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  1. I always find it funny when someone asks to be DMR without knowing of either the mission we're doing or what our job is, and secondly because they're asking to be a "dedicated marksman rifle", not a squad marksman which is what they would be asking about. A squad marksman is allowed to take up to a 16x scope where as a regular rifleman is allowed to take up to a 4x scope, most usually an acog because its pretty good all around. Usually a marksman takes a 7.62 chambered rifle because its bigger its better, but that's just part of server rules, you're allowed to take 7.62 whenever unless platoon or Zeus (Rip that) places a restriction on what weapons are allowed. Basically just watch what scope you're taking and you'll be alright, as that's one of the very few limitations that regular members of the platoon have to worry about.
  2. So I would like to clarify more for you, that I was not in a very good mood for that mission, like, not at all. For a while I locally muted my mic because I was trying to vent some anger and frustrations and though I was making some progress. When I decided I would take myself out of the equation, while I know this put you in a bad spot, I knew that if I remained, I might end up with another 3-7 day long ban or worse, so I decided to just stop before I pissed myself and everyone else off and getting banned. Sorry for leaving.
  3. campaign

    Bravo Squad lead please
  4. Soldier Info: [Not] | [Connor] | ["CMG"] | [British] [Appearance Summary] (A personal photo of yourself works or a short summary of what you want the trooper to look like) [Outfit Style] (Medium armour, sweet ass cap) [Class/Weapon Preference] (weapons would be shotguns or rifle) Picture attached for reference
  5. Thought I'd chime in, dont want to complain about being blue on blue'd because if I'm honest, i didnt know it happened. The friendly fire was completely accidental and was probably not adjusting for targets properly. The not following the fallback order is because I am retarded and cant read fucking icons. If friendly fire happened, which it seems it did from my squad, I'm sorry, I pointed out that delta is moving up and watch fire, but sometimes if you're operating OW from a range of about 800 meters or so, there is only so much you can do to watch your fire.
  6. Zeus: @Woody @Sarissa @BagOfOtters Plt: @Rezonath Squad: Alpha (Role Lead) - @GingerRocker 2IC, Medic @ZentharTheMagician, LMG @andyt90 Right first off, apologies to my Squad, this was probably the worst example of me losing my cool, being a cunt, and just terrible squad leading. This was flat out disgusting in terms of my ability to lead the lack of control and my ability to evaluate a situation or act on it. As a lead I should have pulled my pants up and just acted on what I thought was right and taken the blame for what happened to my squad, we all got killed. Granted the whole situation was started by Bravo members as @Woody let us know. The zuesing was on point, granted AI shooting through walls, helicopters crashing mid air, and a Ural spawning infront of us leaving me bamboozled and scared. Platoon leading from @Rezonath was quite good, conscise orders and use of PL, BOFs and general squad managment was utilised to its fullest. However I think that A,B,C should have held off our assault on the beach/town for longer when we could have had reinforcements, as the first time we got demolished, and the second time we were supported but AI fuckery and non communication just screwed everyone over. I am not going to talk about anything else in this post, if anyone from B or C squads has a problem with me PM me on the forums and talk it out, dont want to cause a shitshow here.
  7. until

    Bravo section Squad Lead please and thank you very much.
  8. I was knocked unconscious momentarily when rolling up to the BTR that was on the bridge, before i could reposition us, everyone was dead so i bailed and took cover
  9. I would love to do this, I know we're not supposed to go full milsim, but I think at least I would like to know callouts and communication properly especially because I do have a hard time speaking clearly and with a tempo that others can understand. But sounds like fun.
  10. We got lit af my dude, love it when i get filled up full of tracers and gooey goodness
  11. First Main Mission Zeus : @V1rU5, @NeilZar Blufor Platoon: @Kreeper My Squad: SL - @Judgeman So first things first, there were a few problems with the Zeus in the beginning and that translated into problems with platoon and that into the squads. The lack of a proper briefing is first, I had no idea what we were supposed to do, I know we disrupted briefing to get the right gear but when my SL came over to brief us we were just told overwatch we have been told to do nothing else. The Zeus was not clear about what gear we were supposed to be using until the towards the later part when I realised platoon and the pilots were wearing different gear. Those were the problems i perceived from to be from the Zeus's "fault". Platoons orders made no sense, as a squad we were told to land at the factory in cherno which if we were going fully silent can see nothing against AI might have worked, but as we were being put against other players this failed horrendously, had there been no chopper crashes that was bravo gone, just gone we would have been wiped out by 4 people before we even had a chance to call enemy contacts. The lz was trash and we were told to do nothing more than ow, not even told what the objectives were and what to do should alpha fail and be wiped, which they were. For my squad lead there inst much I can say, you did the best you could with what you were told and what you could. From being wrekt by 4 men to the crash, granted advancing so far around the town letting several men get picked off by "precise" lmg fire. I know I wasn't near you at all as @Woody stole me away to be his WSO of sorts and then dropped me in town where I managed to do something before getting tapped. Anyway cant say much about the rest of the squad because I was miles away but I'm sure you did well and showed them dirty russians.
  12. -Steam name : Probably Not Connor -MMR lmao what -what -who are these Heroes halp me
  13. This can inspire people for good cqc combat in a non urban environment. fighting a counter insurgency war @mrrbatty Approved
  14. To surmise what happened in this mission, going from Alpha, Bravo and Charlies perspectives the drive (float) to the objective was just a poor leadership choice, I dont think I can really say it any other way. I cant speak for Echo or Delta but especially from the resistance Bravo met I can say it was a bit fucked. From a criticism of the Zeus's I can only say it was a bit odd how many AT the basic enemy infantry carried, at the checkpoint alone I dodged 2 lat and got hit by one. But back to the beginning, the decision and drive to the AO was so terrible for morale and general troop feeling that 90% of Bravo quit after their first death, which was called after the first respawn so they weren't getting back in. @thePier The technical wasnt the problem at the checkpoint, a soldier hit us square on with a rocket so nothing you could do, that was on me. @Rezonath I know you thought taking the aquatic approach was better, but it just didnt work, I know we finished the mission, but we lost a lot of assets we could have saved if we had consolidated our forces and moved as a larger group sweeping with more efficiency