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  1. Lenny I think what Linnet was trying to say was "if you can do it better, prove it"
  2. until

    Bravo Lead Please
  3. Moved to correct area of the forums
  4. Moved to correct part of the forums
  5. until

    Can I have what ever lead rolls are left please Rorkiy
  6. Missed some of you guys as well
  7. I'm game( when I'm back from holiday)
  8. Been playing 40k since the end of 2nd and start of 3rd edition so that's about 17 years now I think I have about 10,000+ pts of Blood Angels and 6,000 pts of Dwarfs (which I can't use cheers GW). Stopped playing fantasy just after the last edition before age of bitchmar. Haven't played much of 7th edition 40k but I'm looking forward to see what 8th edition brings
  9. I play it now and then, and I'm willing to play in groups as well
  10. All you need to know is the Carl G kills tanks easier and quicker, HEDP kills all BTR's and Light armoured wheeled vehicles HEAT for every thing else. all RHS tanks will cook off in 1 hit on the side or back and the T-90's will take 2 from the front. Challanger and Vanilla Tanks will take 2 in the rear and side's 3 in the front plus with HE rounds having range specific Airburst, illumination and smoke rounds it's the more versatile launcher we have when i squad lead my squad will be taking one
  11. Posts by Lenny Myself and other related to them have been hidden as agreed on by Lenny and me in private. I have left Lenny's original post as it is relevant to the topic of the tread
  12. It trigger the shit out of me too. Though it is fun to get people to spot the difference in the patterns . I fucking love MARPAT(more woodland though). I think the last time I was in a mission we did as marines I went around tell everyone what was wrong with their kit
  13. A scripted mission where we use correct USMC equipment!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Excuse me while I go have a moment
  14. I'm up for it
  15. Most people play PUBG