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  1. so on the Arma 3 sync launcher it gives me the option of 2 servers fk arma and fk 1 or something like that and I'm just wondering if these servers are used for the missions
  2. I know this isn't a exile server I just used it as a example
  3. So I tried to join my first Arma 3 exile server and I got a error code telling me I was kicked from the server even though I was never on it so I tried with no mods active and got the same error messages (The servers didn't need any mods or dlc) so I tried turning off my firewall and got the same message so I deleted The file MPMissionsCache and tried again and It failed so I deleted every Arma 3 file on my comp and reinstalled Arma 3 and I did join a server today with no mods installed but I want to make sure I can play with mods and I am wondering if it is because I didn't organize my mods and the game was kicking me because I had mods that the server didn't have enabled and that's why I need a mod list so I can organize my mods (Also Idk why but Arma 3 sync wont work idk why) anyway thanks for reading this post and any help would be appreciated