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  1. truColonelJack
  2. Y E s
  3. @Prototyp Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately I did not know it was too much until the end of the mission.
  4. Yes. Jack approves.
  5. until

  6. So is it this sunday? Or will it be on the 25th?
  7. This sunday yes?
  8. mission good. beginning boring didnt see much action. friendly nade blew up knocked out whole squad but me. saw as sign from god. made way to protect evac. did done. 4 t-100s come up and shrek and get shrekt. csat ambush. went rambo and lit the fack out the forest. knocked out a few times. good time although i never evac'd. I am fucking rambo
  9. 9 man fuck fest?
  10. Who need's statuses anyways.

  11. wat

    Arma3sync is downloading at 164 kb/s flat. No more, no less. Pretty sure it's not my internet since I average around 2.5 mb/s. And since the Lingor and Isla Duala mods are very specific (where did you even find them??), I am forced to use it, making the 720mb download an hour long.