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  1. Mission 1 - 1-4 Pilot Zeus - @cineafx Platoon - @Digby Tatham-Warter Flight Lead - @GarySqueak Mission plan was that we were Russians disrupting a drug cartel with a lot of air support. Before we even got in the air this mission had some issues, @GarySqueak seemingly forgot we had 4 helicopters and so had planned for everyone to fly in just 3, thankfully this was fixed so I was flying in the Platoon element so we could make use of all the heli's. Also when we got to the start area it took way too long to get everyone mounted up, since the hel's had no markers no one knew which heli was theirs and it took FAC a long time to finaly relay to the squads who was getting in what heli and which heli was which - @GarySqueak @cineafx it would have been good to give the heli's call signs and tell all the pilots whether they were 1-1, 1-2 etc. Now onto the big issue everyone got rather salty about - the plan, calls and chain of command. As the pilot for the platoon element I think I can give a fairly good breakdown of what happened since I was able to hear all the platoon giving orders inside my heli. The plan was to land on an airfield in the middle of the AO and assault from there which wasn't too much of an issue ad we had jets that would hopefully be able to clear our LZ for us. The flight started off pretty normally, and we cruised to the AO with out much trouble. Once we got within a few kilometres of our LZ was when it went rather FUBAR. Our two jets had relayed en route that they were taking AA fire and were getting spikes on their radar, having heard this the pilots told FAC that for the safety of the birds it was best to wave off and find a new LZ. FAC informed platoon of our plan but rather than taking the advice platoon stuck to his guns and ordered all pilots to land at the LZ because 'we were Russians and that's what Russians do', or something along those lines. We were hesitant but continued towards the LZ. As 1-1 and 1-2 got close to the LZ they took heavy fire and begun waving off before getting shredded by ZU fire. Since I heard 1-2 call out ZU's on the airfield I waved off before getting too close as I knew trying to land was a death wish. Platoon was not pleased with this and proceeded to accuse us of refusing to follow orders instead of taking our advice to look for a better LZ to drop everyone off at. Now I don't know if Digby knows much about helicopters but it is the pilot who has final say on whether an LZ is suitable so waving off because we don't want to die is not refusing to follow orders. Regardless, I flew back around with Digby in the back of my heli ordering me to land at the airfield no matter what, so I did. I flew back around keeping as low as possible and managed to touch down on the airfield, at which point my engine got shot and went red meaning i could lift in time to avoid getting blown to bits by an RPG. And so with all bird shot down and almost everyone dead we failed the mission withing minutes of first contact. Feedback and personal Flight Lead - @GarySqueak Pay attention to how many helicopters you have, also be a bit more vocal when we are flying into the AO, I had no idea what the birds in front of me were doing (height, speed, etc.) FAC - @Jonathan Dagan You are in charge of the air assets so take charge a bit more, give direct orders and listen to feedback from pilots. If platoon is giving a shit order tell him its a shit order and hope he takes your advice on board, don't apologise for it. Platoon - @Digby Tatham-Warter You are responsible for the lives of your squads, if the pilots and FAC are telling you there is AA on the airfield that we are supposed to be landing at which WILL shoot us down killing all the squads you are responsible for do not order us to land at that LZ. Take feedback and adjust on the fly, I would rather spend an extra 5-10 minutes pulling back and looking for somewhere else suitable to land than die. As I pilot I don't like other people telling me whether or not to land at an LZ. I know the capabilities of my own flying and my aircraft, an MI-8 is hardly a little bird so landing quickly at a very hot LZ and surviving is borderline impossible. I am ultimately in charge of the aircraft I am flying so I decide whether I land at the LZ you are telling to or not. It's not disregarding chain of command, its keeping you idiots alive.
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  4. I don't see how there could be an issue with having reg tag holders training fng's in certain things on a casual basis. Often actual trainers are busy and unavailable so there is no harm in teaching the basics to an fng since when it comes time for them to get 'proper' training from the trainers they wont be going in with no idea what they are doing, making the 'proper' training much smoother. The tag holders, given the nature of the tag system, should know what they are doing. Sure they may not be 'experts' but in having a tag they should be qualified enough to teach the basic principles of a certain thing to anyone that wants to know if a trainer is not available at the time.
