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  1. As the title says this is a thread where you tell about or show your greatest achievements. Maybe share your story about how you made a 2 km shot with rifle or maybe how you singlehandedly took out a MBT with a really great LAT shot. Be creative how you share it or just be straight on point. No shitposting please Your story matters
  2. having an amount of ammo that is dividable 2 or 4
  3. Always been confused by the damm smokes
  4. Mission Feedback. Remember to tag the people you want to directly adress (eg. your SL/2iC, Zeus) Zeus: @seami Platoon: @Nugget30 Squad: Delta nice nighttime ironsights only mission, really intense at the end. @seami wtf how do you make such great missions like these like honestly dude you deserve a promotion. Great squad leading by @FireDad. In general an overall great mission with no friendly fire or such.
  5. Just bought PUBG, won on the fourth run, would be happy to have someone to play with
  6. Quiet a time a ago on one of Judgemans PMC missions we were tasked to capture yet another tank. as normal we made our way to the oilfield where the tanks was situated and started clearing. Moments later everyone is under heavy fire from US forces from the airfield that was nearby. Me and 3 others including @BaniKitsune and @eaglesword. We were immidietly surrounded and took fire from all directions. We had our SL with us in the charge but he died a while after. we fought for about 10 minutes until we ran out of ammo. we had to run and grab an enemy unarmed vic to get out and miraculesly got out alive. Props to @BaniKitsune For being such a good medic and healing me and @eaglesword every time we took a hit It Was Fun
  7. I think building clearing is a thing that everyone should know inside out as it is the most important thing when in a city. Good idea and I would definetely attend those kinds of sessions.
  8. The USS Nimitz is A good base for this however it will force a lot of lag onto the server which we do not want, Many of the ships out there are big and kinda weird with their hitboxes and such plus they are massive and create massive lag. But something we can do is use the Burnes Armory Mk10 Landing craft for mission where we are an invading force. Here is the link
  9. That mission was kinda messy because of technical problems on my end
  10. What if I am left handed? I am able to fly a joystick right handed but I prefer doing it with my left hand. Got any options or can you order different sides. Excuse me if I am missing something
  11. I am able to up my budget from 60 euro to 95 in 2 Weeks
  12. So I don't know where to put this post. So I am about to buy a joystick but I don't know what joystick to buy, so I am asking for recommendations for what to buy. My budget is 60 Euros
  13. Restrict people on what guns we can take as i see most people taking G36es and big american machine guns that wouldnt match with the described scenario that we are in.
  14. i would like to get a sibling too!