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  1. No Nugget. Only myself and @Not Connor
  2. -Steam ThatWalder -MMR: Something, Something, dark side. -when she is on top -Blue magic centaur, undead ghost bird, one of the moon cat riders, lighting storm, bear with bear.
  3. Approved by @mrrbatty
  4. This thread for posting inspiration for mission design. I have created this thread so people can post real world news war footage and pictures. With this there is a heavy rule set and it will be taken seriously. If not followed correctly can end up with someone being banned. The rules: No gore. No live deaths (someone going from alive to dead in footage). No ISIS footage. Not even in news segments. No liveleak posts. All content must be vetted first by a member of staff before posting. Marked approved by under posting and tag them. These are in place to stop someone being banned. This thread has been approved and can be changed if needed. All footage should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to be violent in any way. Sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating.
  5. End of last session. Start of next session.
  6. Mission 2: No Man's Land or Sky 2nd Helicopter Pilot Zeus: @Forked @UniDigit @coloneljack1234Platoon: @RezonathSquad: @seami + Insane(F-18) Started writing this when I was waiting for orders in the Wildcat. Zeus Feedback: Stop using mortars without physically placing one on the map. This is good practice as it gives the game something to target. Random SU-25 not being told there will be enemy fast movers. Scaling of enemy assets to the size of the game. I saw multiply attack MI-8s, BTRs and even a T-90. Scale assets you give at the start of the mission. If you are respawning assets respawn all of them. As both heli pilots had nothing to do after being shot down by random lock on missiles out of are view distance. Don't expect new mechanics such as sling loading to work well or at all. Slow mission would work better with a bit more planning. Always except the players to do what they want and maybe not what you planned them to do. Greatest GM/DM/ZEUS tip ever. Platoon Feedback: Eliminate all AA so you can task air assets for help. We spent 100% of the mission with full ammo in the CAS. Communication broke down when any PLT role died. If you don't here anything back after 3 comms checks, assume the role of PLT until they are back. Just follow the briefing and it should be fine. Use all you assets. Squad Feedback: It was good. But boring AF doing nothing. 5 out of 5 would fly with you guys again. (No free peanuts) Everyone else: Comms was a clusterfuck when Platoon was dead. Sort shit out. Thank you the squads (B,D and E) in the back of my heli for being quiet when I was flying. It really helps to keep a level head and to keep me from crashing. Cookies for each of you. Spacing. When I was in the observer camera (dead) I kept seeing full squads all sat behind the same rock. Mortars negate rocks.
  7. until

  8. I would like to participate in this if there is a free space. Any mods in use? Will there be a turn timer?
  9. Updated my free resources for D&D. D&D Changelogs 28/04/17: Downloaded all Unearthed Arcana available in Resources.
  10. Updated my free resources for D&D. D&D Changelogs 25/04/17 (I guess.) Added Wildness Survival Guide to are rule set. Added Gunslinger Martial Archetype for the Fighter Class. Added Visions of Vault (Extended Magic Items.) Added Butcher's Digest: A Guide to Cooking. (Works with Wildness Survival Guide.) Added Fortresses, Temples & Strongholds Building (Building bases.) Added Traders & Merchants Inventories for 28 different types of merchants (Mainly for me.) 5 versions of bag of "holding". Character sheet is updated.
  11. Well the voting has come TERA has seemed to win and it's easy to get access to straight though steam. As well - Thank you @Linnet we will join you guys soon.
  12. Because you would not shut up about it. I'm currently playing eve in the background most days. But to get anything good you have to pay.
  13. Played Skyforge, 80% of the classes are pay to play and only human race is playable. Graphic are also shit.
  14. The MMORPG has been decided and it is TERA! If you have any suggestions for other MMORPG's in the future let us know below. A discussion started on teamspeak earlier about all of us playing a game together. We ended up deciding all to try and get people together and play a MMORPG. But we could not decide which game to play so we decided to make a list of games that we can play together in the genre. We had a couple of rules about what could be added to the list. It would have to be Free to Play so everyone can play it without spending money. No content locked behind a pay wall. (e.g Classes, Races, Content.) Clan System so FK can group up. Not Space themed. (So no EVE.) PVP available. This is the current list. Guild War 2 - Free to Play Riders of Icarus - Free to Play TERA - Free to Play Wildstar - Free to Play Rift - Free to Play Revelation - Free to Play Black Desert online - Pay to play (Because people wanted it on the list.) Any other suggestions will be maybe added. But more than likely not to be chosen.