  5. Mission 3 - CAS Pilot Another one of @Siri's campaign missions. This one felt rather strange and im not sure how to feel about it considering my role and what actually happened. We had chosen to do a mych harder mission this time where we had to level an FOB, gather intel then destroy prototype planes at an airfield. Despite having a challenger this was still a very tough mission, one I feel like would have been better with more squads as infantry was spread rather thin. Also, while I know the mission was meant to be tough there was far too much AA and general heavy fire in a small area for a little bird to be effective. This resulted in me having virtually no tasking meaning I sat around doing nothing or just scouting waiting for the AA to be dealt with by either our tank which had no good overwatch spots on the map or the infantry that was pinned down most of the time. Because of this the mission dragged on for almost 3 hours, though it was fun flying @Silver Snowaround as a mini medevac and showing him the ropes of flying in a mission a bit and sharing some of my, albeit limited, knowledge. Zeus: @Siri. The campaign is fun and the mission idea was great but I think it was a bit too big for how many people we had. Also if there is that much armour and AA dont run a little bird as CAS since it is not designed to cope with that much heavy fire, also the enemy air was a bit much. Would recommend one of the wildcats with hellfires for anything like that, or an apache if its not bugged. Platoon: @ToffRocket I kind of feel sorry for you since you had quite the task this mission, trying to simultaneously platoon, SL, RTO and FAC for 3 hours is one mammoth task so kudos to you. No real complaints from me, lack of tasking wasn't your fault and you led us to success in the end. Squad: Didn't have one but listening to @Nugget30on the tank crew short range slowly lose his mind was fun. Also @Silver Snowwas a good co-pilot for the latter stage of the mission.
  6. Going to be getting this on PC when it comes out as well. Played the first one and enjoyed it but stopped because I ran out of things to do with no-one to play raids with. I would love to join forces with you @Crump and @Life010
  7. Mission 1 - Pirate PKM Autorifleman PvP mission, Somali pirates vs Russians. This mission was fun as hell, surprisingly well balanced for a pvp mission with all the tension and hilarity you would expect from FK. So I was in squad 4 'led' by @anden3, in reality we all kind of mingled and did our own thing as their wasn't much need for structure and since when did pirates have structure anyway. So me and my ammo buddy set up on a building with good sight lines but enough cover so we wouldn't immediately get destroyed. Things were fairly quiet for a while, the enemy heli circled us doing some gun runs and we spotted some pesky Ruskies running across the ridges to our East. As you do with an LMG I sprayed them down hoping to hit someone with accuracy by volume, it seemed to keep them at bay as they took their time to advance. After a little while though our first objective to defend got blown up and at this point we were starting to take fairly heavy casualties, also the enemy BTR now had sight lines on my position so I was a bit stuck and slowly bleeding out wondering how I should proceed. Luckily @lemuel1 randomly showed up and he happened to be a medic so we got patched up and made a run for it south where most of our survivors were. Unfortunately in an attempt to take out the BTR @lemuel1 died to his own back blast so we were down another. By this point we must have only had 7 or so of us left alive with the rest of the enemy Russians pushing towards us, we managed to catch a few out but the main problem was the BTR, which I failed to hit with our last rpg. It was rather tense as I sneaked around trying to avoid crossing paths with the BTR while also looking for something to deal with it. Thankfully god was on our side this day though and it got blown up thanks to Arma, then @Nugget30 drove the crew right over an IED leaving the pirates with victory, hooray! Can't really comment on zeus/platoon/squad as there wasn't really any. Overall an incredibly fun mission and actually my first proper PvP mission in which I am proud to have survived, despite somehow not killing anyone with the 600+ rounds I fired. Mission 2 - Alpha LAT A more standard mission following the PvP mayhem. We were the US fighting African Militia with the task of destroying some vehicle depots before taking out the Warlord. Mission started out with us loading into M113's and proceeding to the vehicle depots, drive there was rather hilarious with @Nugget30 