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  1. As I said, 90% of the time, sometimes it works and they keep their heads down or can't hit anything but the majority of the time they just don't care and will hit you with their aimbot.
  2. Actually 90% of the time you can't even suppress the AI with a LMG/MMG. The AI just doesn't give a shit and will stand there shooting at you while a hail of 7.62 slugs fly past their heads. It's why I take a MMG most of the time, I don't go to supress I go to kill unless it's PvP in which case I grab a LMG and as much 5.56 as I can and will keep their heads down until I'm out of ammo.
  3. 3rd Mission Zeus: @Wattsits and @Weegie Platoon: @Doctadoone Squad: Alpha, @Mister Magoo @Mittens @Silver Snow @Codomain and my brain is tired and I've forgotten everyone else. The mission was an EOD mission where we had to clear a valley of mines and as the Autorifle I had to provide overwatch. I moved onto a hill and realised I didn't have an entrenching tool so sat there and watched through my binoculars, then I got bored and moved up and sat again and watched the hills. Until I found a butterfly, we got on well and became fast friends, I named him Geoff, we played around until I sadly lost him. I was devastated and lost the will to live so moved up onto a tall hill and climbed a rock contemplating suicide and continued watching the mine clearance and hoped for something to happen but alas nothing did. As for my experience with Zeus, well Wattsits wouldn't let Weegie kill me so he's mean.
  4. Mission 2 Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter Platoon: @Fidelias Squad: Alpha SL @andyt90 @NeilZar @Linnet @seishimaybeC @mavarick14 @SleepyTacoz and @anden3 My first attempt at being the gunner of a Warrior was impressive I got to fire at some enemies nearly 1km away and missed as they ran around, and then a launcher fucked us... After that we had to make a dash for cover despite there being next to nothing due to the map and had to run across several fields before Queen offered some of us a lift back to base to get new vehicles. After myself and Mavarick regrouped we proceed into the forest to our south and moved through with aid from Knight until they had to break off to take out some hostile armour. Eventually Bravo was engaged and we had to push up and bail them out. After a long drawn out firefight during which Andy was killed we stopped to lick our wounds when a UAZ rolled up with a single enemy in it, I shot a few times however due to the fact I am completely inept at shooting, missed every shot and he dismounted. Then we were informed that he was trying to surrender to us and was unarmed, it was at this moment that the remaining 2 in Bravo decided he needed to be un-alive and turned him into a sieve. Once Andy returned and we regrouped we moved into the woods again and were engaged by an enemy squad and discovered that Platoon was dead and as Andy took over duties the mission ended. Andy did a great job as Squad lead from my perspective especially with that he was given which was an simple task against impossible odds, and when he was alive he managed to keep us together and made sure each role was used to it's potential. Mission 3 Zeus: @Siri Platoon: @Derpy Squad: Knight @Natnanny @Silberjojo and @Weegie Knight had plenty to do and we started out supporting the 2 squad in their assault on the first town however they seemed to have a deathwish as they kept driving in front of the tank and it was by sheer luck that myself and Weegie didn't massacre them. Once we arrived at the first objective we provided overwatch for their advance in, clearing a checkpoint and some sporadic infantry and sending an AA emplacement to the moon. It was at this point that Alpha decided they didn't like being alive and blew up on an IED, so we moved up into the town to cover the main road. We killed a large amount of infantry who kept rolling up in Humvees acting like a Challenger gives a fuck about them. Soon after a respawn wave was run and Alpha returned into the town in a MRAP, which the instantly proceed to flip upon passing us, as if that wasn't funny enough for us to watch a Suicide Bomber ran up and before we could react Alpha shot and killed him killing their entire squad a second time. Some time later Alpha returned... again... and they decided that the Challenger was too OP and drove into us and thus we began tank acrobatics. Next we got respawned in the middle of nowhere and Natnanny DC'd and Silber took over as Commander and thus the era of Ginger's fucking awful driving began, all was well until we reached the overwatch point for the final objective and I had to drive down the hill to get a better sight on the enemy and after finding out that the position was shit we had to turn around, it was at this point when I started turning the tank and ArmA decided the Challenger looked better upside down and the tank acrobatics returned. Later we pushed up to the next overwatch point closer to the airfield and Weegie took out some more armour and then a friendly decided that our Apache looked better as a smoking wreck (People were really obsessed with the looks of our assets this mission) and shot it down, it was after this that Silber noticed a hostile humvee behind us and dismounted without telling myself or Weegie and a T-55 rolled off the airfield. I noticed that Silber was behind us on the PIP display in the tank but before I could mention this Weegie fired and knocked Silber out, he fired again and by the time I could get to him he died leaving myself and Weegie to man the tank. We pushed up the the radio tower when ArmA played fashion police again and we ended up on our roof and the mission was pretty much over as Seal Team 6 decided that their rescuers looked better dead and killed them.
