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    RSVP is capped at 6 for now. Depending on how long it takes, I may expand/extend the session to accommodate more people. Leave a comment if RSVP is full and I'll see if there's time. FNGs please do not RSVP, leave your name in the comments and if someone doesn't show/there's room, I'll drag you in. Meeting place will be the Misc Training Room. 19-05-17 Prophet Training Topics Basics Roles available and responsibility Zeroing Equipment This training session will have you operating in pairs, you will be taking turns to shoot as well as operating the equipment. If you have a buddy who you think would operate well with you and he/she has signed up with you, leave a comment as to who your buddy will be. If you're signing up alone, I will match you with someone else. Do note, the best Prophet pairs stick together as they will be familiar with the type of weaponry the other uses, sectors scanned as well as terminology and mindset so having someone to be your buddy for training/ops is highly recommended. The first portion of this session will have everyone go through an introduction of the things covered in the "Topics" above. After that, you will be split up into your pairs and I will be taking each pair through the actual application of the things covered where you will actual be doing the shooty shoots. You are NOT required to stay until the end of the course. You are free to stay or leave once your pair has gone through the rest of the course after the introduction.
  2. Addendum regarding any post-mission posts in this forum: If you do not have anything to say regarding a particular role, e.g. no feedback for that person, or for example you had no LR so you didn't have any comms with Platoon, you do not need to tag them. Just skip the sections where you have nothing to say to them. Tagging people is not necessary unless you actually want something pointed out to them, e.g. you want your SL to know that he didn't give enough over the Short Range, or you want him to know you've learned a lot about leading from being under him, then tag them.
  3. Condition: this AND triggeractivated "trigger variable name"
  4. Verify your game cache as the two "addons" in your error are from the base ARMA 3 game, the Data_f.pbo and Structures_f.pbo Probably just corrupted files or bad installation.
  5. The BMP in your face for the LZ at the comms tower was just bad luck, it was on a cycle movement order back and forth from the checkpoint at the bridge to the military base NE of the comms tower. You just happened to land there right when it was reaching thr hill top so it came straight into your face unfortunately. Sloghtly surprised your transports didn't wave off the comms LZ when your CAS birds engaged the checkpoint with the BMP at the end of the bridge. That one was pretty much untouched and then rolled up behind you cause it seemed no one noticed it. With regards to the concern of splitting up and not having enough people at each LZ, that was partially on me. I told Forked that if they didn't take out the vehicle depot, they would mount up in mechanized units and MBTs and attack you from behind. Slight brain fart there cause I said they would attack straight away, when I actually meant to say they would start to mobilize. So that part is on me. With regards to the slow start, also quite heavily on me, I told Forked to take his time cause I was gonna put everything down after I briefed the squads, then game crashed and had to reconnect. Things were essentially all ready for a while before you did leave though, so I should've mentioned that to Plt, just in case he was trying to give me more time. For Delta and the rest of the squads at the ammo cache/attacking the vehicle depot, apologies for the BMP 2, meant to tell the crew to mount into the BMP 1 instead since they were all placed down empty at the start. T-90 was intentional though and that BMD that shoved itself into that shanty town with you? It decided to drive along the road to your west then turn around and hit you from behind As for feedback for you guys, CAS birds: dunno if you guys called out the checkpoint at the bridge, but you did engage it so you should've been providing overwatch afterwards as the squads landed, could've taken out the BMP that drove in earlier General Plt lead tip: plan for alt LZs in case your primary LZ is too hot, had I put fuel in the BMP at the bridge at the start, it probably would've rollled up and wiped half of the guys in the first bird Squads in general: very. VERY clustered together, especially on the hillltops. Saw one scene where there were literally 4 dead guys and one wounded guy all around one tree. You don't always have to be on the hilltops, you can move along either side, move along the coast, in short, use the terrain to your advantage. SLs should be taking the initiative to go "okay, the squad on the hilltop are pinned, I should pull my guys back and flank", you don't have to follow Plt's orders to the letter, especially if they are probably gonna get you guys pinned down and killed. If you do get pinned down? Pop smokes, fall back behind the crest and then shift left/right. Probably gonna edit edit this later on but 6:45am OP so I need sleep
  6. Your Name: Rorkiy Player Name: Random Guy Reason: Trolling with soundboard Duration: Permanent Additional Info: Left the ARMA start room, went into a DnD game room, started playing a loud an annoying remix version of "Never Gonna Give You Up", kept at it after being told by the people in the room to stop. Other members proceeded to contact CMs who kicked and banned the culprit.