slowly losing his mind and our M113 deciding to have a bit of a dance all on its own as we tried to ford the river to our objective. Once we got to where we needed to be we dismounted and started engaging the multiple hostiles inside the town before slowly moving up to clear it. This all went rather smoothly until I got complacent and stopped paying attention to my surrounding as we got to the vehicle depot thinking it was all clear, I payed the price with my life unfortunately as there were two enemies in front of me I did not see and as I tried to take them out I ran out of ammo and took a bullet to the head. Not too long after we got a re-spawn wave so I linked back up with Alpha and we cleared the rest of the town before waiting for Delta to catch up so we could proceed to the next objective. Between us and the warlord however was a town in which lay an enemy MBT. I prepped my LAT but held off briefly as I tried to range and waited to see if the person in Bravo with the javelin was going to shoot first since I did not have the clearest of shots. In this brief moment however a single tank shell took out half of Alpha leaving us with just 4 people with our SL and 2iC dead. The rest of us moved up as planned and cleared the town in front of us and proceeded to the final objective where it was mission complete. Zeus - @Forked Overall fun mission and pretty well zeused as a whole, gave us plenty to shoot at without leaving us overwhelmed. Few things I was a bit confused by though were the decision to spawn EI about 20m outside of base which shot us immediately as we left, as well as the spawning enemy M113's that were identical to our friendly ones resulting in quite a bit of death and confusion. Besides these things though the mission was good. Platoon - @NeilZar Good platooning as would be expected. Plan was good, briefing was good and execution was solid. So from my perspective it was all fine, though I am not sure how comms were since I was just LAT but I didn't hear anyone complain about them so I will assume they were all fine too. No complaints. Squad - @Nugget30 As per usual, great leading, the use of 3 separate fire teams seems to be working well. Comms were clear, orders were clear and followed. Overall squad was great.
  8. Mission 2 - Delta 2iC Fairly short mission comparatively but it was fun. We were US forces fighting militia on Isla Duala tasked with taking a compound before moving to the nearby airfield to secure it and destroy their supplies. Mission started fairly normal with us taking boats to our respective objectives, though @Nugget30 in his infinite wisdom somehow got us moving up to the wrong compound. By the time this was realised and we went to where we were supposed to be Charlie had already taken everything out and secured the area. So with that done it was now time to move towards the airfield, we commandeered a couple of technicals and booked it towards the objective taking sporadic fire en route, thankfully we all made it in one piece and dismounted. I then notice we were taking fire from our north where we had just come from so informed the squad and we all began looking that way to engage. However, during this time an enemy M113 rolled up on us and wiped 5 of us who were standing between 2 buildings, but I suppose that it was a harsh lesson on spacing. Thankfully a re-spawn wave was called soon after so we all regrouped back with @Nugget30 who was the only one that survived. Upon arrival the airfield was fairly clear so we secured it before blowing the ammo caches, which went, interestingly. I am not sure what kind of explosives were used but it resulted in one of the largest explosions I have witnessed, Charlie, who were nearby seemed to almost get wiped and @SABER almost died to a bouncing exploding ammo crate. It was rather chaotic as @Sarissa called over LR for medical assistance and we arrived to a scene of death and destruction. As everyone was getting patched up it was mission complete. Zeus: @NeilZar Short but sweet mission, well Zeused, have no complaints with the mission layout. Don't really have any complaints or suggestions, maybe another objective en route to the airfield would have been nice but that's just a minor thing. Platoon: @seami Got no complaints about your platooning, mission plan was all fine and it all seemed to work well. Long range comms were fine as well from what I could hear, overall no complaints. Squad: @Nugget30 Stellar leading as usual, even if you did send us the wrong way to begin with as well as forgetting we were supposed to be a demo squad. Squad as a whole worked great, clear comms and all that good stuff, again, no complaints.
