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  1. Steam workshop link to the map: Use it because if it updates the server will use the uploaded version as well.
  2. until

    Count me in baby!
  3. campaign


    I'll be fine with just general boot on the ground role.
  4. until

    Look through this thread:
  5. until

    Fuck it, you are making me buy APEX.
  6. Never mind. I have determined after watching a tutorial video that this game is not for me. (Mainly the measuring tape hassle). Some other board games I'd be very much so up for!
  7. I've got it. Played very few games would not mind to team up.
  8. I kinda like the idea of side missions given we start doing a "longer" multi mission campaign. Like a week long process. Sounds great actually.
  9. I took your joke and trolled you with it
  10. If you press the middle mouse button down and pull the mouse downwards you don't have to actually scroll or you can use the scrollbar at the (usually) right side. Alternatively there are ~4 buttons that can help you in this situation. Page Down, End, Space, down arrow. Aside from that @UniDigit I think it would be for the best if you could edit your post, delete the wall of text and just link a pastebin instead (
  11. @Sarissa I like the outlined guide very much. The thing I'd implement is what Cyanide said. When it's declaring the number of patients I think the "times" suffix would help the receiving side a lot to know what part of the communication they are at and ask back direct questions if needed, especially if the crew is in an other hostile environment under pressure. I also agree that only proven skilled people should be allowed to slot in for these roles. The above things should prevent missions turning into a clusterfuck, which improves the overall gaming experience for all of us while also making the life of Zeus easier (Since he planned a Medevac mission, if the helicopter crashes within 10 minutes, they will have to improvise which would make it difficult for them to make a fun mission for everyone involved). Given this even as an FNG it does not bother me at all that I can't be part of that crew or any mission critical crew. It is for the better for everyone involved that even tho' it's not a hardcore milsim community, these roles we keep in competent hands. Also thank you guys for always striving to improve the gaming experience for all of us. This is one of the many things that makes FK one of the best groups to be a part of.
  12. I think he got his braces on for readability! Also, TAB masterrace!
  13. Mission 1 Echo rifleman. Squad: @Callistano was a good squad lead. Gave clear instructions and kept the squad up to date, led us into fun engagements and made sure that WE TOOK OUT THE WARLORD NOT THE OTHER SQUADS! THE GLORY IS OURS! oh we should have took him alive? oops.... Everyone else performed well, we all stayed alive and then embraced the sunset on the beach side, cooking some smoke grenades. Was great to hang out with you guys. Thanks for the game, I enjoyed playing with you. Platoon: I was not in contact with you guys at all, WE got to kill the warlord so i am satisfied. Zeus: I think in this game the game would not have been this much fun for Squad if it's not for our squadlead, We managed to find fun for ourselves but I felt like it was really up to us rather than enemy forces encountering and initiating on us. All in all, I still had fun since big part of the ARMA games is about community and chilling out with each other, which was achieved. Also @Katla_Haddock I gotta say thank you VERY much for honoring my asking for the first game. I never do it but really needed that this time for a couple of personal reasons. It made a difference to me. Also thanks for taking @Jant Darvus on the 2nd mission after I and a few other people suggested him. He is a great guy and a great addition to the community. He took plenty of time learning about the game and he is already teaching other people who know less. I always enjoy playing with him, he definitely deserves to be in on at least 1 mission and he is very helpful. Also he's got a sexy Scottish accent. Who can resist that??? Jant you actually remind me of Dr. Carson Beckett from Stargate Atlantis, the medic fixation adds to it I had more missions with this community than I wrote a report of and I have to say that it's always good fun with you guys and I always feel welcomed. Thanks for having me around. You guys are like saving my life right now. Love you all already. Disclaimer: I might have had one too many beers before writing this.
  14. Mission 1 Delta LAT: Didn't know Delta was this much fun. Top notch squad mates, had lot's of fun finding a 50 cal gun, got blown up twice but survived thanks to @SABER's tip regarding the west. That thing saved my life for real. @Linnet did an awesome job as a medic until she got blown to pieces by explosives our squad planted and consequently an enemy helicopter triggered xd. I believe that was the end of our crazy bullet machine @Sarissa too. Squad lead was great, mood was great, squad was great, great mission and got to see the Mission completed screen. I also got to learn more of how things are done in a fully competent squad where people know what they are doing. Zeus: Thanks for the fun and making sure nobody is getting bored! Did a great job! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 2 Foxtrot LAT: Took 3 days to gear up at the arsenal then got baited by Zeus to take NV + laser under barrel >:C First mission playing in fog. Unsure of I like it or not. Like it for the surprise element of the enemy soldiers, not so much liking it for the fear of mistaking one of our own for an enemy soldier. I think it's a net positive. Squad was great, Squad Lead did a good job, we all stayed alive I believe and got to see the end screen yet we also got to spend plenty of expendable lead Zeus: Mission was fun, on average definitely more of a slower paced one for Foxtrot but still had a great time so thank you!
  15. I've never played D&D (lame I know) but I am interested. If you guys take newbies I'd like to give it a try. I played other multiplayer RPGs (only computer game based) so I can stay in character and I understand what it means.