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  1. Efficiently spread out the Platoon and make it short and crunchy, and people will still "complain" @Crillekarl @C-O-B-R-A @NeilZar
  2. Sorry bout that. - Miscommunication - The trees were fuckin with the WTS so we were a bit on edge
  3. We need to stop double posting stuff
  4. There you have to differentiate between 2 cases. Someone on Downtime due to restart / Battle eye crash etc. - and someone coming 3 minutes after slotting started. If it is the first case, a Tag overrule might be debatable in my eyes, in second case: Clear and defined NO from me, as people will take that as an opportunity to show up 5-10 minutes late and disrupting the slotting Ad.addendum: If you are still loading whilst slotting is called, just poke the Zeus / CM with a subtle "I'd like Plt as Tagholder, but have to restart Arma" or sth in that direction. - I PERSONALLY would call that a legitimate method of "overruling"
  5. Purely personal statement: Veterans do not have higher slot priority than Regs, so that is out of question. Tho it is a Tag slot system it is still FCFS, so if you are 5 minutes late, don't expect to get the slot just because you are a reg / tag holder. If there is a TS / technical issue, that can be resolved before mission start, and the person in question already had the slot, he is free to poke a CM / Admin to remove other players out of said slot, even if they are tag holders / higher ranking If you haven't had the slot yet, than it might be a "shit happens" situation, as you weren't present for the actual slotting. I hope I got everything right
  6. Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter and @Vesper Akiri great fun boys, from Kilo perspective this was a fully perfect mission. - Had a lot of strikes, lots of hits Shelldrake: @whifey and @V1rU5 Nothing to complain. 6-Line was on point, Callbacks also good. Enjoyed having you as Fist Squad: @BonSie and another guy... : Great fun boys. - Nothing much to say. - Hits were alway on the spot, and the radio was enjoyable when we had no Fire Mission 10/10 - Would fck up EI with a Paladin again
  7. ABOUT MATTERS with Platoon in this mission: People have been talked with, Final words have been said. - Concluding this I want to talk with you @Digby Tatham-Warter whenever you have 5 minutes. I WANT TO HEAR NO MORE OF THIS!
  8. I was confused why I entered rooms and forgot why the entire day... get out of my head you crazy idiot - jokes aside... this feels wrong on so many levels lol
  9. Sooooo. Basically the japanese Anime-Weebs got a fable for PUBG as well, as it stars for a brief moment in the opening scene of a new Anime EDIT: Bonus points, if you can tell me where the location on the map it is
  10. TLF


    Gimme Knight Gunner please <3
  11. I have to disagree here - and this is Personal Opinion only, not as a Trainer. Platoon's job ain't to make you "win", it is to ensure everyone has fun during the mission and gets his fair bit of action. - You can have a blast loosing whilst getting shot at in the dark with no NVG and finally failing the mission, and you can get bored the shit out even tho you "won", but had NVGs, 3 HWS and 6 Assets... so please don't assume that when I platoon lead that I primarily try to win. - Ofc, winning a big plus there, but it is not the goal
  12. Sounds like my life lol
  13. Name: Neth - Eral Appearance: Outfits: Formal Aspiration: Knowledge (Nerd Brain) Traits:Genius, Geek, Lazy Job: Scientist
  14. until

    if the Demo Expert is still open, I'd grab that as well. - Blowing myself up sounds like fun
  15. until

    I am in for all. - You know me *plays Rumble in the Jungle in the background*