  9. Alright, thanks @Digby Tatham-Warter for taking the time to actually respond to my little rant. Now I am a little less hot headed I would like to clarify and maybe give some suggestions on some points you made. Okay this is perfectly fair and I understand it from the Zeus perspective for realism purposes. However, the main issue was that we were not informed that we may encounter more than what we got briefed on leading us all to assume that what we were briefed on was exactly what we would encounter, so perhaps in the future for insurgency type missions make it clear that what we are getting briefed on is not necessarily all we will be encountering and to expect the unexpected so we don't just get blindsided by some AI we didnt expect to be encountering. I understand you wanting to punish stupid moves and that is perfectly okay and I will not complain when people die because they were reckless, similarly in this mission there were some instances were people simply charged in recklessly and died which, like I said, is fair enough. Granted I wasn't that side of town for the actual mission so I don't know what happened before I was able to spectate but from what people were saying and one of the points I was trying to make was that squads literally spawned in front of people to stop their reckless attempt to blow up the town hall which as far as I am aware is not a very cool thing to do as Zeus. Also not every squad appeared to rambo in and simply made an advance to the outskirts where they tried to set up bases of fire, as per most missions, yet from what I could see and what many people were saying was that Zeus took control of a lot of AI near those squads and rather than shooting close to them first to scare them they instantly shot to kill which again isn't a very cool thing to do as Zeus. Now a lot of this is based on what people were saying in spectate so it may not be 100% and if it isn't I apologise. Fair enough, I don't claim to be an expert on how the IRA operated and I think that there was the main problem, people didn't really know how to co-ordinate without clear command structure or long-range radios. So maybe it would have been worthwhile for those who did know how proper operation of the IRA worked to brief the squad leaders so they could do their best to operate successfully given the circumstances. Hey I don't usually whinge about missions being hard, hell, I have given you a lot of praise in previous debriefs for the quality of your missions and to many other Zeuses who actually give us a challenge for once. The reason I made a fuss about this one was: A) I was rather salty about dying within 2 minutes of mission start, B) I heard a lot of other people complaining so wanted to make a post to kind of sum up the points everyone was making, and C) I wanted to get a response so I could better understand the reasoning behind zeuses decisions, which I have got and I thank you for. So in summary here are my opinions on why this mission, in my mind, went FUBAR: Lack of information given in briefing - All we knew was that we were IRA, not many people knew how the IRA operated, hell, a lot of people didn't even know who the IRA were. Therefore most of us just assumed a regular style opfor mission, taking the briefing as gospel and not knowing that as insurgents, as digby said, what you are briefed on is not necessarily what you will encounter. Lack of Long Ranges and central command - Now I know we all like our immersion but I think we have gotten so used to Platoon telling us what to do and being able to have a LR net where you can co-ordinate with all squads that when that is taken away everyone just somewhat winged it and didn't really know how to proceed with their objectives ultimately leading to us all getting wiped. *Controversial* Zeusing - I am in no way putting all the blame on the Zeuses for this one but in my opinion the standard of Zeusing for this one felt sub-par. As I mentioned there was *potentially* too much Zeus controlled AI shooting to kill right off the bat. Also going back to that QRF that wiped out myself and half of Foxtrot, you say we didn't set up in time and they drove in from outside of town, considering how realistic you like missions that was an incredibly fast response time for the police. Joking aside from our perspective we had literally just tped into our objective and before we could even get to where we needed to be they were there, also some came from inside a building according to the others that died so i'm not sure that they all drove in from out of town. How does this not happen in the future? 1. We are more clearly briefed before mission start about the nature of who we are playing as and that intelligence may not be entirely accurate. 2. Either throw immersion out of the window a bit and keep command structure as we are used to or have us trained better on achieving objectives without a clear command (maybe tags will help with this). 3. We all get good.
