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  1. Mission 3: Delta Rifleman My Pepe is famous! Good for you buddy. FeelsGoodMan Dont really remember anything else about the mission. Oh yeah, glorious flags, walking up to the roof of the building looking for safety only to see bunch of dead bodies and noping back down, nearly killing @SuddenDeath. Dont think you were the only one @Snapjaw. Got shot by at least 3 guys as soon as mission ended Special thanks for the other creative minds for making the ride shorter playing hangman. Apparently I should become an Arma artist. armichelangelo? I tried.
  2. Mission 1: Pirate Arrrtorifle Arrsistant Man, i fucking love PVP stealth shit. Sat on top a building to the north east for about 40 mins during which my AFK Autorifleman got shot and I picked up his gun and ammo. Shot some guy running across the map. I realised they had killed literally everyone in my area and left their vehicle near me. Took their vehicle, tried to find someone to gun the weapon but everyone was dead. Took technical and drove the vehicle around the map to come up behind them. Was pulling up behind the BTR to troll the crew and then blow it up with some charges I took from the IED factory, sadly it got shot as i was about to stop and cooked off. so instead I killed the surviving crew. Killed couple of guys (Autorifleman and his assistant?) that tried to shoot me from the town. Don't even know if they were friendly or not. Saw some guys trying to attack the IED factory, drove behind him, got off, walked up to him and recreated my masterpiece of dying SpongeBob, only to look around and to see a guy still deciding whether I was enemy or not. In retrospect, should have just walked off. Mission 2: Armour Gunner Engaged 2 enemy tracked vehicles, either a BDM or a 2s25. Coulda been an MBT as well but fuck me I could zoom in more using my 2x RCO scope than whatever was on that Abrams. We sat there, some ZSU went flying down the hill, kept changing direction and speed so I couldn't hit it before it hid away. Heard someone actually commandeered it afterwards. Well done. At this stage we were quite bored since we hadn't engaged anything for about an hour so we charged into the town, with the permission from the RTO and got taken down honourably. Heard Digby's MrPutin voice shouting and trying to capture me to which I replied with a few bullets. He replied to my few bullets with a few dozen EI which wiped us out pro tip: Dont make Putin angry, just let him do what he wants to.
  3. so sad, so close. The only virgins I saw were the ones on spectator teamspeak
  4. Mission 1: FAC Zeus: no problems here Platoon: did a great job till we got fucked a little by a lonely BMD As FAC, meh. Not the best performance I've had. Squads getting into whichever heli they wanted kinda tilted me at the start and would have been smoother if they had just waited a few seconds. Foxtrot was one of these squads if I remember correctly. Only had 2 CAS 2 transport. Felt like the amount of armour going against golf was a little overwhelming since @Woody never ran out of targets and and even though i tried to help him out, I needed @seami if i remember correctly to cover the evac of the squads as it was the main priority. This was about the time platoon were wipep and the difficulty ramped up. Also, reminder for squads. If you take down an important asset of the enemy such as a AA vehicle such as a ZSU or an AA manpad, these things are to be reported if there are friendly air assets Mission 2: IRA Jihad bomber Zeus: dont spawn bunch of squads as we are driving to the town hall. Initially when i scouted the road was clear. @Woody @thesecretgames and me jihading into the town hall was agenious idea until we realised why they dont work in real life. Because your face gets destroyed when you're driving towards a couple of platoon worth of enemies
  5. I feel if you're going to put an overwatch squad that is over 600 metres you might as well have some type of small recon team informing the platoon lead of any movement of forces. The recon team could simply tell the platoon about any movement and platoon could move one of the units to prevent the QRF. This makes it easier for the Zeus since they don't have to pay special attention to an OW team to keep them entertained, can test the skills of the platoon and the squads to react and defend from a QRF and make sure everyone gets a nice bit of action. Now, I'm not saying overwatch always ends up being boring with us twiddling our thumbs on top of a hill since a great Zeus can keep everyone entertained but it has been the case for many missions and replacing them with a small recon would be better for everyone I think.
  6. Mission 3: Charlie Rifleman Squad Leader did fine, if i was nigpicking there were a few strategic decisions that he didnt make when out in the open and under fire, but other than that, all good. Mission was fun, not too much to shoot at except few ei 500+ metres out. @Conga Line of Neckbeards stole my beard forcing me into depression. My gun disappeared, ran out of russian ammo. No gun for the last objective . Also no gun when I found out conga did have my bears the whole time and wanted to put a few bullet holes in him. With no gun i simply surrendered to the enemy but my squad thought it was funny to completely undress me beforehands :< got to take home a purple slave with me tho so theres that. @seishimaybeC also check whether you're sending us into a ditch next time
  7. Wasn't it standardised to have the medics with the main fire-team? If not the DMR could be scrapped and swapped with the Medic but then Medic would need to move up with the Auto-riflemen who would be set up at a point giving covering fire.
