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  1. I said I was inexperienced as a joking and reassuring response to RTO not having much faith in his ability. Which is exactly the reason it took so long - I was going through scenarios in my head AND waiting for Foxtrot to finish their recon mission. I will agree, I have a tendency to take my time, but in this particular case there was little choice. I could've had your squad leads brief you earlier - Then we'd have ended up waiting beyond the TP pole for the same amount of time. Most of the time I put people on OW, I need their eyes not their guns. Perhaps I need to use a different term than overwatch? Considering the situation at the beginning, I did nothing but think of what Echo and Bravo could contribute - and came up blank. There was no point in shoving more people through the same chokepoint in my eyes and afterwards there were enough people doing the clearing already. The most sensible position I could come up with was rearguard and recon overwatch. I will repeat what I have said multiple times in the past: It's not Platoon's job to manage boredom. If Platoon didn't feel like there was anything sensible for you to do, then perhaps because there was a lack of things to do, not necessarily because of mismanagement. If you know how Bravo/Echo could have been better employed, I'd love to hear it. I did not forget your squad, especially not twice. Your placements were deliberate and your tasks not impossible. If I put a squad on OW, I expect them to do exactly two things: 1) Get 360° eyes as best as possible (unless otherwise specified) 2) Suppress an area other squads are advancing towards (kill only if possible) Both of these things are perfectly doable with only ironsights. Contribution =/= Killing. Let's take this principle to an absurd degree: What if I have had 30 squads, 10 tanks and 50 planes at my disposal for that mission? Would it still have been sensible to use all my assets? Or would I have just introduced unnecessary clutter for a mission that's already being completed fine? Between how many assets I actually had and this ridiculous example, there is a breaking point beyond which adding any more assets is just superfluous. Therefore, using all assets is not always necessary, depending on the mission. I feel it falls on Zeus' responsibility to create opportunities for all assets to be used to their full extent. It's Zeus' job to match the challenge to the assets available. If Platoon fails to use all assets then, yes, then that is a strategical error on Platoon's part. Let me conclude by listing the only two things I feel Platoon owes you: 1) The 'Mission Complete' screen 2) As few asset/squad losses as possible Everything else is not Platoon's responsibility. I will contribute to fun as best I can, but it falls secondary to both points mentioned above. In any case, I'll be glad to listen to criticism on Platoon's plan, Platoon's tactical decisions and Platoon's radio presence, if you'd like to mention any. Thanks for reading and helping me! \o/ ( @LastRanger37, @Snapjaw, @FireDad, @Chefla, you probably would like to read this as well )
  2. Platoon didn't forget. Platoon didn't care. Platoon needed their eyes, not their eager trigger fingers.
  3. It makes my blood boil when people use 'autistic' as a synonym for having really passionate opinions about something. I lose faith in humanity every time someone goes for a really obvious, really boring low-hanging fruit joke. I can't help but roll my eyes like in The Exorcist when someone's only response to a mathematical concept is "What is it used for? What is its practical application?", as if that was the only justification for its existence. I understand curiosity towards how a concept could be applied in reality - But they always demand an answer with that condescending, pseudo-intelligent tone as if they were trying to put you in your place. To me, people like that are immediately on the bottom of my sympathy list (curiously, it's always the people who suck at math). Otherwise, I can't stand when people say 'migraine' to refer to a simple headache. Those two are not the same and 90% of people using the term never had a real migraine.