  10. Mission 2 - Foxtrot Autorifleman Should have been a fun mission for us as the IRA defending hostages in a town. We were explicitly told that we had 20 minutes to set up defensive positions in the town before forces came to attack us, so with that in mind we packed heavy with all the things we needed to defend. So we went through the TP pole but since half of us couldn't walk fast since we were carrying so much we commandeered a nearby vehicle to get to our sector of defence. As we got to our defence position for some reason there was a 'QRF' of Police forces that wiped everyone in the vehicle, we were not briefed before the mission that Police would already be in the town nor was it properly communicated that they were there once we got there. So my mission and half of Foxtrot's was over within literally 2 minutes of us TPing in despite us being under the impression from Zeus that we wouldn't see contact for about 20 minutes. It wasn't just our squad that got fucked either, spectating we saw basically a full army platoon be spawned in on friendly positions at the other objective with the Zeuses clearly taking control of AI and immediately aiming to kill so most squads got wiped rather quickly. Zeus: @Forked & @Digby Tatham-Warter sorry, I usually really enjoy your missions but this was utter bullshit. We were not briefed properly on what we would be facing and how soon we would see contact, I don't know what your idea of a QRF is but unless the Police have discovered teleportation, having them just wait there in the town for us while informing us differently was not cool. On top of this there was blatant abuse of Zeus power, as far as i'm aware you cant just go around taking control of AI and immediately aiming to kill just because you want to have fun, it really doesn't make it fun for the people playing the mission. Overall i'm afraid to say this is one of the worst missions I have played in the 2+ months I have been here. If you would like to get back to me regarding any points I may be mistaken on please do. Platoon: For some reason we didn't have one despite being a ~70 person mission which made it very difficult for squads to communicate things with each other and decide on how to approach objectives. On top of that we didn't even have long ranges which meant Zeus could not be contacted so we couldn't call for the re-spawn wave that was said we would likely have. Squad: @Nugget30 It's kind of a shame you had to deal with this mission on your evaluation, as far as i'm aware you did great and it was not your fault at all that we died at the start. Can't say much more than that as I only lived for about 2 minutes.
  11. Mission 2 - Echo SL First mission I've played on a winter map which was fun. For the mission we were mechanised infantry with each squad having a warrior backed up by two Challenger 2 MBT's. Now with all that armour and firepower it's easy to think this would be an easy mission but it was far from it as we were up against heavy enemy armour and AT squads. We mounted into our warrior and moved with Foxtrot towards the town we were tasked with clearing. The size of the town made us assume we would have a fairly simple job but it was far from it. We got to our DM point so myself and everyone who wasn't Warrior crew hopped out and we moved up covering the warriors with infantry and the left and right side. As we got to the outskirts of the town we engaged and destroyed some light infantry as well as light armour which was easy enough. However, as we moved further up our warrior took an RPG shot from infantry we had not spotted in the forest and so that was the end of that. Soon after Foxtrot suffered a similar fate so with no more armour support we were pinned down taking heavy fire, also around this time a BMP and MBT rolled up on us forcing us to retreat and call for backup. During our retreat we took heavy casualties and linked up with Delta behind some cover while Platoon ordered CAS in as well as mortar strikes. The fire support from CAS and Mortar was a success so we moved up into the town, around this time reinforcements were on their way so we linked up with our respawned squad mated and mounted into the land rovers moving up to converge with other squads to take the final town of Schwemlitz. En route we were disabled by and enemy BTR and BMP causing us to fall back. Also at this point my mic had unfortunately stopped working so @Tennin my 2iC took over. Platoon told us to hold while Knight came to assist, however, for whatever reason we never got tank support so were pinned with mortars raining down on us unable to proceed. Not long after Platoon died, but also I got my mic working again, so in an attempt to take some proactive action I got us moving south east so we could potentially move in on Schwemlitz from the west. However, as we moved down 2 MBT's rolled up on us, thankfully Foxtrot took care of one but the other killed a few of us before being taken out. By now an enemy tank battalion was en route so we were unable to complete our objective forcing us to retreat and resulting in mission failure. Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter Man this was a tough one. We don't do mechanised infantry much and when we do it often just means easy mode and is not implemented effectively. This time however was much different, you really punished squads for getting their armour out of position and made this as hard as possible for us, possibly a little too hard but it was at least fun. Great zeusing overall as per usual. Platoon: @Fidelias Good job platooning, plan was good, orders were solid. One thing I did find annoying was that the tanks had to be together as per zeuses orders, while I know this is how it should be in practice it meant E & F never had any tank support as A & B had priority leaving us to deal with all the armour thrown at us with only a rather weak Warrior and 2 LAT. Squad: Me! I think I did alright for the time my mic was actually working, don't have the most experience leading so feedback is much appreciated. On a whole squad was great, listened to orders, did as told and didn't clutter comms.
