did some crack shooting on the hill before Zeus popped up. Then of course we stolen a BTR and all hell broke loose, that airfield didn't stand a chance, Thanks for a great mission guys!
  13. Mission 2: Bravo DMR Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter Nice quick mission with a few challenged a long the way. Maybe next time provide a few more objectives. This might extend the mission length a bit but at least the frames will survive. They can get hit pretty hard when all the squads are in one place shooting. Platoon: @Doctadoone No LR, but mission went well and we won. Goodjob Squad: SL @Judgeman 2IC @Tynakuh. Squad leading was good, orders were clear and Judge made good use of the different teams. EVeryone knew what they were doing and it was fun. I think Tyna and I were the only ones to die, at least we weren't there for the murder of @thesecretgames. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 3: Bravo DMR Zeus: @Wattsits Great mission concept, and clearing out each town after being dropped in was great, definitely something different to the whole drive in, dismount and shoot thing. Platoon: @seishimaybeC No LR but mission went well. There were some deceiving map markings though, such as one that said "Hot LZ" and other that said "Lot's of EI" or something like that, both turned out to be false. @Fraiche and I were disappointed, but I guess that's not really your fault if you were given incorrect information. Anyway goodjob. Squad: SL @ZentharTheMagician 2IC @Craidus. It was a good change of pace to see Craidus take a mission seriously. The squad was good, expect for one point where three of them decided to fall down the same cliff and our medic @Don Haka had to rescue them. From what I remember we didn't take that many causalities (besides disconnects) until the very end when Zenthar got blown up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 4: Platoon 2IC "This is the most beautiful display of incompetence I’ve ever seen" - @Timberhawk Zeus: @Hekhal I don't even know where to start with this mission besides that fact that this is probably the most I've laughed in a mission. It was great, Zen and I didn't get to see much over at platoon but from what we heard it was a mess. Then the tank showed up, not sure where it came from, pretty sure you just wanted us dead at that point. Thanks for the respawn after I got killed in the middle of nowhere being a dumbass . "Welcome back Trinoc, you dipshit" - Hekhal Fun mission, would get wonder off again. Platoon: Lead @ZentharTheMagician. I think under the circumstances of all round incompetence you did quite well in trying to organise shit. Fuck, I don't even know what this mission was. So much happened, so much went wrong. From Bravo bringing a mortar with no one who knows how to use it, so we then gave you someone who knows what to do but you decided it was better to leave all your mortar rounds in the vics alpha was taking to the other side of the map to Bravo squad shooting a friendly tank (why is it always Bravo?) this mission was pure hilarity. At one point I jumped onto Bravo's comms and it was chaos, in a good way. People were wanting to test fire a mortar then there was a flashbang. Ask @ZentharTheMagician I was dead, I don't think I stopped laughing the whole mission. Also apparent;y there was a mutiny in Bravo squad? Not sure what that was about (again bravo... wtf?). It was around the point where Bravo was holding the road and Alpha had just reached the now MIA charlie squads position that myself and SPC. zack (can't tag, he joined Platoon for a few moments as Alpha was way in the distance) decided to take a walk to Bravo's position, only to hear an MBT rolling in on our position. Zack thwacked it with an LAT but the tank gave no fucks. This lead to a hilarious moment of the tank chasing us around our little tower until Bravo squad finally arrived and took it out (check my screenshots in the screenshot thread, at one point I was in a tiny space between the tank and the building). But it was so shiny and glowing and pretty... Also you decided to try Morphine yourself to death, I went for a faster method, death by Exploding tank. 11/10 would 2IC for Zen again
  14. Mission 3: Platoon FAC Zeus: @Argon @LvL maybe don't use CSAT next time, or at least remove the titan launchers from their load out. A bit scary being an air asset or asset controller being told there is no AA and then a titan launcher is fired at friendly vics. Besides that, from my perspective at Platoon overwatch the mission was really well laid out and planned. A few hiccups here and there, such as bravo vic being destroyed and Charlie and delta crashing into each other but otherwise went well. Set up and briefing did take way too long and the overall mission could have been shorter. By the end of it I told raptor to just go crazy on the final objective before the squads moved in so we could get it over and done with. Also it is spelled Wolf dammit! Why can't any Zeus get this right... Platoon: @warlordsh lead @Life010 2IC/ medic @Kalagen RTO @thesecretgames "the American". Platoon was good and we all knew our roles and did them well. Warlordsh did really well under the circumstances of random shit going wrong and I would definitely be a part of your Platoon again. It was also nice that you were open to input from the rest of your Platoon on where and how to move troops and assets. Great job man! Squad: @cineafx was the raptor pilot "Wulf 1-1". Putting him as a member of my squad as I was pretty much his only contact. Hope you had fun flying around man. Thanks for the input with regards on where to place you and also the good comms you kept with me. Would definitely have you as my raptor pilot again, you were great. Hope you had fun and that I was as good a FAC as you were a pilot.
  15. Mission 2: Alpha Auto-Rifleman Assistant Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter Alpha didn't really get to shoot at much that mission and then we got mortared to shit. Was a bit disappointing as a mission, maybe the other squads had a good time of it though. Plat: @Rezonath not sure what was going on, but I heard the comms were a bit crazy and squad leaders seemed confused about what to do at times. Squad: SL @Forked 2IC @Edelweiss. Forked I'm not sure if you were having a bad day or it was the altercation with @Habivi in the beginning but you seemed really uptight this mission. It was ver aggresive style of squad leading that I've never experienced. But the squad worked well together and you got us through to our final hold point ok, then the mortars fell. Also during briefing I realize Habivi was being a little shit and bitching a lot but from my perspective you lost your cool a little bit and were getting a bit shouty, we're all mostly here to have fun and when people start shouting it gets a bit uncomfortable. Hopefully next time I get you as an SL you're having a better day. @Cosmo was my Auto-Rifleman. I think we were doing good, kept together and held some good overwatch points for most of the mission was cool. Mission 3: Foxtrot Auto-Rifleman Zeus: @Edelweiss, @Digby Tatham-Warter, @NeilZar. Got a bit mortar crazy near the end, but it was fun to watch from the death cam and from Digby's stream. The red smoke before mortaring a team was at least a good way of warning them, expect for Foxtrot in the beginning. I really liked the EI placement, had a look around after I had died and the unit placement was excellent, and challenging for those left alive. Thanks for wiping out Echo squad, they were being quite useless in supporting Foxtrot Plat: Not sure who was platoon lead and had no real contact with them. No long range. Squad: SL @Moriar 2IC @Godzi . For some reason tonight was a night for some really aggressive SL's. Moriar was good but also very strict as a SL, which has it's pro's and cons. Try trusting your squad a bit more so you don't have to baby us as much. Yes i realize we had an idiot taking a dead man's switch, but the rest of us were taking it relatively seriously and knew how to play/ what we were doing. Some trust in your team goes a long way as an SL. Amp Lister (can't tag) don't fucking take explosives and a dead man's switch if your SL explicitly told you not to. THat's just being an idiot and you deserve to be shouted at. Also please fix your mic, I've played with you before where your mic was fine, but this time it was absolutely horrendous. That's my mini rant over.