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  1. Have you tried to change the key-bindings to something else to see if the problem still persists? Also be sure to make sure you don't have any hot-keys setup in TS that might be conflicting and messing with your in-game bindings.
  2. I can make that (if i am doing my time conversions right and it is 10am cst)
  3. I would be up for some Civ 5 depending on the times picked. also would this be with or without the Main DLC/expansions?
  4. If you still want to use it, i would try to switch your capture device (under ts options) from "Default" to your Microphone/headset.
  5. what headset and microphone do you use? does it have software with it that might be messing with your keys?
  6. try switching your push-to-talk key to something different like "left alt" temporarily to see if it is something with your mouse button. Also does your TS have its mic muted when you press capslock outside of game? Also like in Nigel's picture make sure you don't have any other Hotkey's set up other than your push to talk.
  7. i guess i do asst Auto most often.
  8. Explosive ammo is not allowed. All squad members are to take faction- and role specific weaponry. Scopes are limited to 4x magnification and up to 7.62 ammo. For the Explosive Ammo, I am just suggesting it gets moved to it's own line since it seems to apply for everyone. The change from "side- and" to "faction- and" is just for clarity, as on the first page of this thread someone thought side- referred to side arms. The up to 7.62 ammo is for clarity. Only one marksman is allowed per squad at the squad leader's discretion, he can take up to 16x magnification and up to 7.62 ammo. Bolt-action/snipers are not allowed in this role. the 7.62 is once again for clarity. The removal of the "Bolt-action/snipers are not allowed in this role." is also for clarity depending on if a rifle like the m24 which is a 7.62 but a bolt action, or the Noreen "Bad News" ULR which is a .338 but can be outfitted with 7.62 is allowed. If they are not, then maybe change it to something like "7.62 Bolt-Action/Snipers are not allowed in this role." If it is based on what it is labeled in-game then i suggest "Weapons labeled Sniper Rifle are not allowed in this role."
  9. I believe by default that Zeus doesn't see mods, i know when creating a mission in the Eden editor that when you pull over the module for Game Master/Zeus that you have to go into its attributes/properties and switch it to show all content. So what I believe you have to do is setup a mission/template in the editor that has the zeus module setup for showing mods then run it with the server you set up. (I'm sure there is someone who can help you in more detail but that's about all i know)
  10. If anyone is playing with the FK mod set after this update and running into the issue of maps not loading the issue is with the, ShackTac User Interface addon . hope this helps some people out wanting to test things.
  11. That is really strange, i didn't run into this problem at all i would double check your files with the repo to see if TFR failed to update.
  12. I had a 9.7 GB download too with apex but didn't run into any issues. but thanks for the heads up.