  8. What do you think of a more traditional way of having two different teams? Blue being the support team: SL AR AAR DMR Red being the forward offence team: 2IC LAT LAT Medic Would this kind of set up work a bit more naturally with our current squad template?
  9. Yes I do have the soundboardbut it is disabled. I'll uninstall and report whether it reoccurs again.
  10. There is a problem I've been having maybe since day 1 of using TFR on a server and was wondering if there is a solution to it. Sometimes when playing a game TeamSpeak stops responding. I have no idea why and how to force it as sometimes Arma could be running for hours and hours and not have this issue at all. TeamSpeak would stop responding with an in-game message of Pipe closed by TS or something along those lines and the game would either freeze (more common) or keep running where I can hear everyone but cannot respond. I've heard of a lot of other people having a problem where they lag out because of TeamSpeak. If anyone knows how to repeat it or even better, solve it, it would be great.
  11. A type of Insurgents(us) vs State(AI/could be PVP too) where we are severly underpowered and the AI has the modern weapons. The defence of a town could be based on simply trying to kill the enemy and salvage their weapons to be able to defend it. Decisions whether to blow up the enemy MRAP or APC or risk and try to salvage it for future attacks on the city is something I've had in mind for a while but have been too busy to make. A lot of decisionmaking will be involved in whether we want to risk and salvage some supplies off enemies or blow them mile high.
  12. Mission 3: Another lovely @Hekhal's stress relieving session Mission 4: Alpha LAT aka.walking granade launcher/God? Well done @Tenninfor that great squadleading. Alpha did not suffer a single casualty, destroyed the first town under God Save the Queen, and just kept on going clearing each town pretty much by ourselves. After clearing all the resistance it was my time to fucking shine. Honestly felt like a pro and as if I was competent. We were meant to attack the airfield and clear it of the resistance. We got there before others again and here I will switch to my viewpoint. Important to note, when preparing for the assault I went all out and took 27 granades with my squad members not believing in the granades and taking explosives instead. I see the BTR, threw 5 granades in the general direction only to see the guys dismount straight afterwards. What? This shit fuckin works? Ran close to the MBT threw 8 granades, peaked from my cover to see my squad members metres from the MBT and I still managed to blow it to bits. Saw another BTR in dire need of a granade on the other side of the compound. Ran ahead of the squad to a set of buildings for cover only to see a fucking MBT roll up on me. It rolled up, stood right in front of me and was turning its barrel. At this point I had lost hope in granades as I threw maybe 10 right under it and it still didnt do nothing and I was still getting hit by my own shrapnel. Luckily one of them landed right underneath as he finished turning his turret for me, the guys dismounted and got blown off by the granades. Was just about to run to the MBT but got swarmed by a dozen EI all going towards my squad, shooting me in the meanwhile. Took out every single one. Not giving it second thought, I got into the MBT and shot the BTR on the other side of the compound. Mowed down another dozen EI while in the MBT feeling like a beast machine that just singlehandedly destroyed two MBTs, two BTRs and over two dozen EI. I'll definately remember this one. Most fun I've had as part of a squad in a while, well done Alpha. Few mistakes I shall forget it ever happened: Accidentally pressed a numpad key and was on the Charlie shortrange for about half an hour into the mission; dropped my gun and forgot where it was, never found it, tried to steal ammo for our M2 from @Doctadoone's Platoon vehicle but stole the weong type of ammo
  13. Mission 4: FAC Platoon: @Nugget30did a great job, could see him mentally breaking down from the amount of pressure he was in but he managed it better than most I've seen under the circumstances. Great job by our competent medic @PowerColour and Drone Operator @SkullOG, even though he did crash a few times and went missing near the end of the mission. Pilots: @insayne @happiesthippo Insayne did a great job. Found and destroyed targets with ease and efficiency, didn't have to RTB except to repair and i respect that. Destroyed the artillery pieces and a ZSU next to them. Overall, well done. Happiest might wanna up your game a bit. Dont know how you crashed the first time, second time i'm guessing the ZSU. Talk on the radio, keep your ear out for when I try and contact you. Not once did you tell me you were going down. Zeus: @Natnanny Now, things I hate the most as FAC: -Telling me absolutely no ground AA but expect air to air combat when the QRF arrives -Putting down AA anyway Next time if you don't know or don't want to disclose whether theres gonna be ground AA or not just tell me "maybe with the QRF" or something of sorts
  14. @Hekhal's mission: Alpha Rifleman Killed 4 people. Totally not 3 Charlie and a Platoon guy. Another great mission. More night mission with no NVG
  15. Then you will have drama about people complaining that their Squad Leader shot them. We're better without it.