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  1. Either alpha or platoon was shooting at the training site while you guys were in there, however I don't think they've actually hit anybody
  2. Nope, you got killed by an enemy that was lying down next to you guys
  3. Well that tank took a potshot at us before you destroyed it, punctured the fuel tank leading to us running out of fuel
  4. I've had something similar happening to me in another game, it's possibly caused by another application. Prolly has something to do with that application telling windows it wants to be the top priority application.
  5. I did warn you guys through long range about that thing, twice. To be fair, we couldn't properly see it through the smokes you guys had thrown, hence why it took too long for us to spot it.
  6. 1st mission flight lead Zeus: @seami, @Argon, @ecks-itdyl, @ghostsquid Cool mission, lots of stuff to do for the jet... too much actually, every single time we took out the 2 enemy jets another 2 appeared. We had no time to recover or rearm. Also, flying jets into our runway is a dick move and the air to air missiles immediately after that when I try to land is just ridiculous. Platoon: @Rorkiy Comms were great. 5line worked perfectly, too bad we were fighting enemy jets 99% of the time so we couldn't really do anything to help you.Squad: @Rezonath, @thesecretgames Can't really comment about secret, he did his job inserting foxtrot and got shot to shit afterwards (right?) Rezonath however, as my wingman, I'm really proud of you. You had my back and I had yours, great flying mate.
  7. Be sure to check the 'select all' tickbox on the right before you update
  8. But the graphics of the 32-bit and 64-bit version are the same Arma: RL
  9. Feedback has been noted, will be changing a number of things in the coming days
  10. You guys were on the outskirts of the town Not even 50 meters away from it ^^
  11. In a3sync drag it from the available addons to the FK Arma Repo addon group (and don't forget to enable it!).
  12. Arma 3 is pretty much a CPU bottlenecked game. Not much you can do about it if you don't already have a decent CPU.
  13. Yes, but for a lot of people it doesn't. Hence this post
  14. Hi there platoon leaders, platoon leaders to be, squad leaders and squad leaders to be! This is, in most cases, your standard issue squad vehicle, it's the U.S. Army High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), commonly known as the Humvee. On top of this lovely piece of equipment is yet another really lovely piece of equipment namely the M2 Machine Gun or Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun. This lovely piece of equipment chambers a .50 BMG cartridge. It can have a fire rate of around 450-600/750-850/1200-1300 rounds per minute depending on what type of M2 you have, and the muzzle velocity is around 2910 FPS with M33 ball ammo. And this is a NATO colored dismount marker (in NATO blue) approximately 520.86178589 meters north-northwest from the objective marker (in OPFOR red) in Nagara. Now the following is what happens when you dismount at this position and go into the town on foot. It seems like this dismounting thing is something that is drilled into a lot of people in our community, squad leaders and platoon leaders alike use this strategy. Obviously, it is not always possible to take your vehicles with you, meaning you will have to leave them behind sometimes. However, always think about the assets you have and how you can use them! I've seen it happen too many times where vehicle mounted weaponry went to waste because of this. Think wisely, you've been given assets for a reason. Don't let them go to waste! Thanks for reading <3