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  1. I see Beyond has Immersive Engineering 0.10 I'm sold.
  2. He's in America until September.
  3. Malden 2035 - Decent size, bunch of different terrain types, doesn't have a million shitty stone fences even if there are rocks everywhere at least they make sense, fantastic potential for beach landings.
  4. Fast roping isn't broken, the only time I've seen it fail was when the pilot decided to land while people were roping because some AI decided to shoot at it with an AK.
  5. Eh why not. LeGingerRocker
  6. You can do that, but you will be wrong.
  7. hearts of iron 4

    Been a while since I played but I'll take a shot. Sign me up as Spain, come at me Franco.
  8. All the newer Regulars have gone through the same fucking thing. We posted on the forums and rarely got prestige. We moaned that it takes so long. Other people who hadn't been around as long get it and we got pissed off. We moaned more about how we weren't Regulars. But it happens eventually and moaning about it doesn't make you get it any quicker.
  9. I think it's @Wattsits Judgeman.
  10. One of these is not like the others.
  11. Played for a while and don't hate it which is promising considering I can't stand 90% of MMOs.
  12. Literally none. There's been plenty of people join who have never played ArmA before and do just fine, the main thing is to communicate and listen. Try and make sure your Squad Lead knows you're new for the first few missions and if you don't know how to do something then just ask.
  13. Mission 3 Zeus: @Vericht Platoon: @DarkEliite Squad: @Totally Not Connor @Toasty Another riveting AAR where my perspective is incredibly interesting and entertaining. Oh wait i was a driver...
  14. 2nd Mission Zeus: @ThatWalder Platoon: @Rezonath Squad: @Wattsits @Totally Not Connor @Demox @Toasty @Conga Line of Neckbeards @Tomlolo My experience can be summed up in one image which lasted 15 minutes.
  15. Aye why not.