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  1. Shit now medic is gonna be boring
  2. I was in the first main mission today and saw that there was a problem with the adv medical system can anyone tell what's wrong with it?
  3. Same I got to 400 light with every class I've got about 400 hours on xbox one I played it way to much kek
  4. I do plan on getting it on pc just not at launch because most of my friends are getting it for console I do think ill get it a month or so after launch for pc
  5. I mean I sat there waiting to get respawn for about 40 mins wouldn't really call that a rage quit
  6. I figure that when Destiny 2 comes out we could have a group in the game for Raids and shit
  7. Yeah That's a main Reason I want to get it mainly because I can just get a "Quick" Game with some friends
  8. So I have some money to spare and I'm deciding between Squad and another game. And I'm just wondering if Squad is a good substitute for when no one is on ts playing Arma or when the community dies (Which is soon) I have somewhere to go.
  9. He didn't make it cause I ran into a enemy patrol but he saved my ass because I got instantly knocked out but the medic killed the enemies and I was very wounded I feel bad for not remembering his name
  10. Ya bastards left me when I was carrying our medic cause his legs got fucked.
  11. until

    Click on the download event button and it will change the timezone for you
  12. until

    Are yeah using Dlc?
  13. I think a session of Hoi4 or Stellaris would be fun. Now I don't know exactly how it would work but I could be a neat little game night style thing!
  14. I plan on getting Eft when it releases on steam and am I wondering if anyone else might wanna team up?
  15. So I'm just wondering if the Apex, dlc bundles etc. Are worth the whatever they are currently or if they are just never used.