  7. Attachments are still borked on the site, you have to just upload or link screencaps or pastebins, otherwise we can't see what's in it.
  8. This man has balls. Give him a cookie.
  9. Moved thread to ARMA General Chat as it is ARMA specific. As you were.
  10. Mission 1, 6pm GMT/7pm UK, Charlie Rifleman Zeus: Dunno which one of you did it but a bit enthusiastic with the double MRAP rush onto the left flank of Charlie right at the very start of the mission, especially when they seemed to come over the ridge from the coast, didn't make too much sense to have them just randomly at the coast, seems like there was just no place they could've come from. Charlie/Delta's objective seemed to be a bit thin on the E.I. numbers though it might just be that I didn't see them. PLT: @Urist McGLORY Slightly long winded with your LR comms, the part where you talked about "If the squads complete their objectives early, move onto other objs" probably could've been left until later on. Saying it too early there ran the risk of upcoming firefights at objectives essentially pushing that info out of their mind SL: @Wulfe Communicate with your squad more (and I don't mean the banter), there wasn't much in terms of tactical/battlefield info over the SR. As soon as we dismounted, you started running towards the overwatch position without saying anything over the SR, saw a couple guys lag behind as they didn't notice until pretty much most of the squad were already gone. Squad: Too much banter over the SR. Try to keep banter to local voice, especially if you're all in the MRAP together. Multiple cases where Wulfe missed a call out over LR when we weren't doing anything simply because you guys were all talking about random stuff over the SR. Called out the 2 MRAPs that were rushing in from our left flank but it seems nobody actually heard me despite going "Break, break, break" as well as repeating the info of "2x MRAPs on the left, to the West" 2 or 3 times. Call out if you're treating someone and which part of said person you're treating, even if there's nobody else around. Had a case where Partyzombie somehow had 4x Crushed tissue on each body part when we all mounted up and literally no one was calling out which parts they were treating so I saw a couple cases of "User bandaged a patient" in the log but no wounds were treated. In cases like that, when we were all mounted up, when Wulfe mentioned that Partyzombie was heavily injured, you should've taken the initiative to open up the medical menu and started treating him, not just the medic. There was a good 10 second period where it was basically only the medic and I treating him. Yes, you'll use your own medical supplies but you can always get them from the medic (either after dismounting or he can put it in the vehicle), the medic can't pull another squadmate out his backpack. Mission 2, 7:30pm GMT/8:30pm UK, Bravo SL Zeus: @Hekhal Can't remember the other 2, Heard about multiple cases of AI supposedly inside H-barriers and shooting at players from inside where we can't see them. Try to keep an eye out for AI that might be inside and just move them to the other side. It might be that they shoot through them anyway but probably pays to be thorough. Same thing with camo nets, saw a collapsed camo net where the AI is basically hidden when prone inside it and basically cannot be seen by players. Also a couple of floating walls here and there at different objectives, if you have downtime while squads are still travelling etc, take a quick scan of compounds to find issues like these. PLT: @Derpy Markers were probably a bit unclear for the objectives at the start, for example Foxtrot's first camp/objective, you tasked Foxtrot and Charlie to it, except Charlie were also tasked to the same camp Bravo were assaulting, hence Foxtrot asking what to do since Charlie weren't there. Squad: Can't speak for half the mission since Charlie shot me about a minute after I said "Bravo's moving in from the West" Quite impressed by what I saw when I was actually alive, decent job with the bounding when moving between low wall cover across that open field to the airfield. @Popper Keep working on recognizing LR and SR, I did call your name out specifically over the SR multiple times when asking for a SITREP after I respawned and if it was someone from another squad, he would've called for Bravo actual, not for Popper When the rest of you guys attacked that medium outpost before I respawned, saw basically 5 of you clustered within the kill radius of a single grenade, 2 of whom did actually got knocked out by a single grenade. Granted, it was tight quarters and you probably didn't have anywhere to go, but keep in mind you don't always have to be moving up, if you find yourself in a camp like that, taking fire everywhere and there's not much space once you move in, you don't all have to move in at once. Couple guys move in to the nearest cover while clearing corners, if they get pinned, rest of the guys don't move in to the same spot, hang back, use the outside, find another way in or even try to pick off the guys pinning down the guys inside who are pinning your squadmates down while outside.