  5. 2nd Main Mission Zeus: @ForkedI think Platoon: @ThatWalder Brief went on too long and the plan seemed to be a mess as well as we didn't know what was going on for 90% of the mission however he did mention that Zeus didn't tell him about the objectives properly. Squad: Bravo, SL @Galactic @atomicbucko122 @Linnet @Bobblehead @Blutze @12rai @Craidus And someone else who I've forgotten. Mission took way too long and we spent most of that time either dead or doing nothing on a hill. When we got to the first objective we were told to set up defences on the edge of a town, after a few minutes Bucko decided to take the Coyote and 3 members of the squad off on an adventure leaving Red team, Squad lead and 12rai back at the blockade. Then a BDRM rolled up and since Bucko had taken all the LAT with him all we could do was hide and get shot. Eventually it came back and Bubble managed to disable it however one of the remaining members threw a grenade at the BRDM and blew me up. After what seemed like an eternity with only @Duke Knutstrand's voice for entertainment we were respawned and Galactic tried to kill us with his driving we returned to the frontlines for MORE SITTING and after getting bored and messing around with an SSWT Kit Galactic threw a stun grenade at us which was annoying but the fact someone else threw a second stun grenade took the piss and they didn't even have the balls to own up to it. Eventually we moved onto a town to the north and ran into a BMP BTR BRDM (Seriously how can people not know the difference) then it blew up and we continued onto the town where most of us died except for like 4 and we proceed to clear most of the town and a respawn was run. Then I got domed and left because the length was a pisstake and they continued for about half an hour after I left.
  6. Mission 3: The Night Edel Went Crazy Zeus: @Life010I think Platoon: @Derpy Squad: SL @Trinoc @Vizel The MVP @SuddenDeath The Constantly Dead @Tobe and @Edelweiss Destroyer of Squads. Apologies if I've forgotten anyone else. To start this might have been the greatest mission ever, of all time for pure comedy value. Our objective was to storm a beach then clear a town. Spawn was an indicator of how the mission would progress with Tobe spreading the word of Zeus and "Getting is dick trapped in a ladder", there was also Derpy's Sandcastle which was something and @atomicbucko122's attempts to give us prostate exams. After we got TP'd to the vehicles we made the long trip to the beach, during which I accidentally ejected and discovered that if you swim down into the bottom of the ocean you don't become a fish you just drown. Eventually I was respawned at the lighthouse where Platoon were cowering holding for respawns and helped thin out the enemy defences at the beachhead before moving down to hook up with the remainder of Bravo while under heavy fire. The next stage was to move further up the beach and clear out the surrounding beach town. We were under heavy fire for the majority of the time and were only kept alive by Sudden's godlike medical skills as he had survived the beach and kept multiple people alive on the beach itself and would spend the rest of the mission keeping everyone alive after Edel's rampage of doom. We slowly pushed through the town clearing it block by block while taking casualties throughout. All was well until I ran out of ammo and was killed by an enemy in a tower. After the respawn wave we moved to the resupply point where a Ural rushed us and we managed to take it down the no losses. Then the Edel Nation attacked. He threw a grenade into it to kill the dismounting enemies, who had all been killed already, and the grenade blew up injuring several people including nearly killing myself and actually killing @Timberhawk who had moved towards the Ural to make sure the enemies were dead. After this we mounted up and moved up the road where Edel almost got me killed again my messaging me in Steam so I had to tab out and nearly got fucked by the BTR that rolled up on us. By the time I had