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  1. Mission 3 10/10 I LOVED IT @Hekhal zeused really good i enjoyed it - I magicly patched up 3 guys from death. - us in alpha squad had 4 guys left in the end and got left behind No regrets playing this one. Edit: Almost forgot that @KitCait did a good job as squadlead - she did the only right thing to not take over damn plt lead And to EVERYONE ELSE learn to listen to your fuc**** medics! They save your lives whilest bleeding out themselves so pay some attention when they tell you what to do! 2nd Edit: Im to dumb to tag someone im sorry
  2. so theres a few steps you can use 1. Verify Arma3 2. Update all your drivers 3. Change between 32/64bits (some errors only appear to be happening in one of both versions) 4. Change your malloc (in a3sync under launcher options) Those steps helped me its working fine now ^^
  3. I only was part of game 2 and scince i was the tank driver i have no idea how the other squads did but in general i think it was a good mission (that i almost fell asleep in my tank was non of yours fault ;D)
  4. Greetings fellow soldiers! My name is JuurYZ (that Cprl. infront is optional) and im actually not new to the game at all. In the last few days i had some pretty good missions with the FK group (inclouding the fact that i was able to take place in the first primetime mission on my first day here :3) I have been playing multiple roles yet (Medic, Marksman, Rifleman LAT, Tank gunner, and some backseat zeusing with RocketManDan1). This community is all i was looking for. A semi-milsim group where are people playing everyday. My real name is Jonas and yes im from germany. Im 18 years old (28th of march so i have birthday soon ;D) My english is actually pretty good so there is no problem with that. I have 1300h of Arma3 and im actually to lazy to count my hours in Arma2 Im pretty experienced in most roles and i have to warn you. If im for example a medic and im fixing people but my squad leaves me behind i will get pissed. If i see my squad leader doing something wrong i will talk to him nicely. I really dont want to be a dick i actually just want to help people sourvive missions ;D I think im a pretty friendly dude and in future i really would like to take some leadership roles and maybe also zeus some missions for you folks Thats all i have to say for now Have a good one, thx for reading See ya on the Battlefield
  5. Well as far as i have seen in the Repositorie there is an Shactac update - at least there was one for me