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  1. After firing my shots I went looking for you, saw someone get mowed down in the building you were in before so I thought you were dead. I was wrong ;(
  2. 2nd mission Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter Platoon: @Woody (1iC), @Silberjojo (RTO), @whifey (Medic) & Me (2iC) Glorious mission. I loved it! Also loved the double cross as the end.. even though we kind of messed up your plan for the mission Digby, sorry about that So what exactly did happen? The Iraqi forces were ordered to neutralize (unarmed) enemy sympathizers, they were traitors to the country so they had to die! However, the American advisors that were with us didn't agree with that decision. The moment one of the Americans (@Lenny) raised his weapon on our glorious platoon leader Woody, Whifey and I knew we had to do something in order to save ourselves from those filthy big-mac-eating Americans. We teamed up with Alpha squad, lead by @TEG, in secret. They would eliminate all the Americans when given the code-phrase: "In Shallah". After said code-phrase had been yelled on long-range, the Americans were mowed down. However, due to Charlie secretly teaming up with the Americans (because they wanted to defect) we were subsequently mowed down by them. Glorious mission, glorious twist. Again sorry for messing up your plan Digby, I hope you liked the little plot twist though
  3. Poorly placed != well hidden. Sadly I had to go during the mission due to personal reasons (well, I crashed and had to go afterwards), I figured that because the convoy was nearly there and the FOBs had repelled all of the insurgent attacks that it wouldn't last much longer. My apologies if this caused the mission to not be as fun as it could've been. Yeah, I thought you guys would get send directly to the FOBs to provide immediate support. But by the time you got close the squads had endured what I believed to be more than enough. I did send a couple of squads after you guys, but I didn't want to overdo it as I didn't want to stretch the mission out for too long.
  4. Sorry about that boys, we were taking shots from those Russians you were fighting so we wanted to return the favor. We couldn't see you guys down there at all, hell we didn't even expect you guys down there :s
  5. Most of it was close quarters anyways, usually doesn't require spotting You did great at the overwatch, wouldn't have killed that entire town if it wasn't for you
  6. Shamelessly bumping this post, we've updated our game with a number of bugfixes and whatnot
  7. Alright so this is what I've been using lately Squad 2IC, Auto rifleman, Auto rifleman Assistant, Point man (Rifleman LAT) Squad leader, Medic, Rifleman (LAT), Point man (Rifleman) This setup is something I generally use in an urban environment. Depending on the mission, I would swap the red team point man with the medic if there is little to no building clearing and the red team needs to be used as overwatch.
  8. https://teameinar.itch.io/einar We're currently in open beta, if any of you would like to try it. Please feel free to do so! I will have to add though, as I generally despise market... err lying, that the game is fairly meh. Please do not take this game too seriously. We do have pretty art though, and the systems I've created work perfectly Also, the game requires you to have a controller. It is playable without it, but the key mappings for that are absolutely despicable. (ALSO HEADPHONE USERS TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME)
  9. They call me the butcher, to me the nopyrl folks are nothing but lambs to my slaughter. I'd definitely be up
  10. until

    Squad leader if possible, MAT or Pilot would also be cool
  11. All assets that you encountered are part of the Islamic State faction, they have those things in real life as well. As well as their gear, you do know that IS isn't just some backwash group of guerillas right? Mortar barrages weren't placed by zeus, there were three mortars set up in Ravanaj shooting at you. I changed the mission because of your decision, not because of hardship but because I wanted to make this mission as hard and fun as possible for you guys, which I intended to do with the original plan as well, but making it hard for 2 squads at a time is completely different than making it hard for an entire platoon. That is also pretty much why the mission was nothing like the briefing, because that mission would probably take around 4 hours to complete with your plan (Hats off to digby for correctly predicting that). Like I said before, I never made the mission too hard because of my personal issues with platoon. I'm not that much of an asshole. As a note on the failure state (again something I've said before) I am aware that I shouldn't have ended as a mission failure, in my eyes you completely failed the mission but I changed my plan around so you could at least finish something else. Which is sort of the reason I decided to go for a failed mission, however I should've placed myself in the platoons' position while making that decision because you pretty much completed the task you were given.
  12. No apologies required, your reaction was justified :).
  13. Even though I agree with that how I ended the mission should've been different I never let my personal feelings get in the way of making the mission. I tried to make it as tough and fun as possible for everyone, even though it doesn't look that way because of my outburst after the mission. There were difficulties with platoon, emotions were running high (on my end) and the wording of my responses were, because of that, impaired.
  14. First mission zeus: Apologies to everyone for the start of this mission. I forgot to mention a bunch of things during briefing and besides that having multiple arsenal crates at spawn which all have a different equipment type is extremely confusing. I will be updating the template, and changing the way I address these types of missions. This was, however, a pilot pvp mission for this template so I hope you guys enjoyed it.
  15. Mission 1 Foxtrot SL Zeus: @seami mission idea was great, darkness without nvgs not so much. Please next time you do a night mission like this use a time of night that isn't pitch black. I was staring at a black screen for 80% of the mission. Also to clarify, I did have a grenade launcher with flares but I couldn't take a flashlight because of that. And because the flares aren't that great I ran out of em fairly quickly.Platoon: @cyanide good plan, good comms, nothing to say reallySquad: @Paintchk (?), @BonSie, @UniDigit, @Tomlolo, @mekboy_4000, @Sebbe, @Jonathan Dagan. You guys did great, too bad most of us died so rapidly tho