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      The second server is currently not available for missions, we will be using it the next 2 weeks for testing of mods.


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  1. until

    BSWD 1 Gunner pls (or a any BSWD CMD if noone volunteers ;*)
  2. battle royale


    Sounds fun May the statistical probability always be in your favor (tm)
  3. Mission 1 - Company Cmd Sorry about this... my ISP is currently fuckin me off, so I hope @Rezonath handled it okay Comms from my squads (69), as well as the others (66) when I hoped on it, were good whilst I was still able to play <.<. So yeah. Sorry again
  4. until

    Plt2IC for @Woody as a Trainer @aizen
  5. until

    As my ISP fucked up big times, I won't make it for this one. Sorry, and congrats @Torofad
  6. until

    hey! I was lurking and ready to jump in
  7. until

    I'd like to sign up for it,but pending on if I have Interwebs
  8. Yes. Yes. I actually had the same thought, but given my current situation I am too busy to deal with that myself. So this is much appreciated.
  9. until

    I should be able to make it, depending if my ISP actually connects my Internet once I move... I'll tell you on Monday for sure
  10. I was both FAC and PLT trainer. - And JTAC was on a different channel. - I heard a squad ordering a strike, I heard it being sent, and I forgot to check the map as a trainer, due to my birds getting shot down / crashing
  11. I take the blame for that. should have warned earlier, but as I couldn't monitor a 3rd channel I didn't here about it early enough. - It was a bit weird-ish training. Sorry. For the helicopters... I will be talking with @Woody why Tag holders crashed twice...
  12. What happened was, that we were nearly 2 hours in the mission, and decided to fail you, as it started to drag itself
  13. All the P(ictures)TSD
  14. until

    SWORD crew pls <3 - Preferably CMD
  15. YEEEES! - My body is ready once again!