  4. @Doctadoone, @Trahsi, @Mittens I don't believe Platoon's job is to manage boredom. I understand it's annoying to have little to do. It sucks. However, I will never send in a squad simply because they're bored, if there's no strategic value for them to. Let me repeat: It's not Platoon's job to manage boredom. It's their job for the mission to get done effectively. If anything, I'd like to forward criticism of boredom to the Zeuses @Weegie, @warlordsh who might have not done enough to relieve you from being on hold. The mission was completed to its full extent. Casualties were low. All this, even though you were on hold for most of it. This means your input for over half the mission simply wasn't necessary to complete the mission. This is due to a lack of challenge, not a lack of proper command. However, I will take criticisms of how effective the actual plan had been, if you wish to mention any. In any case, I will agree my decision making is rather reserved and I'm not afraid of taking my sweet time if I feel it's a safer avenue (for instance, waiting for C/D's OW before moving into town). There is definitely things I could do better as Platoon. For example, I could achieve the same effect but just more quickly (for instance, I could have put the beaching site closer to the OW points, so there would have been less downtime). I believe it all gets better with experience, and I'm glad you're sticking through it with me. \o/
  5. Welcome to overwatch duty, sometimes it's boring. Also, you did get orders beside that: Moving into the town and helping clear it for instance. In any case, I don't believe it's Platoon's job to manage levels of boredom, but to make sure the mission gets done effectively. I contest your criticism of my asset management. You did the job I asked you to, and your service as OW was greater than it seems you realize. Yes, barely anything showed up for you to handle - That is the fate that sometimes befalls OW. Imagine something had come from the west road. Due to fog, Bravo would have easily missed it, and if they hadn't, they would have had no way of dealing with it. Alpha was in close vicinity to not only notice, but deal with such a threat, together with Delta. This is why I felt your OW position was necessary. To add to it, you helped Delta with the checkpoint that was in their way. Once the squads had started clearing the town, you were clear to fire, as well. Perhaps this information never made it through for some reason. It may have perhaps been my fault, I'm not sure. The reason I sent you in at one point was because Delta and Echo were on low headcount and I, personally, had OW of that particular road to the west. If you paid special attention, you might have also noticed Alpha was clearing the west end of town where that road was - So you could've dealt with any threat I would have been able to see from my OW position. Regarding my ordering you back to your OW - I didn't. @Nugget30 said Alpha would go back and set up there after I had said the town squads to retreat south, otherwise I would have taken them up to Bravo's location together with Delta and Echo. However, even though you had gone to your old OW location, I was planning to get you picked up via our transport bird, but he was at base repairing for a long time. It definitely would be. However, it sounds like to me you're saying my decisions weren't thoughtful and I'd beg to differ. In any case, I am open to hearing what you think a better employment of Alpha would have been, if you'd like to share it with me.
  6. You hit the wrong thread! 2/5/2017 is the one you want to post this in.
  7. 2nd mission My role: Platoon Lead (first time \o/) Zeus: @ThatWalder I've never had this perspective before, so I find it hard to have complete faith in my judgment. I really, really enjoyed the mission. As was mentioned at briefing, we were heavily advanced upon by heavy armor, which we prepared for and took care of. He cracked down on people not playing by his rules, was generous by granting us a respawn wave for a little screwup on the Zeus' end and got rid of the last objective when it was clear the mission was going to take a long time already. I would like to see him Zeus again! Platoon: @seishimaybeC I'm glad I had @Forked as my 2iC at my side, whose simple presence made it much easier for me to go through with what I felt like was right. @Vados provided intel via a drone, which was super helpful, but perhaps redundant due to our OW positions. @Natnanny doctored us and some other squads, but as expected in the Platoon squad, there was little to do on site. Gosh, the pressure I felt right from the get-go made me want to curl up and hug my beanie. So I figured, everyone needs a huggie-beanie, and subsequently enforced a beanie dresscode. Crossroads overruled the decision, which made me sadface. But everyone else was happyface. Sadface. On a more serious note, I realize how obnoxious and unnecessary such dresscodes are and will not ever bother with them again in the future, unless the mission requires it. The negative feedback I got was a good way to learn what not to do as a Platoon Lead. The planning phase might have taken a little long, but I believe we came out with a sound plan by the end. It might still have taken longer than it needed to for the same result, as the whole weight of decisions seemed to have fallen on me. Every time there was silence, it was I who was expected to fill it. That took a bit of getting used to. Once we were on site and rolling, I really felt in my element on the long range radio, though. I will need more experience, however. All in all ... Oh my gosh, was it fun. I loved my role. I hope you don't mind me trying it more often in the future? No more beanies, I promise! Squad: See above!
