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  1. I believe by default that Zeus doesn't see mods, i know when creating a mission in the Eden editor that when you pull over the module for Game Master/Zeus that you have to go into its attributes/properties and switch it to show all content. So what I believe you have to do is setup a mission/template in the editor that has the zeus module setup for showing mods then run it with the server you set up. (I'm sure there is someone who can help you in more detail but that's about all i know)
  2. If anyone is playing with the FK mod set after this update and running into the issue of maps not loading the issue is with the, ShackTac User Interface addon . hope this helps some people out wanting to test things.
  3. That is really strange, i didn't run into this problem at all i would double check your files with the repo to see if TFR failed to update.
  4. I had a 9.7 GB download too with apex but didn't run into any issues. but thanks for the heads up.
  5. Hey there, i'm painkiller though most people usually shorten it down to pain. i'm not new to arma 3 (have about 200 hours) and have wanted a group to play some ARMA missions with. I have used most of the mods that are used on the server, although it has only been in single player. hope to play with all you sometime soon.