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    I would love to go but as this is the day I get back from holiday I will not be home intill late so cart do it, maybe next time
  2. A man after my own heart
  3. Best show on tv I blame Fox for it not coming back
  4. My dream is to be a space cowboy from one of the best shows firefly
  5. This game looks epic and I been waiting for it for so long to come out, and for me I rly want to be a space pirate or a bounty hunter that would be fun for me in this type of game
  6. Hello there I hear I New campaign is being made so a wilde Judgeman appears, now the types of missions rly depend on what the champion is about, so with your campaign you said it is reminiscent to my PMC now if you look at my page you see a list of all the different types of missions me and @Vipershell have made, you may have a look and be inspired for making more but plz do not copy me and viper would be very sad, so depending on your campaign you can design rly unique missions around it, and as for assets that is rly up to you for me we designed a system that after what ever rep level they get they get x asset and in missions they can capture x assets from the battle and bring them back for other uses in missions. I hope this helps but if not I can give you some missions ideas of the top of my head that you may enjoy I will be back in 2 weeks so if you are still working on your campaign if you see me on just poke me and I see what I can help with
  7. Ok people meny of you know that I am on holiday now, for 6 weeks so u may be thinking no more PMC missions intill I get back but you are wrong, I have told @Vipershell he can still do the missions if people still wish yo do them, but ofc lots of champions are going on atm so ofc u don't need to play them but this message is just 2 make sure you all know that you can still do them.
  8. here is art work of me, try making it
  9. until

    if possible can i get BSWD gunner slot or a SL slot which ever will be fine with me
  10. until

    i would like one of the SL if possible plz
  11. PVP Mission Zeus - @V1rU5 @NeilZar i had a lot of fun this mission apart from me falling of a building and braking my arms and legs but over all great PVP mission rly fun Platoon - @Kreeper SL - @Judgeman (ME) well lets start this of with saying sorry team for getting us lit up on landing but lucky Zeus re spawn us right away so we could have a second go at it, OK now lets go with the second attended at are attack as it went a lot better then the 1st one, this time we moved up with the cover of the forest and taking cover every time we saw flares shoot up, we all split into small groups with attack the tower from different areas as best we could @ThatWalder and a team who i cart remember his name (Sorry) moved into there area o the town taking out small teams as best they could, when me @SuddenDeath @Neroxen continued moving across the forest, but somehow the other team saw us and lit us up someone hit me with an PRG (Good shot) but lucky it only got my arm and broke it, after i fixed my self up i waited in till the fire had stopped and moved up and found @SuddenDeath and @Neroxen again Sudden fixed me up being are medic, and we slowed moved up spotting enemy positions from are location for are small fire teams still inside the town. as we slowed moved up onto the town from North lucky the enemy attention was occupied from the other teams attack from this gave me and Sudden a chance 2 quickly move up closer to the town when @Neroxen gave up OW support as he was are LMG gunner, once me and sudden got 2 the wall we met up with someone else from my team (sorry i forgot your name 2 ) we then moved as a sall fire team checking areas, i then saw enemy and opened fire i am unsure if i killed any but i think i killed 1 of the 3 i saw, we then started 2 move from the light into the dark for better cover sadly this is where sudden and unknown solder was killed, right in front of my eyes as i stood there watching my team mates getting killed right in from of me, it changed me as a person i then decided that this was not going to be the end of me i will avenge them, i told @Neroxen to light them up to keep them busy, as the ninja i was i used the gap in the wall and shot the 2 in the back who killed my friends and i slowly moved up killing everyone dirty Russian in the area i could find, calling @Neroxen on SR for updates as best he could, i then got to the high ground for better OW of who Nero was shooting at, i then saw the team and lit them up from the side once there were dead i stayed on the high ground and looked around me and found 2 more dirty Russians and i killed them, at this time i had lots of hatred to them for killing my people, i then went 2 higher ground