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  1. until

    Gimme Platoon. - I am ALWAYS your platoon Don't break with the tradition
  2. I will take a look at them once I am done with a few other things that are in planning
  3. until

    Not Stingers - Javelins... - I need to raise my coffee intake. Sorry
  4. until
    The curtains rise again for the shit fest called FK Festival This time, grab your most beloved mates and team up to achieve supremacy on the server. This time all events will be held in a 3-Person-Tagteam-Deathmatch style! - This means: PLEASE TRY TO GET INTO GROUPS BEFORE! THE ACTUAL FESTIVAL! 3 People per team! The Events this time will be: - The Pirates of the Ca... Arma(TM) Arr, get in ye boaty, plunder ye booty and sink thy enemy. But... why's the rum gone? - Royal Rumble "Tank Edition" Gear up with Javelins and mount up in 60 tons of democracy! - Tank down? No problem. The word is: Last Man Standing. - You are free to engage with your AT once your vehicle is down - Air Space Supremacy Load up into some Blackhawks with your trusty door gunners... and kill everything in your way! Same Server and Teamspeak as always
  5. " Basically: FAC tries to accomodate PltHQs plans, if it doesn't work or endangers the birds -> Disobey the plan but relay the changes " This kinda entitles "Your birds are getting fucked if you listen"
  6. We will start with Single Player. Once that is up and running we can try to implement a slotting system for teams
  7. Right. So with the throughout positive feedback on the Battle Royal style @Metaork2 and myself decided to make our own FK Battle Royal template, based on the PUBG - we are currently in the theoretical process writing together shit we need for it to work, and will start coding the template and scripts ASAP. We hope to be done in roughly a month. (To be independent from the mod, which seems to have problems with 64-bit) It will include: - Paradrop over the map - A playfield getting smaller after periods of time with a wall damaging you - Random Airdrops - Random Loot stashes in building - Mortar Zones We hope your enthusiam stays like this and please look forward to it
  8. I disagree with you hear Lenny. Ofc I will plan my birds depending on PltHQs intentions. But if PltHQs plans make no sense or kill the birds, I will not follow orders. FAC has a better overview on whats happening in the airspace as well as Ground-to-Air wise, and should be able to respond to those needs without confirming with PltHQ Basically: FAC tries to accomodate PltHQs plans, if it doesn't work or endangers the birds -> Disobey the plan but relay the changes
  9. No worries. I was your Mistral 1-4, It was overall okay. - As you said the comms were a bit unclear. But we managed to entertain ourselves. Just remember that FAC is no subordinate of PltHQ. You are equal to him. If you think his plans don't work out, tell him and adjust im necessary.
  10. until

    Götterdämmerung* If you wait for the apocalypse spell it right
  11. That should work perfectly fine... gonna throw something together once I am back home...
  12. The problem would be the random loot... but... @anden3 If we put together some local scripts to be able to spawn ammo / weapon caches with semi random stuff as Zeus would that work? Then I'd volunteer as a tribute to Zeus em (sometimes, I wanna kill all of you sometimes too ) EDIT: It would be probably way easier for Zeus (if we can't get a fully scripted BR mission going) to make it Hunger Games style, with the loot crates mostly in the middle and some scarce spawns everywhere else
  13. ^ same for me as for Vericht.
  14. Go to editor, place a gamemaster modul. - Play it, Press Y - Place a shitload of bluefor units and take over one. It's not the best way, but stresses the game
  15. I'd check the Disc usage once in a while. - If it stays at 100% it might be a sign of a dying HDD. But that shouldn't limit your FPS as it does. Try doing as Neil and Batty said. - Disable the startup params, also the 64 bit memory allocator... did you change anything there? - Can you check pretty please @mrrbatty, cause I think that's not the standard setting