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  1. Just have the 4 of you battle it out
  2. Some how I think @Callistano or @Radio will win this sort of thing @Lenny. Also if Radio does play I'm out
  3. Are we going to need a 2ic tag and training session now?
  4. As true as that is. There is no modern battle rifle the last true battle rifle was the FAL's used in the 80's. When the M14 start to appear again in the Iraq and Afghanistan war's it was used as DMR. as they had the full auto function Of the rifle removed or not made with one. In fact most of not all battle rifle's have gone the same way.
  5. DMR's is the modern battle rifle
  6. Well the Carrier Rigs are correct for US soilders
  7. Styling tips by Lenny. I used to be the same @whifey but now i just make sure i'm happy with what ever I'm wearing and the rifle i use. Though it still triggers the shit out of me when people use (what i class) a DMR rifle and put a x4 magnifier on it. Personally i think we should bring back the rule on what caliber rifle we take. But we are a very casual milsim community and rules like that would take away the fun for alot of people.
  8. Damn you Sarissa stop doing this when I'm at work
  9. If any more spaces become available @Sarissa I'm up for this
  10. Take all the time you need man we're not going any where. Hope to see you on the field soon.
  11. FNG's yesterday
  12. I fired a SMAW at a BMP-1 and all it did was piss it off
  13. but thats tomorrow or you getting in early?
  14. until

    What time you planning on this starting?