  12. Mission 1 - Charlie Medic This should have been a fun mission but it went fubar real fest. Our mission was to rescue a friendly recon team who we had lost contact with and were somewhere in the tanoan jungle. Unfortunately I don't have much of a tale to tell as within 30 seconds of our helicopter landing I got domed by an ifrit and my mission was over. Don't know if it was because we were fighting CSAT or what but this mission was just a mess start to finish, all our helicopters bar one were either shot down or crashed within 10 minutes of mission start, including our medevac carrying both medics so anyone with broken limbs was fucked. Zeus: @Urist McGLORY I believe. The mission idea was great and should have been a lot of fun but I don't know where it went wrong. Maybe you can give insight from your perspective but I feel like CSAT was the wrong choice of enemy as they seem to have ridiculous vision especially at night, also it was a bit harsh not having any re-spawn waves considering we were going with medevac and instant death. Platoon: @Rezonath You did your best in a mission were everything went to shit. Can't really comment much further than that since I was dead all mission. Squad: @Christian Same as platoon I guess, cant comment because I died before any real orders were made. Mission 2 - Delta(Timberhawk) 2iC and marksman Something a bit different, our infantry was split into 3, Alpha and Charlie were US, Bravo and Echo were British and Delta was an SAS squad with us all taking silenced DMR's but only my self and @Crillekarl taking 12x scopes. Everyone except for us (Delta) was sent to assault the enemy front line while Delta was sent behind enemy lines to try and quietly disrupt the enemy operation as they were distracted on the front lines. We were to wait for A, B, C and E to get in position before finally inserting as platoon didn't want us to draw attention first. This took far too long, around 30 minutes I believe, mainly due to some issues in Charlie that stopped them moving to their area. Once we finally got inserted for some reason platoon got annoyed at us for taking too long despite being told to hold. Regardless we proceeded to a vehicle depot that we were tasked with destroying and swiftly engaged and destroyed multiple EI from a distance before the bulk of the squad moved up while myself and @Crillekarl held back to provide some covering fire from a distance. We managed to kill everything in the depot taking just one casualty then extracted upon destruction of the vehicles via helicopter. Since the mission had been going on a while by now we skipped our second objective leaving CAS to it and instead moved up to the enemy airbase which was our final objective. Once again we took out some enemies en route from afar before once again the bulk of the squad moved up and myself and @Crillekarl took up overwatch. I really enjoyed this as we eliminated enemies from up to 1km out working as essentially a mini prophet. Using the few LAT and explosives we had left we took out multiple MBT's, BTR's and the like before taking overall control of the airfield and mission was complete. Zeus: @Forked Absolutely loved this mission as Delta, felt cool as hell being behind enemy lines as a special forces squad. Only complaint was that the mission took a lot longer than necessary as I don't believe it was communicated properly that this was an offensive mission rather than defensive but besides that it was great. Platoon: @ThatWalder You did good considering how incompetent a lot of the squads seemed to be, not answering to LR, not following orders etc. Only complaint was that you left us at base for far too long, now I understand the reasoning and it wasn't entirely your fault since Charlie were not following orders properly it was still frustrating as we could have fairly easily inserted without alerting the enemy and just held if necessary while everyone else got set up. Overall god job given the circumstances. Squad: @Tennin Really solid leading, very clean execution of our mission with minimal casualties. Squad as a whole was a pleasure to be in, I think we were the most competent out of everyone judging by LR comms.
