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  1. campaign

    Heli pilot, thanks 🙂
  2. until
    In this event I'm gonna be covering different aspects of the medical system: Medical supplies (what to use and when) Medical menu (how to set it up and use it correctly) Treatment procedures Advices for fast and precise comms with your squad We'll start at 16:00 (CET), the training will take place in our Arma 3 server.
  3. until

    I'd love to be the Cobra gunner 🙂
  4. until

    If no one is willing to fly the A-10 I'd be more than happy to use it, otherwise I'll just stick with Medical Officer again.
  5. campaign

    4th pilot pls
  6. until

    Little Bird pilot, thanks.
  7. until

    Medical officer, thanks
  8. until

    Dagger gunner, thanks