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  1. Same here, has been this way for me since alive was added again.
  2. Haven't played it in a while (my last graphics card screamed for mercy whenever i played it). As soon as 3.0 is out i'll be dusting of my connie's captains chair ^^
  3. Second mission - Bravo Autorifleman Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter Plt: @Rezonath SL: @Callistano 2iC: @warlordsh Overall good Mission, there was always something to do and never enough time to get bored. Also, the Artillery barrage at the end was great. It fucked us up but didn't just wipe us out. In the end, I was just running for the bridge, the shells landing behind me. It was awesome But I also have to say: Beketov is not the greatest map for fighting in populated areas. Because the AI can see and walk through everything, from fences to woodpiles and smaller buildings, they don't give a fuck. That makes it a bit hard to fight them. I emptied over 400 rounds into the fences, just to try and keep the invisible enemies from mowing down my squad. Since I was a Autorifleman I can't say much about platoon, other than we did get something to do and I never heard SL complain about him. SL. Calm, in control kept us alive and on track to complete our mission until his untimely demise. 2iC: Took over after SL's death and kept us going, did a great job. I enjoyed the mission and had fun playing with my squad.
  4. I totally get that, but honestly, even if noone were to use it i'd still program it, it's something new and fun to do
  5. When you spend 2 hours looking for an error in your mortar callculations because the numbers your getting are off and finally realize the guys from ACE3 messed up a unit conversion and the error wasn't on your end. -UPDATE: I was just told they'll most likely fix it for v3.10
  7. Ill change the buttons asap, thx for the input. The coordinates expected are the 5 digit ones the microDAGER supplies (I guess a tooltip or label explaining that will be needed), if you supply les then 5 digits it will just fill up with zeros from the right. (I hope that answers your question)
  8. Ou nice, i totally missed the new mortar. The great thing is, i just happen to be working on a rework of the mortar calculator so everything the rocketman's and my tool do are combined in one tool + extra feetures. just a little sneak peek (WIP)
  9. i have fixed the millirad problem and reuploaded it (also updated the links)
  10. i'm all for creaping in the shots to correct for small deviations, but 5 buildings is a bit much. That would turn "danger close" fire missions into russian rulet. I found the error though. I used the mathematical (SI) definition for miliradian as in 1mil=0.001 rad, but apparently there is such a thing as NATO milliradians. The difference: 360° ≈ 6283 mil but 360° = 6400 NATO mil. so i'm gonna have update the tool again...
  11. I just figured out why my mortar rounds dont seem to hit where they should... the Mk6's mil display seems to be pretty inacurate (unless i'm doing something completely wrong). Example: As you can "see" below, 225 degrees = 4000mil, right? well lets check (i doublechecked with wolframalpha) so we're off by about 73 mills or about 4 degrees and that has nothing to do with ShackTac inacuracy ore something, i checked (225.0 degrees): and if you think 4 degrees isnt much... at 1.3 km it hits about 5 houses away from the target... i'm gonna try and see if i can compensate for the error in my tool...
  12. It is now MOD EDIT: Fixed.
  13. I had that problem on the last repo update. What solved it for me was... Step 1. Launching from the vanilla launcher without mods,... Step 2. go on a server (e.g. ccg wasteland needs no mods and you can join anytime),... Step 3. wait a minute on the server,... Step 4. disconnect,... Step 5. restart arma from the vanilla launcher with all repo mods and it somehow worked again.
  14. This is great, and the tool is super useful and accurate. It is simple to use when you have a line of sight from mortar to target. but what if you don't? I figured it would be great if you could just work with coordinates. This way you could easily engage targets marked on the map or coordinates given to you by a forward observer. Since I can't be bothered to calculate that stuff myself I decided to write a little tool. You'll find it under the following link: Just enter the coordinates of your mortar and target (top/left, 5 digit coordinates, best to use microDAGER), press calculate and you have the numbers to enter into rocketmans calculator + bearing. In case you need to hit a previous target again, you'll find the last 5 calculations in the log field. Tip: you can link your microDAGER to your vector21 and get a target's exact coordinates and elevation, perfect for a forward observer.
  15. Mission 2 Echo Autorifleman Zeus: @Wattsits and @Shoxe: Great mission, never boring. I really enjoyed it. Platoon: @cyanide: Well planned, well done Squad Lead: @Callistano Clear orders, stayed in control I really have nothing bad to say about this mission, even the way I died was epic... bomb to the face.