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  1. If anyone is up for playing Rust with me and a few friends for the next 2 weeks i'm up for that just msg me on forums.
  2. The United Sarahni Airfield. That is that map.
  3. Would massively recommend http://store.steampowered.com/app/530070/Train_Sim_World_CSX_Heavy_Haul/ over TS2017
  4. How did you get the JSRS Working in the first place i've had no sucess
  5. It's not exactly my issue but some New players who are just trying to learn can't as they die constantly making mistakes.
  6. The one problem with insta death is that you can get fucked mission after mission straight away and have very little chance to actually enjoy the game. This is probably where the minority is at. I don't mind being fucked for a bad decision but being headshot from a km away and dying is something that really can ruin it for a minority.
  7. Arma 3 Sync is basically needed as we use old and new mods with different versions to the steam workshop. Just hop on teamspeak and in the mod help room someone should help.
  8. Never enough body bags. We only pay the cleaners hourly.
  9. I mean the first helicopter dropped literally infront of @Lenny and his squad.
  10. Thats like using this logic. Oh the 105MM Is up on that hill but it's not facing at knight and friendlies have a 105 should i fuck it up? Ofc you do it is common sense to engage a threat and destroy if it is enemy. Lenny didn't know it was friendly and therefore presumed it was enemy and fucked it up.
  11. The ammount of times people just whip out the LAT And shout Clear and fire is far greater than the ones who actually ask to fire etc. As for the situation i didn't play the mission but from the POV Of @Lenny I'm sure many of you would do the same. If you've got a Humvee pointing at you, your going to blow it the fuck up. It's also a rule that taking assests that are enemy can be taken however if FF Occurs don't get mad. Honestly the ammount of salt here is like a mine.
  12. Was an edit mb
  13. We did that because there was 4 people alive who all agrreed to rush and clear the town as best as possible. Once we realised we weren't going to get fucked by armour or an rpg we went around and cleared it.
  14. Still doesn't change the fact that everyone had become bored. We never intended to do a crazy bum rush we went in and were pulling to the side when we got smited. It wasn't like we went flying through the town ramming the walls down and killing civvies we scouted an area pulled to the side to clear buildings and got smited.
  15. Their was no armour in the village and we had successfully done it before hand. We even said if your not happy doing so just get out.