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  1. Aw yiss, Guess who learnt how to fly today... I'll be there, in the air
  2. I can build! Mostly boats though... Trinoc
  3. *FAC @Chuck Yeagerwhile the tags were outlandish, we didn't actually use them. We used 1-1 to 1-6 essentially ignoring the 666 part altogether. So from the pilots side and FAC I guess (ask @Silberjojo) comms were normal and effective. The only issue was map clutter and infantry trying to figure out which heli was theirs.
  4. Trinoc
  5. I'm in to build some stuff in space
  6. If you watch it from my perspective, that's exactly what it looks like. Dudes were still in the MRAP and next thing there's a whole bunch in the middle of the road. @Tobe pretty much saw the same thing as me. I had a mini rage in the death chat @Shafty/mowagwas great clearing those streets with you man
  7. Fair complaint, I'm not sure entirely who was in control of the pilots, FAC had no say in their attacks and they didn't report to platoon either. @Woody @Wattsits
  8. @cineafx yeah... not enough assets, needs more Brrrt @Shafty/mowag @Ewido too many assets doesn't really make sense, the assets we had were limited, Zeus didn't even want to give me a second heli asset, and when he did it had barely any fuel. If you want to complain about not having anything to do, that complaint is directed towards your SL's and Platoon who made the overall gameplan. Without the assets we had the mission probably would have taken an hour or two longer.
  9. Dude nice! It's looking good!
  10. First Name: Trinoc Last Name: Frisbies.... I'm ok with that
  11. microphone

    Are you using a soundboard plug-in on teamspeak? when active it overrules the forced PTT
  12. No don't stop driving, just learn that everyone else around you is an idiot
  13. Mission 2: Charlie Attach LAT Zeus: @Siri really enjoyed the atmosphere of the mission. Loved the rain and overcast weather... even better because my rain rendered before mission start which was great. a few surprises here and there, nothing that couldn't be handled though. Really good infantry spawning, ie infantry in random buildings on the second floor got a few of us. Good job Platoon: @Natnanny lead, can't remember who 2IC was but he did a great job. Heard some of the comms from my vic and then later as temporary 2IC. Natnanny I'm not sure what happened that forced your 2IC to take command, but perhaps in future take the 2IC role until you are fully confident that you can take lead and do it well. There was a moment where alpha was asking for orders, you sounded unsure when you told them to wait one and then the next message was 2IC taking command, leads me to think there was a moment of panic... but any clarification on what happened would be great. Squad: @Doctadoone SL, @SABER 2IC. Squad was great, we all got a long well and were able to deal with @Life010 Thanks @Gditz for being a fantastic medic and saving me when I fell off a building. SABER did a great job as IC when doc died and kept us all alive until the respawn wave. @Crazy Missy be careful when driving in convoy, especially with desync, you never know when the vehicle in front of you is going to suddenly lag out or stop because someone accidentally hit the handbrake *cough* my bad *cough*
  14. Play some more tonight yeah?
  15. @Totally Not Connor Mission 1: Echo Assistant Auto-Rifleman Zeus: @seami I really loved the concept of this mission and the darkness really created a completely different immersive space than usual. It was a great atmosphere, I just wish I could see more, but hey that's war I guess. Platoon: @cyanide @Rezonath No LR, but I guess you did well dealing with he shit you had to deal with. Squad: SL @Kalagen 2IC @Darth_Mario. Despite Darth's early death in spawn, the squad was good. Comms were good and Kalagen communicated with us effectively what was happening and where to go. After his and the 2IC's death there was too much commotion over who would lead next and @Sarissa swiftly restablished order and communication. This was the case each time we lost the current SL and as a result the squad always had a good idea of what was going on. Thanks @Linnet for being a fantastic medic as always. Best moment was @Loradas running down the road singing some weird possible Russian song. Really added to the atmosphere