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  1. mission good. beginning boring didnt see much action. friendly nade blew up knocked out whole squad but me. saw as sign from god. made way to protect evac. did done. 4 t-100s come up and shrek and get shrekt. csat ambush. went rambo and lit the fack out the forest. knocked out a few times. good time although i never evac'd. I am fucking rambo
  2. Who need's statuses anyways.

  3. wat

    Arma3sync is downloading at 164 kb/s flat. No more, no less. Pretty sure it's not my internet since I average around 2.5 mb/s. And since the Lingor and Isla Duala mods are very specific (where did you even find them??), I am forced to use it, making the 720mb download an hour long.