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  1. GTA5 on PC - well my steam name should be known ;D Also have it on PS4 but i will pretty much be alone there
  2. Higly recomment Guild Wars 2 and you could also take a look at Skyforge (PC/PS4)
  3. Titanfall 2 on ps4 yes ;D
  4. i would really like to take place in this - but due to that movie project my needs wouldnt be from any normal FNG nature so i might just step back and leave place for someone else ;D
  5. I think thats actually hard to predict - Everyone who knows how to squadlead also knows that sometimes there are just situations where you have to count in that some people might die to save others lifes. Of course there is a difference between leading your squad to death or saving your squad with sacrificing someone of it - but you should always check your options first before considering to do so... (and also you dont give someone the order to stay back and die for you - if its needed people will know and maybe volunteer) Somehow thats getting way to real right now... im sorry if i did drift off Thats the way i see that - people might see it different. Oh and if im leading it will always be me who stays back to save my people time just because its my job to get my mates home alive ;D EDIT: I didnt read what was going on before that, its more like a "neutral" opinion on that one point
  6. Time to get out my old explo-mage (if thats still a thing havent played for ages xD)
  7. I will stay on PS4 cause my GTX 660 wont make any new games nowdays Dont have tha monays for a new one
  8. Mission 3 10/10 I LOVED IT @Hekhal zeused really good i enjoyed it - I magicly patched up 3 guys from death. - us in alpha squad had 4 guys left in the end and got left behind No regrets playing this one. Edit: Almost forgot that @KitCait did a good job as squadlead - she did the only right thing to not take over damn plt lead And to EVERYONE ELSE learn to listen to your fuc**** medics! They save your lives whilest bleeding out themselves so pay some attention when they tell you what to do! 2nd Edit: Im to dumb to tag someone im sorry
  9. so theres a few steps you can use 1. Verify Arma3 2. Update all your drivers 3. Change between 32/64bits (some errors only appear to be happening in one of both versions) 4. Change your malloc (in a3sync under launcher options) Those steps helped me its working fine now ^^
  10. I only was part of game 2 and scince i was the tank driver i have no idea how the other squads did but in general i think it was a good mission (that i almost fell asleep in my tank was non of yours fault ;D)
  11. So who the fuck actually downvoted me on that - it was a joke if you didnt realize
  12. Well as far as i have seen in the Repositorie there is an Shactac update - at least there was one for me