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  1. Mission 2: Alpha Auto Rifleman Zeus: Mission started out relatively well but then an APC with a GMG on top of it rolled out of an enemy compound and destroyed almost all of Alpha within the span of two seconds, even I who was 100 meters behind the main force of our squad. After that we spent the rest of the mission in the spectating screen. There was also a problem with a floating bunker and enemies shooting through the compound walls. Platoon: I have nothing to say here other than the fact that everyone got into their vehicles quickly and it seemed without the usual problems of squads constantly having to switch vehicles. Squad: Chefla and Chukase did great as SL and 2IC.
  2. Alpha Assistant AutoRifleman Squad Lead did a good job in the beginning despite accidentally forgetting about the convoy speed limit and an unlucky memory leak issue, 2IC also did great and neither seemed to have any issues with planning or ordering the squad around. Escorting Knight was relatively easy until they decided to roll halfway across the map while we were clearing out the nearby compound. I had a a lot of fun due to the amount of enemy infantry to shoot, and I gave our Squad Medic a lot of work to do. The compound had quite the surprise when an enemy infantry with AT rounded the corner 5 meters infront of Vados and then rocketed him in the stomach, which also hurt a few others due to spacing issues. Mission ended a few minutes after that.