for a better OW and i saw the enemy's who were attack Nero so i went to shoot them, by sadly i preset V which moved me right off the building and i broke my arms and legs but it did not kill me when i came to sadly Nero was dead, and i was all by my self as i slowly walked to the enemy last know location, calling anyone on LR and SR but sadly no one picked up, at that moment i know i was alone (the voices in my Head told me i was Alone) the funny thing was when i was walking i did not even notes there was a dirty Russian right next to me, so i quickly shot and killed him, turned out it was @Vipershell as he sent me a message on steam calling me an ass i then looted his body for medic supplies as i was out and fixed my self up as best i could and i new there was only 9 mins left and i was 2 slow so i desided to go to a lovey tree and sit down and go AFK and go eat some a steak in till the mission was over. That My People Is My Story Thank You For reading
  12. OK people lets leave it at this please i do not want this two turn into a fight, on my page, if this got locked because my post turned into a fight i would not be very happy, @Snapjaw it was a joke from @Wattsits so please keep this page clean, unless it holds feedback thank you
  13. Dam @Nugget30 you have taken one of my PMC mission ideas that I was working on for some time, you even have the same map I was going 2 use as well, you beat me 2 it but mission idea looks fun
  15. Mission 2 Zeus: @NeilZar @Slouchy Orc @seami Fun mission sadly it did not go so well an are end, also 2 which ever Zeus shot me in the back of the head and took my 2IC captive, i am coming for you Platoon: @DarkEliite I do not want to sound like an ass when writing this, but i think you need a bit more training in Platoon on a missions this big, the plan that you had layed out at the very start was sound, it was clear and we all had are orders, but after we all had rolled out, and got to are first objective we defended are areas without much problem, but we did take hits and we needed medevac, but it had gotten shot down, of course this was not your fault, so it made it a bit harder for us, after around 10 or so minutes of defending are OW point with Knight and Foxtrot, we heard that Medevac was back up so we all waited with Foxtrot to get healed, after all of charlie team was healed, we started to mount back up and get to are second OW point marked on map. We then got new orders from Platoon saying we are moving with Delta to marker c,d ambush, on map, but this is where the problem was, both me and my 2IC could not find that marker you had placed it was not the easiest to see, i could not get platoon back on long range to ask, as way to many squads were talking over eacher and long range was no use, but we finally found it, and started to make our way there, we then saw delta not moving with us, so i called into platoon again to confirm are orders, and at this point you had changed are orders to go for last objective, and reference map marker both me and my 2IC had no idea where this marker was on the map we tried using the LR to call platoon to ask but LR was cluttered again so 2IC tried to drive to one of the objectives not knowing if it had been completed or not, when we were driving through a small town we were attacked by a lot of AI and a BTR damaging are vehicle causing us to bail out. We covered the area in smoke and tried to build trenches to defend ourselves, I called platoon for immediate assistants as we had taken mass casualties only me my 2IC and a lone rifleman (sorry can't remember your name) survived until the rifleman poked his head out the trench and got shot in the face and was killed. After i had heard no response from platoon the first time i called in again to ask for assistance as we were down to 2 strong with a BTR hunting us, platoon finally got back to us and said he will be sending knight to our position to assist us even though knight was basically at the other end of the map. I did not understand why he didn't send foxtrot to our position as they with only 1km away (There might of been a specific reason why but due to LR clutter i will never know). Unfortunately shortly after this i was shot in the back of the head and @capitolmoney170 was taken hostage. A spent a couple of minutes spectating until there was a respawn at which time we all mounted back in are vic to rescue @capitolmoney170 but sadly when we were near his last know position the mission ended in a fail. Charlie Team: SL @Judgeman(Me) 2IC @capitolmoney170 The only criticism i have for my squad would be @Dog not clearly listening to orders (when mortars start falling near are position and i tell you to drive away from foxtrot vic this doesnt mean follow me or drive to the medevac heli).