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  1. When people go into the mission with voice on... Holy shit.
  2. The LZ Had some T34 MBT on it im not going to fucking land on top of it and aborting was too risky at the speed of which i approached as there were trees infront.
  3. It drove like a fucking tractor but other than that it was a good tank.
  4. First Mission Zeus' @Katla_Haddock @Wattsits @Woody Gave us alot of armour to hit so was interesting in the T55 Platoon: @Nugget30 Was our RTO. Took quite a while to give us info but it was always clear Squad: Tank command was @Netheral and gave always clear instructions and let the gunner @Vericht who was an absolute fucking animal with the gun a lot of freedom to give me orders that helped us hit alot more alot quicker and not take a single casualty. However we did shoot @LongLiveQuebec's Prisoner savagely.
  5. Nice addition thanks!
  6. There's something I never want to see again... On a serious manner however I'm not sure what joystick the pilots use but alot of them are quite expensive so you might be best saving up for one from a reputable brand
  7. Zeus @Siri Platoon @Crump Was RTO So basically our platoon. He dealt with us well and let us set up with Foxtrox lead by @Hekhal and helped us with his squads movement. Squad Gunner was @BonSie Who basically hit everything with the minimum ammo needed and made the mission alot easier than was needed. Driver was me. I did well :3 Commander was @AstroNaught Spotted everything well and gave really clear instructions to allow me to move accurately and only got us blown up once which was due to taking artillery fire. Thorughly enjoyed the mission
  8. Ugh what? Rezo has been doing platoon since he was FNG and isn't unexperienced at all. He was helping all of us out and controlling all well.
  9. Mission 3 Delta LAT Zeus' @Edelweiss And @Ruekatu Massive credit to them as the mission was a very large scale mission and they even responded to pings very quickly to stop someone abusing a dc and reconnect to be alive again. Platoon @Forked Didn't have any contact with so. Squad Highlight of the mission was my daddy @ravstar52 who was the only person with ammo at the end in the really intense mission which has limited ammo. @Woody also made a sick landing after he got fucked by AA!
  10. Foxtrox LAT Mission 1 Zeus: @seami @Ruekatu The only issue with the mission was the mine size which were quite small. However the checkpoints were really good and i loved it when @Rezonath called a zeus a "Kebab" Platoon: @Alexander Seemed like he organised the convoy in an orderly fashion and organised the squads in general. Squad SL Was @Forked he organised us well and had everyone doing every order really well while also letting us enjoy ourselves. Most of the mission was spent in a convoy in which we were in the back of the trucks. When we did get out the trucks we shot a few people before the server shat its self and i crashed. Upon returning we went down the road and shot alot of bullets at some enemy EI moving in from the hills before @Sarissa put the server out of its misery.
  11. I can understand why you would do so and i'm sorry for going so off however i said over long range follow the lines i set and someone replied with some snarky comment about how it was too far which annoyed me however it seems that wasn't you. Just in future make sure you follow the platoons lines because alot of them draw them accurately.
  12. It's hard to be constructive when i told you to get out and you disobeyed orders and continued to nearly run people over. We were ready to deploy and did however just because there is a 5 minute delay it doesn't mean you piss around.
  13. The orders were to space out and make sure not to be hit by mortars. Gathering your whole squad into a car is about as least spaced out as possible.
  14. Mission 3 Alpha Squad lead/Platoon Zeus: @gadsadaGave good comms all the way through and didn't have any issues with him at all. The main issue was H-barriers being shot through but that wasn't an issue for me personally as shit happens. Platoon: Me. As my first time going full platoon i didn't enjoy the squads treated me to be totally honest. After the first part of the mission which went well we were waiting for a respawn and resupply wave when the squads became impatient. My squad was kept in order and so was most of the squads. However , @Christian really let us all down by driving around in jeeps nearly running people over with his fiasco of "we need to be on the move" this really pissed me of and despite asking them to get out they continued and had to be told by zeus to stop. Then, after thee resupply i ordered the attack on the next objective which included a 360 attack. However, Charlie squad lead by @Cosmo decided fuck the plan and went into bravos area and proceeded to ruin the attack as they place they were supposed to attack destroyed others. It really annoyed me as i told them not to as they started yet they also refused and then carried on. Overall the squads were fine appart from a few people pissing around which ruined the atmosphere for me. Squad: I was the IC of Alpha and our asault was simple on the camps. We took heavy losses going through the forest however managed to eliminate all the camps. After that we waited pateintly and moved towards the next objective before being wiped. Upon respawn we lost alot of people to DC And the remaining 4 cleared out the radio tower and mission completed.
  15. It was a pleasant change. I appreciate the fact that the zeus' was willing to do something diffrent instead of doing the same thing as normal.