  8. Crossroads overruled the decision at briefing, I hope your squadleads let you know. If not, then I'm sorry. It was more to show that dedicated headgear doesn't seem to really protect you any more than cotton hats in Arma, not to force everyone to wear my favorite headwear.
  9. After having scoured the map for overwatch locations, I felt we were left little other options, unless we'd wanted to go on a massive trek. I decided against that because of the lack of vehicles and because we would have been far away from the town. Our position had been good enough to warn about any sudden incoming enemy forces, so it was good enough for why we needed it. I had assumed Bravo would be capable of handling the forces already on site, and so they did. However, I do agree, our position wasn't the best in general. I do feel it was the best available. If you had managed to find a better one, you could have suggested we move there instead and I would have definitely considered it.
  10. 4th mission My role: Vehicle crew (commander of Bradley Hurricane 1-2) Zeus: @Nugget30 Considering I had the LR on 69 turned off, I didn't quite understand what our objective was. Apparently we were meant to find a downed chopper and then defend a point? At the end it felt like there was a bit of downtime or only thinly placed enemy forces, but perhaps that fit the mission objective. A lot of squads seemed bored at the end. This was not the case for the Hurricane 1-2 vehicle crew. I liked the constant assault of viable targets for the vehicle assets. Hurricane 1-2 was put to its full use, including the Javelins it carried. That may however have taken away things to do for all other players, so perhaps the Bradleys need some additional pressure in the future. Platoon (RTO): @SkullOG What a meanie! @atomicbucko122 and I agreed on callsigns 'Apple' and 'Banana', but then Skull just renamed us to Hurricane 1-1 and Hurricane 1-2. In all seriousness, this is within RTO's scope, so I have no complaint. I really like bananas, though ... Since this was my first time as non-attachee vehicle crew, I can't properly gauge how good he was. It did at times feel like he wouldn't respond, or if he did, he did so with an eternal "wait one". Considering he had to take over entire Platoon at some point, I'm not sure I can blame him for that. All in all, communication did happen and it was clear and direct (except he couldn't remember our callsigns he had assigned himself half the time). Direct orders put us on sensible tasks and locations. I'd only wished he had kept us more informed about the context of our mission as it went along, but that's a minor thing. I'd have him as RTO again. Squad: @Don (gunner), @Korpp1 (driver) May I give these two medals for best Bradley crew ever? This entire mission was a wonderful experience for me. Don is a great gunner, gave advice and suggestions to the commander when necessary and skillfully used the included Javelin to take out enemy armor from our overwatch positions, when it seemed safer to leave the Bradley behind the crest of the hill. However, there is one criticism I have, and that is commanding the driver without explicit permission sometimes. It is understandable: The gunner knows best what angle he needs to fire. However, I would wish this to be communicated in the future. Since we spent most of the mission on high overwatch positions, Korpp browsed 9gag for a good chunk of the mission, but was always there and responsive when we needed him. He always kept the stronger front armor of the Bradley in mind and listened well to directions. He's adept at taking us up impossible inclinations and smashing through Takistani fences/forces. I'll definitely play vehicle crew again. Gosh, that was fun. Additional: @eaglesword, SORRY! I accidentally friendly-fired you when I exited our vehicle, because there was a tank directly in our face. I was trying to fend off the EI running around and didn't expect an orphan ally to just show up from the same direction.
  11. That's because Hurricane 1-2's gunner @Don is a god. He took out almost everything before it even came close to your position!
