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  1. We have extensive experience with german culture. You wouldn't happen to know Klaus?
  2. IT in the military can be a mixed bag. There's a couple of places that really let you do really cool things (machine learning on survilliance data, rappelling down radar dishes, etc). On the other hand a lot of non-IT personel seem to view IT personel as magical IT lepricons. This is coming from someone with relatives in the military, and friends of (other) relatives in military IT.
  3. Bravo medic here; first mission. Can I just say that the way arsenal was handled was fucking godlike? Uniform names were sent in side, and when we changed uniform people gave the full name. Nobody was pulling stale memes (etc), and everyone was just pleasant to be around. One person overpacked a bit, and he received a new kit with absolutely minimum fuzz. Zeus: Mission really felt like several missions cobbled together. Touch down, set into overwatch, nab a few patrols in wedge formation, extract. Rinse and repeat. After the first extraction I had no idea what the narrative idea was. Platoon: Really nice. I enjoyed the staggered landings and split of attack vectors. With that said we had one instance where another squad literally left the area through the very same LZ we landed. Unsuprisingly, nothing happened during our extended stay. Squad: Had it's high and lows. @Rezonath as SL was really competent. Made two FTs, split them up tactically, utilized them well. @ghostsquid as 2iC wasn't great though. Mostly silent, took heavy friendly fire by standing in front of a tank, and at one point even ditched the fireteam he was designated to lead (the latter two despite several callouts). The rest of the squad was a mixed bag. Some would maintain a spread of roughly five millimeters and get tunnel vision, others would spread out and cover flanks.
  4. That just makes it sadder. Means medic gets a speshul calar merely because people can't keep track of the asterisk symbol. Cause I can see it from the "Medic moves between fireteams, so lets not put him in one" logic; but that would require two fireteams to begin with.
  5. Probably it went something like: AR and AR assist were assigned because they naturally fit together Medic gets a color to easily be identified by other squads SL gets a color so others can track him better 2iC wishes he was as cool and grabs the SL color The rest think white is for boring people and take what is left. Medic would arguably be replaced by the support FT LAT or the front rifleman. Depends on the battle plan.
  6. From a non-planner perspective that's already the case. You get told which uniform to use, which LAT to use and what vehicle to hop into. If you need to express yourself you can go with the extra foregrip, or even better use your words.
  7. I had a few FNG missions where Zeus explicitly asked for HK or L model weapons and, surprisingly, absolutely no one had a problem with that. To me it has always been the case that people are consistently bringing too much ammo; loading up twice as much ammo as they'll ever need and getting asthma attacks all the time as a result. What caliber they use seem to had no effect on that decision. I do however enjoy it though when calibers are pushed down. It lowers the engagement distance and prolongs firefights, which leaves room to try different tactics. I actually mentioned something aching to that in another thread and got shot down so hard I'm still sore. Don't expect much support.
  8. I agree with parts of what you're saying, parts I don't: FK is a semi-public server. People are literally given the rank FNG. Many of the people that came here did so because of woodglue, and some haven't even finished the tutorial. There's a huge difference between having nothing to do in the arsenal, and almost getting ran over by a BTR. I do not understand why you would pick a leadership role if you are "simply fed up and have had a bad day". I honestly believe a lot of your "why am I customer support?" problems would be remedied if the 2iC spent more time being useful during the briefing period During missions I don't expect anybody to explain how the sprint button works without getting fed up. This thread solely concerns what people are up to during the briefing period waiting.
  9. Correct term would be overflow missions, as FNG missions refer to pretty much any unplanned ones. Bitching aside, @Powercolour started this wonderful initiative, and I am very glad he did.
  10. Ironsight zeroing. There's also a ton of ace interactions that are useful (nightvision intensity, point at target, medical menu etc.) but that might be considered outside the scope of this thread.
  11. Absolutely, multiple opinions and discussions are great. My main concern is that there is often no one stepping up at all, which in turn means the new guy gets poor and/or moody responses.
  12. As you said, most other roles are so obvious that it only leaves two to remember. Assistant and regular rifleman. If either role hasn't been filled as the game starts, then regardless how somebody joins then the 2iC would assign them to become the former. I would put it past someone if they honestly forgot who's who, but from my experience it seems like most aren't even expected to try. 2iC in arsenal is practially poorly echo the uniform choice, anything above that seems to be considered going above and beyond.
  13. When the squad lead is unavailable, I am to assume the 2iC is to take command over the squad. During briefing this naturally takes place, and thus mostly concerns the arsenal. As returning players usually have their shit together, most of any leading to be made would be in regards to new players. To clarify, I mean the following, when needed: If somebody asks for the uniform, actually type it out If somebody forgot which role they chose, verify it Recommending a good weapon Recommending a good basic kit Mentioning secondary things like radio, gps and no-voice Instead of the more frequent: "FFS, for the third time; Murky on" (when the output is categorized under bracket VSM ) "Who's the ammo bitch?" "Wow your shit is ugly"
  14. I got the same CPU and practically the same issue. I ended up doing practically everything to try to remedy it. I ended up overclocking the CPU, messing around with some hardcoded settings (like frames drawn ahead of time). Dropping every setting I could find to the lowest/optimal and even use weird applications to unpark the CPU, among other things. I still have a ridiculously low FPS for my current rig and can't really figure out why. The only thing I haven't tried so far is to literally replace my PC piece-by-piece. The only problem it really solved was my weird FPS drops from loading textures (also known as the sight zoom lag).
  15. Hi! I'm a 27 year old swedish engineer that magically combines work, family and bouldering with spending 15 minutes replacing the wheels of an MRAP. On weekdays you usually see me on FNG missions, or just the first one, since I literally need to go to bed before mission two starts. My favorite past-times in ARMA are falling off towers, getting strafed in open fields and periscoping tanks. If you happen to share any of my hobbies feel free to join whatever squad I am in.