dismounted a bunch of our squad had died including Edel and we were heavily pinned down by enemies and a 2nd BTR. Eventually it was destroyed and we were reinforced and pushed up where another BTR rolled up, Edel destroyed it and then threw a grenade which Tobe followed like a Dog playing fetch and subsequently blew up. After this we pushed up the the final objective where after being "Bullied" Edel decided to stand in the road and blow himself up with a grenade, he failed. Turns out he's so useless he can't even kill himself with grenades only other teammates. We then pushed up into the final part of the town which was a densely packed cluster of buildings where Edel could inflict massive damage and blew myself up in what can only be compared to a Caboose grenade throw in Red vs Blue Season 6. Then we pushed to clear the last part where I accidentally downed Derpy then Edel blew him up before Edel killed the final enemy in the town from 10m away with an RPG. The mission ended up in a Zero Fucks Given sort of way with most of Bravo squad spending our time pissing ourselves laughing and Trinoc did a good job leading us and making sure each team was used correctly; EG Red providing overwatch.
  7. When people call a Magazine a clip. I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL FUCKING SKIN YOU WITH A BAYONET!!
  8. I didn't have to leave, I was bored and tired and OD'd on Morphine.
  9. It wasn't quite a happy ending, I stole his hat.
  10. Oh people will moan however it's implemented, some act like toddlers when you restrict their weapons as it is. It's just something they would have to put up with.
  11. 1st Mission - Charlie AutoRifle Zeus: Squashed Charlie like ants under a boot so... yeah... Platoon: Had no interactions but from SL's comments seemed to be ignoring the fact that Charlie vehicle was destroyed and that we were pinned down and complained that we weren't moving. Squad: @PowerColour @warlordsh @Life010 @Winters @Gditz @Judgeman and @EreCt Not a great mission for Charlie, after Platoon randomly changed out attack point into the objective we got hit by an RPG and shot at and when we finally got to cover and dismounted the MRAP we were completely surrounded and slaughtered like a realistic version of Chicken Run. After we respawned we had to run back into the town and clear it with the slideshow that was this mission and found all the hostiles dead so proceeded to secure the hostages which went well until we discovered out MRAP was fucked and then a couple of Press ran over someone and a paradrop fucked us for a second time. Power did a good job considering most of the time were were dead, KO'd or sitting around doing nothing.
  12. Cheers...
  13. 3rd and 4th Mission I AM IMMORTAL. That is all.
  14. 59 kills? I'll take it considering I spend most of my time eating dirt.
  15. 2nd Marathon Mission Zeus: @PowerColour Platoon: @Frendum SL: @Totally Not Connor Got filled with more holes than Spongebob and survived. 10/10 But seriously it was a very long mission as everyone knows which was kind of refreshing to have multiple stages and optional objectives which can aid you later on even if Raptor got shot down. Alpha got a fair amount of action until the end and @Totally Not Connor did a good job as Squad Lead when he was alive, the only issue was at some point the 2IC died and was still in the squad but even after the respawn wave didn't show up or communicate with us meaning at times after Connor's deaths we had no clue who was in command. The only other gripe was at the ends having to run across the entire city to get to the final objective even though the other squads were aware that we were without a vehicle however I don't know if their vehicles were destroyed as well but as far as the remains of Alpha knew there was nothing. All in all it was a fun mission if a bit long and from our experience Zeus did a good job but can't comment on Platoon as I was a genius who picked up a long range at some point when Connor died and it had no sound for 80% of the mission...