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  1. Yep, Saiga is shit. The British L128A1 shotgun has a power of 3.5 death stars where within 75m (CQB) you don't even need to aim with the bucks, the spread shreds the stuff in front of you. The slugs have a much longer effective range as well compared to the Saiga. Where Saiga provides the fast reload and fire rate, the sheer power of the British L128A1 can absolutely destroy everything if handled correctly.
  2. whats going on with this, shall we do it friday or sunday?
  3. yep, talked with shoxe, he can have Sweden. I'll stick with Poland. I'll either die in the first 15 minutes or survive to watch the world burn
  4. Ooooh, sign me up. Poland or Sweden to balance out the nations.
  5. When it comes to private rooms, sadly it is an issue we tried to prevent when adding the ability to create temporary rooms for veterans and CMs. I agree with the fact they shouldn't but thats a different issue altogether.
  6. I think that the current system is fine. I really don't see a better alternative to what we have now. The list of people Slouchy watches out for applies to most CMs and Veterans afaik. If you get involved with the community, make friends you may be put on the list for one of them. If they believe you deserve regular and you are on their list they will watch out for your constructive posts and give you prestiege where you deserve it. You mentioned which to be honest is not quite right is it. You should be the one making yourself known. A few CMs and Veterans are in lounge rooms and game rooms talking to each other and their number increases as you get closer to main missions and after. Jump in, make conversation and have fun and you'll get on someone's list eventually which is how I got it back then. Same thing happened with Numinous where he hopped in to a lounge room with a CM and veterans, made conversation and got regular before people who have been here for weeks and haven't made the effort.
  7. Mission 1: Fox 3 Rifleman Squad Lead: Lenny was great as always, kept the squad in order, was able to form a new plan when things went downhill. Most of red team died in a charge to a compound. I got knocked down as I was running to the compound, woke up, ran a bit more got knocked down again. Heard a tank literally drive past my head, lucky af on that one. Heard someone say "I see a member of red team" followed by "They are all dead just run past" cutting all hope for my saviour. Got saved by @Wafflefoxthankfully, got treated, @Lenny got bored wanted to put me down (probably wishes he'd done it ) and was pretty much saying don't you dare ditch me for most of the mission. Got revived by the only single medic @Linnet thank you. Got shot at by a BTR and the friendly sword while gunning the humvee and suffered PTSD for the rest of the mission. Killed shit like the couragous and brave beitish soldier that I am. Lovely mission overall, well done.
  8. until

    was one of the riflemen for fox 3, but the slots are filled. I'll just take anything thats open
  9. Haven't played for a year, recently returned. Cant promise to be as pro as i used to be but still would be near the top somewhere. Mained junk, genji and mercy (i know, don't judge) DonCorleone#2111
  10. yeah, low tier is usually the most fun you can have in the game, wouldn't mind popping in sometime
  11. Mission 3: Delta Rifleman My Pepe is famous! Good for you buddy. FeelsGoodMan Dont really remember anything else about the mission. Oh yeah, glorious flags, walking up to the roof of the building looking for safety only to see bunch of dead bodies and noping back down, nearly killing @SuddenDeath. Dont think you were the only one @Snapjaw. Got shot by at least 3 guys as soon as mission ended Special thanks for the other creative minds for making the ride shorter playing hangman. Apparently I should become an Arma artist. armichelangelo? I tried.
  12. Mission 1: Pirate Arrrtorifle Arrsistant Man, i fucking love PVP stealth shit. Sat on top a building to the north east for about 40 mins during which my AFK Autorifleman got shot and I picked up his gun and ammo. Shot some guy running across the map. I realised they had killed literally everyone in my area and left their vehicle near me. Took their vehicle, tried to find someone to gun the weapon but everyone was dead. Took technical and drove the vehicle around the map to come up behind them. Was pulling up behind the BTR to troll the crew and then blow it up with some charges I took from the IED factory, sadly it got shot as i was about to stop and cooked off. so instead I killed the surviving crew. Killed couple of guys (Autorifleman and his assistant?) that tried to shoot me from the town. Don't even know if they were friendly or not. Saw some guys trying to attack the IED factory, drove behind him, got off, walked up to him and recreated my masterpiece of dying SpongeBob, only to look around and to see a guy still deciding whether I was enemy or not. In retrospect, should have just walked off. Mission 2: Armour Gunner Engaged 2 enemy tracked vehicles, either a BDM or a 2s25. Coulda been an MBT as well but fuck me I could zoom in more using my 2x RCO scope than whatever was on that Abrams. We sat there, some ZSU went flying down the hill, kept changing direction and speed so I couldn't hit it before it hid away. Heard someone actually commandeered it afterwards. Well done. At this stage we were quite bored since we hadn't engaged anything for about an hour so we charged into the town, with the permission from the RTO and got taken down honourably. Heard Digby's MrPutin voice shouting and trying to capture me to which I replied with a few bullets. He replied to my few bullets with a few dozen EI which wiped us out pro tip: Dont make Putin angry, just let him do what he wants to.
  13. so sad, so close. The only virgins I saw were the ones on spectator teamspeak
  14. Mission 1: FAC Zeus: no problems here Platoon: did a great job till we got fucked a little by a lonely BMD As FAC, meh. Not the best performance I've had. Squads getting into whichever heli they wanted kinda tilted me at the start and would have been smoother if they had just waited a few seconds. Foxtrot was one of these squads if I remember correctly. Only had 2 CAS 2 transport. Felt like the amount of armour going against golf was a little overwhelming since @Woody never ran out of targets and and even though i tried to help him out, I needed @seami if i remember correctly to cover the evac of the squads as it was the main priority. This was about the time platoon were wipep and the difficulty ramped up. Also, reminder for squads. If you take down an important asset of the enemy such as a AA vehicle such as a ZSU or an AA manpad, these things are to be reported if there are friendly air assets Mission 2: IRA Jihad bomber Zeus: dont spawn bunch of squads as we are driving to the town hall. Initially when i scouted the road was clear. @Woody @thesecretgames and me jihading into the town hall was agenious idea until we realised why they dont work in real life. Because your face gets destroyed when you're driving towards a couple of platoon worth of enemies