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  1. You are pretty cool! When I see you in a squad, I try to join it.
  2. I am a pudding. It is nice to meet you, Doc. Good luck with Fuck Knows!
  3. Welcome to the gang! You will be used as fodder, probably just once.
  4. Canada is fake. Welcome to Fuck Knows, I guess. See you in the game!
  5. Welcome to Fuck Knows We are all major fuck ups Worry not, new guy.
  6. How'dy, welcome to the mess!
  7. Your username is fantastic. good choice!
  8. I love you too AstroNaught! I think we should consider adoption though...
  9. If I haven't missed it yet, this sounds cool.
  10. Gotcha. I appreciate the solid answer. Y'all do what you gotta do.
  11. Not sure if I'm asking this in the right place, and I'm not home right now or I'd just ask someone in TS, but I've seen around on the forums that there were some issues and I was wondering if I'll be able to play after I get back home.
  12. You are my hero. It was a fantastic death. Glad it was not me. I'd also like to use Bastions thread to say thanks. @Slouchy Orc's FNG class was a great start, and even afterwards he's been willing to deal with my questions. I'm afraid that I never did catch the name of the patient man who helped me gear up for my first actual mission, and i'd like to apologize for getting on the wrong helo. Even if that did cause me to be one of three survivors on that mission. Also, even if it was brief, I took note of @Birdfoot for being incredibly kind to the FNG with the wrong radio, who got attached to the squad a couple days ago or so. You guys are great, and I'm truly relieved to see that a good chunk of the community is pretty understanding and welcoming.
  13. Zeus: plenty of things to shoot regardless of my ability to locate them Platoon: Idk, i'm new, I don't understand anything they're doing, I just try to do what the guy directly above me says. SL: Edelweiss. I thought he did pretty well. Had a blast!
  14. @Mickey Gotcha. I was just worried it decided to break itself in my sleep. I'll try updating it again later then. Thanks!
  15. I updated everything last night and something compelled me to double check it just now. one of the mods showed as needing to be updated again, and when i tried to start the download it sat for 5 minutes without ever actually starting. restarted ArmA3Sync and now it seems to be stuck on checking files. Did I balls it up somewhere or is it actually just not working right now?