  12. EDIT: Whoops! Accidental double-post? I don't know how it happened. This post may be deleted!
  13. @Schmorfson The first part is absolutely sensible, and you did good following @warlordsh's orders. Even though I do question the order itself. The second part I also understand. However, you should then have communicated this. The order was "leave the lunchbox and mount up" and from my perspective it took you a long time and several repetitions of my order for you to actually leave the lunchbox, which you then mounted a second time. Not only that, but after you were out for the second time, from my perspective you just stood there, saying nothing, doing nothing. I couldn't have known you were planting an explosive, never mind the fact you weren't instructed to. What if I had planned to use that explosive for something else? In the future, if you want to do something like this, just tell the lead beforehand ... Bonus points if you ask for permission before even attempting.
  14. 1st Mission My role: Delta 2iC Zeus: @Sarissa I'm realizing more and more how I can't properly judge missions. I want to say I enjoyed the increased difficulty, but I don't have enough experience to tell whether we were up against a formidable enemy or ... Platoon: @NeilZar ... if Platoon's plan was just a little thin? I'm starting to feel like most Platoons just mark obvious paths at briefing and just send the squads in face-first. No recon, no intel gathering, no overwatching ... Just sending them in, leaving them to their own devices. Perhaps it's at the SLs discretion to make those plans, but I feel the impatience of everyone keeps not only Platoon, but also SLs from spending time on tactics before just throwing themselves into danger. Having to make a plan, while already on the move seems it would often lead to poorer results than if there was a conscious effort at briefing instead. For instance: What's the point in driving BMPs when there's tanks, which can take it out and the squad inside it in one single shot? This is where I'm unsure whether the mission design might've been off, or whether we just went about the mission in the entirely wrong way. If we had known about the presence of these tanks, we could have planned for it, even with our non-optimal vehicles. Perhaps SLs should have kept their vehicles in the trees and slowly advanced instead. However, at whose discretion are these decisions made? I feel like this is a directive Platoon would have needed to enforce, not a directive each individual SL should have had to give themselves. I realize the missions are on somewhat of a timer and most people don't want to spend time just standing around at briefing waiting for it to finish. I realize people probably wouldn't want to do "boring" stuff like recon or detailed plans for the future. This brings me back to my original point ... I have no idea how to judge this mission, as its concept seems flawed at the core. To have properly done this mission would have required us to do things that would have stretched the allotted time AND perhaps would have sent people on "boring" jobs. Those are two things, which are not the main interest of FK, I believe. However, I'd love to see such an approach to a mission one day! Squad: (SL: @SABER) I enjoyed my squad! Also, today a hero was born ... @Bumling! Under fire, when only the two of us were left, he decided to leave the safe, stranded vehicle to save his 2iC. He actually managed to bring me back on my feet. Sadly, due to some shenanigans, he died in the back of the vehicle, while I survived. Due to his valiant efforts, I managed to call in Delta's status and we got a respawn wave. Additional: @cyanide was driver of Charlie's vehicle. He overtook Delta's vehicle, driving right next to it and cut it off sharply, apparently trying to showboat or make a joke. Not soon after, Delta's vehicle exploded because of the inevitable crash. This caused a delay, because Zeus had to come over, revive, heal and spawn a new vehicle. This all occurred while Charlie's SL was left behind at spawn. Please try avoiding this in the future or Delta might have to overlook another IED on the road.
  15. @FlatpackBuffalo I'm not sure there was saltiness from either side. Stuff happens, we get annoyed at it, learn from it and then move on. If anything, I'm glad Foxtrot lead @cyanide took the time to quickly and directly level criticism. From what I've heard after the mission was over, the IED was invisible because of some Zeusy stuff, which would have made it impossible to spot (if someone could confirm or deny this I'd be glad!). However, even in spite of this I agree with Foxtrot lead. Delta lead (which was me) should have warned Foxtrot about possible danger on the road when we saw the civilian tamper with it. If the IED was indeed invisible, Foxtrot's driver can not be held responsible to any degree. Even if it hadn't been invisible, it had seemingly been placed in a little dent in the road, which could have made it hard to spot for the driver.