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  1. There is no caliber limitations only role and side spacific rifle limitations. so a .50 cal can only be taken by profit and not by any other member of the Platoon
  2. Moved to technical help. Also looks like you ether don't have all the mods loaded or you need to make sure all your mods are up to date
  3. campaign


    Neil if it helps I'll take a squad lead role
  4. campaign


    FAC please Neil
  5. Two quote from the Rules: All squad members are to take side- and role specific weaponry. Scopes are limited to 4x magnification. Explosive ammo is not allowed. Note: If you bring a non-standard weapon, you will not always get ammunition for your gun as the resupply pilots/Zeus will not have time to check every squad's guns and load correct ammo. so you can "advice them to" but you can't tell them what to take as what you asked would be doing that. i imagine this will change
  6. What I mean by all veriants is, if MTP is called take a uniform that is MTP or if DPM woodland is called take a uniform that is DPM woodland
  7. No the Squad lead can not enforce hie own weapon restrictions on his/her squad. Unless it's a weapon restriction given by a Zuse themed calender event or scripted mission When a uniform is call it's the camo type given by platoon NOT a specific uniform, once the camo is called all veriants of the camo are allowed. So yes squad lead can't not enforce a camo variant. But he/she can recommend a similar vest and helmet is taken as the uniform and not a specific variant of vest and helmet. The only time spacific uniform, vests and helmets are enforced is like with guns if it's a themed calender event or scripted mission Facial hair would be classed under accessories like glasses and goggles so a squad lead cannot dictate to their squad if they can take it
  8. The only thing that will define a DMR under our rules is the scope magnification you have. In terms of caliber of rifle as long as your taking a rifle of the side your on its doesn't matter if it's in 5.56 or 7.62
  9. Thread moved to correct area of forum's
  10. Thread locked and Poll closed Please see thread below for details on this topic
  11. Your Name: MulletShock Player Name: Forked Reason: Team Killing and Squad mate Length: 24 hours
  12. Moved to correct part of forum
  13. So I just got in to the Escape from Tarkov closed Beta and wanted to see who else got in? Also if they wanted to team up
  14. Me and @Sarissa Zeused yesterday. This tread is for 2 days ago
  15. Your Name: MulletShock Player Name: Lenny Reason: Being disrespectful and not listening to Chain of Command Length: 3 days Additional Info: Final Warning next Ban will result in a Perma Ban