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  1. We played Beyond for months pretty much as soon as it came out. As a heads up for everyone, just an FYI we're not planning on changing the mod pack anytime soon again since we only just put it back on Infinity Evolved. This thread was made before we decided to change it to IE. Feel free to make suggestions but don't expect it to change for a while.
  2. Moved to ARMA section as it only relates to ARMA. Carry on.
  3. No definitive ETA atm, still making some adjustments to the pregen process and the world border. Aiming to finish it before the start of the weekend.
  4. until

    Reminder that TOEs are subject to change and if you have the SL tag or the requisite Armour tags, you can still ask for those slots and you will be given priority over those without said tags.
  5. Velites & Testudo event link updated.
  6. until
    Task Force Talon: Velites & Testudo Signups now locked. Rest of the slots will be filled by Vets>Regs>FNGs who show up. People who haven't RSVP'ed please wait in the FNG room. Campaign Thread: Missions: 2 RE: Slotting - Unless something comes up for people, will most likely aim to keep the same slots across both missions, i.e. will try to have everyone in the same slots for both missions unless someone does not stay for the 2nd mission, with the exception of DAGGER/WOLF. TOEs are subject to change dependent on tags. Velites (51 slots) FK Forces are tasked with capturing a nearby outpost from which rebel forces are launching raids on an allied airbase. TOE FOX 6 Lead: NeilZar FOX 1 SL: Lenny FOX 2 SL: Rezonath FOX 3 SL: Cavalierr FOX 4 SL: Chefla DAGGER 1 (LAV-25) Commander: Netheral Gunner: CongaLineOfNeckbeards Driver: ZentharTheMagician Testudo (51 slots) FK Forces are to defend the outpost against hostile counterattacks in a dust storm (Do they even have them in Turkey? <.< >.>). TOE FOX 6 Lead: NeilZar FOX 1 SL: Lenny FOX 2 SL: Rezonath FOX 3 SL: Cavalierr FOX 4 SL: Chefla WOLF 1 (Mines) TL (Regular SL loadout/no mines): Jacob_Waltz Demo Expert: UniDigit Demo Expert: Chuck Yeager Inb4 Lenny blows himself up while laying down mines again. 'cause it's obviously a good idea to walk back along the path you've put mines down on
  7. Principes Event Link: Soon™ Situation:
  8. Milites & Hastati Event Link: Soon™ Milites Situation: Following the successful defense of the outpost (Thank God, I don't have to remake the remaining missions :D), hostile raids on the airfield have essentially stopped, allowing us to establish a base of operations. We have recently intercepted enemy communications indicating that they are moving special assets to a nearby stone quarry. Intelligence indicates that there are hostile checkpoints set up in the surrounding area. FK forces have advanced and set up a staging point from which to investigate the quarry to ascertain what the assets are and destroy or otherwise retrieve them if necessary. Hastati Situation: As a result of NATO operations, the majority of the island is back under NATO control. The remaining rebels still hold the North-Eastern section of the island, with the city of Merkez and two outposts nearby serving as their last remaining strongholds. FK forces are tasked with seizing the two outlying outposts in preparation for the final offensive into Merkez.
  9. Velites & Testudo Event Link: Velites Situation: Rebel forces have been launching sporadic raids on the airfield where loyalists are currently struggling to maintain a foothold. The majority of their raids have used a nearby outpost to the South as a staging point from which to launch their attacks. Our forces have only recently arrived and have only just started offloading the majority of our equipment. FK forces have been tasked with taking the initiative and capturing the outpost to prevent against further raids while we offload our heavier equipment. Testudo Situation: After taking the outpost (because you guys totally captured it right? Or at least I sure hope so, because it would be kinda awkward if you didn't. 'cause, you know, I kinda made the rest of the missions on the assumption that you've completed the preceding missions) we've managed to offload the majority of our equipment and are getting prepared to take back the rest of the island. However, we've recently intercepted rebel communiques indicating that they are preparing a major counterattack to take it back in an attempt to drive us off the island. You have been tasked with holding the outpost and repelling the enemy attack.
  10. Personal Opinion I personally don't care if people want to go out of their way to "train" other people per se. I don't even care if it's someone who is literally new to ARMA and knows nothing about the game who is training others. We actually don't even have any rules against people trying to teach others certain things. It's just that unless they're an actual Trainer with the tag, any "training" that people take part in where the trainer doesn't have the trainer tag will NOT count with regards to getting the tag. Keep in mind, when it comes to evaluations, most of, if not all, the trainers will have a "check list" of some sorts of things that get evaluated and are most likely taught in sessions led by trainers. With unofficial ones, people won't know what's being tested fully so you'll probably not get everything you need. TL;DR: Personally don't care if you want to train others as a regular tag holder or even without the tag. As long as the other person is aware that it's not official and won't count towards getting the tag.
  11. Situation: For the past couple of months, Turkey has undergone a period of political turmoil and civil unrest, forcing the government to impose martial law on the mainland with military crackdowns and raids taking place throughout the nation. With the support of local smugglers, rebels have taken the opportunity to escape the military crackdown of the mainland and have recently taken control of the island of Bozcaada, threatening to launch terror attacks on the rest of the nation in retaliation. The rebels have seized government stockpiles of old Soviet military hardware, previously confiscated from black market arms dealers and local smugglers who have long chafed against government forces. Loyalist Turkish forces hold the main airfield on the Western tip of the island, struggling to retain a foothold due to constant raids and attacks by rebel forces. As a member state of NATO, the Turkish government has requested the aid of other member states in taking down the rebels and returning the island of Bozcaada back under Turkish control. FK Forces have been deployed with the USS 'Murica to support the loyalists and take back the island. Mission Structure: The campaign takes place over 4 small, single objective missions, with a longer combined ops mission making up the epilogue in the 5th and final mission. The smaller missions will most likely be played 2 at a time with the final mission taking place on its own. Velites (51 slots) Testudo (51 slots) Milites (51 slots) Hastati Principes Equipment: Rifle: Mk-18 Mod 1 LMG: M249 Long with VFG MMG: Mk-48 Mod 1 LAT: M72 LAW MAT: M3 MAAWS Squad Structure: Squad Leader Team Leader Autorifleman Grenadier Rifleman Team Leader Autorifleman Grenadier Rifleman
  12. If you've got an ongoing campaign currently underway, message a CM with a link to your campaign thread so we can pin them to let people know it is ongoing.
  13. 07/07/2017: Added a "Missions/Campaigns" section to the ARMA Forum. Mission/Campaign ideas or ongoing Campaigns etc should be posted in here.
  14. until
    18-Jun-17 Medic Training RSVP will be capped at 12 for now, if it becomes full, leave your name in the comments and if there are no shows/not too many people left out, I'll probably bring you in anyway. Sign ups are open to all, FNGs included, first come, first served. Topics covered: Your role as a squad/platoon medic Equipment you use/carry Triage Treatment Advanced Wounds (Maybe, dependent on trainee familiarity and time)
  15. There was no Zeus AI spawns were all scripted on triggers/timers and I was Platoon leading lol. All in all, glad you enjoyed it. Originally there would've been twice as many (maybe up to 3x) hostiles within Tanouka itself but I noticed people desyncing on the MSR while we were driving up to it so I removed a lot of guys there. Server FPS was still fine, holding up at 43 iirc so technically I could've left them all in, but didn't want to risk people lagging out so I just deleted them and didn't spawn in any more guys to compensate for that as it was getting pretty close to the 1.5 hour mark I tend to aim for in most of my missions.