  11. Steam Workshop version of CUP is fine as we currently use the same version. IFA3 you don't actually need to download right now as it is currently disabled.
  12. It's not a bug, we don't have the full "Advancdd Ballistics" from ACE activated on the server. It is disabled by default unless you manually put down a module when building the mission/template to activate it.
  13. Tags Work on the upcoming tag system for assets and slots in general is still underway and we have recently come up with a finalized list of trainers for each asset. Those who were picked and accepted the role of asset trainers will begin work on writing up guides and training schemes for you to go through to get your tags. For more info on the asset tags and details on what the trainers will be doing, check the following thread, as well as a previous thread that is embedded in the below link. In the meanwhile, Mavy has started the backend work on getting the Teamspeak Server Groups as well as the Roster on the Website so that when the tags are fully released, we will be able to assign them to people straight away. Upcoming Mods There haven't been any changes to the modlist on the server just yet, although we do plan on trying to reactivate the "ALiVE" mod in the near future, keep an eye out for any announcement as to when you should re-enable it. Beyond that, we are currently testing some of the mods, and more, that you as a community have been recommending to us in the Mod Suggestion thread. We hope to see if we might be able to integrate them or even replace some of our older mods in the modlist. As always, keep putting those suggestions up, we do keep an eye on that and hopefully we should have new mods to help spice up the missions soon. Design Contest The Design Contest is now closed to any new submissions and we have now entered the first round of voting! For more information on how the voting system works, see the following post: We've got quite a number of well made designs and we look forward to seeing which ones you guys prefer, and which ones end up being on the merchandise later on. So go ahead and cast your votes, the first round of voting closes on the 2nd of April! Commandeering of Enemy Vehicles in Missions Lately, we've been noticing a lot of confusion as to whether you, as boots on the ground, are allowed to commandeer empty vehicles that you come across. In the past we had been opposed to this although lately we haven't been entirely clear on whether it is allowed, and thus, the confusion. That's on us for the lack of communication on this. Alongside such confusion, we are aware that a growing number of people in the community are in favour of being able to commandeer empty vehicles so we've decided that we will allow people to commandeer enemy vehicles at their SL's discretion. Do be warned that if you do decide to steal a vehicle, it is your responsibility to make sure that the rest of the platoon knows, and should any friendlies shoot at you, they are not at fault. Added the following rule: Asset Heavy Zeus Missions As some of you might be aware, lately we've had a couple of missions where we've had a lot of assets in play, be it a mechanized platoon with IFVs for each squad, a Combined Tank Platoon with IFVs and MBTs, or missions with 5+ choppers. Suffice to say, these missions were not exactly stellar with the organisation of slots and assets during brief. Nonetheless, just to be clear, we are fine with missions that use more assets than the default Zeus template has dedicated slots for, but we would much prefer it if any such missions in the future be scripted in order to have the slots show loud and clear how many slots will be vehicle crew or pilots etc. Guides With the upcoming guides for asset training and the like, we have created a brand new "Guides" section of the website. This section of the website will be where any and all official guides will be consolidated and displayed with shiny filters and search functions for you to play around with, with guides ranging from how to lead a squad, to picking off targets from a kilometer out with one shot. We plan for this section of the website to be your Go-to spot for learning different things about ARMA (and who knows? Maybe even other games if they get the traction), or just to brush up on skills outside of the training sessions and missions. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Lenny's favourite part of the website, the Rules page, will be there too. This section of the website unfortunately will remain hidden from the general populace for now as we are still in the process of migrating existing guides while new guides are also being written by the trainers. With their help, we will build a great Guides section - and nobody builds guides better than us, believe me - and it'll be very cheap. We'll build a great, great guide section on the site, and we will make Bohemia pay for the guide section. Mark my words.
  14. 26/03/17: Updated the "Guide For Posting Mission Feedback" post with guideline on how to format posts
  15. Any missions played within a 24 hour block, starting from the start of the first "official" evening missions are to be placed in the same thread. e.g. Any mission within the block of 7pm UK time of 25/03/17 until 6:59pm UK time of 26/03/17 goes within the 25/03/17 thread. This is to prevent having multiple threads that all show the same date to avoid confusion. Formatting of posts: Mission number (and/or time, preferably GMT, at which mission started if you are not sure which mission it is) Your Slot/Role: Feedback - Preferable to tag the following people so they are aware you're giving them feedback Zeus: Plt: SL/Squad: Stories