  13. Mission 1 - Foxtrot Team Leader Bit of a different mission, our objective was literally to run, we were the US and Russians were quickly advancing on our position so we had to book it north to the airfield some kilometres away. Right off the bat our SL @Sam41 dced so we had no real leader, thankfully it wasn't a major issue since we were moving along the same route as a few other squads and their wasnt a whole lot of leading to be done, or could be done since we didn't even have radios. We tried to stay in the forest en route as much as possible and didn't get engaged for about 5-10 minutes so everything was going smoothly. Then we had to cross a rather large clearing to get to the treeline, here we lost a few people to desync leaving just 3 of us then @Mittens fell to enemy fire as we tried to cross. With just me and @Mrkosak alive in our squad we joined up with Alpha as well as a bunch of survivors of other squads and continued with @Chefla leading us. Unfortunately some of the squad didn't follow orders to not engage enemies behind us so got left behind as we continued north. Soon enough we came across another clearing which we would have to cross, we thought luck was on our side as we were able to commandeer a technical but we chose to leave it as not everyone could fit. Also around this time a BTR had rolled up on us, @Chefla fell along with everyone else in our makeshift squad leaving just me, bleeding to attempt to cross the open field with only 2 smokes for cover. Unfortunately it wasn't enough and I fell to the BTR. Watching the other squads attempt to get to the airfield was fun. One group of about five people luckily did make it and it was mission complete, albeit with 62 casualties. Zeus: Don't know if there was one but @Rorkiy proposed the mission. It was a different mission idea and a very fun one. It's nice to be the ones being chased rather than doing the chasing for once. Not sure i've ever feared for my life in a mission as much as I did in this one. Platoon & SL I don't feel like I can give feedback on as they were either nonexistent or died. Mission 2 - Foxtrot 2iC A proper stealth mission, we were SAS on Tanoa sent to clear a town freeing hostages and killing the syndicate. We were sent to clear a section of the southern side of town, upon arrival we spotted 3 EI on a balcony in front of us so we dispatched of them in a very professional and coordinated manner which was a nice change to the usual just shoot whatever whenever that seems to happen a lot. We continued clearing our sector and blue team and I headed east to clear some buildings, unfortunately we lost one member who had gone into the graveyard where there were multiple EI. We all linked back up after clearing our respective areas and continued clearing our sector which went fairly smoothly taking no more casualties before moving to assist Bravo in clearing the docks. When we got to the docks we heard the voices of some team mates who were being held hostage, we moved up to the building to help them but there was an unfortunate case of friendly fire that killed one hostage and @gadsada, our SL fell to the enemy guarding them leaving me in charge. Once the enemy was taken out we freed our friends and continued clearing the docks of hostiles. When we knew the docks were clear I called for re-tasking so platoon ordered us to link up with delta. En route we got re-tasked back to our original area in order to search for more hostages that zeus had placed. While we were clearing our area again platoon then gave us another set of orders to link up with Charlie and help them, on the way there platoon informed us that they could hear friendly hostages close by so we investigated and freed 3 hostages leaving 2 more sets to find. After we had free'd the hostages we were sent back to our area to check some uncleared buildings for possible hostages, en route @Totally Not Connor died mysteriously to some heavy fire that we could not find the source of. Soon after the rest of the hostages were free'd and it was mission complete. Zeus: @ThatWalder Very nice mission, felt like how a stealth mission should be. Also respect for restricting weapons and making us a specific force that we had to adhere to. Overall zeusing was good, though it was slightly annoying that the hostages were put in buildings we had previously cleared but it wasn't a major issue. Platoon: @Rezonath Good platooning as per usual, don't think any squad was left without much do do and the plan was a success. Only problem I had was that platoon seemed indecisive at times we got re-tasked fairly regularly. Regardless, good job overall. Squad: @gadsada Nice leading, comms were clean as I would expect with you leading and overall orders were solid. I think I did a fairly good job when you died too, if you have feedback for me I would love to hear it. Squad as a whole were great, listened to orders and generally did what they were told.
