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  1. Mission 1 - Golf Squadlead (copied your template @Natnanny) Zeus: Main - @Sarissa Great stuff, sorry i pinged you by mistake at the beginning. Platoon: Lead - @Digby Tatham-Warter 2iC - @NeilZar Digby made a good plan, also NeilZar had things under control until Digby arrived (and I assume afterwards aswell). Communication went smoothly i think. Although there was quite a bit of confusion after Platoon got wiped. Squad: Lead - @Burnside 2iC - @Jacob_Waltz I got kinda drafted into squadleading, I tried my best, Jacob helped me a lot, wich was great. So thanks for that.
  2. First mission Zeus: @Katla_Haddock @Wattsits @Woody Platoon: @Forked Squad: Foxtrot, I was Squadlead First I'd like to apologize, I was having trouble listening to what was being said on long range, I don't handle the chatter that well I learned. Sorry if I pissed you off @forked. :-( Great fun was had though, This has only been like my third time squadleading. I made some questionable choices, but I tried my best to follow the plan. Squad was wiped when we engaged the bunkerline from the south. After respawning we were heading for the town of Schlangenanzdan (or something) when we ran into an enemy transport truck, I decided we would attempt a frontal assault. Went badly. When we later regrouped we assaulted the dam in an unremarkable fashion. Second mission Delta 2ic It was a dark and foggy night, Delta got shot up a lot. I was the only survivor in my squad at one point. Joined up with bravo for awhile. Cleared some towns.
  3. Champions online is f2p
  4. "Does this smell like poison to you?"
  5. Yisss
  6. I'm good for all those times.
  7. Here is mine so far, I still need to flesh out the characters background. I'm thinking maybe some grudge against demonic forces and maybe some passion for exploration. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-qxxc3I126_YUhRdW5adWhVejA
  8. I missed my chance with the other group, maybe i can join this one. What is our starting lvl? *edit: Also what method are people using for determining ability scores?
  9. I love DnD. Im up for it. Timezone: Gmt+1 Available: Weekdays (17:00>) Weekends (ANYTIME) *EDIT: just realized i missed the start :-(
  10. Charlie Medic Our MRAP got rammed by a tank. 5/7
  11. Alpha 2ic Yeah, there were a lot of problems with coordination I think, a lot of drama and confusion. Operating many vehicles poses a challenge on inter-squad dynamics. People butting heads about the general course of action. Generally I think people should take themselves less serious and chill out. Ultimately It's a game were social competence and humor is important. Great stuff @Digby Tatham-Warter! Keep it up!
  12. Made a list of some games. Feel free to comment about games you, yourself, enjoy. And yes, I play alot of games. MMO City of heroes Champions online Action Rpgs Diablo series Path of exile Titan quest Sacred 2 Champions return to arms Spiral knights Torchlight Shooters Warframe Arma3 Borderlands Blacklight Overwatch Heroes and Generals Hellgate: London Call of duty 1 Medal of honor Gears of war series Destiny Strategy and or turnbased Rpg Disgaea series Final fantasy tactics Ogre battles Warlords Battlecry Vandal hearts Dungeon defenders Tales of maj'ejal Darkest dungeon Fallout tactics Heroes of might and magic Fighting games Soul Caliber Continent of the ninth seal Vindictus Dungeon fighter online Chivalry War of the roses Mecha games Mechwarrior Armored core series Slave Zero Metal warrior ExTeel