  14. Mission 1 - Bravo Assistant Autorifleman Opfor mission playing Russians fighting some other similarly equipped forces with the aim of taking out AA and a supply depot before assaulting a town. Phase 1 of the mission saw all squads in their BTR's do a joint attack on a town en route to the main objective with the assistance of CAS and an MBT. I feel like this should have gone much more smoothly than it did, CAS did some initial attack runs taking out infantry towards the entrance to the town but failed to spot a BMP that proceeded to do heavy damage to Alpha before finally being called out and destroyed. As Bravo moved up I died to a random grenade that even now I am unsure the origin of, possibly friendly fire since that was a theme of this mission. Around 20 minutes later I re-spawned alongside a lot of people and we were finally able to move to our respective main objectives, on the way we fixed up a BMP-2 which we then commandeered and donated our BTR to Foxtrot. We proceeded to an OW with the BMP where we could engage our objective, frustratingly due to the range infantry had to stay inside the vehicle for most of this time until we got to the main town. When we got to the main town CAS and our MBT cleaned up most of the EI there so we had little contact and soon enough it was mission complete. Zeus: @Weegie Overall mission layout was fine, there was plenty for us to shoot at. Though going against such similarly equipped forces did result in confusion and some friendly fire which was a bit frustrating but I thing that is down to the infantry to PID and not a mission problem. Platoon: @Derpy General mission plan was good, though it was a bit chaotic during the first phase of the mission when all squads were in such a small area. Also not sure what was going on with the assets, correct me on this if i'm wrong but once we were in the town it didn't feel like CAS or the MBT was doing its job of supporting our advance, after the initial run the most I saw CAS do was fire some rockets into empty fields meanwhile there was heavy enemy presence killing our squads. Squad: @ZentharTheMagician Nice squad leading overall as usual. The only thing I found a bit annoying was the fact you kept us all inside the BMP when we could have got out and set up an OW position to support Delta and Foxtrots advance. Mission 2 - Charlie 2iC Blufor mission on Chernarus with the objective of taking control of Cherno and Elektro vs heavy armour backed up by two Challenger 2's. Alpha, Charlie, Delta and Foxtrot were tasked with taking the towns themselves while Bravo and Delta went north to clear the forest and some enemy controlled positions. Immediately upon driving to Cherno we were engaged by infantry in the forest to our north that annoyingly crossroads hadn't briefed us on so we weren't expecting, thankfully we had MRAP's so it didn't result in too many casualties. When we made it to the town we began being engaged by multiple MBT's that the infantry was left to deal with as the Challenger's were taking forever to get set up in there positions resulting in rather heavy casualties to Alpha as well as some of Echo and Foxtrot. Thankfully we were mostly unaffected and we moved up with me driving the MRAP to provide some cover fire as we cleared our sector. Once Cherno had been cleared we moved to the next FUP with a T-72 that Alpha had commandeered. Upon arrival we took fire from our north which kept us pinned down for a while before we could finally move up. En route to Elektro we had a close encounter with an MBT that Alpha ended up having some T-72 on T-72 action with, as we entered the town we flew past another MBT that thankfully didn't immediately blow us to bits and I pulled us into some cover where we dismounted to try and deal with it. As we tried to deal with that MBT another rolled up right on top of us killing SL. At this point I have no idea where our friendly tanks were as the squads were left to try and deal with both MBT's with our now limited supply of LAT. I played ring around the rosy with one before it was taken care with and nearly died to the other as I tried to regroup with my squad. Eventually one of the Challenger's arrived to deal with it so we could move on with clearing the town. Everything went fairly smooth and we engaged a few light infantry as we cleared before I died to a random explosion which I can only assume was an IED or mine which is frustrating if so as we were not briefed on either of these. Nevertheless mission completed soon after. Zeus: @Life010 That was a lot of tanks, but it was fun. Overall pretty good zeusing, could have been a bit heavier on infantry inside the town as those who were not LAT didn't have a whole lot to shoot at. Also try and be quicker getting the markers done for tanks as it was a bit of an unnecessary hold up to the mission. Platoon: @Rezonath You did a good job with the mission plan and leading of the squads as usual. Only problem I found was the handling of our assets, we had two Challenger 2's yet for the squads in the towns they felt nearly none existent as they took so long to deal with the MBT's that were on our positions so i'm not sure what was going there. Squad: @thesecretgames Nice leading, I think we took the least casualties of any squad so good job. Squad as a whole did really well, comms weren't too cluttered and everyone got on with what they needed to do.
  15. No, if you wanna go crazy shooting shit with a minigun I don't think arma is the game for that. Regardless, I'm pretty sure it's in the rules than miniguns are banned and anyway, we are a milsim community, sure we like having fun but you don't see a whole squad of marines in real life walking around with miniguns.